‘We are under invasion': Louie Gohmert talks to Dana Loesch about his trip to the border

During a House Judiciary hearing earlier this week, Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX) voiced his concerns about the health threats that have accompanied the Obama Administration’s immigration policy. Gohmert said Obama is “luring” children across the border by promising them a “free pass,” and that has resulted in an H1N1 flu outbreak at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas. Additionally, there have been reports of lice and scabies outbreaks at various border patrol posts.

Gohmert is particularly familiar with what is currently transpiring at border towns in Texas after visiting McAllen, Texas last week. He joined guest host Dana Loesch on Thursday’s Glenn Beck Program to discuss what he witnessed and what must be done to curb this crisis.

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“We are under invasion, and this President will not protect our country,” Gohmert said emphatically. “And he will not step in and enforce the law as it is.”

Last week, Glenn reacted to a Los Angeles Times report that put the number of people crossing the border into frightening perspective. At the McAllen border patrol station alone, some 1,500 people daily are occupying a space that is meant to house 250 detainees. Likewise, other smaller stations in the area are housing two or three times their capacity. Gohmert confirmed that report.

“I showed up at the McAllen border patrol facility where they’ve got over 1,000 – maybe over 1,200 people. The facility is not supposed to have that many people,” he said. “But the reason they have them is because of a law previously passed that says, ‘Gee, if border patrol pick up children, then they immediately have to go to Health and Human Services.’ Well, as you know, Health and Human Services is busy right now taking over everybody’s healthcare.”

As a result, the situation on the ground at these border patrol facilities is truly disturbing. Those who are known to have lice or scabies are cordoned off by nothing more than “red crime scene tape.” Meanwhile, Gohmert described seeing people “lying on the concrete floor” and “huddling” in the corner.

“It is a terrible situation,” Gohmert said. “As one border patrolman said, ‘I would be livid, I would be ballistic if my child were in this situation.’ But the border patrol’s hands are tied because the law says Health and Human Services have to take them, and they’re not picking them up.”

While border states like Texas are beginning to take matters into their own hands by stepping up drug enforcement efforts in an attempt to thwart the influx of drug cartels and gang members crossing the border, Gohmert reiterated that most people’s hands are tied.

“And that’s why I say… there should not be any new immigration bill until the President enforces the law as it is,” Gohmert concluded, “and our Department of ‘Injustice’ begins to be a Department of Justice.”

  • stevo5000x

    Do not trust Glenn Beck, he is a fraud.

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    Jan 25, 2014 – Uploaded by MichaelSavage4Prez
    Aired on January 24, 2014 — The Savage Nation — Michael Savage Attacks Glenn Beck …

    • Disco Obama

      I believe people are smart enough to discern for themselves, we don’t need you posting videos here. You really look like a crackpot doing this.

      • Mayre Hustosky

        If plugging Michael Savage makes a person a crackpot, I LOOOOOOOVE crackpots! Love him!

        • stevo5000x

          At least I have one person that agrees with me.

          • Bill Tilghman

            One in a million is not good odds.

      • Shawn Cameron

        I agree with a lot of what Beck says, but yeah quite a lot of what he says is pure lunacy, and the conspiracy nuts that he attracts are even crazier. As far as his being “right on” if you really pay attention it’s more of a splatter gun approach. Meaning he throws out so many predictions when one happens to be true he goes off on how “He’s always right” or “I said this years ago!” that people forget about all the things he was waaaay off base on.

        I like the guy, but I take EVERYTHING he says with a grain of salt.

        • olf

          Jesus said do not fear and don’t be deceived ! Most if not all of what Glenn said has come true. God Bless a man who stands for righteousness to the best of his ability. And not afraid to say it. If you don’t like Glenn, you don’t know Glenn.
          Most are so afraid of being called crazy or racist they won’t stand up for anything. Amen

          • Shawn Cameron

            I never said I didn’t like him. I simply stated that he is far from being as accurate with his predictions as his die hard fans claim he is.

            Fact is a lot of his fan base have become exactly what he never wanted them to be and that is a bunch of mindless minions who hang on his every word. How many times have the words “Do your own homework” escaped his lips? What percentage of his fans actually do so, vs. the percentage who just take his word for it?

            As I said I agree with a lot of what he says, but anyone who mindlessly follows Beck is just as stupid as those who mindlessly follow Obama. Well almost as stupid anyway.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t agree. He has been right on and people can’t seem to handle the truth any more. Political correctness, blindness and this adminstration are bringing us down!

      • olf

        Thank You !

  • bucketnutz

    Funny how the left wants American Babies Aborted and yet they welcome Latino Babies with open arms. Odd phenomenon

    • olf

      It’s their agenda of destruction to America that comes first. satan is a evil task master.

      • Mattyv1908

        Olford –
        While I agree with your premise on the American Left seeking to ‘fundamentally transform’ our nation, suggesting that somehow God cares more about the USA and it’s inhabitants than he does Mexico, Canada, or any other nation is neither productive or accurate.
        Assuming you’re speaking from an evangelical Christian worldview, Christ cares about people, not nations. Those immigrants matter every bit as much as you and I. HIs love and grace do not know ever changing human borders.
        I am not suggesting what is happening at our border is lawful or right, I’m merely pointing out that you’re guilty of mixing your religious beliefs with your national identification. There are better ways to make your point. What you’ve posted is both off topic and a stumbling block to your (our) faith

        • Louise Duke

          Matty I’m a little puzzled by your response. Either you misunderstood or chose to press another point that had little to do with Olford’s comment. He only said the reason the administration and liberal left are ignoring enforcing the law is because they are using these children as a way to overwhelm the system and destroy the country. How you came to your conclusion it was about national identification and religious bias only you know.

          • Mattyv1908

            I guess it was the whole ‘Satan is an evil task master’ comment he followed it up with. We can perceive America to be good from the standpoint of our style of government, but to make the logical leap that God sees America as good compared to other countries is a huge stretch. This type of reasoning is unfortunately common amongst the religious right.

          • Anonymous

            I’m sorry, Mattiev, I’m about as far right as you can be but have never felt that God was on any one country’s side. He loves us all equally. However, in saying this you can also love your country and want it to be successful. What is happening on the border is not helpful or beneficial to our citizens and that is number one. The border states were neither ready for such an influx either in housing, sanitary or food supplies. One state is pleading for underwear and clothes for the illegals. This sudden invasion is not beneficial for the persons coming or to those who live here. Because the president “invited” them to come, they took him at his word.
            The Obama government made no preparations for them nor did it stop more from coming and there is more to come. The whole thing is a debacle of the political game they are playing. America is not in a position to continue this imposition, nor should it.
            America could always be counted on to help other people and nations but not like this !

