Where does the Tea Party fall on the ‘Movement Action Plan’?

Looking at what happened this week in Mississippi and what is happening in Washington D.C. on a daily basis, it is easy to become frustrated and discouraged. On radio this morning, Glenn revisited liberal activist Bill Moyer’s Movement Action Plan to get a better sense of where the Tea Party and conservative movement currently fall on the social movement scale.

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“So what we are talking about here: This is the cycle of a political or social revolution,” Glenn said. “All social and political revolutions go through the same steps, and it really is dependent on: Have you done all of these steps, and do you hold on to the very end… So have we done all these steps?”

Below are the eight steps:

1. Normal Times
2. Prove failure of normal institutions
3. Ripening conditions
4. Take off
5. Perception of failure
6. Majority public opinion
7. Success
8. Continuing the struggle

Get a further breakdown of each step HERE.

Glenn, Pat, and Stu agreed that step four, “take off,” happened in the lead up to the 2010 midterm elections when the Tea Party really made a name for itself. At this point, it would appear as though the Tea Party is currently hovering around step five.

“Five is, I believe, where we kind of are now… perception of failure. You can really statistically look at this and see we have knocked 20 points off the average Senate incumbent in the Republican Party the last ten years,” Stu explained. “When Thad Cochran used to run, he would get 80 or 90% of the vote with no serious competition whatsoever. Now he has to go to liberal Democrats and tell them that if they vote for him… That is not the sign of a healthy movement that’s triumphant over the insurgency, politically, of the Tea Party. That is a sign of a desperate party, barely clinging onto power.”

Glenn agreed that we are very much at step five where it feels like all is lost. Remarkably, step six involves mass acceptance, which may seem like a large leap to make, but it isn’t all that unlikely.

“We are looking at it and saying, ‘Okay, so we feel like we are losing,’ but the next one is mass acceptance,” Glenn said. “And how that mass acceptance is going to happen is by – this is very hopeful of me – doing the things that we are now saying to do. Be righteous. Be good. Be decent. Be kind. Be generous. Be chartable. Be seen doing these things. Take out the beam in your own eye. “

If we are going to win, we are going to have to stand firm on principle but reconsider our strategy.

“If we are doing those things, that doesn’t mean be weak on the truth. It means stand in the truth, but do it with kindness and righteousness,” Glenn said. “I am beginning to understand George Washington in a very personal way… He knew we’d never win unless we are righteous, unless we are doing… things of merit.”

“Don’t give up,” he continued. “Change your strategy – not your policies, not your principles, but your strategy.”

  • landofaahs

    But when the economic collapse comes then all the wheels are off the wagon. History and study are not linear.

  • mcnj

    What Glenn says — change your strategy — is right on.
    Example : Give Thad the Ossified theRomney treatment.

  • stevo5000x

    Like I said, if you want to restore the REPUBLIC… you are going to have to fight for it.

    The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.
    – Thomas Jefferson

    So.. get off your ass America and fight for Constitution or just shut up and thank your Masters.

    • Jinsequa

      Is America not fighting for the Constitution by doing this thing called “voting for their interest” as shown in their rejection of the Tea Party? Welcome to modern America….it doesn’t like racist, sexist, homophobes or people with Christian Taliban tendencies. Beck’s generation lost….just ask your kids.

      • Anonymous

        The Progressives/liberal statist have far more “Taliban tendencies” than any Christians. As far as people “voting for their interest” and where the country is now, it’s summed up like this…when you rob Peter to pay Paul you can always count on Paul’s vote…

      • David

        “Republics become Democracies, and Democracies ALWAYS elect a dictator. ” -Aristotle, Greek philosopher, astronomer, and Mentor to Alexander the Great

        “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.” -President John F. Kennedy.

        People foolishly think that elections make violent coup d’états irrelevant and unnecessary. This is a fallacy. Saddam Hussein was elected. So was Adolf Hitler, Kim Il-Sung, Pol Pot, and every other dictator throughout history. What they have in common is that once they get into power, the continue the ILLUSION of free and open elections. The smart one make sure those elections look like they were close as it is statistically impossible for a candidate to ever get more than about 77% of the votes.

