What is it actually like at the border? An AZ congressman offers an in-depth look

On radio this morning, Mike Broomhead filled in for Glenn and welcomed fellow Arizonan, Congressman Matt Salmon (R-AZ) to the program to discuss the situation at the border. Salmon is a member of the House Immigration Reform Caucus, and he is also working to secure the release of Marine Corps Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi who has remained locked in a Mexican prison since March 31.

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Salmon has spent a tremendous amount of time at border towns in both Texas and Arizona over the last several months. He has seen first hand the overcrowded border patrol outposts and the difficulty border patrol agents are having simply doing their jobs. Salmon blames this humanitarian crisis – which will see some 60,000 unaccompanied illegal immigrant children cross the border this year alone – on the “lackadaisical enforcement attitude” of the Obama Administration.

Salmon recently visited the border patrol facility in Nogales, Arizona where agents are working closely with the thousands of children who have poured across the border, and he explained that morale at the outpost is particularly low.

“[Morale is] abysmal because they’re cops. They want to enforce the law. They want very, very much to be able to do their job,” Salmon explained. “And in my conversations with them and their leaders, they said, ‘It’s not a problem with our resources. We have enough people right now to get the job done. It’s the fact that our bosses and this Administration is tying our hands and not lets us do what we know and should have to do.’”

Salmon went on to describe the workflow at the facility, which has changed dramatically in recent months. The goal is to have the children at the facility for no more than 72 hours, and 140 agents have left their posts at the border to essentially babysit these kids.

“At the one in Nogales, they have 140 border patrol agents that have volunteered to come and do this – and by the way, they’re all off of the border… basically baby-sitting these kids,” Salmon explained. “And they have a whole host of Health and Human Services employees that are screening them for health issues and immunizations and all that kind of stuff. And then the FEMA folks are there as well.”

“So they’re supposed to be there no more than 72 hours,” he continued. “And then they’re supposed to be able to either put them in some kind of a group home out in the community or what I call like a ‘foster home,’ until they can [be] reunited with their families. But the problem is that… many of them have family members here, but they’re also here illegally.”

The situation is particularly dire when you consider many of these families are selling everything they have to be able to pay the cartels to transport their children. In many Central American countries, cartels and others with nefarious intent are actually advertising their services and claiming the U.S. will offer amnesty to those who make it across the border.

“We’ve got to fix this in it no time flat because these kids are ending up out in the community and there is no deterrent,” Salmon said. “These families are selling everything they own to pay $5,000 to $8,000 to the cartels to move their kids. If those kids were repatriated back to the country, then they’d find out it wasted money and it would stop. It would dry up.”

Salmon has also been on the front lines of trying to bring Sgt. Tahmooressi home from a Mexican prison following his arrest for weapons possession back in March. While the goal of having Tahmooressi reunited with his family by Fourth of July seems unlikely, Salmon believes good progress has been made.

“I believe that he has a very good attorney… I think that the Mexican authorities want out of this as much as we do… They’re moving ahead,” Salmon explained. “When I last met with [Tahmooressi] about a week and a half ago, he was in good spirits. He was feeling optimistic. He’s a young man with a lot of faith.”

Had the Obama Administration actually stepped in to help this soldier, Salmon believes this ordeal would have been over some time ago. Apparently the ethos of never leaving a man behind does not apply to this particular serviceman.

“It breaks my heart that somebody, you know, that has given so much to his country has had to, you know, languish in a Mexican prison for close to three months,” Salmon said, “when we probably could have gotten him out a lot quicker had the President made as much of a priority as he has, you know, with this young man in Afghanistan.”

  • http://beckhampost.blogspot.com/ James Beckham

    Why are we baby-sitting these illegals? Give them the applications for a U.S. Citizenship and if they don’t fill it out or don’t pass, send them back. Simple as that.

  • LibsSuck

    These jerks want open borders among many other destructive policies to bring this nation to its knees. Oblamo has been dreaming of a one world goverment since he was a little tyke swimming in his red diapers.