          • olf

            Your correct God loves all of His creation. But God is also a God of order, compassion, and justice. If a people is out of order as we are then He knows chaos will be the result. We have been sinning as a normal way of living. We are out of order and in chaos. The earlier point is obarri and company has done this purposely to destroy us for their own evil agenda, using children as a ploy to do evil. Jesus said anyone who harms one these little ones would be better off if he had tied a millstone around his neck and thrown into the ocean.
            The country is a very compassion people. But they have dragged us 17 trillion in the red and chances of ever getting out is slim at best. The agenda I speak of is a complete world collapse to render control and depopulation. In the end the evil one will not win, but it is going to get tough in the mean time.
            You my think I’m crazy, but if your under the idea that leftist obarri and lairs and company have a nice prize waiting for you, wow you will surprised. Yes satan is an evil task master. Forgive us our sin O’Lord.
            God Thank You for holding us in your hands. Amen

          • Wayne Bursch

            America as it stands is a somewhat religious country but less so all the time, do to the Liberal Left’s demand of political correctness and acceptance to anti-christian values. But to say that God does not see America as a Christian country with regard to others, might also suggest then that Palestine should not have been given to Israel. To mince many of the Bibles subjects into the country versus country line is easy enough for someone to do if they wish. Your point seems to be that a Conservative Christian cannot be against the illegal aliens flooding into the country, and I must beg your pardon on that one, as you would be hard pressed Biblically to use scriptures to prove that. In fact, can lay out an exact scriptural list that suggests we should not support that. We are a country of laws, and the Federal Government is tasked with imposing and enforcing those laws on everyone. If you don’t believe that Satan is trying to destroy the country by use of Anti-Christian teachings I suspect you might be in favor of the Drug Cartels bringing these illegals to our doorstep and dumping them. But, if that is so, open your home first, such as Nancy Pelosi suggested she would take them home with her. Let her do that, and by law, let her sign the declaration of legal and financial support required. She claims she is a Christian. Let the Christian Left then bring those illegals into their own home, and support and care for them. After all, that would be the Christian Charity thing to do. Until they do that, perhaps the Law should be followed, less we also become law breakers in violation of Biblical teachings.

          • Anonymous

            Louise YOU are correct. This IS Obama moving forward on the “Cloward-Piven” agenda to bring America down to THEIR ideology and they are “using the children(as no one wants to see children hurting) It’s an Old Saul Alinsky Method-use what you need to-the children. This IS to overwhelm our country-and THAT is clear in the “Cloward-Piven Agenda”….read it.

          • shashiznick

            The liberal left and Obama are Cyrus the Great and or Nebuchadnezzar. God is still alive. He will Give land to those who are more righteous. This is not strange it’s just happening before your eyes so it appears so.

        • Fred Ford

          Matty… I strongly suggest you study the Old Testament.
          God often wiped out godless nations, not just an individual.
          He also protects races, religions and countries such as Israel,
          his chosen people.

          • Mattyv1908

            Fred, it’s a poor argument that typically stems from modern dispensationalism which for most the church’s history was not considered doctrinally sound.
            Jesus’ death and resurrection ushered in a new covenant (Lk 22:20, Heb 8:13), which is why most Christians today don’t live under rabbinic law of the Old Testament. It’s a common misconception that the modern day nation of Israel has any bearing to either OT Israel or the spiritual Israel (Rom 11:11-31) which believers have been grafted into.
            If you really believe that the modern nation of Israel created following WWII is the same Israel in the OT than we’ll have to end our conversation here and agree to disagree.
            Again, a vast majority of the modern American church suffers from American ethnocentrism and how it relates to biblical teaching. Hermeneutics have been replaced by a false belief that we interpret the Bible through a 21st century American lense. It’s intellectually insulting to ignore the rise and fall of nations throughout the last two millenia who contained believers in Christ as inconsequential while simultaneously believing that the beginning stages of an America in decline must be tied to the end times simply because it’s affecting us.

          • olf

            Wow ! Sir I don’t know how you get all that, but the relationship to Christ isn’t about religion as rituals, smoke and mirrors. It’s a one on one person to person relationship our Lord every day.
            The whole Old Testament points to Jesus Christ in the New Testament covenant with God. I pray your journey will be one of fruitfulness. Amen

          • Mattyv1908

            Olford, where is my disagreement? I agree with you in principle regarding the statists’ intent. I agree with you that there is right and wrong in the world and the right thing to do is fight the ever encroaching statism being championed by a majority of the American Left. Where I disagree is on the premise that America has any special relationship with God. The history of the world shows us that liberty is an uncommon virtue amongst civilizations. Simply because it’s happening in our time to our county doesn’t make it unusual or unique scripturally. Fueling the fire with hyperbole in regards to the current power grab our country is going through is intellectually dishonest. It’s nothing new under the sun and certainly not any more evil than any other examples of tyrants, despots, monarchs or warlords who have destroyed countries seeking power and control throughout the course of history, many of which have contained the Church as inhabitants of these nations. It’s the attempt to connect the dots to some end times scenario simply because it’s the good old USA is feeling the effects of statism that bothers me really. Many countries and people are experiencing for the first time dramatic improvement of quality of life and political and economic freedom (many of these countries have large amounts of Christians living in them) even as we Americans see cracks in the foundation of our own experiment with liberty. It’s narrow minded to think that as America goes, so goes the world and I find it happens all too often especially amongst those seeking to find spiritual/religious significance to current world events.

          • olf

            What I’m saying in principle is we are under spiritual attack because we have strayed into disobedience of God and His universal laws. You may or may not like His precepts but I assure they are correct and just. We are seeing symptoms that we are out of order with God / Father / Creator that is all about order. “Hyperbole” I find that very interesting, that some are under the notion that we are not spiritual beings and it has no place in our lives. I find that unbelievable. Every part of this universe is filled with spiritual truth. Sir I follow the Bible with the Holy Spirit and pay little attention to what many church’s are doing in there doctrine because it don’t always match up with what the Bible is saying to me. I’m not bad mouthing church’s, I find lots of truth in many of them, but I will walk according to what I believe is the Spirit is telling me.
            Sir I will not bad mouth you or judge you or many of the church’s either. I will however follow God righteousness to the best of my ability with a on going daily walk with the Lord.
            I believe that some of your observations maybe based on a world secular view more than on what God is teaching us.
            I am not worried about end times although I believe we are in those ending years. 1000 years is as a day in heaven,
            so 41.66 years is only one hour in heaven (Gods time).
            Jesus has only been gone for about two days.
            As far as when, it makes no difference. Could be 5 days, 5 years, 50 years, or 5000 years we don’t know. No matter that does not change Christ work. We are servants of the Most High God and He has commanded us to keep His garden by working and caring for His people. God can only help those that except His son as their savior and righteousness. He’s not obligated to or can He help those who reject Him or His son Jesus. Again it’s spiritual laws and principles of the world, He gives each of us the free will to choose Him or reject Him. I pray many more will choose Him so they can begin to live heaven on earth before we leave here. Amen God Bess your search.

