‘We are not going to concede': Mississippi Senate candidate Chris McDaniel talks about Tuesday’s runoff result

On radio this morning, Mississippi State Senator (R) joined Glenn for the first time since his loss to incumbent Senator Thad Cochran (R-MS) in Tuesday’s runoff. McDaniel explained why he is “disturbed” by Tuesday’s election results and why he has thus far refused to concede.

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A day removed the surprising results, McDaniel admitted he “doesn’t feel much better” about how things turned out. McDaniel believes that Republican primaries should be decided by Republican voters, but, unfortunately, those are not the election rules in Mississippi.

“I thought Republican primaries were about Republicans,” McDaniel said. “I’m not pleased about the fact liberal Democrats decided the U.S. Senate nominee for the state of Mississippi. I think it’s disturbing.”

As Glenn has reported, the GOP establishment and Cochran campaign stopped at nothing to ensure the balance of power was maintained. McDaniel was all too familiar with the questionable tactics.

“They did every dirty trick in the book, behaving just like liberal Democrats do. That was one of the things that was so disturbing. Here’s a party I have fought for my entire life. I have been fighting for these guys… I have been out there doing everything the way they always wanted me to do it,” McDaniel said. “I find that strange, the very ideology that they are going to be proclaiming to fight against was the very one they embraced to put a conservative out of the race. That’s wrong, under anybody’s level.”

McDaniel has decided not to concede the race and is currently considering legal action because of “irregularities” in the voting.

“We are not going to concede because there were so many irregularities. We know if someone did vote in the earlier June 3rd primary on the Democrat side, it is illegal for them to cross over and vote. But we also know that if you have no intention of supporting the candidate, you should not vote for him in the primary,” McDaniel explained. “So where do we go from here? That’s a great question. We are talking to lawyers now, trying to move forward the best way we know how. And we’ll make some tough decisions here the next five or six days.”

Ultimately, McDaniel, much like many Americans, is disappointed with the direction of this country and the direction of the Republican Party. He hopes this race will light a fire under conservatives everywhere to speak out against the GOP.

“If you were to ask me if I’m pleased with the direction of this party, I will tell you absolutely not. I think conservatives all across the country have reason to be outraged with what happened in Mississippi,” McDaniel said. “The Mississippians hearing this, you can’t be pleased with the direction of this party. You may take some consolation that Senator Cochran won, but how he won is absolutely improper from our standpoint.”

“Best of luck, Chris, and don’t harden your heart,” Glenn concluded. “I was so angry, and a lot of America was really angry. But we win in the end, if we remain decent and good and righteous people.”

  • Boo2

    “We know if someone did vote in the earlier June 3rd primary on the Democrat side, it is illegal for them to cross over and vote.”
    Now that was my question, how can someone who voted Democratic in the first primary vote Republican or again, in the run-off??!
    That is NOT right and that is what he should be basing his non-conceding on.

    • Kelly Bass

      They cannot cross over if voted for Democrat in primary, on June 3rd. But if not any Democrat can vote in runoff. WRITE IN MCDANIELS IN NOV!

  • Anonymous

    If dirty tactics are used by Democrats then it is fair for Republicans to use the same tactics, I am more disturbed by RINO Republicans.

    • sqjchurch

      They did…it was called Limbaugh’s “Operation Chaos”….and everybody on the Right thought it was great.

      • Watch it

        “…and everybody on the Right thought it was great.” .. major exaggeration. That was Limbaugh sarcasm and a bunch of followers fantasizing, which goes to show that dirty politics isn’t restricted to one party or the other, but is common to those who are corrupt and desperate, and who actually carry it out the dastardly deed.

  • sqjchurch

    McDaniel will either end this quickly (especially after consulting with calm, rational legal advice that will tell him, he has no case nor any way to get a court to nulify the run-off or hand him the nomination)…and possibly still have a career in politics…..

    OR he will continue to drag it out, go to court and be embarrassed as it’s thrown out, and show himself to be so unsuitable for the office he campaigned for, that his political career will be over forever and he might as well go back to talk radio.

    BTW, “write-in” for November is off the table under MS election law. And if he or any of his supporters did it, they would simply show themselves as hypocrites as they complain about “dirty tricks” and “violating the law”

    As far as Glenn Beck goes…..he won’t return McDaniel’s phone calls after next week.

    • Anonymous

      Why should he be embarrassed?

    • Mike Benefield

      Why should HE be embarrassed? You either got it backwards or you’re using liberal logic.

      • David

        And YOUR Liberal logic is to rollover and accept without question authority. Sometimes those in authority have not earn or worse, have proven through actions that they are unworthy of unquestioning obedience. That is the difference between free men (or women) and serfs(i.e. slaves).

    • Crassus

      If McDaniel really wanted to shoot a dirty game of pool he would come out in support of Democratic candidate Travis Childers and urge his supporters to either vote for Childers or remain home on election day. This would really make the GOP goons who stole the election for Senile Thad defecate a brick. It’s what I would do if this happened to me. You can’t turn the other cheek with this bunch of scum. They’ll smack it too.

