On Monday, Fox News will air Megyn Kelly’s sit-down with domestic terrorist turned “education theorist” Bill Ayers. If the sneak peek released on Thursday is any indication, the interview promises to be a fascinating hour of television.

If you followed Glenn in his Fox News days, you will recall his exposé into the radical past of Ayers and his wife – domestic terrorist turned law professor – Bernadine Dohrn. Both are former members of the Weather Underground and were a part of the group’s violent anti-government activity. They also have ties to the Obama White House.

In the clip released by Fox News, Kelly asks Ayers – point blank – how many bombings he had a hand in. After initially dodging the question, Ayers ultimately refused to say.

“Me, personally? I have never talked about it,” Ayers said. “Never will.”

Ayers also confirms he stole money and ripped off the identities of dead babies while the violence of the Weather Underground raged on. He was also forced to defend bizarre comments his wife made about serial killer Charles Manson.

Watch the full sneak peek below:

TheBlaze’s editor at large Mike Opelka filled in for Glenn on radio this morning, and he explained why this interview proves the masks are coming off.

“Bill Ayers is a man that admitted to bombing government buildings, a man that’s admitted to stealing identities of dead babies and taking money from people, and this guy has access to the highest seat in our government,” Mike explained. “If the parties were turned, if this were a GOP president with an admitted terrorist, admitted crook in the White House, advising, whispering into the ear of the president, the media would be going nuts. Where is the media on Bill Ayers?”

“And then I also thought: He’s coming out,” he continued. “The mask has come off. Glenn said years ago, ‘We will know we’re in the final steps of the fundamental transformation of America when the radicals drop their mask,’ and they just admit to what they’re up to. I’m waiting to see the whole interview on Monday, but I believe Bill Ayers may have just taken off the mask.”