          • olf

            The special relationship with God is our founding principles and laws were all written with the Bible percepts as the blue print. If you study the Old Testament mostly Exodus, Leviticus, and Deuteronomy you will find that our basic laws follow one law after another. Crime and punishments very much line up with those principles. Our God does not change, those laws are just as right today as they were when they were given. Including love, mercy and compassion as does our American trial procedures of today. By the way modern Israel also follows those statues in there system as well. The 10 commandments are at the basic center of those principles. World history has a creator and a master, all that happens is all connected to mans sin nature, satan influence,
            or God provision. So connecting the dots is true, with competing factors. All the Kings, Rulers, Warlords, or Presidents, are all either Godly people or ungodly people.
            America is special with Freedom, Liberty, and compassion for your neighbor are all very good attributes written into the laws that almost no countries in world history ever enjoyed. Anyway, god Bless you and I hope my input was helpful. P.S. There is so much more to point out but time and limitation’s are closing in.

          • Wayne Bursch

            So, you think Abortion and Gay Marriage are not an issue ? That the American Left has made this country normal ? Saying that others are dishonest because they disagree with your point of view is particularly short cited with regard to even history. And of course, the way you count Christians is not the same as many of us others may do. I do not care what Religious organization you belong to, it has nothing to do with being Christian, as Salvation is the way to Christ, and through Christ Jesus comes Salvation. And, if it is not important about the way America goes in the world, lets stop feeding it, and stop giving money to everyone. If it is not significant anyway, perhaps we should do that. And if America is not important than lets consider with respect to Israel, how that affects that particular country. I see deception in your words with the direction you are pushing this conversation, as it perhaps makes me believe you think spiritual matters have nothing to do with anything outside of the church. That too is observed by the Progressive Liberal President, Obama. He should perhaps remember the phrase “be ye neither a lender or borrower”. Or, perhaps he and the Left should pretend that laws are something to be enforced or changed. For you to suggest that the change in this country with regard to religious beliefs has nothing to do with nothing, is to be blind to what is being taught as acceptable. It also shows disregard once again for what God stated in the Holy Bible about his bestowing gifts and promises to “Nations”… Perhaps Olford is right. You may wish to read Once the Bible before you make assessments on the lack of affect the changing moral climate has had upon the once great Nation, the USA.

          • Mattyv1908

            So, you think Abortion and Gay Marriage are not an issue? NO, SIMPLY THAT THOSE THAT FAVOR LIMITED GOVERNMENT UNDERSTAND THAT ANY LEGISLATION THAT LIMITS INDIVIDUAL LIBERTY UNDERMINES THE POINT OF HAVING A LIMITED GOVERNMENT. That the American Left has made this country normal? AGAIN NO, SEE ABOVE. HOW IS THIS SO DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND? Saying that others are dishonest because they disagree with your point of view is particularly short cited with regard to even history. And of course, the way you count Christians is not the same as many of us others may do. THERE ARE MANY TYPES OF CHRISTIANS, BUT WHAT I WAS REFERRING TO WAS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN PRETERISM AND DISPENSATIONALISM. THE POPULAR DISPENSATIONALIST VIEW OF REVELATIONS AND END TIMES PROPHECY IS A RATHER YOUNG BELIEF THAT ORIGINATED WITH CHARLES DARBY IN THE 1800’S. I do not care what Religious organization you belong to, it has nothing to do with being Christian, as Salvation is the way to Christ, and through Christ Jesus comes Salvation. AGREE 100% AND HAVE NEVER BEEN IN DISAGREEMENT WITHIN THIS ENTIRE POST ABOUT THAT. And, if it is not important about the way America goes in the world, lets stop feeding it, and stop giving money to everyone. WE SHOULD STOP DOING THOSE THINGS IMMEDIATELY. If it is not significant anyway, perhaps we should do that. And if America is not important than lets consider with respect to Israel, how that affects that particular country. ISRAEL IS VERY CAPABLE OF DEFENDING ITSELF AND ALMOST EVERY SINGLE TIME THEY ATTEMPT TO DO SO THE UNITED STATES TRYS TO TALK THEM OUT OF ACTION AND INTO NON EFFECTIVE PEACE TALKS, SO DO WE REALLY STAND WITH ISRAEL? I see deception in your words with the direction you are pushing this conversation, as it perhaps makes me believe you think spiritual matters have nothing to do with anything outside of the church. ABSOLUTELY NOT THE CASE, RATHER I ACKNOWLEDGE THAT THE CHURCH HAS CHOSEN THE MORE INEFFECTIVE ROUTE OF ATTEMPTING TO CHANGE MINDS THROUGH POLITICS RATHER THAN CHANGE HEARTS THROUGH THE SPIRIT. That too is observed by the Progressive Liberal President, Obama. He should perhaps remember the phrase “be ye neither a lender or borrower”. Or, perhaps he and the Left should pretend that laws are something to be enforced or changed. For you to suggest that the change in this country with regard to religious beliefs has nothing to do with nothing, is to be blind to what is being taught as acceptable. I’M NOT SURE WHAT YOU’RE GETTING AT HERE?? It also shows disregard once again for what God stated in the Holy Bible about his bestowing gifts and promises to “Nations”… Perhaps Olford is right. You may wish to read Once the Bible before you make assessments on the lack of affect the changing moral climate has had upon the once great Nation, the USA.

