The Millennial Choir and Orchestra (MCO), a multi-faith, all ages performance group with over 2,500 members, has quickly developed a reputation for being one of the best concerts for classical music in the country. This week, the MCO released their new album, To Be American, which has been in the works for close to two years and features the story of America, one that Glenn helped tell in collaboration with MCO leaders Brandon and Brett Stewart.

As Glenn tells the story, he met the brothers at one of their concerts and invited them over for a Sunday dinner at his house with his family. About halfway through the meal, Glenn talked to them about writing a soundtrack for America, as he felt that great songs from history in many cases didn’t connect with the intensity and magnitude of the stories they were trying to tell.

The brothers agreed that the country needed to have a revitalized story and soundtrack, but they believed that the lyrics always stink when someone tries to do something new about America. They said if Glenn would help with the story, they would do it.

“Because I always have 100 projects working at any given time, I have to stack long projects on top of my already jammed day. I begged their forgiveness, and asked if they would be willing to shadow me for three days and we would work in every bit of unscheduled time and through the night. They said yes,” Glenn said.

“I took them to New York City with a vault full of national treasures. I began on the plane, telling them the story of Columbus and the pilgrims. Later, I would retell that same story to the masterwork they would write: ‘How Great Thou Art’. I told them the story behind the Star-Spangled Banner and asked them to write it so it sounded like the story and hesitantly asked them to write a new anthem one worthy of the flag. They sheepishly did both and in the end combining the two in a way that is soul stirring,” he added.

This past spring, Glenn and the MCO performed together in eight jam-packed concerts.

“I told the stories and they pulled off miracles,” Glenn said.

The MCO went on to perform “To Be American” in Arizona, California, Utah and Texas.

Glenn hopes to do more projects with the Millennial Choir and Orchestra in the future, including live events.

You can buy To Be American HERE.

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