During a House Judiciary hearing earlier this week, Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX) voiced his concerns about the health threats that have accompanied the Obama Administration’s immigration policy. Gohmert said Obama is “luring” children across the border by promising them a “free pass,” and that has resulted in an H1N1 flu outbreak at Lackland Air Force Base in Texas. Additionally, there have been reports of lice and scabies outbreaks at various border patrol posts.

Gohmert is particularly familiar with what is currently transpiring at border towns in Texas after visiting McAllen, Texas last week. He joined guest host Dana Loesch on Thursday’s Glenn Beck Program to discuss what he witnessed and what must be done to curb this crisis.

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“We are under invasion, and this President will not protect our country,” Gohmert said emphatically. “And he will not step in and enforce the law as it is.”

Last week, Glenn reacted to a Los Angeles Times report that put the number of people crossing the border into frightening perspective. At the McAllen border patrol station alone, some 1,500 people daily are occupying a space that is meant to house 250 detainees. Likewise, other smaller stations in the area are housing two or three times their capacity. Gohmert confirmed that report.

“I showed up at the McAllen border patrol facility where they’ve got over 1,000 – maybe over 1,200 people. The facility is not supposed to have that many people,” he said. “But the reason they have them is because of a law previously passed that says, ‘Gee, if border patrol pick up children, then they immediately have to go to Health and Human Services.’ Well, as you know, Health and Human Services is busy right now taking over everybody’s healthcare.”

As a result, the situation on the ground at these border patrol facilities is truly disturbing. Those who are known to have lice or scabies are cordoned off by nothing more than “red crime scene tape.” Meanwhile, Gohmert described seeing people “lying on the concrete floor” and “huddling” in the corner.

“It is a terrible situation,” Gohmert said. “As one border patrolman said, ‘I would be livid, I would be ballistic if my child were in this situation.’ But the border patrol’s hands are tied because the law says Health and Human Services have to take them, and they’re not picking them up.”

While border states like Texas are beginning to take matters into their own hands by stepping up drug enforcement efforts in an attempt to thwart the influx of drug cartels and gang members crossing the border, Gohmert reiterated that most people’s hands are tied.

“And that’s why I say… there should not be any new immigration bill until the President enforces the law as it is,” Gohmert concluded, “and our Department of ‘Injustice’ begins to be a Department of Justice.”