          • Wayne Bursch

            A limited Government does not limit personal freedom. It is by the limitation of Government in size, finance and laws that a person has maximum freedom, not less. And no, there is only one type of Christian. It is interesting to see how you tie religious affiliation as the determining factor, rather than the teachings of the Bible. And, no again to your separation of time frames with relevance to whether or not a person believed in Revelations and such. To use that really is to set a time frame where the written Bible existed to when it did not, and that was a much better relevance to what was believed by some religions versus the others and the members therein. Can the USA take in a single child without borrowing money to do so ? Can the USA take in a single child as they presently are doing without having the financial offset required by the immigration law ? My point is finally this. A Christian cannot be in favor of a country violating the law, both by the Administration and the people without also violating the very teachings withing the Bible. As to God not treating Nations or Countries or even Cities with respect to the people that live within that area, suggest you read about Sodom and Gomorrah, or Egypt perhaps, and many other examples. The people and their spiritual beliefs with respect to their treatment by God is in many parts of the Bible. As for Israel doing just fine without the USA, suspect you have not read Jude and Revelations, or at least not with any understanding whatsoever as to why the USA does not show reference in standing within those pages.

          • Mattyv1908

            Perhaps the USA, and every other country currently on the planet, are not mentioned in Revelations because John the Revelator was writing the book to the seven churches of Asia Minor during the 1st century and not 21st century America Wayne. Fulfilled prophecy is a much more powerful witness than unfulfilled prophecy, especially when millenial dispensationists continually update their theories every time they’re proven wrong in regards to world events in the end times. Were Hal Lindsey, Tim LaHaye and the rest have been wrong again and again and again and yet despite millenial dispensationalists having been wrong regarding end times prophecy over and over it’s still the American evangelical position of choice because it has the best shock value.

          • Wayne Bursch

            For the person concerning Salvation, true. For following laws and such, false. It is intellectually insulting to have people use the Bible to meet their own base view of the world and why it is ok to violate it’s teachings with regard to certain subject matters. And as for the end times, it has a time as defined in the Bible that does simply translate to an elapsed amount of time, does it not ? Suggest the Old Testament was not all that was missing in some of your recent studies or church discussions., as you apparently missed that in the New Testament. This is not a religious issue dealing with Salvation anyway, but one dealing with law. It states God is the same, yesterday, today and forever. Somehow, you believe that those who believe in the law lack something you have, and I have not yet observed that in your comments.

        • Dawn Stupid

          Matt, you do not have to have faith, to see the light! My God, we can not take care of our own children and we are going to flood this country with poverty ridden souls that will further over burden our fragile welfare system. We can not take care of the world, and this is about creating a one party system where government rules. One more question Matt, when America dies, what will you define as freedom??? Ok that was a trick question,The answer is, you will not have the right to vote about it. Only the King will say……Mao…Stalin… Hitler…Obama!!!

          • Mattyv1908

            Dawn, you have to be a parody poster. Either that or your ability to cognitively reason has been greatly diminished. Please reread this entire discussion and find one example of where 1. I’m in favor of housing illegals. or 2. I share a different faith. You won’t be able to. What’s essentially happened here is that while agreeing with 98% of a poster’s premise I pointed out that it was a poor argument to link illegal Mexican children and the destruction of America to the work of Satan and it’s ruffled everyone’s feathers.

          • Dawn Stupid

            Ok Matty, i understand more of what you meant, and you said it in a very civil way.

          • Dawn Stupid

            PS Parody poster, very funny:)

          • mad man marc

            Wish you would state FACTS instead of using RELIGION as a way of saying this problem is a humanitarian issue…The INVASION that is now ONGOING is Not from the Mexicans…but folks from South America…If it were Mexicans..we could simply DEPORT them…but since they come from countries we do NOT have REPATRIATATION AGREEMENTS with…we cannot just send them packing…When you consider that these people were told by NEWSPAPERS AND RADIO that if they could get here they would never have to go back and our GOVERNMENT was ADVERTISING for jobs for people to ESCORT these people from Central America to AMERICA…in January 2014. how can anybody with a RIGHT MIND not figure it out….How’s that “hope and change” working for you NOW?????

          • olf

            Thank You Dawn ! That is correct. And they won’t much care if you like or not. I’m glad God will have the finial say here.

        • shashiznick

          Most American youth are involved in sexual activity beyond their maturity and not ashamed at all. Moreover they are ignorant to the history of this nation and massively ignorant of Gods laws. Therefore this place will be given over to aliens as Gtod promised.

        • Anonymous

          Jesus also taught us to obey the laws of the land. What part of the illegals crossing he border illegally is lawful?

        • Wayne Bursch

          Does the Bible not speak to following the law ? Are not the American Left purposely not following the law ? Christ only cared about the person, but indicated we were to follow the laws of our country. Ever changing human borders ? That sounds like a dismissal of legal country borders in favor of a non legal right of anyone to break the laws of a sovereign country. So, since you do believe in the Bible, I would also guess that you know God can take care of those people in their own country, or in this country should they enter legally? Stumbling blocks to the faith would be teaching that we are to follow the law, except when it helps our voting block. Merely pointing out that the Bible does not anywhere suggest that a country should not have laws and have Christians follow those laws, and in fact demand that the Government officers who are task with such, do so.

          • Mattyv1908

            Does the Bible not speak to following the law? OF COURSE IT DOES, IS THAT A RHETORICAL QUESTION FOR EFFECT? Are not the American Left purposely not following the law? AGAIN TRUE, BUT WERE YOU TO HAVE EVEN THE MOST RUDIMENTARY READING COMPREHENSION SKILLS YOU’D REALIZE I AM ADAMENTLY AGAINST THE INFLUX OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS FLOODING OUR COUNTRY. Christ only cared about the person, but indicated we were to follow the laws of our country. Ever changing human borders? That sounds like a dismissal of legal country borders in favor of a non legal right of anyone to break the laws of a sovereign country. NO. THAT SIMPLY WAS TO POINT OUT THAT HISTORY HAS SEEN MANY MAN MADE BORDERS COME AND GO. ANYTHING ELSE YOU’RE READING INTO IT IS STRICTLY FOR YOU TO SPIN IT HOW YOU WANT TO SEEKING YOUR OWN CONFIRMATION BIAS. So, since you do believe in the Bible, I would also guess that you know God can take care of those people in their own country, or in this country should they enter legally? AGAIN, I’M NOT IN FAVOR OF ILLEGAL CHILDREN CROSSING OUR BORDER, I SIMPLY BEGAN MY ORIGINAL STATEMENT BECAUSE I AM AGAINST SOMEONE SUGGESTING THAT INNOCENT CHILDREN ARE DOING THE DEVIL’S WORK. Stumbling blocks to the faith would be teaching that we are to follow the law, except when it helps our voting block. DO YOU THINK SUGGESTING THAT CHILDREN ARE CARRYING OUT THE WORK OF SATAN AGAINST THE USA MIGHT TURN OFF A NON BELIEVER BEFORE YOU’D EVER HAVE THE CHANCE OF SHARING THE GOSPEL? I DO, WHICH IS WHY I MADE MY ORIGINAL COMMENT. Merely pointing out that the Bible does not anywhere suggest that a country should not have laws and have Christians follow those laws, and in fact demand that the Government officers who are task with such, do so. AGAIN, I’M IN AGREEMENT, BUT WHY ARE YOU LOOKING FOR AN ARGUMENT THAT’S NOT THERE? THAT’S TELLING.