    • zemla

      Hehehe, red diapers….

  • Anonymous

    BO is banking on your soft hearts to push his radical agenda! If he wants to reunite these illegal children with their families, he can reunite them back home in their own country when he deports them. They are not Americans and have no rights to US resources. It is disgusting how Veterans who have earned rights are treated like rubbish and many have died whilst this charlatan pretends that he is the champion of these illegals when it was him, his policies that started this crisis. Sent them back!

    • Feet2Fire

      Absolutely. They should be turned around at the border and sent home. WHY HASN’T THIS BEEN DONE YET? WHO IS DELAYING IT?


      • Anonymous

        Proud of the patriots in Murrieta, CA standing up to BO when he tried to dump 2 bus loads on them. If you dont stand up for your God given rights, BO sure as hell isnt and soon this country will be taken over completely. How difficult is it to secure the border? If we can send men to the moon, we can build a fence and posts border guards. The Berlin Wall worked, didnt it.

        • Feet2Fire

          Good points. Somebody should clue in the DEMWITS-THAT-BE.

  • Plcc07777

    I’m certainly no fan of that imposter, Obama, However, we need to realize that this has been going on for decades. I just wish the weasels in Washington would step up to the plate and stop this insanity.

  • Take 2

    I grew up near the boarder – between two Mexican cardboard shack communities. Not fun or close to anything but a war.

  • Gerri

    I must say it disheartens me to hear they want to put these children in ‘foster homes’ or group homes. Does anyone realize how many AMERICAN children are in need of foster homes. I know in Maine, foster homes are needed drastically. Although my heart breaks for what these people suffer in their own country, we have a responsibility to our own citizens first. We cannot take care of these people nor can we afford them. I pray we wake up, fall to our knees, pray to God
    for change and get off our couches to make the change happen. God Bless America!!

    • Fred Ford

      Gerri… a very good comment but we need more than to “get of the couch”.

      We need to cut out the cancer that infected this country years ago… not only

      Obama but all of our liberal republicans as well. We have more liberal

      republicans than we have truly conservative ones…

  • mlelias

    I have lived in Arizona as a child until I married . We moved to California and then to Texas later for over 25 years . I have seen all boarder states and in my opinion Nogales has turned into a huge slum mess. It use to be a place where everyone went and now Americans are afaraid to go there for fear of kidnapping robbery etc. Texas has a better handle on it Thank you Gov Rick Perry. California is Redicilous.

    The real blame is with President Obama and his abusive use of the hispanic culture on behalf of promoting his Leftist agenda . It is shameful. Just as most of what is going on now with him in office. Obama needs to be impeached . !!!!

  • Fanny Farm

    Ok. We’ll trade. We’ll take 100,000 kids and you take obama ok?

    • Anonymous

      That would be ironically funny.

    • Anonymous

      They would never take Obama or any of the illegals we take either.

  • Anonymous

    They have pulled 70% of the border patrol off the borders and have them either driving the illegals to another facility or dump on street corners with no help at all or they are diapering, making sandwiches and stuff like that. Why can’t the women, the older boys, do the diapering and making sandwiches? Free. Provide the food, have the doctors check them out, make sure they are clean and washing hands and put them to work. Others can babysit the small children while they are doing this.

  • Anonymous

    I guess I don’t know much about the law of the land, so I’m going to ask anyone of you: We The People of America are the ones who hired them to run this government, but since they are not Protecting our borders, thus, endangering our lives (Obama and Holder ) why can’t we make a “Citizens arrest (the majority of us) and FIRE them for NOT doing their JOBS. GOSH when a person has a job and it is Not done right over, and over again; their employer fire’s them s….

