“Do not jam this down our throats”: Glenn responds to Obama’s plan for immigration reform

Yesterday, President Obama held a press conference where he declared that he would take more executive action action on immigration reform without Congress, claiming that House Republicans are refuse to “pass a darn bill.”

Last week, House Speaker John Boehner told President Obama that the House of Representatives would not vote on an immigration reform bill this year.

“Our country and our economy would be stronger today if House Republicans had allowed a simple yes or no vote on this bill or for that matter any bill. They would be following the will of the majority of the American people to support reform,” President Obama said. “Instead, they have proven again and again that they are unwilling to stand up to the Tea Party in order to do what’s best for the country. The worst part of is a bunch of them know better.”

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus condemned the Presidents push to act without Congress. He said, “After being rebuked 13 times by a unanimous Supreme Court in just three years and with the House of Representatives filing a lawsuit to curb Obama’s presidential overreach, you’d think this administration would get the message. Our Constitution is not a list of suggestions. Our founders were not mistaken when they created three separate branches of government.”

Glenn is on vacation this week, but wrote in with a response to the escalating immigration issue. After praising Priebus’s statement, he reiterated the need to seal the border and send home immigrants here illegally, while still treating them with compassion.

Read his note below:

The last few lines come from Reince Priebus. I would feel so much better if the GOP corruption weren’t so complete (see Cochran scandal now brewing) but his words in this story are comforting. I have met him on one occasion. It didn’t go well. He seems like a nice guy but there does come a time that you have to choose sides. Not just political but more importantly ethical. What we are facing is the destruction of our nation. We are indeed lawless. How the president believes he has the moral authority to ram through HIS border solutions when he is directly responsible for the crisis on the border is beyond insane.

This has nothing to do with the Republicans vs Tea Party or Democrats. This has everything to do with THE LAW. We are watching our country turn into Venezuela. That might sound outlandish but remember what Obamas FCC czar said about that “important democratic revolution” 5 years ago.

We must stop the illegals coming in first. The president needs to give a definitive speech to South America and Mexico: ‘Enough is enough. It is dangerous for not just the citizens of America but wildly dangerous for YOUR children.’ He needs to say that he takes responsibility for the “misunderstanding” but “let me be clear” your kids will not stay here or become citizens this way. Also, dare it ask,’How many drug dealers or terrorist have slipped through now because our border agents can’t spend the time looking for the bad guys?’

Second, we need to send all of these people back. Then we discuss things like a better Visa system as it really is broken.

In the meantime, we as citizens must be clear with government ALL BRANCHES of our government, do not jam this down our throats. Obey the law, then we will talk.

We also need to pray for those in our border towns. They are living in a very dangerous world. Food, shelter, disease and crime. Lord please help them.

We must also do everything we can to relieve some of the pressure by helping feed these children and not harden our hearts. They are GOING HOME but in better shape than they arrived. We must be the example. The shining city on the hill. Believe me, all the eyes of the world will be on this one. And Hollywood will be all too happy to do a “we are the world” song and make all of us who are for the rule of law into the bad guys.

  • Heather Ann Searfoss

    Thank you Glenn, you always seem to know exactly what I’m thinking. Have a GREAT vacation my friend.

  • Anonymous

    Obama continues to prove he has forgotten everything he (presumably) knew about constitutional law when he taught it (students/parents should demand their money back). Since his arrogance knows no bounds, why does he stance now surprise anyone?

  • Anonymous

    This clown swore to God to defend and protect the constitution of the United States. If he’ll lie to God what makes you think he’s telling you the truth?

  • Anonymous

    The thing that gets me the worst is the fact he gets away with it. We have an Obama Senate, A Congress full of RINOs, about 48% of the population apathetic and Obama keeps rolling on despite our Constitution. ARTICLE 1 SECTION 8 : In addition, Congress has the power to coin money, create the postal service , army, navy and lower federal courts, and to declare war. CONGRESS ALSO HAS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF DETERMINING NATURALIZATION, now immigrants become citizens. Such laws must apply uniformly and cannot be modified by the states. It appears Obama does not have the legal power to issue an EO on this issue. ~But when did THAT ever stop him ?~

  • KC

    War is hell ,, Don’t make it easier for obama to do this ,, DON’T SEND CASH !