          • Wayne Bursch

            Thank you for questioning my ability to read with comprehension. Perhaps you should do also. When you question whether it is relative with end times and such.

        • Anonymous

          That is a good definition of sloppy agape, and greasy grace. Since mankind is under the fall of Adam, God’s hands are tied. He can only help those that ask him for help, and then follow his directions. YOU of course are free to reject his directions if you wish. If do don’t follow his directions it is NOT God that brings on disaster to you.

      • sparducks

        We have here in America the wholesale slaughter of the unborn a practice that is demonic, no doubt. Homosexuals flaunt their perversion in the streets of our cities and the people are afraid to even speak out. Pornography, drugs, and adultery even in the “church” are commonplace and no leaders are crying out against it. The invaders are a tool from God. The earth is the Lords and the fullness thereof. Heaven is his throne and the earth is his footstool. He can give America to whom he wishes. Repent. With sackcloth and ashes. God does not change. The people are lawless (God’s laws) so they have been given a lawless president. Repent. Don’t blame the illegals. Repent.

    • Anonymous

      they dont care about children at all. It is all political. All they care about is using children to push their agenda. If BO cared at all for these children (he doesnt care that some of them get raped and abused whilst they track to get to the border) he would have enforced the law and made sure he sends a clear message out that any children found at our borders would be sent back! Instead he wants to reunite them to with their illegal parents and was advertising for US coyotes to back in Jan to transport these illegal children across the US. So he anticipated this crisis!

      The left would say where is your compassion. My question is, is BO compassionate, enticing these children to our borders with his open borders policies and then have them treated like cattle so that they get their voting blocks? BO created this crisis and he is doing squat to protect Americans from diseases that come along with these illegals and for resources being sucked up by these illegals. This “invasion” is not going to end. It will get worst until We the People put our feet down and say enough is enough. Send them back! If BO can use the billions he got from COngress to transport them around this country, he can certainly use the $$$ to send them back!

      • Anonymous

        A typical BO spin to make things bad for Americans. He has the gall to call this operation humanitarian??? With such conditions as are now, the whole thing is INHUMANE. It’s like keeping chicken coops over capacity. It makes absolutely NO sense and is against the laws of the country as well as against children. BO has resorted to real low-life tactics that are becoming evil.

        • Anonymous

          Oh yes, you betcha he has the gall. Only yesterday, he was speaking in one of his open air fund raisers, telling his morons about all the phony scandals, fabrication etc etc! To put the cherry on the cake he told those morons that just because he hasnt said anything, it doesnt mean he is not fighting for them!

          The most humane thing is to ensure that these children are being sent home and no more enticement to get them to come! He is exploiting them!! What an evil man!

        • Anonymous

          Heard this a.m. on Rush, that THIS ‘operationIllegal Invasion” was planned since Feb. as the Feds were advertising for trans-portation co’s to apply for transferring 65,000 people.

          OBAMA INVITED THIS INVASION, AND IT’S “NOT JUST CHILDREN(that he knows people will have sympathy for) which is WHY they won’t allow any pictures-these are Adults, Young Adults, And Children, and they ARE being shipped by those companies that were notified BACK IN FEB.


          • Anonymous

            Of he planned it. We must not let him play us. He thinks that by using children he can get away with it. No doubt there are some who will buy his BS that he is unaware. He and his co-horts will call you heartless if you oppose and demand these illegal children be send home. We need to stand our ground and stop him from turning this country into a 3rd world country

            BTW, when Biden was in SA recently, he promised millions to the SA govt to help with their youth problems etc etc. these people are stealing so much of our hard earned $$$. Now BO wants 500Mil to fund the resistance in IRaq. Knowing them, the $$ will go to Isis!

    • Anonymous
    • Philip Meadows

      go figure, I don’t understand it are they for children or not?

    • Anonymous

      sad and pathetic evildudes! all for their control, to destroy America,make US a third world country for their dream Utopia- NewWorldOrderOneWorld Government– evildudeNaziJewGeorgeSoros owns washington politicians and media for that

    • joe michael villa

      Funny how the Right claims to be pro life but yet doesn’t want the poor to have access to healthcare.
      Odd phenomenon.

      • bucketnutz

        Do you mean like the VA who lets people rot before they get care???

  • landofaahs

    The southern states should ask for armed volunteers to secure the border with the legal right to use deadly force against any invader.

    • Bonnie Somer


      • fez

        However, we have a lawless AG and POTUS who want to see this country fall apart.

        • Bonnie Somer

          so right

    • LAPhil

      Right, like that’ll happen with Obama in the White House and Eric Holder in charge of the Justice Department. We’re going to need a new President and a new cabinet before we can expect any real action on this.

      • landofaahs

        Bypass the feds and allow the Governors of each state to declare martial law and raise the army themselves. Ignore the fed.

        • LAPhil

          I wouldn’t mind if they gave it a try. In fact I’d like to see it happen, but I doubt if the governors would have enough nerve.

        • salinagrrrl69

          That will work right into the left’s hands and the UN too. COMMON THINK!!!!! You’ll have every KumbiYahoo down there standing in front of the kids and they are KIDS! You will fulfill every stereotype of conservatives=The

          • Shawn Cameron

            You’re exactly right. We are in a no win situation. Even if we feed them and clothe them first, as soon as we send them back we will be labeled as “heartless bigots”. I’m all about helping children but they need to be sent back.

          • Anonymous

            And don’t forget that these people that sent their kids here are now without, so it’s time to make some more to send in a few years from now!

          • landofaahs

            So we must support national suicide and hand our progeny for decades to come over to slaves of the state in order to try to tell people we are not racist’s? No thank you, I don’t care what they think.

        • Elena

          Martial law is NOT a good idea. Think abt the restrictions to all citizens.

          Putting the guard on the border is a different story. It’s a better option along w/the air guard to fly them all home.

