TX Attorney General sounds off on border crisis: ‘This is very dangerous’

On Thursday’s Glenn Beck Program, Texas Attorney General and Republican gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbott joined guest host Dana Loesch to discuss the steps the state of Texas is taking to secure the border with or without the help of the federal government.

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While the media has largely focused on the humanitarian crisis that will result in some 60,000 unaccompanied illegal immigrant children crossing the border this year alone, the last several months have also seen an increase in drug cartels and dangerous gang members crossing the border.

“You need to understand that [the] pictures that are captured by the media [are the pictures] they want you to see. There are other pictures of other people coming across the border, such as members of MS-13,” Abbott said. “This is very dangerous in the long-term, which is why Texas has stopped waiting for Washington to step up and do its job, and why Texas has begun the process of securing our border.”

Last week, Texas announced the implementation of a “surge” to help combat the illegal crossings. The state Department of Public Safety has been authorized to fund operations at about $1.3 million a week.

“Texas has sent down the Texas Department of Public Safety to engage in what’s called a surge operation that will last the remainder of this year,” Abbott explained. “This is nothing new for the Department of Public Safety — I was involved with them when they did their last surge last fall. When they put boots on the ground, they put airplanes and helicopters in the air, boats on the water, they are able to vastly improve border security and vastly decrease the amount of illegal cross-border activity.”

Abbott was quick to point, however, that Texas simply does not have the resources to handle this alone.

“The state does not have the resources to deal with this,” Abbott said. “On a long-term basis, we don’t have the ability to deal with this and to pay for it, which is why already I sent a letter to [DHS] Secretary Jeh Johnson demanding that they go ahead and compensate Texas for all of our out-of-pocket costs, right now demanding only $30 million, but it’s going to be far more than that. That’s a drop in the bucket of what it’s going to cost.”

Ultimately, Abbott had a simple message for the Obama Administration: “Barack Obama must secure our border.”

  • Anonymous

    Don’t run on open carry or abortion Barbie will wax you. Conceal carry with permit is just fine.

  • stevo5000x

    Do not trust the traitor called Glenn Beck.

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    Jan 25, 2014 – Uploaded by MichaelSavage4Prez
    Aired on January 24, 2014 — The Savage Nation — Michael Savage Attacks Glenn Beck …

    • Calohan

      Do not trust the Soros troll traitor who calls himself “stevo”.

      • Calohan

        “stevo” is a parasite.

      • stevo5000x

        It’s funny how you call me Soros troll even though I hate George Soros with a passion. Are you too blind to see that traitor Glenn Beck is part of the elite.

    • Carol Young Robinson

      Michael Savage hates everyone, including himself.

      • disqus_E4Vdp7qC06

        Savage is a moron and is just pissed cause his ratings are tanking…

    • Anonymous

      Troll … are you volunteering to be cannon fodder or are you simply a traitor???

  • landofaahs

    Anyone coming across the border illegally should be shot. after about 100 or so word will spread. “Cross de border and you be dead”.

    • Wedge

      I agree 100%, You try going to another country and crosshat border illegally, you will be shoton sight! No question asked

    • Ricky Moore II

      While I put value on ALL human life, I believe that we should do the same thing at our southern border that Mexico does at her southern border :

      Fenses, guard towers with mounted machine guns, and 24 hour surveilance.

      • bucketnutz

        It would be a good place for and Organ farm, and Obama could put planned Parenthood in charge of the Harvest.

  • Calohan

    Nice timing. Just in time for team Obama’s latest and sincere proclamation that if Congress won’t all illegals into the country, that they will.

  • sally Ride

    Good luck with that. Unless you’re allowed to shoot on sight it ain’t happening

    • landofaahs

      I said “should”. It would be interesting to see how Obama would try to use force against Americans defending the border and to be attacked by American military. How do you think that would fly with Americans?

      • disqus_E4Vdp7qC06

        I would bet that our Military wouldn’t do anything to save this dictators butt!

        • Paula

          The United Nations, however…

        • landofaahs

          That may be why he has been purging the military of top brass. The people follow orders.

      • Ana Eichenlaub

        We the Military will NEVER shoot our people….that would be an illegal order and we have the obligation under law to refuse to obey…..be careful with your statements because you will turn ignorant and utterly stupid people against us when what you said is purely false!

        • Gdrake

          Maybe some would not but don’t count on all of them disobeying orders have you seen what is running the military these.

  • Brad Black

    As long as those crossing the border are rewarded with cash and prizes they will continue to flood in.