    • magpie58@juno.com

      Yes, he needs to get over it and throw his full support behind Cochran whether he likes it or not. It is over; he lost. Attitudes like his is what will cost us the senate for a third time in a row.

  • not a liberal

    It is time for a third party – the PROGRESSIVE RINOS are forcing it.

    • Carla Virga

      The progressive RINOs are forcing it, and all the ignoramuses will blame the Tea Party for the GOPs self-inflicted fatal wounds.


      If you’re willing to allow more liberal social policies, the Libertarian party in a third party option. It requires that you look at issues, because we don’t have just one point of view

      • David

        Except that the people as a group have bought into the either/or fallacy. Between that the fact that how our political system is set up favors a two party system ensures that a Third Party will never get elected. For a third party to make gains in any significant amount would come with major upheaval and unrest. The last time a Third Party came to power, it was immediately followed by the US Civil War.

    • Anonymous

      If anyone tries to bring in a 3rd Party now, The Republicans will lose, because their vote will be split and The Democrats will win……… In 2012, Three Million Republicans stayed home and didn’t vote, because their favorite Republican Candidate didn’t win the Primary election. That helped cause The Republican loss and Obama’s win…………..
      The Republican Party is the strongest and we need every vote we can get to defeat Obama and his “TAKEOVER”………….

  • fact checker

    McDaniel speaks of “irregularities”. How irregular was it when his cronies slipped into that courthouse and spent the night? How irregular was it when his cronies sneaked into a rest home to photograph his opponent’s wife? McDaniel is a sore looser who ran on a platform of defunding education and white supremisist polarization. He continues to spew poison after his head was taken.

    • not a liberal

      You are not ignorant – you are just stupid!

    • will

      White supremacist polarization? Where the hell did that come from? Are you just channeling your inner demons? Or do you know something the rest of us don’t? Or are you just restating the normal left wing lies about the tea party?

    • Crassus

      I bet Senile Thad participated in numerous cross burnings during his younger days. They occupied his time when he wasn’t humping farm animals.

    • Erin

      Truth. The very fact that he is upset that the black vote went to Cochran speaks to this. Open primary, people can change their votes. I did. I voted McDaniel in the primary and Thad in the run-off. Precisely for the education issue. My initial choice to vote for McDaniel was a gut reaction to someone being a career politician. My second choice was based on research.

      • Dan Heizinger

        You’re an idiot, Erin. You’re a traitor to the nation

      • Crassus

        Guess they have stupid “sucker” moms in Mississippi too.That’s what you are Erin. A sucker.

  • Mike Benefield

    Run as a write-in candidate if necessary. You’ll get the votes to win.

    • David

      That will split the Republicans ensuring that the Democratic Party candidate wins. I’m not saying it is the wrong action to take, but pointing out the consequences of that action. I would almost say, “Let them have it! And allow them to reap the bitter crop they have sown.”

      • Torryb

        If I were voting there, I would vote for the democrat simply because the republican is not to be trusted and doesn’t deserve to be in office. If these are the tactics the GOP wishes to employ, then they deserve to lose. No more of this “banding together” garbage.

        • David

          My suggestion is that rather than just voter for the lesser of two evils, that disgruntled Republicans, disgruntled Democrats, Libertarians, and Tea Party members should unite together and take back the Democratic party of John F, Kennedy(Let us not seek to Republican, nor the Democratic answer, but the right answer. Let us not seek to place blame but accept our own responsibility for the future) from the Communists. That means running candidates in Democratic Party Primaries in addition to GOP Primaries.

          • Watch it

            Or, follow what Joe Lieberman (former D) in CT did when the Dems chose someone else for their candidate in the primaries. He ran as an Independent, and beat the ‘chosen’ Dem when it came to the general election. Wow – were those Dems PO’ed !

        • Bert Savarese

          Tory: if we do not at least try to get a decent, honest man in, we lose. Why not concentrate on grassroots to all Repubs in MS. The majority wanted McDaniel. I wish the black cross over voters would realize they are being used as slaves today via Cochran’s tactics as they were many, many years ago. They have come so far & I believe in civil rights for all colors but what Cochran did was simply use them again for his dirty work. All of us have to listen to what each candidate is saying, not vote because of a greased palm or hate mongering. The black population has to get away from being kept in the slave mentality. They deserve better than being used.

        • Watch it

          So you want to assure that we have 6 more yrs of Harry Reid?

      • asybot

        @david, this is a solid repub district there has never been a challenge from the left. Even if McD runs as an independent he stands a good chance to win. ( and remember he could use the same tactics as the senile C.did although I doubt he will stoop that low.)

    • magpie58@juno.com

      Who will he caucus with if he should happen to get elected? The republicans will not welcome him with open arms. It’s time to get over it and put all of our energies into taking back the senate.

  • will

    So McDaniel, can you say “I am an independent and am running to be your U.S. senator.”?

  • Al

    Oh what a bunch of babies. Grow up. It was an open primary. Now you are acting like Democrats refusing to accept the results.