          Treat them kindly while here, but send them home.

          • landofaahs

            Martial law can be limited to 100 ft. all along the border. You have to be creative.

    • Theresa

      except for the SC decision that the states can’t over-ride feds on immigration

      • Anonymous

        Federal Law ! __ The S/C can’t restrict the States “Enforcment” of existing Law without deeming such laws as UN-Constitutional. Therein lies the difference. Current Policies don’t follow the Law because they are in fact a violation of “The Law” regardless of guidance by superiors. Let them not forget to file warrants for the arrest of their superiors who are also complicit.

        Current “Policy” regarding Enforcement are Arbitrary Bureaucratic
        Guidelines for Federal Immigration Employees, NOT State Officials, and
        as such they are Not “the Law”. They are subject to change at any time
        without Congressional action. Therefore, any Law NOT REPEALED is still enforceable

        When the Feds decide to intervene, have the Sheriff arrest them for violating the LAW. The Sheriff’s powers TRUMP even Federal Personnel’s Authority ! While there at it, maybe they can also claim that they “Lost” the keys to their Jail Cells, like the IRS “Losing” e-mails.

        • Elena

          Didn’t Jan Brewer already try that? Courts shot her down.

  • LAPhil

    We should put these kids back on buses and send them to Mexico and tell them to find their families. After all they let the buses pass through their country unimpeded, so I hold them responsible. It would also be great payback for all the illegals they’ve given us. Let them deal with the lice and scabies, why should we have to?

  • Anonymous

    immediately we should have armed troops down there with volunteer citizens..and turning these people away….we know now that mexico is not going to do anything, and the drug cartels have taken over everything….THIS IS WEAPONS OF MASS IMMIGRATION..AGAINST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE..and Obama will never do anything about this…why? BECAUSE OBAMA HAS MANIPULATED THIS ENTIRE INVASION, RIGHT BEFORE THE MIDTERM ELECTIONS, SO THAT THEY CAN HOLD ONTO THE SENATE…IN OTHER WORDS OBAMA WILL ENDANGER THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, AND THESE CHILDREN, TO WIN THE ELECTION…..and if you are a democrat or a republican….this should have you screaming your head off.

    • Shawn Cameron

      We need to stop recognizing Mexico as a sovereign nation and start recognizing it for what it truly is.. a criminal enterprise.

  • Anonymous

    Look at how many radio stations have the slogan of “La Invasora”. Where I lived about 20 years ago the slogan was tried and then quickly changed. The format didn’t change just the logo.

    Invasora of what?

  • Wulf

    Dana Loesch may need more air time : )

  • Craig Johnson

    As usual, our government has messed up again!! I see ALOT of adults in the video who are going to get very angry before long!! It is going to get ugly in Texas

    • Anonymous

      If any State has the “balls” to lock horns with the Feds, Texas does. Go Perry!

  • Butt Hurt Inc.

    jesus can dana be any hotter? please sit on my face!

  • Susan Linke

    My son just met someone from Lebanon that just walked over the mexican border illegally a few weeks ago. If this person from the middle east knew to come in that way, how many more? We’re going to wake up one day and it’s going to be too late. The muslims are buying up vacant churches in large numbers. In Dallas they just bought 5 big churches in recent weeks.

  • Anonymous

    the Obama administration was secretly preparing for this invasion back in jan 2014, by contracting for housing and transportation. these illegals all have these fliers that explains to them (in Spanish) how to answer questions from authorities, and how to work the system for benefits. in reality there is no plan to deport any of these illegals, and when they say that, they are not telling the truth….its all fluff. this is an all out plan by the democrats to force us to accept amnesty, right before the midterm elections, because the democrats are in a panic about losing control of the senate. so just like fast and furious using guns……this is fast and furious using illegal children….the mindset of the Obama administration will put all of us in danger with a unsecured border, thousands of illegals, with lies and coverups…just to keep the democrat party in power…all of these illegals that are processed, are given a future court date to appear in court for a hearing…well the immigration courts are backed up by almost 400 thousand cases…and only a few percent of these illegals actually show up for the hearings….over 90 million people are out of work, and there are not enough jobs for illegals…so they will all be subsidized by the American taxpayer, and Obama will have another horde of dependency that will eventually vote for the democrats, while the republicans are demonized by the democrats.

  • Anonymous

    Can we blame the Bush-Cheney administration on this one?

    Experience tells us that the liberal-democrats will find an excuse to blame Bush for this one too….(and if they do not find the excuse – in their insidious book of reference – , they will invent that excuse.

    Actually liberal-democrats would blame Bush for anything that may happen wrong here in our country,… the entire world,…..even the galaxy…their audacity is so frivolous, and vicious, that they would even blame the Bush-Cheney administration if the Universal Constant ‘K’ , suddenly change to be -73 Sigma factor (which is a heck of discomfort to everything….living things and inanimate too).

    Wow! that’s a lot of weight for the man to carry…..so, few more babies will not be too heavy,….will they?

  • Dffallis .

    And there in lies the problem. We have laws which Obama has chosen to ignore because the Demonrats see these people as new voters. Their job is not take care of the other country’s problems but to take care of the United States citizen and we have been relegated to second and third class while those not paying their salaries are moved to the front of the line. Humanitarian crisis is all well and good, but people here are in such shape that feeding their own children has become a problem due to the recession, which was actually worse than the depression, and has never ended despite the hype and propaganda by the media.

    • Anonymous

      The problem is a created one to benefit the Democrat’s agenda, crash the system, and weaken us as a nation under this man. Folks – it’s about time you see the writing on the wall.

  • james lee


    • Elena

      nope — he just does not care.

    • Anonymous

      He does not care about national security, he is a domestic enemy aiding enemies abroad.

  • Bill Tilghman

    When you add this massive human wave to the many incidents where the Mexican Armed forces have fired upon clearly marked US Border Patrol vehicles and uniformed personnel, and the incidents where troops of the Mexican Army have strayed across the border in the last few years, the pattern emerging is one of an orchestrated attempt to erase the border. A few days ago another Mexican military helicopter strayed 100 yards over the border and opened fire on a US Border Patrol truck, which was marked with green and white US Border Patrol markings, a large number on the roof and red and blue lights. The two Border Patrol agents were not hit during the attack, but it was a daylight event that is inexcusable. The Mexican government as always apologized, but that is wholly inadequate in the face of these kinds of incidents, many of which have resulted in injury to our agents on our side of the border. Louie Gohmert is indeed correct, this is an invasion, and we need to meet force with force to curb it. The next time a Mexican helicopter opens fire on us it should be shot down. The next time a platoon of Mexican Army soldiers cross the border they should be apprehended and not returned to Mexico until Sgt. Tahmoorisi is released with his property and an agreement that in the future no US citizen will be imprisoned on their soil but will be returned to the US immediately without harm or delay.

