‘Petulant temper tantrum': Tara Setmayer rips Obama’s immigration policy

President Obama has once again chosen to turn to his trusty pen, this time to enact his immigration reform policy. While those pesky Republicans in the House of Representatives refuse to “pass a darn bill,” Obama has decided he will legislate via executive action on the issue.

“I take executive action only when we have a serious problem, a serious issue and Congress chooses to do nothing,” the President said in a Rose Garden speech. “In this situation, the failure of the House Republicans to pass a darn bill is bad for our security, it’s bad for our economy, and it’s bad for our future.”

On Tuesday’s Glenn Beck Program, Dana Loesch filled in for Glenn and welcomed TheBlaze’s Tara Setmayer to discuss the Obama Administration’s new immigration plan and its never ending demonization of Republicans – particularly the Tea Party.

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When you consider the Supreme Court ruled just a week ago that Obama’s recess appointments were an abuse of power, the timing of this latest ‘go it alone’ announcement is particularly interesting.

“That press conference was borderline bizarre given the timing of it, given his attitude,” Setmayer explained. “I called it a ‘petulant temper tantrum’ thrown by the President.”

Not only did the President vow to act unilaterally to pass his agenda, he went ahead and blamed Republicans for supposedly forcing his hand. Apparently, Obama has failed to remember Congress is supposed to represent the will of the people.

“I mean [he is] coming out there and basically saying that, ‘You know what? I don’t care that Congress, which is supposed to represent the people… I don’t care that the people have rejected the amnesty bill that I want pushed through Congress. I’m going to go at it alone, and it’s your fault,'” she said. “‘You guys are making me do this because you won’t get anything done.'”

Ultimately, Setmayer believes the President was “intellectually dishonest” in his speech.

“He had the audacity to turn around and blame the Tea Party for the crisis on the border,” Setmayer said. “‘The Tea Party is holding up legislation, and it’s their fault that we have this influx of tens of thousands of unaccompanied illegal immigrant kids coming across the border.’ I mean it was so intellectually dishonest. It was tough to watch actually.”

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  • Anonymous

    Obama is an immature man/child who can never accept responsibility for anything. All his failures and the horrific state he has brought our country to are always someone else’s fault. But the real facts are that everything he has done is on purpose to bring our country down. He is right on track for his agenda, but is too much of a coward to own it.

    • Shane

      Obama lies again; the House has passed immigration bills, but Harry Reid refuses to put them up for a vote. What Obama means is that the House refuses to pass a Mass Amnesty for Illegal Aliens. Good for them!

      • Feet2Fire

        There is an ungodly amount of PORK in the Bill that they are trying to ramrod through. As usual, this is about serving themselves.

        DON’T DO IT, House!

    • Christina Jeremy


      ☰☰☰ ☰�☰☰ ☰☰☰ ☰☰�☰ ☰☰☰

      • Feet2Fire

        Shut up.

        • Diane Zeman-Marks

          Thanks for the laugh!!

    • Anonymous

      You are an ignorant paranoid fool.

  • Mudpie

    POTUS is a savage. It is clear by now. He does not understand the rule of law or, worse yet, does not care.

    But it was heartening to see those citizens block the bus. Reminded me of Tank Man. Funny how in other countries people are willing to die for their freedom (via peaceful protest).

    Beck is wrong about one thing. The Left is not comprised of people who are our “brothers”. They mean nothing but to destroy us.

    • Warren Wilson

      You don’t choose your brothers, you choose your friends.
      That’s the point.

    • Anonymous

      You are stupid paranoid moron.

  • Warren Wilson

    Treason is defined as “the crime of betraying one’s country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government.”
    Is the president guilty of treason?
    If so, what do we do about it?

    • Shane

      Obama should be impeached!

      • Jenn

        not only impeach but IMPRISONED!

        • ken.

          not only imprisoned but executed!

          • Jenn

            wow…forgot that one..

      • Lloyd D Green

        It’s beyond that… He needs to be arrested, tried, and executed!

        • Anonymous

          Your ignorance is only exceeded by paranoia moron.