    • Bonnie Somer

      THANK YOU THANK YOU YES THE US CONSTITUTION SAYS SO. ART 1 SECT 3 SAYS THAT THE HOUSE CAN BRING IMPEACHMENT CHARGES I HAVE A LIST OF THEM IF THEY NEED ONE. YOU R RIGHT. To Him however, his agenda is everything one world govt that is y the UN is still on our soil. Time to stand up is now and go to DC and say ENOUGH

      • BlueMN

        Speaking of that, how is “Operation Amerikanischen Putsch”.., I mean, “Spring” working out for you, Bonbon? Are you able to get wifi from your encampment? I’m sure the whole administration is shaking in it’s boots.

      • Anonymous

        Impeach and remove Harry Reid first to get him out of the way and then impeach and remove Obama. Perhaps Harry’s replacement will understand not to impede congressional progress once the example is set for him. Come on, Congress, show us you believe in our constitutional system.

        • Bonnie Somer

          Hey BlueMN no the unfortunate part was that Americans do not seem to give a bleeping dam and frankly it makes me sick and sad to see that only 1000 showed up. If the people in this country don’t like freedom fine then LEAVE and i will not cry over that.

          There are things we can do and frankly i won’t give up til i have my country back and u?

          To pardonme4makingsense: U R right. We need to get rid of hitler harry in the senate and durbin, schumer, and many others. We can do it but we must not keep voting them in over and over and hoping that things won’t be the same like in football if u keep making the same play u won’t win

          • BlueMN

            Thanks for asking, I, along with 99.99% of people, knew that laughable attempt at a coup d’etat was destined for spectacular failure, even a far right-wing conspiracy nut like Glenn Beck knew it was poison. It’s level of failure exceeded even my expectations, turnout was actually far less than 1,000, The Blaze put it at “dozens.” I found it good for a chuckle or two.

            Also there doesn’t appear to be any mass exodus from this country, but rather millions of “freedom haters” trying to get in instead.

  • Anonymous

    Watch the other hand. Each crisis BO creates has many tentacles that are also attached to it. This illegal alien invasion is just one of his made crisis and keeps us focused so much on just the invasion and how to stop it that no one is looking at all the tentacles attached to it that are not so obvious – can’t see the forest for the trees. One tentacle attached to the illegals as they flood our borders is of course the “health crisis” with their contagious diseases and epidemics of lice etc., and our “health SYSTEM crisis” they are creating by overwhelming our system – but it goes beyond that and our government setting up clinics and medical treatment for them – and the spreading of their diseases onto us and our children.

    This invasion is to create unsustainable chaos to collapse the system and America, as we who are “AWAKE” have figured out. But there is more.

    Big Pharma is worth Billions $$$. Big Pharma is a very very Big financial supporter of those politicians who scratch their back. Big Pharma is set to make Billions more with this invasion as this administration gives them an endless supply of takers (the illegals) (who, by the way, are also unsuspecting guinea pigs), and an seemingly endless supply of $$purchases$$ of meds and such by our government – force paid by us. This will far surpass what they made – and continue to make – off our military. Big Pharma will also play a very big roll as we citizens are taken over by our own government. Big Pharma is a Big player in obama’s war chest. This needs to be reported on and brought out to the citizens of America.

    This “medical treatment” the illegals are given access to is, by the way, forced upon the illegals. Until they try to refuse it is when they will realize they do not have a choice to refuse treatment or immunizations etc., and then we too will realize it as they complain their “rights” are being violated or that the children have been “damaged” by drugs or treatment given them.

    • ken.

      this is not about amnesty, they don’t want them legal. amnesty is just a scam to distract us from using cloward and piven to overwhelm and collapse the system and economy so they can destroy america and replace it with their own marxist government.

      • Anonymous

        Exactly, Ken! One World Order awaits us. BO is bringing his Transformation of America dream to fruition. Without a shot fired. And NO ONE is stopping him. We must revolt against it with all our might

    • Anonymous

      Yes – where is the CDC? These are horrendous diseases. One article claimed that the treatment for the resilient form of TB will cost over $100,000 per individual. When I was young, there was a TB outbreak with hundreds of patients receiving long term (terminal) care in sanitariums. Treatment included patients living in “iron lungs” – large entombment machines that breathed for them. At the same time, thousands upon thousands of young and old people were inflicted with another horribly contagious disease – polio.