    In essence, the border states should deploy National Guard troops all along the border to form a human fence to stop the illegal violation of our border with Mexico, and if Mexico has a problem with that they can do as they please on their side. The one message the Mexican government needs to get is this: The United States of America will not tolerate further incursions on our soil by their military or police or citizens, nor will we continue to allow hordes of people to cross without consequence. If Mexico does not want people from Central America in their country they need to address that at their southern border, and not simply allow them to use Mexico as an expressway to the United States. We have had enough and that is the message they need to understand in no uncertain terms.

  • Shawn Cameron

    What’s even more disturbing is my wife works for DFACS and she has gotten e-mails from the state officials to watch out for the Federal Government trying to place these kids that have crossed the border into DFACS custody illegally.

  • Anonymous

    And . . . . . . this is exactly why this illegal Muslim traitor should be taken out of office and tried for crimes against the people and this country.

    • Anonymous

      Agree with you Old1Glory 100%. Boehner’s faux lawsuit is a joke-he KNOWS it cannot go anywhere with Holder-DOJ, Liberal Judges, & Feds, along with the Liberal Media covering up for Obama as HE destorys this nation.
      This illegal alien Invasion, was planned since Feb. as the Fed’s ran ad for company’s with transportation being needed to transfer 65,000 people.
      This, as Obama PRETENDS it is S.America doing the ‘inviting’….MORE LIES.

  • Anonymous

    For those who may NOT know this, I heard this a.m. that the Feds on a gov’t site, had been advertising for company’s with transportation services to “Help transport nearely 65,000 people that will be here in the U.S.-this was in February. So there you have it-
    He is INSURING Amnesty, as he is hell bent on turning America into a DUMPING GROUND, knowing these kids AND adults, Young Adults, that Obama doesn’t WANT ANY PICTURES TAKEN- AS HE’S “HIDING THE FACT, THAT THESE ARE NOT ALL “LITTLE CHILDREN”, AS he vies for Sympathy for the Children….THAT, btw, is an Old Alinsky Tactic—-“USE THE CHILDREN”…Does anyone recall Hillary’ s b.s. about “It Takes A Village”(to raise a child) as parent’s Don’t own their own children?”
    This is ALL about “Cloward-Piven” tactics of Getting RID of Capitalism, and replacing it Entirely, with Socialism/Marxism/ JUST as Obama IS DOING IN AMERICA, AS THE CONGRESS ALLOWS HIM TO GET AWAY WITH THIS. Rino, Boehner KNOWS that NOTHING WILL COME OF HIS FAUX LAW SUIT AGAINST
    OBAMA-who has thecourts/DOJ/FEds ALL covered for this crooked regime, as Boehner is “Pretending to Get Tough—he’s a few years too late & pandering to the base, but WE already have that “Rino’s Number.”

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    By Law if even one Invader is armed they are all considered armed and subject to be penalized equally. A coordinated / organized invasion effort, even loosely organized, is therefore an Armed Invasion. Texas Officials should deal with it accordingly, and let God sort out what remains !

    If Congress had a lick of sense, they would deduct all expenses for dealing with this issue from any Foreign Aid Payments to Mexico and just keep those checks reflecting $ .02 for their complicity in these matters.

  • Garwoodv6

    Wonder why the Center for Disease Control (CDC) isn’t running every one of these captured illegals through a delousing/disinfection station first thing? Then quarantine them- seems prudent, considering the infections brought in.

    • Anonymous

      I think not! They’re betting on cutting the US population by design to get rid of people so they can set up the US as they please. That’s what Communists do.

  • henry

    so when will something be done with obama? after the destruction of the country in 2016? wont last that long , another 1 1/2 yrs ……….. too late

  • Anonymous

    The Problem is Obama

    • Anonymous

      Actually he is a very big factor in the problem,…the real problem is the group of local globalists (the traitors) the ones who hired him to be a pretender ‘president’…..the man (Obama) is just a front -face, the symbol, the icon-figurine, the poster-child, if you will.

  • Lorraine

    Gosh, NOW everyone’s calling it an invasion!!! Try and keep up folks. Apparently no one is keeping our country safe from invasion. A country without borders is not a country……..coming soon to you and me. Watching this orchestrated mess evolving is interesting though. Can’t wait to see how this plays out. Amnesty for everyone, just COME ON OVER!!!

  • Linda League

    Maybe Gov. Perry should say he has a pen and a phone and write a bill for Texas that makes it illegal for them to stay in Texas. It will be as legal as the Presidents.

  • Anonymous

    We all know who/what the problem is and why their values are being forced down our throats. Please call and write your Representatives and Senators and pass your messages on to them until it sinks in that we are not happy campers and that they will not have our votes; and therefore no cushy jobs. If you see notices for town-hall meetings – go. If there are marches – go. Keep it peaceful and loud! Maybe main street media hears no evil, sees no evil, and speaks no truth, it’s up to us to speak it for them. That is while we still have freedom of speech.

  • Philip Meadows

    here again we are getting more and more reasons for impeaching president Obama.

  • Anonymous

    Obama is destroying our border towns by letting this invasion continue!

    • Anonymous

      Actually is the people behind the man ….he is following orders.

  • scott

    As an Australian observer,u guys are going thro what we have done recently . Six years ago an incoming labour govt (read democrat) dismantled a successfull immigration policy which had stopped all illegal immigration by boat,claiming it was too tough and not humanitarian. Six years later we had -50000 illiegals coming by boat here in Australia. An incoming liberal govt(read republican) reinstated harder policies including turning back boats.offshore processing,and no chance of a visa without identity papers,and lo eight months later,no boats for six months.
    there’s a message there. Best of luck.

  • Anonymous

    the problem is our pres. is not doing anything about it.

    • Anonymous

      Well,….lets’ be brief on this;….

      Here is the thing;…

      We have;…..NSA, IRS, APA, Benghazi, Fast And Furious, Obamacare project,…no to mention horrendous economy, poor national security, ,illegal immigration,..massive illegal practices and fraud surfacing at virtually daily basis..etc,…etc.