    • Janean Guy

      The problem is that th Senate is the one who ultimately gets the job done, and you know hat the Democratic senate won’t do diddly. We can work extremel hard to get enough Republicans (preferably conservative ones) in to overtake the senate, and then get the ball rolling. But I’d like to think that we can do something before then to pt the brakes on. You know, Obama keeps saying that the Republicans aren’t passing an immigration bll, and what the Republicans do is step up en masse and declare that there is already an immigration law, and he is failing to enforce it. Turn it rght back on him.

      • Lisa Laabs

        They still wouldn’t do anything because 90% of the Republicans are in it for themselves too. They would never impeach him. They are blowing hot air just like they always do…all of them. We need to vote them all out and then maybe…just maybe we will see change in our country.

  • Bonnie Somer

    We do have ART 11 Sect 4 the pres and vp and others i believe can be impeached for treason which they surely have done

  • Fanny Farm

    What is the difference between intellectually dishonesty and no good bald faced lying?

    • Feet2Fire

      What difference, at this point, does it make? (LOL)

      And P.S.
      Why would anybody be surprised, at this late date? Setmayer sounds a wee bit “surprised”… ?!

  • Bob Compton

    I seem to remember that the lying king had a democrat House AND Senate for his first 2 years,. Why didn’t he pass all these draconian laws then? I guess he wanted to ensure he had a second term. However, he could just have made a big stack of bills and rammed them through. I believe he just wanted to paint the Republicans as evil for as long as he could, and was willing to forgo his agenda in order to spite the Right. Even more evidence that he is a psychopath, immature and full of hate.

    • zemla

      I can follow your train of thought but I don’t know how far, remember, health care reform has been a decades long dream and it definitely was front and center; if I recall, there was some criticism in that time period concerning the narrow focus

      • Deane Cooper

        You mean a decades long debate, don’t you? Because it certainly was not a dream for most. The proof being the decades long attempts that feel short of fruition until they forced it through on a cheat. And as for that being the excuse to not pass his agenda when those items would have a better chance of making it through both houses. Truth is, none of them had dreamed there would be any cause to worry. They never expected to lose the House.

  • Anonymous

    Our president is a pathetic excuse for a human being. Anyone else notice how badly he’s aged since being in office. Methinks there is some underlying illness he just might be hiding.

    • zemla

      I think the dis-ease is called “half the nation hates you”….pretty sure that’s what he’s got :)

    • Oldtex

      That is from the pressure of the office Notice all of his predecessors did that too. Don’t take it off of him, pore it on . He can resign as soon as he wants to.

      • Anonymous

        It’s a fact….

  • Shane

    Obama lies again – Impeach President Barack Obama:
    We Can Impeach Obama:

  • Anonymous

    A man wrote a book on what he believes is the reason Obama is doing what he is doing. It makes total sense what this man said, I forgot his name and the name of the book. He said, Obama agrees with foreign countries that America’s evil, it’s strength represents evil. Obama said, when he was running, America was hated by many, and he was going to change that.
    He is intentionally weakened America, getting rid of the evil and making America more acceptable by countries who believe a strong nation or country is evil.
    I worked with a girl who thought rich people were selfish. I asked her, how much time or money have you given to charities or to help others? Rich people create the charities and have the know how to help others and make money at it.
    Evil in my opinion, is being ignorant, is rejecting the laws of America, it is because of the laws, that people are safe and successful.

    • zemla

      I was just at the chicago museum of science and industry and marveled at how much stuff there is donated by “Mr. So and so”….you see the same kind of plaques on school gymnasiums and hospitals….i really wish more of us “poorer” people would take the time to notice the enormous amount of money donated by so few for the benefit of all,ya know?

    • Jenn

      hmmm….sounds like something Satan would do…no wonder people are saying “SATAN IS IN THE WHITE HOUSE”

    • Lori Toupal

      The name is Dinesh D’Souza and the book is called “Obama’s America, Unmaking the American Dream”. He has a new movie that just started in theaters called “America, Imagine the World Without Her”. I’d highly recommend you see it.