  • badpenny

    the very fact that libral democrats felt the need to interfere with another partys choice shows whom they fear the most. it also show’s they will stop at nothing for one party rule. that alone should scare every one. one party rule is tyranny.

    • fire lion

      Oh well tell Rush Limbaugh that. Operation chaos. Conservatives felt the need to keep hillary in the primary run for president. try again

      • shawn bales

        if you would’ve listend to rush a bit longer. then you would’ve heard him,talk about democrats crossing over to pick, repulacans. before operation chaos. it was the media. and Obama’s treatment of her that got him (and others) upset. there’s no love for Hillary. but the way she was treated. by her so called “alies” .

  • Erin

    The biggest deal at the heart of many voters was that McDaniel is allegedly going to cut education funding by $800 million… Our kids can’t afford that, and the difference would have been made out of our pockets. Thad also sits on the appropriations committee, lord knows Mississippi needs what little help we can get. I voted for McDaniel in the primary and changed over to Cochran for the run-off after I continued my research. The lesser of two evils.

    • Shelly Todd

      Part of the reason for cutting education, because that would cut out funding for Common core!!!

    • Crassus

      The education issue is nothing but boob bait for suckers like you, Erin. You’re pitiful. Just like Senile Thad. Maybe you can feed him at the nursing home someday.

    • manyquestions

      Isn’t MS considered 51st ( after 49 states and DC) in the nation for educational success? How is Cochran helping?? Money thrown at education doesn’t equate to success. Maybe MS needs to look at their model and make changes.

  • James Davis

    The republicans can burn in hell with the democrats – that is where they belong.

  • 13citizen13

    I don’t know if it’s possible or allowed, but I hope McDaniel runs as a third party candidate in November. Cochran won’t get his black votes, they’ll be voting democrat. I’ll bet many of the people who voted for Cochran in the primary will switch to McDaniel after hearing what Cochran did to get votes. Cochran is what’s wrong with Washington today.

    • Ddkj Lively

      What makes you think they will actually show up to vote in November? Unless someone is paying them and driving them to the polls, they will probably be at home watching TV or playing their video games.

  • dadguy

    bitter primaries usually mean the opposing party wins the center voters and the election. These 2 idiots may have cost the GOP the Senate

  • Yvonne Tefertiller Ozark

    Republican party died a long time ago – it’s just no one noticed until lately

  • Dan Heizinger


    Breaking news. Photographic evidence from inside Hinds polling place showing fraud.

  • David Friar

    McDaniel should run as a Tea Party candidate in the general election.

  • fire lion

    Too many darkies voted, and we all know darkie is not allowed to vote.

    • Anonymous

      So say the Democrats who blocked the Civil Rights Act of 1866, 1957, 1960 and tried to block it in 1964. So say the southern Democrats also tried to stop the Voting Rights act of 1965.

      And so say you.

  • Anonymous

    Do it….Heavenly Father….please turn this race around!

  • stevo5000x

    Glenn Beck is not who you think he is.
    ► 4:54► 4:54
    Jan 25, 2014 – Uploaded by MichaelSavage4Prez
    Aired on January 24, 2014 — The Savage Nation — Michael Savage Attacks Glenn Beck …

    • Crassus

      Yeah, like Michael “Dr. Schizo” Weiner is any better. GMAFB.

  • Dan Heizinger

    Glenn, where the hell are you on this? It has metastisized rapidly.


    A Democrat election chair is now saying the Cochran campaign ASKED him to commit fraud.

    This election was rigged!

  • Glenn Coughlin

    I understand why it should be illegal to vote twice in a primary election, but…

    1. Is it illegal to vote in both the primary election and later in the run off election? They are separate elections, right?
    2. If a person voted for McD in the 1st election but does he or she have to vote for McD in the run off? If not, why aren’t McD or beck accusing them of being frauds?
    3. I thought the tea party and beck were proponents of removing the current 2 party system in America. Now, when things don’t go their way, it is a scandal?
    4. Lastly, McD (and/or the tea party supporters) didn’t run the cleanest campaign!

  • shawn bales

    when is the last time dems. didn’t cheat? we also know..now that a church was invuvled. will anyone do anything? no. we can’t and shouldn’t. the fear of 3rd party is why they have all of us “and the country” in a vise. it’s a bad choise to make..but a lot of praying will help “lead the way”. perhaps start 3rd party at town and county leval.
    drum up all the soport ‘ya can. in the mean time vote nationally for repub. take back in small amounts. not all at once.

  • Anonymous

    Wake Up Republicans! Rinos are now Democraps and Demoncraps Are Now Demoncrap-Socialists

  • bucketnutz

    If you are sick of the Collaborators in the Demlican and the Republikrat parties, maybe it is time for a real two party system.

  • Al Baniya

    The liberty school realizes that those quacks who exploit democratic processes for their own purposes may destroy liberty and prosperity.

  • Dan Heizinger
  • sqjchurch

    Notice how quickly Glenn dropped mentioning Chris McDaniel?

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