  • Anonymous

    Obama doesn’t give a damn about breaking constitutional law because he is gambling that nobody will do a thing about his string of lawless decisions.

    Fundamental Transformation = Weakening our country for easy tyranny later

  • Rhonie Briley

    For anyone that does not believe that we do not have the resources to deport all of the illegals are wrong. The Chinese legal immigrants’ will do it for us. Look at Megabus and Gotobus websites. They would be happy to do it for a very low price.

  • Bob Anderson

    I support reform, as long as it is building more fences and deporting all illegal aliens.

  • Linda Sills

    Yes, Glenn nailed this one too. There is nothing heartless about deportation. This is America. We have always treated people with open minds and open hearts. But this invasion at the borders is a huge problem, and it is lawlessness by our own government. Let us not forget the House and Senate are equally guilty, for allowing this rat in chief to get away with what he has, and what he is doing.

  • Sunshine43

    The oath to God means absolutely nothing to him, as the man is not a Christian! He lies continuously, so much that you have to understand that he cares not one iota for God or the rule of law in America. He is soulless.

  • Anonymous

    Your missing one major point. Who ever said that he believes in our God?

  • Sunshine43

    His stance that he is a Constitutional scholar is, yet, another lie! Why do you think his questionable school records are sealed!!!

  • Sunshine43

    Spot on!

  • Anonymous

    By the time DHS/Obama finish shipping these illegals all over the country, they will never be found to deport. Every last one of them, and anyone else crossing over, will get to stay, period. Obama has an agenda, and it includes pumping up the Democrat Party with plenty of new voters, and irreversibly “thirdworldizing” this country.

  • thedogwalker

    This whole thing is being done on purpose. He wants this “crisis” at the border so he can ram through his immigration policy. At this rate, there will no longer be a middle class. We will have the top 1% while everyone else is at the bottom.

  • Anonymous

    “All the [hypocritical] eyes of the world will be on this one.” Try to get into Europe without a visa and stay there and work. Lotsa luck. Even U.S. government contractors, working on U.S.-only or openly competed NATO contracts need work permits to work there. And even if Africa they control border crossings, ports, airports and the like against illegal, i.e., non-visa’d, arrivals, and they actively patrol their porous borders when they can. So yes, the “World” will decry how we treat the “poor illegals” (you’d think they really believe the plaque at the base of Lady Liberty) because it’s yet another cheap way to bash the U.S.

  • fisherman

    Yes, Sunshine43, from what I’ve read many times he only gave a lecture about twice a year. That doesn’t sound like teaching to me. And when he supposedly went to Harvard no one can remember him in any classes or knew who he was. Where are his school records?

  • Heber Williams

    he doesnt believe in God, him swearing to God would be like you Swearing to Santa Claus

  • Dee Dunbar

    he refused the public swearing in and did it in private this last time, and in 2008 they screwed it up so he had to do it again in his office and no one knows what he really pledged to!

  • Anonymous

    obama is guilty of high-treason and should be punished accordingly.

  • Anonymous

    He was sworn in 2 times, both times….we don’t even know if he was sworn in under the same name all four times…..that is how little we know about his background.
    The problem everyone is going to face on this is the property taxes that must be paid to school districts to educate them….look up 1982 SCOTUS Decision Plyler V Doe. Socialists and Communists hate personal property.

  • Anonymous

    We need a flash march….. Someone like Beck needs to once again call all Americans (Republican, Democrats & Independent’s) that want the Constitution obeyed to come and descend on Washington like a swarm of hornets! I doesn’t have to be pretty..no fluff, no large group of speakers…just a swarm of Americans that are tired of this Obama government that is arrogant and only interested in controlling us. If a couple of million Americans got off their apathetic butts…. and jammed Washington up by just being there with no nasty signs but rather just one small sign each that is uniform… say like a bright yellow with large black print, carried by all…that says ENOUGH! , they would get the hint that America is at the edge of revolution. There should be no fighting (no being provoked by liberal plants in the crowds) only American bodies walking around shouting ENOUGH!
    It should be held about 3 weeks prior to the election! The biased media couldn’t ignore the event. Everyone should take buses, trains etc.in to downtown DC wear a back pack with food and drink and visit Washington the same day. They can’t throw you in jail for walking around sightseeing. The only thing Beck or someone else should do is get a permit for one of the allowed sites for congregating and bring in tons of spot a pots! The most important part is… it needs to be PEACEFULL and not trashing Washington. We the people need to do this to show Obama and Congress that we really have had enough! Then we need to vote all the GOOD OLD BOYS …OUT. Hope Glen sees this post and helps rally Americans to Washington DC again!