  • Anonymous

    All of metioned steps require that people know the meaning of words. Today many people think:

    1. We are successful
    2. We have more rights
    3. We have more freedoms
    4. We have a cleaner world
    5. We have more equality

    To them anything that even threatens to slow down the forward momen… er, downward spiral is to be railed against, blasted with phony outrage, name-called, dogpiled and economically pounded into ruin.

    Obama is the MC of Sodom and Gomorrah and the inhabitants think that the Tea Party wants the “good times” to stop.

    The inhabitants are enslaved. They are not planning for the future. They think that they are on the way to Utopia. They either have to recognize the deadly trap they are in or fall so hard that it is recognized by the person that life is in *immediate* peril.

    • David

      We are living in the Modern Kingdom of Judea. Mr. Beck and others are like Jeremiah the weeping Prophet. The nation WILL fall and her people carried off into slavery and exile. But, those of us who remain true will be spared. And some of us will be left behind as was the case when King Nebuchadnezzar II sacked the Kingdom of Judea.

  • Anonymous

    I thoroughly approve of y’all’s triumphalism. By all means, keep struttin’ and swaggerin’ around tellin’ everyone how you’re winnin’, It’s mighty rich entertainment.

  • Kevin Flynn

    So what glenn is saying is that you’ve lost so much you are actually winning????

  • Jinsequa

    Did Beck just pull these “steps” for political and social revolution out of his ass? Creating an alternate reality is a good way to delude oneself.

  • stevo5000x

    Glenn Beck is a fraud.
    ► 4:54► 4:54
    Jan 25, 2014 – Uploaded by MichaelSavage4Prez
    Aired on January 24, 2014 — The Savage Nation — Michael Savage Attacks Glenn Beck …

  • Scott Aaron

    What the Tea Party accomplished in Mississippi is to force the establishment GOP to show who they really are. I wonder how many low information Republican voters are now seeing for the first time the “man behind the curtain” and realize that Cochran (and his supporters) is not who they thought he was. It can be very disheartening to see good people like McDaniel lose in a race, but he has delivered a decisive blow in the ongoing battle for restoring our liberties.

  • Anonymous

    Hussein-Osama administration and his cabinet adviCzars follow Lucifer and their enemies are enemies of God! our hope is to get people back to God and His Church!

    • Glenn Coughlin

      Does getting “people back to God and His Church” include ignoring the concerns and excommunicating women in the Mormon Church?
      You probably don’t have an answer because beck hasn’t told you what to say. He has conveniently decided to ignore the fact that his “Be righteous. Be good. Be decent.” Only refers to men in his “church”!

  • Lancey

    Why do you keep claiming to want a dialogue with the left but when it comes to having a dialogue with the establishment Republicans you’re against it? Are you a “plant” designed to drive a wedge between the two groups?

  • Cool Ranch, Texas

    While we may not think about them nor fully understand why we follow them in a particular instance, we tend to use the ways learned from the lessons of others’ experience.

  • asybot

    Why don’t you just go away, we do not need your scams.(sorry guys I had to vent normally I do not acknowdge this cr,p)

  • Jinsequa

    I was thinking the same of Glenn Beck myself….ever wonder how much cash Beck has made pushing gold sales on his show?

  • Anonymous

    What do you care you never bought any. If you had any sense you would know he doesn’t make money on gold sales, it’s just one of his sponsors. I guess you and Anthony Weiner have a lot in common, something I’m sure your parents are very proud of.

  • Matthew Berry

    Why care if it’s not something that happens to you personally…?

    Are you that lacking in empathy?

  • Anonymous

    Is Jinsequa calling in for back-up? Didn’t Mr. Weiner make the same worn out accusations a couple of years back and nothing became of it because it was all BS? Where’s your empathy for all the people who are suffering and have DIED under this current administrations policies?

  • Anonymous

    Hussein-Osama administration adviCzars are turning US into a third world country for their Control! “the way to socialism is through healthcare!” the Left hasbeen for this destruction of America for a hundred years with a brief moment of Ronald Reagan.

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