Montel Williams derides Obama Administration’s use of DOD facilities for illegal immigrants

Over the last several weeks, Glenn has spoken to “strange bedfellow” Montel Williams about a cause they can both come together on: The treatment of our veterans. Williams is a 22-year veteran who has spoken candidly about the atrocity that is the VA scandal. On radio this morning, Williams joined TheBlaze’s Mike Opelka to discuss the work he is doing to keep this scandal in the news.

In light of reports that many of the illegal immigrants who have crossed the border in recent months are being cared for and housed at Department of Defense facilities across the American south, Williams is outraged that this care is coming at the expense of our veterans.

“This is horrendous. We can’t really put a finger on the scandal to try to make people understand the scope, but… we’re contemplating, last week, allowing 50,000 children that were thrown at us in a terrorist way,” Williams explained. “Let’s explain: [This] wasn’t just refugees coming across the border. Countries have deliberately done this to impact our economy, to impact our society. That’s terrorism. But we are going to open up the doors to our active duty facilities to take care of these children.”

“Now I’m a compassionate guy. We don’t need to be throwing people under the bus, throwing children away,” he continued. “But I’m going to tell you: How dare you. When we have 50,000 soldiers waiting to just see a doctor once, you will run a child in another country in front of him?”

Williams sought to remind Americans that we are still actively fighting a war in Afghanistan and three soldiers were lost this week alone. He has created a petition on titled #VASurge, and he needs to reach 100,000 signatures by July 12 to force a response from the White House. The petition outlines three seemingly common sense suggestions that would get the ball rolling towards fixing this problem:

• Declare a public health emergency pursuant to PL 109-364

• Order Secretaries of VA, Defense, HHS to present a plan within 10 days to Surge and clear the backlog within 90 days. USE THE SURGE TO DEFINE A BASELINE of what it takes to meet our 14 day commitment.

• Order all active duty hospitals, clinics, other Federal facilities open to Veterans.

Sign the petition HERE.

“Montel created a petition on the White House website. We need 100,000 signatures on this… All it is asking is for the president to order a surge for the VA, as Montel outlined and to consider Ken Fisher of Fisher House as VA secretary,” Mike concluded. “I will keep pushing this until we get there. We only have two weeks to get this done, folks… Do a favor for a veteran. Do a favor for all veterans. Sign the petition.”

Listen to the interview below:

  • Anonymous

    When did Montel Williams become a political correspondent? This is why people make fun of Beck. He’s going to Williams as a legitimate source of political analysis…

    • Tommy Lee

      That’s the thing about this country: you’re allowed to garner support for certain measures even if you’re not a politician or a pundit. Montel Williams is not doing this as a political analyst, you moron, but as a veteran and has a public figure. I don’t understand what convoluted point you’re trying to make or why his not being a political analyst is remotely relevant to the measure he’s putting forth.

      • zemla

        Not to mention, I’m not sure when ANYONE became ordained as “the go to”…plus, Montel is the bees knees

  • George Huff

    If you can’t support the Veterans that have served to protect your freedoms, you shouldn’t deserve any!!

  • Anonymous

    This will start happening to everyday Americans in the hospitals too. Several years ago, I went into an emergency room, it was full of Hispanics. The diagnosis, I was considered clinical dead by medical definition and told I should go to the hospital. When I checked in, the receptionist saw I looked bad and moved my file to the top of the pile, I didn’t know what was wrong with me. A hispanic women was there with her little girl, because the little girl dropped the back of her ear ring piece down her ear canal. The hispanic women threw a fit, how dare they move my file to the top. I noticed over time, the hispanic people were treated as more important simple because of their race than other people in the room. What is happening to the Veterans will be happening to American’s in general soon. I ask Montel, what can Americans do, we see it, but what can we do?

  • Stoptheblather

    Ok. I’ve tried to sign the petition 3x now with no success. Each time I log into my “petitions” account, sign my name, etc and hit enter, I get a message that says, “You are almost done. You will receive an email to verify your signature . . . ” I never receive the confirmation email. Is anyone else having this problem?

  • Leslie Brown

    Anyone having a problem with signing the petition? Not getting the confirmation email to complete the process.

    • Aaron B Gerschler

      Yes, I’m having the same issue. It’s been over 4 hours since I submitted my information and still no confirmation email. I am absolutely positive I entered the email address correctly.

      There is something fishy going on.

      • Aaron B Gerschler

        After nearly 5 hours the confirmation email finally came.

  • grandmalovesyou

    I am afraid something is going terribly wrong with the treatment of our PTSD soldiers. My son’s friend (they served in Iraq together) was finally getting his life together and thought he was going to make it. They had just changed his meds and he had hope. 2 days later, he killed himself. He had 2 children and his wife was 3 months pregnant. He told my son 2 days before that he was happy. It had to be the meds. Nothing else makes sense. Please use your connections to look into this type of situation happening to our vets. Even I know that you should NOT just quit one med and start another one right away.

  • Spectacle

    Well, another petition. Another tragedy and another bestseller. It hurts. We bleed and bleed without reprieve. I really want things fixed and I think on this one we should go to private insurance to help the vets that need help. A card with a smart chip and proof of insurance for the vets. I really think we have solutions, but partisanship has made the past five years be wasted time. We should have focused on the solutions and not putting faith in false idols and heroes. The parties were faked the whole time. We should have seen it coming. We have to stop fearing the unknown. Freedom is scary and can make you think the sky is falling. I really dig the book American Séance. The tax system puts the taxes in the states and it sounds so scary some of the ideas in the book, but they are only scary because they might just work. Things are extreme right now and it feels like we will only survive through extreme changes. We need to help the vets and they won’t get help relying on GOP. We need to fix the economy and no one is telling us how. We must fix immigration. So many things and what I am saying is as crazy as that book is, I don’t see anyone else being that brave. Playing it safe has got us here.

  • Leslie Brown

    Weird, the confirmation email just arrived…

  • Liberalism is Nonsense

    Since we cannot restrict liberty to circumstances where we know it will lead to positive results, our faith in liberty rests on the understanding that it will, in the long run, unleash much more potential for good than for evil.

  • Stuck_in_Ca

    Montel, seeing the light now?

  • Dennis Martin

    The VA system is a perfect example of how good the government will be at running the Obama care system. The guys that should get it out of respect for service and duty don’t get it just think about it. 65,000 people cross the border and get medical attention pronto!! WTF

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