  • Anonymous

    It would be funny to see the illegal immigrants hug Nancy Pelosi who have scabbies or lice. I feel bad for the children, but they can get well in their own country. Just like in Africa and other foreign countries where religious groups go and teach people how to take care of themselves, send religious groups to Venezuela and Mexico to teach the poor how to take care of themselves.

  • Anonymous

    all obummer does is inspire thoughts of death. he makes me wish that all progressive fascists, authoritarian socialists, public employee union cronies, corporate cronies, old school communists, media mouthpieces, welfare mooches, and border invaders would just contract ebola, suffer horribly, and die.

  • http://www.absoluteintensity.com dennis reilly

    no health care for heroic vets but lawyers and health care for illegal immigrants, this is what obama meant by fundamental change

    • Feet2Fire


  • MyNightmare

    I dropped few F b0mbs trying to choke down his speech yesterday. It sounded like a teenager arguing with parents after being grounded.

    • Shoathree

      He was throwing a tantrum. Remember it was just that morning before his speech that the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Hobby Lobby. You could see he was pissed off and angry was burning in his eyes. It wasn’t about Immigration Reform. He was retaliating at the Republicans and the Supreme Court for their decision.

  • Anonymous

    I wish Pelosi would “hug” those kids–and acquire their lice, their scabies–and she should put her money where her big mouth is and take a few hundred of them home to live with her in her palatial house–isn’t that the humanitarian thing to do?

  • Anonymous

    Pandemic reports , the diseases are coming up from the south. get your selves taken care of, the illegals are carrying diseases, and the medical filed is being told not to report this, they are going to in your schools, malls , jobs , city’s , towns, everywhere. Plan ahead before its to late and you are stuck with o';s plan for America. get your shots early protect the kids, baby’s and all concerned. Diseases are here. plan ahead !!!!!!!!

    • joshuasweet

      the diseases are coming from all ports of call. landing and spreading through a porous border that allows this flood of 68,000 minors to come across the borders the wars are not good either but their inmunzations shall keep them alive. but this intentional biological infestation is more like a violent attack.

  • Dave S

    you add it all up O and crew have masterfully planned a major crisis

    • Feet2Fire

      It is EASY to TEAR DOWN, not so easy to BUILD UP AGAIN. These guys in power are great at TEARING THINGS DOWN, but WHAT HAVE THEY BUILT?

  • Dave

    immature and childish. just what we want for president? NOT! Because congress won’t pass the policies king oblamer wants he thinks he can just change any law he feels like? dream on oh dumbass potus. Especially in this case about ILLEGAL immigration the will of the people is what the republicans in the house are agreeing with. Screw oblamer’s amnesty for all dream at. It’s wrong, bad for America and against what the majority of Americans want.

  • Shoathree

    Obama was just pissed off when he did that speech. It wasn’t about Immigration Reform that he was angry about. He was angry because the Supreme Court ruled against him on the Religious beliefs of Hobby Lobby that morning of his speech. So the only way he could get back at them was come out and blame the Republicans because he blames them for the Supreme Courts decision and show them all,,,”Look what I will do now”. He’s a vindictive person. And he showed it in his speech.

  • Debra Oneil

    buckle up folks…. he’s getting his psycho on.

  • ghansen

    Impeachment isn’t the answer here, as I think I read that if he is impeached, the Senate would have to try him, which they won’t do. However, the Sergeant at Arms has the authority to arrest him for treason, high crimes and misdemeanors, and that is what should be done. Call the Sergeant at Arms and demand his arrest. I’m sorry I can’t give you the number. I had it, but can’t find it now. It should be on the government website.

    • Ferrari fan

      that would be something interesting to see… what will the Secret Service do if he is arrested?

  • Chloe Rowles

    He also lies about the majority of the people agree with him and want this passed. THAT is wrong! MOST people haven’t even read the Bill. And we don’t want another fiasco like Obamacare where a Bill passed even though most of the legislators hadn’t read the whole Bill.

  • Ferrari fan

    I think martial law is fast approaching. Maybe even sooner if the Republicans take the Senate, because then he won’t get ANYTHING he wants done.