      • SoundMind

        It wouldn’t surprise me if the CDC was told to stand down. After all, doctors in the camps aren’t allowed to discuss contagions even with their own staff according to nurses interviewed recently…brave nurses who ignored their “gag” orders not to talk about it. Americans’ right to be forewarned of health dangers ought to surpass such stupid rules.

        • Anonymous

          You are right SoundMind. If doctors and nurses are told not to report it then the CDC will not get any reports needed to document it or take action against it.

          • SoundMind

            A strong suspicion is beginning to develop in my mind and I’m not sure is sound…. what if there are, say, only about 5,000 unaccompanied diseased minors that they’re shipping from place to place, but Obama is claiming there are 50,000+ just so he can declare “emergency” and institute martial law in order to “save us all”…….. I just wouldn’t put a manufactured crisis past him. There’s a reason folks can’t take photos of them. There’s a reason they wouldn’t let the congressman in. With all this anti-transparency, it’s hard to sort out.

      • Feet2Fire

        There is already an outbreak of TUBERCULOSIS in a high school in California. The FOOLS who instigated this calamity are not only derelict in their duty to American citizens, they are appallingly STUPID about basic fundamentals like HEALTH & HYGIENE & SANITATION. Either that, or they are deliberately setting up a monumental health catastrophe, on top of already dismantling our former healthcare system.


        • Anonymous

          The tuberculosis came with the Vietnamese when it fell to the communists and they shipped so many over here without clearance of disease…My city was inundated..My son’s school was full of them and soon he tested positive for TB…

          • Feet2Fire

            Third Worlders always have a variety of illnesses that WE DO NOT NEED OR WANT HERE. The idiots who master-minded this calamity are either extremely stupid or extremely EVIL–or perhaps they are both. Anybody with a modicum of intelligence would have foreseen exactly what is unfolding.

          • Anonymous

            They want to take us down to third world country status…obama is a third world type of pres.

  • Fran

    The Sgt. will rot in the Mexican prison since he is not a Muslim. Obama only caters to Muslims…take the release of that traitor soldier in trade with the 5 Muslim worse terrorist. I may be wrong but one reason Obama is encouraging the coming of the illegals is for future votes for the Democratic party. .

    • Rachel

      You’re not wrong. If Obama did this because he CARES about the kids, then he’d stop because the kids are being abused, sold into sex trade and some dying on the way. How caring does that sound to you? He knows that no one will return these kids home…and once they kids are here, well then we HAVE to bring their parents too…and their grandparents and uncles. Because we can’t separate families!!! Even though those families separated themselves by sending their kids here all by themselves. The whole thing is sick. And many of the people sneaking in ARE sick and bringing their sicknesses with them. ANOTHER OBAMA FIASCO.

      • rickroland

        If Obama cared about the kids, his Administration wouldn’t be neck deep in being the responsible entity for them coming here. Bids were solicited by DHS in January 2014 for companies to care for, house, etc. 60,000 adolescent illegal immigrants. That means, at least months before, if not longer, this influx was *planned*, not “just happened”, but was actively and energetically planned and executed by the Obama Administration (officials thereof, along with a few key traitorous members of Congress). Also, late last year, the Obama Administration *promoted* that people that come here with “credible fear” for their lives are granted entry. And, well, then cheat sheets are found on a number of these invaders that coach them on saying “credible fear” and other such nonsense. This was a planned and carried out so-called “crisis” by the Obama Administration. And, Freedom of Information Act requests will expose a hoard of violations of the Constitution, Federal law and even international law by Obama and officials in his Administration plus a few key members of Congress. The next couple of months are going to be political hell for the Obama Administration, as indictments and impeachments galore are ramped up and fully done.

  • Moozmom

    There are FEMA camps already just waiting for the kids and us. No joke. Just like Germany in 1934 and on, we are being monitored wherever we are. No conspiracy. The FEMA camps are ready to go. We just need a crisis. Obama keeps pushing for it.