  • Anonymous

    Please ask Texas AG Greg Abbott to prosecute the Austin City Council (ACC) for violating their OATH OF OFFICE.

    The ACC is refusing to honor Texas laws and federal laws that deal with Il-Legal Immigration, even though they took an OATH to honor these laws.

    PS: The Obama Administration is LAW-LESS, and the ACC is following Obama’s example. I think the Democrats are trying to provoke RIOTS so they can crush conservatives with force.

    • Anonymous

      the adviCzar cabinet are the hippie radicals fro the sixties who believed in the God is dead movement and are determined to destroy God and Gods People–the Lefts Enemies!

  • William Rusty Amann

    All illegals caught should be put on buses and dropped off in Washington DC! Maybe then they will pay attention to what’s going on in the border states!!!

    • beast6228

      Yes, they can take residence at the White House where Michelle Obama can personally feed them, since she is so worried about nutrition.

      • Anonymous

        Put up a tent city on the white house lawn and make Moochelle feed them the crap she tries to make American children eat, the illegals would be running over each other trying to get back across the Mexican border hollering WHAT NO TACOS!! Also when Mooche finds out she can’t run around the world on vacations she will have Barry packing these illegals back to Mexico. Or the Obama’s could let the diseased illegals move in with their children at the White House instead of putting them off on America’s children, after all Obama sent for them….

  • Debbie Rollins Foster Alday

    Shot to kill..All who cross over.

  • Anonymous

    Mexico has enabled the invasion of the USA by Il-Legal Immigrants. This is an ACT OF WAR!!! However, Sen. John Cornyn wants to reward Mexico with BILLIONS OF DOLLARS to help Mexico secure its border with the USA … .

    • Ana Eichenlaub

      State your sources….

    • beast6228

      Mexico is a corrupt country, they have taken advantage of the United State’s economy by allowing violence, drug cartels and through promotion of illegal immigration. Many of the dollars that illegals earn in The United States is sent back to Mexico.

      • Paula

        With no taxes paid…yet they receive aid paid for by our tax dollars…this is one upside down and bass ackward world we are living in right now.

    • Bonnetblue

      The last time I looked, the Mexican side of the border is secure, pretty taken over by the Mexican Cartel. And, you had better have papers going south.

  • Anonymous

    With all the illegal alien children crossing into the U.S. how many thousands are destined to wind up in the sex slave trade business.

    With tens of thousands of children unescorted coming into The U.S. the sex traders must be gearing up to get thousands of them. Fake papers, political friends helping, and uneducated third world children what a recipe for inhumane treatment for those children.

    The progessives don’t care about the children, they would sacrifice millions in order to get their laws passed. It is quite evident that President Obarry wants to Flood The U.S. with children just to pass an Amnesty program. So a few thousand children get sold into the sex trade business… I guess that’s what they call collateral damage!

  • beast6228

    Since the Government wants to place us in harms way, it’s time We The People start protecting Our rights and Our borders. This isn’t just a Texas and Arizona issue, it’s a National issue. Many of these dangerous people have and will end up in other states, adding to the strain of Our economy and law enforcement agencies.

  • Bonnetblue

    Our government is now engaged in child endangerment and child abuse. And, forcing the citizenry to participate in such deleterious acts is completely outrageous.

  • Calohan

    Nice timing. Just in time for team Obama’s latest barrage of media proclamations that if Congress won’t allow illegals into the country, that he -Barry/Baruch will. once again pulling out his crooked pen and Obamaphone………to make the illegal, legal.

  • Elena

    And they are out in force. There are more DPS troopers and Hidalgo Co Sheriff vehicles out along Old Military than I’ve seen in a while.

    I was coming home fm shopping and observed a BP agent taking into custody a young woman and some small children. They were up on the levee waiting for the green and white van to come and take them away. After processing, the next stop is the McAllen bus station and a ticket to YOUR hometown.

  • JaBo

    Give us your word Greg that we have your support. Texans will rally and fix this problem ourselves. Shoot them on sight!

    Dereliction of duty on the part POTUS. IMPEACH!!! IMPEACH!!! IMPEACH!!!

  • Dusty Bottoms

    OOOOooo! I’m going to need a holster an different pistol for Sunday, Monday, Tuesday…. Especially with the boarder situation as it is developing now. We’ve got banditos in Adidas over running us.
    On another note, Glenn – THANK YOU for bringing Dana to Texas! … or was she already here?

  • capa760

    The MAIN Problem- The Borders of the United States of America are supposed to be
    SECURED TO PROTECT US. There is a very good reason to FILE a lawsuit against
    this government. The Supreme Court needs to convene AT THE BORDER WATCH.