  • Pat Verdugo

    CONTACT YOUR REPS. Just copy and paste into an email to your Senator.
    We want real answers to these real scandals and abuses of power. We’re spitting mad and we won’t take it anymore. We’ll be e-mailing you until we get them. If that doesn’t work we’ll start calling your offices daily.

    Willful disregard for congressionally enacted, constitutionally valid law, while dictating policy by executive fiat. Including multiple unilaterally decreed amendments to the Affordable Care Act in direct contravention of the law passed by Congress.

    Unilaterally instigating an undeclared, unauthorized, and unprovoked war in Libya, resulting in thousands of deaths, the killing of a head of state, and the empowerment of anti-America jihadists.

    The grossly inadequate security for government personnel in Benghazi, leading to the murder of four American citizens, including the U.S. ambassador to Libya.

    Deliberately misled the American people in the enactment and implementation of Obamacare, and on scandals from Fast & Furious and the IRS harassment of conservative groups to the Benghazi massacre.

    Granting amnesty through executive edict and refusing to enforce existing immigration laws. Now we have people infected with contagious diseases at our Southern borders.

    The systematic politicization of a Department of Justice that has covered up the Fast & Furious scandal, denied Americans equal protection of the laws, encouraged violations of law, and stonewalled Congress.

    The selective targeting of political opponents for harassment and abuse by the Internal Revenue Service, while restricting freedom of speech and conscience.


    Government Agencies and Elected Officials | USA.gov

    Find contact information for federal, state, local, or tribal governments and elected

    • Feet2Fire

      Good overview. Not sure how effective a bunch of emails and calls will be, but cannot hurt. Probably a few million angry voters marching in the streets would help. Maybe start somewhere along Pennsylvania Avenue.


  • Rebecca Joann Boggs-Palmer

    Obama cant accept his failures, because he plans to build some kind of future after he’s out of office. If hes totally unpopular now, how much can he earn on speeches and books etc after hes out of the white house? He knows he’s failed, but thats not his problem, hes greedy for money and to be noticed. so is his wife.

    • ken.

      obama has not failed! everything he has done was planned and executed perfectly. he doesn’t want america to exist and is doing everything he can get away with to destroy us.

  • Jon Swift

    Criminals are not immigrants.

  • Feet2Fire

    “…it was so intellectually dishonest. It was tough to watch actually.”


  • ken.

    amnesty will never happen, it’s the leftist scam of hey, look over here while we do other things everywhere else. this is cloward and pivens overwhelm and collapse the system and economy to destroy america and replace it with their marxist dictator.

  • Anonymous

    Obama is a spoiled brat and Pelosi is a moron.

  • Anonymous

    I pray for the man.He seems to think he can get everything done on his own.When no one in Washington get anything done.We are all Americans yes but we do things right.That’s who we are.For his children I pray for him.

  • IReadit3

    GOP, as messed up up as they are, are actually doing their job in opposing this guy. He is an unhinged adolescent narcissist loon.

  • Anonymous

    Congress makes laws, the president sets up enforcement agencies. He doesn’t get to tell those agencies to ignore the laws congress has enacted. That is the way our government is supposed to run under the constitution. The fact that it is not being run that way means something. Either congress is complicit in the flouting of law, or congress feels impotent/emasculated in their ability to reign in agencies which are acting out of step with the laws which have passed. It doesn’t matter which one is the problem. The solution to both is the same. Fire the flouters or fire the pants wetters.

  • ken.

    protestors need to set up at the immigration centers to stop the buses from leaving in the first place!

  • emily carroll

    He’s doing exactly what he set out do in the beginning…his goal to destroy America…its time to stop him…congress needs to represent we the people…

  • Anonymous

    INTELLECTUALLY dishonest? How about FACTUALLY dishonest! We already have immigration laws on the books that O’Bozo does not want enforced. Why on earth do we have to pass new ones? And make no mistake, when conservatives hear “immigration bill” or “comprehensive immigration bill” they think AMNESTY. So if there is something other than amnesty in this bill – and don’t give me the border fence BS, that’s been in previous bills that did pass and nothing has been done – the Repubs better let the people know, or they are going DOWN!