    • Anonymous

      True, they also have thousands of black plastic coffins that can hold multiple bodies and DHS is ordering guillotines for the FEMA camps! No joke…

      • BlueMN

        Now that’s funny!

  • Richard

    It’s TIME to REOLT against this TREASONESS TRAITOR Obama and all of his Puppets in Office Before tis A$$ came to be President we did have a border for over 100 years with very little problems but now HE has created a major problem he even flying them into the United States. He should be SHOT for TREASON
    ****TREASON against American and our Constitution stands as a criminal act
    what is a TRATIOR?

    1. a person who betrays another, a cause, or any trust.
    2. a person who commits treason by betraying his or her country (OBAMA

    1. a person who betrays another, a cause, or any trust.
    2. a person who commits treason by betraying his or her country (OBAMA).
    World English Dictionary.
    traitor .
    ****a person who is guilty of treason or treachery, in betraying friends, country, a cause or trust, etc (OBAMA an all his PUPPETS )

    BENEDICT ARNOLD conspired to surrender the American fort at West Point, New York to the British. (OBAMA selling out Americans)

    ALDRICH AMES entered the Soviet Embassy in Washington in 1985 and offered to do business with the American secret for one reason, namely money he is harmful to more than 100 times of U.S. military operations. He got at least 4.6 million dollars (OBAMA and PUTIN caught on Video Tape in conference)

    VIDKUN QUISLING He loved Hitler and is a firm believer in the doctrine of Fascism.Quisling was appointed prime minister “puppet”, Quisling was tried and also the deaths of as many as 1000 Jews during the war. He was executed in 1945
    (Obama is the modern Day HITLER he is bringing 1000’s of ILLEGAL into the UNITED STATES by BUSSES, Planes, and caravans.
    Everyone one of these people were PUNISHED This Muslim Anti American Puppet Master is still DESTROYING this COUNTRY and all the A$$ HOLES in WASHINGTON are letting him TRATOR! TRAITOR! TRAITOR! TRAITOR!

    • rickroland

      Yes, let the reolution begin. FAIL!

  • Ken Osborn

    Sorry but no one is doing their jobs on this fiasco! Where is the CDC on this with all of the diseases being brought in to Our Country. If the system is not going to do anything about the destruction of America then ‘We The People’ need to step in and resolve the problems this administration is manifesting behind Our backs!
    This 0bama ‘Charade’ has to be STOPPED!

    • Rachel

      No one in Govt (or the media) have done their jobs for the last 6 yrs. They are all guilty of dereliction of duty and should all be thrown out.

      • Ken Osborn

        It’s been going on for decades, we just never had a president that blatantly throws it in our face as with Hussein 0. 2nd Amendment Rights come to mind on the ‘should be thrown out ; part!

  • Anonymous

    Obama was trying to play on Americans heart strings. Can’t fall for it. Send the children back and the organizations and people who care, send them to the countries of these children, and they can teach them how to make a living and exist, and teach them how to come to America legally. It sounds like the Cartel cost more than what it would cost to come into America legally.

  • Anonymous

    Tahmooressi is being ignored by O’bummer because of the guns he had in his possession! He wants to remove all of our guns like Hitler did, and then he can control us! If this poor fellow ever gets out, it will have to be done with an attorney! Also concerning foster homes for these illegal kids, I used to be a foster parent when I was younger and each child fostered gets several hundred dollars a month! The ones I had got around $800.00 per kid! This is another way to bankrupt our country! I agree with rainger1ful! The citizens are going to have to be the ones to remove him and his proteges from office and demand a trial for treason!

  • Anonymous

    I submit now Obammy is a MURDERER! Many children did not survive the trip, and died & were buried in the desert.

  • One_Pissed_Off_American

    It’s NOT a lie! None will be deported. Their families will follow and we’ll have to pay for all of it.