  • Anonymous

    He is a Sunni Muslim. A Saudi plant with the help of Soras and all the one world government proponents, Obama sceems and lies are the biggest fraud ever perpetrated on the American People. (quoting Mr. Eastwood) Fundamentally bringing America to her knees was always the plan. This is his campaign promise: Flooding the country with Central American children is a humanitarian crisis that will eventually be cause for the UN to have jurisdiction within our borders. Step number 1. Then there will be an appeal to get the families reunited in the US and all will stay, as refugees. That was part of the plan from the beginning. Create a larger underclass of people inside the US that is dependent on a Government that will confiscate American taxpayer assets to support all the illegals. It will eventually break America’s back economically. It’s nuts, but we were stupid enough to elect him twice. He is for sure not protecting the American people. You may call me paranoid but I call most of the surprised by this ignorantly uninformed. God help us!

  • Jeff Lambeau

    They tried that with the “American Spring”… but it rained so a few 10 or 15 people showed up. Case in point: These people who are “tired of Obama” are motivated to post about it on the internet, but not enough to actually physically move.

  • Jeff Lambeau

    I wouldn’t say always Linda… maybe in the last 5 or 6 years, but definitely not “always”.

  • John

    Psalm 12:1

  • Take 2

    Someone needs to secure boarders and administer the Law. PERIOD

  • Nick Olechnowicz

    Should edit this a little better. I found some grammatical errors that can lower credibility.

  • Anonymous

    I am tired of idiocrats claiming Republicans are against immigration. That is a factual lie. WE are not against immigration, we ARE against ILLEGAL immigration.
    We are against amnesty as we have done that before and then trashed the entire endeavor by not protecting the borders.
    Since Obama never built anything, ran anything, produced anything….there is no way in hell that he can conceivably find a resolution to immigration issues. ANY CEO of a successful major corporation could resolve the problem.
    1) Identify the REAL problem and focus on the real problems.(Obama hides from the real issues and tries to use the immigration chaos for political gains in other areas. The problem is our borders are not being protected.
    2) Close the borders immediately. It can be done….the government just doesn’t want to implement it. Anyone caught trying to enter illegally should but on a list and NEVER allowed to enter this country in the future. We need to teach them that they can not break the law and expect reward.
    3) Once the borders are closed….Call for a complete census/registration of all illegal Hispanics in America. We know where they are living and working. Americans have to give census information…so illegals shouldn’t be treated differently. We should let illegal’s know that they will not be deported but they need to prove they are working and have living accommodations and are not taking assistance money from the American government. Gang members should be rounded up and incarcerated. PERIOD. They need to be deported immediately.
    4) Every illegal should be given an identification card and must comply with basic rules:
    a) they need to keep the government aware of their location b) where they are working c) if they are working…they must pay taxes. d) they need to be inoculated for diseases that American Citizens are required to be inoculated for.
    e) They only get assistance if they pay taxes. f) They must learn English.
    5) They can not bring family members into the country until those members apply for documentation etc.
    6) After they are registered and evaluated and allowed to stay because they have a job and are paying taxes….. then they should be given a fine/fee to pay within two years for breaking the law. When the fine/fee is paid….. then they can start the process for citizenship.
    The problem isn’t Republicans, it is liberals who don’t think the law or rules should apply to illegals. Liberals think that if they “take care” of them(Hispanics) and they will in turn vote for them(democrats)! Sad that America has come to such a self-interest political cesspool.
    Many legal immigrants have waited many years before they could become American Citizens so why should those who broke the law to get here be treated any better???
    Bottom line…. there is an orderly way to flush out the criminals AND those who only want to live on assistance. Once the status is known and it is decided that the person is an undesirable…..they should be sent back to their country. PERIOD.

  • tfirst .

    I disagree….I think Washington should be trashed. They won’t listen and in case you haven’t noticed, the last several elections have been a fraud.

  • Judy

    take your scams somewhere else Patricia, if that is your real name.

  • Judy

    Those who did remember him at all, believe me, they have been warned not to say word one about his majesty.

