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Thank You Glenn!:

This will not be a lengthy email.  I only wish to add my voice to your many supporters.  My entire family has watched or listened to you for over 10 years and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for who you are.  Even if right now your voice of hope is meant only for me….I will embrace that….keep doing what you are doing…as my grandfather said ” never give up…never give in…keep going”. My father went blind at a young age and those were my grandfathers words to him.   You are not alone and I believe you are being guided by the spirit.  God bless you and your family Mr. Beck and we love you!!!!!  




Dear Glenn,

These graduation announcements are for you and Pat.  I would have mailed them, but I couldn’t find an address.  You inspired us a couple of years ago to take our kids out of the public school system.  I started searching for another form of education and came upon the Kimber Academy.  Jay served as president of the student officers and traveled with Dr. Kimber across the country opening up schools along the way.  Rachel also served as a student officer and traveled to Idaho, where they now have seven schools.
Jay (17) is planning on joining the Marines this fall and serve a LDS mission next summer.  Rachel (15) will start attending UVU to get a nursing degree.  We couldn’t thank you enough for the inspiration that you are to our family.

Jay Graduation Announcement

Jay Announcement Back
Rachel Graduation Front

Rachel Graduation Back