    • Anonymous

      How about just plain “lying”?

  • Anonymous

    To rebuild America, you must first bring down America……

  • Daryl Dunsmore Sr.

    Send them back once, come back again, buzzard bait!

  • Anonymous

    Thinking that a psychological battery should be required for all future presidential candidates. Narcissistic sociopath comes to mind with this guy.

  • MamaBear

    If a citizen breaks the law they go to jail, why is it that there is no criminal option for when a president breaks the constitution, the highest law of the land, I think the supreme court should be able to hold the president in contempt and incarcerate him for crimes against his people …

  • emily carroll

    I just don’t understand why Nancy Pelosi and all of her wonderfully good hearted democratic and liberal martyrs don’t go down to the borders and pick those precious children up and take them home with them….they could give them so much more love,compassion and a true experience of an American way of life…than our government could ever supply….I’m sure they have many friends who are foster parents that could share what an enormous feeling you experience when you offer your home to these poor children….i have a few relatives that i am sure would jump right in there and help her with that……

  • Gankin

    A big moving van need to be pulled up in front of 1600 Pennsylvania ave, and move their butts out! Then leave it in the street with them sitting on the curb. Tired of all talk and no action…

  • Pamela Hieronymus

    I resent the use of the word “intellectual” for this president.

  • historianMI

    I would suggest, rather, that Obama is a modern real embodiment of “Big Brother.” And “Big Brother is watching, e.g. the TSA surveillance of people’s emails, etc. Do we now need to be wary of what we say to our friends, relatives and associates, for fear someone is eavesdropping, and might use what we’ve said against us? I hope not…..

  • Donna

    Obama was mentally traumatized as a child when his dad left him and his mom.So whatever age that was that’s where obamas mental state is at.He needs to go see a obamacare psych Doc.

  • Diane

    He is acting as the only child of an indulgent single parent household would: spoiled.

  • asybot


  • SlavoZ

    The THING IS…that government did nothing for all these years to stop
    any kind of immigration on any borders. There are Chinese, Russians,
    Italians, Cicilians, Africans, central and south America and all the
    Islands around it came here illegally, so who’s fault is it exactly ???. Than 9/11 happened and all the immigrants became enemy to the USA right ? well…they worked like slaves with no rights just to support their poor life a little better and study at American schools and get better at something. But what American people knew about being poor 40 30 years ago right ?;). Amnesty happened twice without any immigration laws now they finally want to do it right like in every other Country but you just cant see it can you lol.

  • Anonymous

    An open/abandoned border is defacto amnesty. Does our criminal prez0bama ever mention anything about the plight of our own destitute & downtrodden children, and dos he give a damn about them . . . or Pelosi?!

  • 1Chiye

    If you really & truly want to know what the agenda is concerning our borders it is this:
    The Cabal:
    The educated elite who promote Socialism/Communism/Marxism

    Pope Francis (Vatican) aka Catholic Church who now embraces “South
    American Liberation Theology” despite the admonishment against it in 1983 by
    the previous Pope Benedict i.e. Reverend Jeremiah Wright Obama’s pastor for the
    last 20 years at the Trinity United Church of Christ

    The Corporations/US Chamber of Commerce threats to Republicans
    to pass immigration bill because “immigrants are needed for all sorts of jobs,
    including health care” and if the GOP doesn’t pass this “they shouldn’t bother to run a candidate in 2016”

    The Politicians who are the orators of separation & division of us the citizenry of the country

  • Anonymous

    Obama is right to take matters into his own hands. I am sick of the obstructionist TeaBaggers in Congress doing everything they can to move forward on legislation of fixing our broken immigration laws.

    • Apothis

      It is the President who is the problem. He does not know how to compromise. It is his way or the highway and then he uses the MSM to complain. Get a clue libtard.

  • Manny Bartow

    Reject the despot’s designs for desolation and tyranny: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0094KY878

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