  • TheRuleOfLaw

    We know what happens when an American crosses the Mexican border…

  • Anonymous

    The Attorney General of the Fed Holder, IS The BlackPanthers Set To Destroy America! and His Boss The President Is The islamBrotherhood terrorist!

  • Anonymous

    Of course Texas has the resources to deal with this crisis … We have LOTS of military stationed right here!!!

    Mexico apparently wants a war … let’s show them a REAL war. Remember the Alamo and CHARGE!!!!

    • Laddyboy

      Instigator! Has mr. obama paid you? How much?

  • bucketnutz

    What is it with the Border state Governors acting like they are powerless and submissive to the Feds. ??? As a Governor, you have the power to call out the National Guard and protect your “Sovereign” state.

  • Jeff Ludwig

    The Obama Administration has actually helped organize this influx. In January, transportation was arranged for by the U.S. government for 60,000 immigrants. So this was planned for months before the real upsurge (invasion) began.

  • Wade Johnson

    Then what is it going to take for the Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California governors to call up their entire National Guards including recalling those prepareing for or already deployed overseas and place them on the border to shut the damned borders down. This is a govermentally approved invasion of this country by people from multiple other countries

    • Laddyboy

      Be careful about having the Military activated on American soil. Remember the Executive Order mr. obama signed about using the Military. Some would say it sounds like a form of “Martial Law”.

      • Wade Johnson

        understand this, “martial law” is the US Military, NOT the state national guards and that is what i am calling for. The state governors need to do what the clueless President wont

  • mad man marc

    I have friends in the border patrol who say that the pictures the media is putting out there are a sham…most of the kids are being escorted by adults {men and / or women} and the amount of gang members, pregnant women, and sick people are the majority of what THEY SEE…is ASTOUNDING…AND ALARMING…We are being INVADED FOLKS….make no mistake about it…and was designed by King Barry to disrupt our country…into a state of EMERGENCY that is such a DISTRACTION…that the FANATICAL MUSLIM TERRORISTS crossing in WILL hit us like a brick…before we know what happened….

  • Myranda Moody

    Now we not only have citizens and drug cartel coming over, but we also have Mexican police coming through and shooting/bombing us. (But of course, those were “accidents.”) Clearly Mexico is not happy their people are all fleeing to the states, and they resent us for allowing it. While Obama claims it’s a “humanitarian” issue about “children,” (do children wear size 5X and 6X underwear as requested by the government?,) when does the humanitarian effort switch to our own people that are being infected by disease, and being shot at by Mexican officials? But, oh wait, we can’t give Texas any funding for this, unless they claim it’s for the Transgender or Gay Mexican Aid. Then Obama might offer a few million to help Texas! This is all so sickening.

  • Anonymous

    I wish someone would create a fund. I’d donate.

  • Deepak Into

    Patriots: Arm yourself against the mirage of illusions conjured up by today’s liberals and progressives: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0094KY878

  • Anonymous

    No one is asking about the welfare of the children. They are being kept in grossly unsanitary conditions with possibility , no, probability, of exposure to diseases unfamiliar to their immune systems from ourselves and each other. They supposedly come with addresses of family to whom they should go. Those kids under those conditions cannot keep track of a piece of paper. They are set up to be hijacked to those who would engage in human trafficking, whether labor or prostitution. I’m sure if you asked them, they’d rather go back to mom and dad.

    The best prevention would be to record the conditions under which they are being held and broadcast it in their homelands. This could be done as we return the children to their countries of origin.

    These children are below any age of consent and to not deserve to be used as pawns in a cruel political game.

  • Anonymous

    SO Tired of our government creating crisis to enslave us and our children?

  • 1Chiye

    If you really & truly want to know what the agenda is concerning our borders it is this:
    The Cabal:
    The educated elite who promote Socialism/Communism/Marxism

    Pope Francis (Vatican) aka Catholic Church who now embraces “South
    American Liberation Theology” despite the admonishment against it in 1983 by
    the previous Pope Benedict i.e. Reverend Jeremiah Wright Obama’s pastor for the
    last 20 years at the Trinity United Church of Christ

    The Corporations/US Chamber of Commerce threats to Republicans
    to pass immigration bill because “immigrants are needed for all sorts of jobs,
    including health care” and if the GOP doesn’t pass this “they shouldn’t bother to run a candidate in 2016”

    The Politicians who are the orators of separation & division of us the citizenry of the country

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