  • Anonymous

    Syria’s war has resulted in nine million refugees , Lebanon ,Turkey , Jordon , and other neighbors have welcomed their Muslim brothers with open arms . All the while , American Christians are unwilling to take in 60,000 Christian children . That’s sad .

    • rickroland

      1. No war occurred that caused those children to come here.
      2. Many of these children are nominally Christian, at best.
      3. This has nothing to do with “white”, “black”, “brown” or whatever color or race you are spewing about.
      4. The Obama Administration is complicit in *causing* this invasion to occur, and Freedom of Information Act requests will uncover the depth and pervasiveness of the Obama Administration promoting *and paying money* to the countries these kids traveled from and through, exposing numerous and massive violations of Federal law *and*, probably even international law.
      5. These kids need to be sent home, back to their families, in their countries of origin, that’s the best overall solution for all concerned without even a shadow of a doubt.

  • Anonymous

    Really! What do you expect from the WORST PRESIDENT since WOODROW WILSON!

  • Anonymous

    Look to see where illegals are being taken and where they have failed. Contact the politicians in your state. We need to make our voices heard like they did in Murrieta, California!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the link!

    • Anonymous

      Thank you for the link and a BRAVO to “Dan” who created the information.

  • Anonymous

    ““These families are selling everything they own to pay $5,000 to $8,000 to the cartels to move their kids.” No, they are not. You are wrong in that statement sir. For one thing they say that no one has money in their country so who has that kind of money to buy what they own? Plus, do they have 5000 to 8000 dollars worth of stuff? The money is coming from illegals already here in the United States. They send money back home to finance more illegals to come into our country. That’s where the money is coming rom. Plus, the only way for it to stop it is to arrest those who hire them. They are the ones that give the illegals reason to come here. If there is no work, the there is no reason for them to come here.

    • Anonymous

      Thank you bayman61 for the ‘common sense’ assessment! It is so frustrating that the average person cannot think in terms of common sense while BO throws all his self made crisis at us and filled with the most obvious lies. The illegals are supposed to be coming in from drug and violence infested 3rd world countries so impoverished and they are just looking for a better, safer life for their children. They are so bad off but yet they are able to come up with many thousands of dollars to hand over to the type of criminals they are supposedly trying to flee from and throwing their children into these violent murdering criminals arms in trusting them to deliver the children to the U.S. Makes perfect sense! Not. Come on people – Wake Up and Wise Up!

  • Anonymous

    Prepare for school to begin next month and all these illegals will be overcrowding our “free” educational system while bringing their diseases to our children and families throughout the country. Laws will be put into place requiring us and our children to be vaccinated for multiple diseases being brought in (both new diseases and those that had been eradicated here) and lice infestations and infections will be rampant. Our children will be forced to sit at the back of the class on hold while our teachers work in vain to bring the illegals up to speed and more classes are added to teach them English – while it becomes mandatory in every state for our teachers and children to learn and speak Spanish. Educational requirements and expectations will be greatly diminished and the dumbing down of America continues as our country falls into the abyss. It will be interesting to see how the environmentalists react when all these millions of third world country invaders treat our land like they treated their environments in their own countries. What pictures we’ve seen of their “mark” and presence in the deserts and across our farmer’s lands, crops and livestock on their way through is a mild version sneak peak of what’s to come.

  • Feet2Fire

    “… then they’re supposed to be able to either put them in some kind of a
    group home out in the community or what I call like a ‘foster home,’…”

    DON’T EVEN GO THERE! Send those kids back. DO NOT entertain the INSANE NOTION of putting any of these kids into “foster care” or setting them for “adoption” in the USA! That is a crass, self-serving concept that some desperate and greedy money-grubbers in the USA will be proposing, and it must NOT be allowed! SEND THESE KIDS BACK HOME TO THEIR OWN FAMILIES! They are NOT our responsiblity and never should have been allowed to set foot inside our border. These youngsters have parents and families, who need to learn how to provide for their own. They are NOT puppies for sale in some pet-shop window.


