Blood Feud author Ed Klein: Obama probably doesn’t want Hillary Clinton as a successor

On Friday, Ed Klein, author of Blood Feud: The Clintons vs. The Obamas joined Dana Loesch to explain why there is a good chance Hillary Clinton would not enjoy the full support of President Obama should she choose to seek the Democratic nomination in 2016.

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While the media likes to focus on the rift in the Republican Party, there is an equal, if not greater divide on the Democratic side. Klein explained that the chasm between the Clintons and the Obamas is “about as wide as it possibly can be.”

“The mainstream media has been talking about the rift between the Tea Party and the establishment… in the Republican Party,” Klein said. “But the mainstream media has totally ignored the fact that the Clintons and the Obamas… have been at each other’s throats behind the scenes now for years. And that’s a very big and important story because it’s going to affect who gets the nomination in 2016 in the Democratic Party and maybe even who is going to be in the White House.”

According to Klein, Bill Clinton and Obama “struck a deal” on a golf course back in 2011 that ensured Clinton would stump for Obama – if Obama promised to throw his weight behind Hillary in 2016.

“Bill made good on the deal,” Klein said. “He gave that speech that we all remember at the Democratic National Convention… And then after he got elected, Barack Obama — in typical fashion, I must say — reneged on the deal.”

At this point, it is unclear who Obama will support. But it is believed Obama is looking for a “Mini-Me” type protege.

“Bill Clinton recently had a party at Whitehaven, which is his mansion in Washington, D.C.,” Klein explained. “During that party, he said that he had been checking with state committee chairmen about who was going to back whom in 2016.”

At the party, Klein said Clinton came to understand Obama is looking for “somebody like a clone who… would come out of nowhere and challenge Hillary and beat her in 2016.”

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  • Crassus

    Wouldn’t be surprised to see Obamao back another brutha like Deval Patrick or Corey Booker. Deadfish Emanuel is still lurking around in the shadows too. Then there’s always a chance he could cut a deal with Andrew Cuomo, who has the name and would have the support of many Northeastern libtards. Obamao supports Cuomo for the nomination on condition that he make Moochelle his running mate.

  • Anonymous

    If you believe the crap Ed Klein makes up there’s a bridge in Brooklyn, etc. etc

    • Anonymous

      Chris Christie already has dibs on that.

    • Crassus

      Soros Lib Troll Rule #15: If you have no argument denigrate the author of an article unfavorable to liberals.

    • Anonymous

      Edward Klein ran Newsweek for years and is known to,be someone that everyone talks to because he keeps his sources confidential. He is not the National Enquirer…….although how many times have they also been right-
      Remember John Edwards?

  • landofaahs

    I don’t want either of them. If they really hate each other that much, then step off 10 paces.

  • Richard Tremaine

    She would make an awful president, but Obama hopes it won’t be necessary to give up the presidency. What would stop him. Nothing if he were in a position to declare Martial Law in the country, backed up by the 1-1/2 billion hollow point bullets purchased this year by the Home Defense Department of the Government. Why would they need 1-1/2 billion bullets? If the American dollar collapses within his time in office, it would bring riots in the streets of every American City in America. The Government is well prepared to kill Americans.

  • Connor Kenway

    Hillary thinks playing poor is going to make her more likeable. Which the only thing it does it makes her look out of touch and a jerk to most of us who are. So please liberals keep defending her because it only goes to show the country you really do not care about the working class.

  • Thunderthud

    Imagine, Hillarity is diagnosed terminally ill. Hillarity suicide bombs 0bamao. Not so far-fetched since they both lean Muslim. BTW, best strategy for Muslims has always been to allow them to fight each other unimpeded.

  • Anonymous

    Who cares what “he” wants!!! He doesn’t care what we want!!! :'(

  • Anonymous

    It is interesting that Clinton would for one minute have trusted Obama to. support Hillary if she runs for President . Edward Klein said in his book,that Valerie Jarrett told Obama promise Clinton anything to get him to support you and when you win you need to shut him out and take control of the party. This is Obama’s pattern and why Oprah refused to campaign for him the second time. She was promised a lot and then when he became President they shut her out and when they expected her to come and help him the second time, she said no. Klein also said that Clinton has told many people that there is no one that he has ever hated more than Obama.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve had this sinking feeling for a long time that Valerie Jarrett is really the president and Obama is just the VP of marketing and fundraising.

  • Anonymous

    If O doesn’t support Hill, I think some dirty laundry might be aired. What do they have to lose and “what difference, at that point, does it make???”

  • 8gary8

    Few doubt that both Clinton’s & Obama’s are adroit, resourceful & astute career politicians. Fewer, however, seem to realize politics is literally in their blood. Thus, both have long memories, enormous egos & a predatory, political, nature. Moreover, their relationship is linked by their combined duplicity, two-faced behavior & wishy-washy substance. In short, both families, sadly, exemplify a public interest in the middle-class while privately are oblivious to the needs of the middle-class.

  • lil-echoes

    While I do not like Hillary, I firmly believe Obama gave her ‘the shaft’ like he does everyone else he uses to benefit himself. He promised Bill n Hillary both, but reneged on the deal with them after Bill helped him out as O won his next election with their help. They should have known how dirty O really is – one simply cannot trust a ‘snake oil salesman’ .

  • Anonymous

    The Obamas are users. They used Oprah, the Clintons and the American people. He has a history of lying and using people going back to when he was just a kid.

  • John Smith

    In fact, Darwin’s concept of biological evolution was preceded by theories of cultural evolution that identified the relationship between Sanskrit and the Greek language.

  • Anonymous

    I think Valerie Jarrett would be Barry Obama, Jr. She could definitely keep his
    radical agenda going. She has been successful so far. She’s black, a woman,
    knows Chicago thug politics and loves Moochelle. What more could the country

  • Anonymous

    Hell is not hot enough for these nefarious weasels.

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