  • Judy

    As Glenn Beck told us in 2011 – top down, bottom up. Cloward and Piven (sp), Bill Ayers, Obama – all of the same ilk. BTW I did not elect him. Blame the uninformed voter that voted for him.

  • http://truthofg.blogspot.com/ Connor Kenway

    Yup because when it comes to Constitutional law liberals just love to wipe their own rears with it. Do you liberals ever consider the reason why we do not have immigration reform is because Harry Reid refuses to bring to the floor what passed in the house. So I think the Republicans should just wash their hands and go home as a sign of protest of how the Dems block every little bill.

  • Anonymous

    LOL! Glenn will NEVER organize a protest rally. It would have to be kumbyah love fest. And he’d call for you to lug donations with you.. for the children, you know..

  • OpenMinded

    Why should obama care about admonishments? If all congress or the supreme court does is tell him ‘Don’t.. stop’ and thats it then its no better than telling a child not to do something but never giving any REAL punishment out. After a while the child will totally ignore you because they know that nothing of any substance will happen.

  • Dffallis .

    The fact that no one ever says “no” or disagrees with him without being killed by a drone, does not mean the majority of people support immigration reform. In fact, the majority of Americans would like/love to see our immigration laws acted upon. That would mean stopping them at the border, deporting and possibly putting sanctions against countries whose citizens cannot seem to understand there is a legal way to become an American. I don’t know anyone, personally, who is not sick to death of Obama’s one-man show.

  • Mary

    He was elected twice but he has no intention of EVER leaving the WH.

  • guest 2

    I would LOVE to see “him” deported like today!

  • Anonymous

    Apparently the IRS has made a pact ; it says it lost 2 years of emails between L. Lerner and colleagues on auditing those opposed to this administration and in addition, not supplying docs. requested to the investigative committee.

  • Anonymous

    Anyone want to discuss the IRS being used by and for this administration’s purposes.

  • Anonymous

    “The fact that no one ever says “no” or disagrees with him without being …… does not mean the majority of people support immigration reform.” How about being threatened with an IRS audit?

  • Kev Buchs

    Nor did he say from what Country.

  • Gabriel

    Tell a bully enough is enough then he backs off.
    Tell a sociopathic narcissist enough is enough then he or she retaliates.
    If I had a dollar for every time liberals blame bush I’d be a rich man.

  • Anonymous

    What stands between him and his lawlessness is WE THE PEOPLE ,Lets take our country back and put these criminals in front of a firing squad.

  • Et Th

    Why do you Americans let him do what ever he wants .He must have done enough stuff that is impeachable by now

  • martha

    “After being rebuked 13 times by a unanimous Supreme Court in just three
    years and with the House of Representatives filing a lawsuit to curb
    Obama’s presidential overreach, you’d think this administration would
    get the message.”

    Proverbs 29:1
    29 He who is often rebuked, and hardens his neck,
    Will suddenly be destroyed, and that without remedy.

  • Gabriel

    I’d love to load these clowns onto a space ship and send them into orbit so they can spend all of their pointless time and energy searching for a planet that could sustain life.
    That way they could waste only their time smoking green and chatting it up about what there plans are when they discover planet xx41375.
    Pelosi could be ships captain.

  • David Hamm

    Where is the opposition To Obama?

  • Anonymous

    More Obama BS

  • zemla

    1 dollar when you reserve in advance!

  • zemla

    Yup, he spends his time reading the comments section…..and if you aren’t “cramming” dc right now, then remember you are one of the “apathetic butts”, so stop lecturing

  • zemla

    Because Americans are scared of black people, duh

  • zemla

    Honestly, sounds to me like I’d rather be on that spaceship then any of them

  • zemla

    Pressing the keys, making the letters

  • Anonymous

    There are stupid Liberals icluding Hollywood idiots that voted for him but he got in the White House with voter fraud both times and it’s probably how he became a Senator! Search youtube for a video of how he won the Democratic Presidential nomination in 2008. Democrat Poll workers were shocked at all the voting fraud by Obama’s team.

  • Mehmehsangels

    I agree. Since he seems to be calling all his own shots, we’ll see if he don’t elect himself to a third term. All he needs is a good crisis….and they can be easily created.

  • Anonymous

    SO Tired of our government creating crisis to enslave us and our children?