Monday morning, the Supreme Court of the United States handed down two of its most anticipated decisions.

In Burwell vs. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc. (previously known as Sebelius vs. Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc.) the Supreme Court narrowly ruled in favor of religious freedom – deciding Obamacare cannot force for-profit, closely held companies to violate their religious beliefs by paying for emergency contraceptive coverage that could lead to abortions.

Meanwhile, labor unions were dealt a huge blow when the Supreme Court ruled public sector unions cannot collect fees from home health care workers who object to being affiliated with a union in the Harris vs. Quinn case.

While both decisions are certainly not good news for the left, the Hobby Lobby ruling is particularly tough for the Obama Administration. TheBlaze’s Pete Kasperowicz reports:

Justice Anthony Kennedy noted that the government could pay for this coverage if it wants to make it available, but cannot compel a company to do so.

The decision deals a big hit to the Obama administration, which defended its interpretation of the law as something that forces companies to provide all manner of birth control methods to workers.

The case is Burwell vs. Hobby Lobby, referring to Secretary of Health and Human Services Sylvia Burwell. She replaced Kathleen Sebelius earlier this year — prior to that, the case was Sebelius vs. Hobby Lobby.

The case is second big blow to Obama from the Supreme Court in as many weeks. Last week, the Supreme Court ruled unanimously that President Obama’s 2012 “recess” appointments were not legal, because Obama made them when the Senate was not in recess.

On radio this morning, TheBlaze’s Buck Sexton explained that while the decisions may not be “complete victories,” they do represent “wins” for freedom and the First Amendment.

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