      Don’t we have (we, the people),…don’t we have enough material to expose, accuse, convict, arrest, remove from power, and ultimately sent to jail the members, associates and affiliates inside and related to this un-American, unconstitutional , corrupted and fraud-base current administration?…..Yes?….or….No?

      May be, now with Gowdy, all the previous BS (pardon my French) …..perhaps now things will be done by the book without fear of any kind;…..Issa was rounding the situation,….talking and talking,…..just that, not doing anything solid at all,…. like he was in fear to take the corrupted band of traitors down.

      A strong legal ensemble should and must team-up with Rep Trey Gowdy to launch the massive impeachment – way expected for log time and well deserved – against the un-American, corrupted, insidious and fraud-base current administration that for long time has been conducted the ongoing brutal attack – in so many ways,…at so many levels – against the good people of this great nation.

      The action is way overdue,…no more talking no more waiting.

      Doing this now, will serve to create a much better scenario for cleaner 2014 and 2016 incoming elections.

      What we should, could, and must do is….MASSIVE MEGA-IMPEACHMENT against the entire current administration for their ongoing insidious assault in so many ways and at so many levels – to the good people of our great country.

      And on this, since the congress does not have any teeth , much less stomach for it, (for they are bribed and intimidated and so in fear) we, the people have, should , must hire external powerful legal array (and we all know they are there) to get the job done.


      About all this monumental mess that we all are experiencing,…..we should start with the truth;…..we should and must clean out (from root / witch-hunt style) the entire unconstitutional, corrupted and fraud-base current administration now in Washington;….

      Let’s be straight on this.

      Everything about Barack Obama is impeachable If we do accept this impostor as legal occupant for his ill-acquired presidential platform.
      Actually the man is way, way overdue for to be openly exposed, arrested, charged, convicted, remove from power (not suppose to be belong to him) , and ultimately thrown in jail for a long, very long time for all the damage , in so many ways, at so many levels against our country.

      Barack Obama = unconstitutional, illegal, fraudulent individual at the presidential platform.

      He is not American born as claimed by him, and all his supporters. He embarks in proceedings contrary the United States Constitution, he is severely arrogant, beside to exhibit poor leadership at and on anything regarding his ill-acquired presidential status.


      He is pupil of Alinsky concepts, ….follower of Jeremiah Wright s’ teachings , he is a hidden muslim and so team-up and support radical Islamic-muslim jihadist actions all around the world.

      Although all this (and there is much much more) although this may sounds hard and offensive to his followers, supporters and die-hard worshipers out there ,….the reality is as such.

      This man, along with all his affiliates there in Washington needs to be removed from his current platform and thrown in jail…..(via impeachment or civil legal action).

      Afraid to say this ?…NO!, …..they know very well there in Washington who I am,… what I stand for,… what I think of them,… and they know so very well that fear and intimidation are two words never found in my dictionary.

      All of you out there should be like this , you know the truth,… do not try to hide it,…do not go away from it,…let everyone know too….get informed, investigate, do research ,…do not live in darkness.

      Mr Barack Obama ,although only the front-face serving a group of traitors, is part of the big problem for in our country;…this man represents public enemy #1.(the corrupted, fraud-base current government)

      The impostor, the so called ‘president’ (Mr Barack Obama, the Mombasa-Kenya fraudulently planted in the presidential platform of our nation) he needs to be exposed, arrested,charged, convicted, remove from his ill-acquired power, put in jail along with so many others inside and co-related with the unconstitutional, corrupted, and fraud-base current administration.

      Input anyone? Opinions welcome.

  • Wade Johnson

    Then what is it going to take for the Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California governors to call up their entire National Guards including recalling those prepareing for or already deployed overseas and place them on the border to shut the damned borders down. This is a govermentally approved invasion of this country by people from multiple other countries. Louie is right

  • Anonymous

    Why can’t Texas insist upon using the National Guard for this (blocking the border)? We are supposedly not in a dictatorship. Why aren’t the politicians in Washington and Texas pulling whatever “strings” we know they can pull to deal with all aspects of this invasion? This is a major public health disaster, as well as a true invasion. We really don’t have a president at this point. I can’t believe this is actually happening, and we all seem to be helpless– at the mercy of incompetents.

  • Wayne Bursch

    If you are not willing to pay for all the associated costs and have these illegals come live at your home, then expect you favor that the Government should enforce the law, which they presently are not doing. The Federal Government is running illegal aliens and is guilty of smuggling, just as much as the cartels, and in violation of the immigration laws within the USA. Let those who claim it is the right thing to do, put up their hands then, and accept both financially and legally the responsibility to ensure that all USA laws will be followed.

  • chekmait187 .

    Is this what all the FEMA camps were built for? If so this has been planned long before now.

  • Anonymous

    Tired of our government creating crisis to enslave us and our children?

  • 1Chiye

    If you really & truly want to know what the agenda is concerning our borders it is this:
    The Cabal:
    The educated elite who promote Socialism/Communism/Marxism

    Pope Francis (Vatican) aka Catholic Church who now embraces “South
    American Liberation Theology” despite the admonishment against it in 1983 by
    the previous Pope Benedict i.e. Reverend Jeremiah Wright Obama’s pastor for the
    last 20 years at the Trinity United Church of Christ

    The Corporations/US Chamber of Commerce threats to Republicans
    to pass immigration bill because “immigrants are needed for all sorts of jobs,
    including health care” and if the GOP doesn’t pass this “they shouldn’t bother to run a candidate in 2016”

    The Politicians who are the creators of separation & division of us the citizenry of the country

  • Pamela Hieronymus

    What I love is the plan to send the children to Murietta. They sent all the sex offenders to Hemet (which you may recall was originally an old people’s haven), now they are sending the children. Good plan. And who is supposed to pay for all this? We are ALL in trouble, and may not be aware of how much trouble we are in. And what is Congress doing? Attacking Dr. Oz, what else. Hand me a fiddle.

  • Marie

    The money to pay for all these poor little children (except many are teenagers and adults) has to come from somewhere. Which department will lose funding and whose benefits will be reduced or eliminated altogether. Whose taxes will increase….be it your paycheck, school levy, or property. If we do not secure our border, this is a never-ending nightmare. Every year, EVERY YEAR… there will be as many or more then have already invaded us. Our citizens are already being denied food, shelter, and medical care. Where are the “bleeding hearts” who are willing to help our own people. How much are we willing to steal from Americas families to pay for the rest of the worlds problems. The ones they refuse to face and solve. The “illegals” are given everything and the rightful citizens are tossed under the bus

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