  • Anonymous

    Bring our Marine home now. And send these children back where they came from…We are all full now…Close our borders.

  • ken.

    i keep saying that the protests need to be at the immigration facilities to stop the buses from leaving, not waiting for them to show up in your communities, hoping you are there at the right time. now they won’t say when the buses are leaving or when and where they will arrive.

  • The Merchant

    If each of us were alike, our decisions, tastes, and actions would all be the same, there would be no reason for expressions such as “living my own life”, and there would be little case for liberty.

  • Ann Michaels

    Why don’t those senators who are for this take some and put them in their homes. See what would happen. They talk the talk but not walk the walk.

  • Gabriel

    The Liberals scheme to gain votes and boost ACA enrollment numbers. We spend about a trillion a year yet Obama wants two billion to do what with it? Why should we the tax payers allow trillions be spent each year then have to pay for OBAMAS disaster?

    This administration pisses our money down the drain then asks for more of it. I’d like to know how this Government can charge us trillions each year then turn around like their broke then ask for 2 billion to spend on a diastase they’ve created.

    We don’t have to accept this at all but we have miss informed voters who continue to put these progressives back into office.

    Obama redistributes Americas wealth to non Americans and to foreign countries that views us as the problem.

    We pay these people to do what take our money and give it to those who aren’t contributors to our country?

    The sad thing is we’ve crossed onto dangerous ground. This whole entitlement and war on success from this president has demented the hearts and minds of half of those who inhabits this country. By not abiding by the constitution our president lowers the standard by breaking constitutional laws and now we have citizens who break the laws and they see it as justification to further push our society of the edge all in the name of SOCIALISM.

  • Anonymous

    Our president was a community organizer before taking office, right? So, one of the favorite tactics of community organizers is to apply public shame / pain on anyone standing in the way of progress via the use of rent-a-mobs, right? Obama’s not getting his way on immigration reform. Hmmm . . .

  • ken.

    the government is now bringing in a federal riot squad to murrietta to stop the protestors from stopping the buses from dumping illegal aliens into their community. they are planning on bringing violence against we the people. defend yourselves and your country.

  • Moozmom

    Okay; my son and daughter in law took foster parent training and passed the program. They were told foster care does not work BY THE TRAINER; it’s merely a stop gap. Why doesn’t it work? The foster parent’s hands are tied caring for the kids, that’s why. Would be better to open orphanages and maintain the kids there. The foster system is broken because some leftist junkie determined foster parents aren’t allowed to act like parents. What crap!

  • Todoulou

    This is so ridiculously outrageous folks! My understanding is these illegals are from everywhere south of Mexico, crossing in the southern borders of Mexico, riding straight up thru Mexico and without mishap cross over the Mexico/ USA border, then all hell breaks loose instantly causing a “humanitarian crisis” over night on the USA side of the border!! I realize our borders have been over run ..so What happened to the very strict immigration laws of Mexico?? These people were driven all thru Mexico as tho they were taking a field trip to “Disney Land”!! Quite frankly.. Isn’t that exactly what happened here? The only possible way this could occur, would be a premeditated agreement between the US and Mexico!! Right?? The problem?? These people are not Mexican citizens, so they are NOT allowed to cross back into Mexico! Why? Cuz that would make them ILLEGAL ALIENS in Mexico!!! As Americans we can turn the other cheek more than most ..but ALL this??? The soldier still in a Mexican prison is purposely ignored, while a deserter is coming ‘home’ acting as a POW to aide(Obama?)in the release of 5 high priority terrorist out of Gitmo!! ect, ect!! IDK about y’all but the hair on the back of my neck is up! Turning a cheek is one thing, but feeling as tho I’m being forced to drop, bend and spread the others, now, that my friends, is quite another!!

  • Scot Chipping

    Patriots: It’s one if by land, two if by sea. Shine brighter: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0094KY878

  • Dopple Gang

    Those who preach from collectivism’s altar tend to claim that private property is the source of human discontent because they believe it empowers certain people against others.

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