Fourth of July message from Glenn

Happy Independence Day, America.

We’re all going to celebrate tonight, but I have to admit, it almost feels contradictory. Why bother toasting our independence when more Americans than ever before seem eager to live completely dependent lifestyles? The fallout of the Hobby Lobby ruling this week was a sadly predictable example of this. Millions of Americans are furious – outraged even – that government cannot force employers to pay employees for the various accessories they want to use during sexual intercourse.

Can you imagine having to pay out of pocket for such things? Quelle horreur!

Those around the globe suffering under the heavy hand of real, legitimate oppression are collectively rolling their eyes. No wonder children are desperately risking life and limb to cross our borders – we’ve got what the kids refer to these days as first world problems.

I don’t mean to minimize the serious problems facing the nation today. They are very real and threaten our social and economic stability. But on this Fourth of July, I don’t want to spend more time running down the laundry list of eroding freedoms. You know the score. What’s not always presented, however, is the solution.

America is divided. The partisan fracture has become so gaping we can’t even see each other anymore. It used to be we could make our arguments on how to better America, let the chips fall where they may, then head home united as Americans. The attacks on 9/11 briefly restored that sense of we’re all in this together. But that was short lived. Now it’s back to the routine game playing and name calling – hatemonger, racist, moron, sexist, and so forth. Out of all the problems we face, none is more pressing than this. A nation divided against itself cannot stand.

The good news: We can solve this one on our own. We don’t have to call any switchboards or sign any petitions. All we have to do is act – but it’s easier said than done. You will have to admit you were wrong about a few things. I’ve done so myself, and it is humbling. If you look but can’t find the log in your own eye, well, you aren’t looking hard enough.

I’ve been here at the ranch for the better part of two weeks now. I see things more clearly here. I see things the way they ought to be. I see the solution. Is it perfect here? Nope. There are disagreements between the locals just like anywhere else – humans, after all, are not created as uniform robots with no variation. We are wonderfully and fearfully made unique – no two are the same.

The measure of a man is not what level of education he has achieved, the economic ‘class’ he falls in, or whether or not he is liberal or conservative. It is in how he treats his wife, his family, and complete strangers. It is in what he does when he thinks no one is looking. It is in how he handles adversity and stress. It is in his honesty, his work ethic, his charity, and his willingness to forgive.

We have distanced ourselves from these truths. We have allowed our differences to be used against us, not for us. Our differences have always made us stronger because it forced us to consider new things or look at something in a totally different way. Challenging our own long held beliefs is what makes it possible for us to move forward, while conformity of thought leads to dark ages.

In the coming weeks and months, I am going to focus on the things that we have in common. We’ll still debate our differences, but the values and principles people of all spectrums share will take center stage.

On this Independence Day, let us not only celebrate the freedoms handed down to us by our forefathers. Let’s celebrate the differences those freedoms helped create, bury our pride, and find those places where we can come together as Americans.

It is the only way forward. It is the way out.

Laus Deo,

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  • Anonymous

    July 4th is a celebration of the Agreement among
    We, the People. Please take a look at . You and those who follow your efforts will
    find it very interesting and relevant to the sustainability of democracies in
    general and America in particular.

    • cann2017

      Bravo! Exactly where I am at! Thank You for the link. Inspiring. Anyone who thinks this cannot be done needs to read this. It can. This is what we are all about. We…the people can do “Anything” that we set our hearts and minds on and a little effort. How important is it should be interjected into all our hearts. It’s important, very, very, important. We would have to be peacefully involved, hmmm? Use our time and courage. Praying here. Show up, move forward.

  • cann2017

    Thanks Glenn, I agree with everything you just said! Though I am not as eloquent! I am not a scholar either. What a man does or not do, is, the truth of him. I am praying for Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi today and giving thanks for Justina who got to be home today. Yes we have to come together on common ground. I don’t hate anyone really, but I am pretty hard headed about being an American and what that means. Maybe we can just start there. I won’t back down. Same as I won’t back down on what is right. The Constitution tells me so. I think about sports. When all is said and done, we are people who played and worked hard to win and even if we lose we win. We never have to stop trying to be the best. In sports you need to play by the rules. Rules are important. You may not like every single one. I came to say I am a staunch Democrat. I was ashamed of that for a while. Since voting began, my family has voted Democrat. But this has taught me a lesson on politics, on how important the Constitution is. I am just someone who worked all their life, and grumbled some about rules I didn’t like. I am too young to be sick but I am. I don’t like that much either. I still care about others, I still want to be a good person. I still want my rights. I didn’t vote for anyone the last two elections, because I was too sick to care. I am neither Republican nor Democrat, nor any of the other parties. I am an American. What is happening now is wrong. It’s not right, the rules are being broken, without regard to others. That is Un-american. Courage is fear that has said its prayers. I’m feeling very Courageous these days. Your thoughts and your ideas help me with that. I may be sick physically but my mind is clear. I want a Courageous leader too. The rules “Constitution” work. Follow the rules. It is that simple.

    • ken.

      george washington and others were against having political parties because they were open to infiltration and corruption ( rightly so ) they also become all about party and not about country. our system of government was designed to be of patriots who individually serve our country, at the will of the people they represent. we have fallen into the control of our country by the parties instead. it’s party politics now instead of individual representation of we the people.

      • cann2017

        Well said Ken. I agree with that 100%. As I said elsewhere on the net, it’s not about Dem vs. Rep.- Right now-Today-It is about America and Freedom, we need to come together, we can do that, one focus, one day at a time, together…we are unstoppable. That is what we are. Wonder what would happen if no one voted anyone in? What if the people got together on a small scale and said we elect Homer Johnson to speak for our town. County, we elect George Mason to speak for us. State…etc…I think about that. Homer and George receive no wages or a stipend, the town, county, state people just make it happen. Because Homer and George care deeply about what happens to this Country. That is my dream.

      • Krimsen King

        HERE HERE… well done, ken… these horrible political parties have become a massive funnel for money.. and the massive amounts of money in our electoral system FUNDAMENTALLY, INHERENTLY CORRUPT ALL POLITICIANS, REGARDLESS OF POLITICAL IDEOLOGY OR ALLIANCE… this money funneling is EXACTLY what has turned America from a once great, free and fair democracy into the most powerful oligarchy in human history.. u know oligarchy.. that brutal, medieval system where a very few, very wealthy people control ALL ASPECTS of society.. u know, like russia and china and brazil and malaysia, thailand, etc. etc… this country has certainly helped turn all the world into oligarchies, I suppose…

    • Anonymous

      Ah doesn’t the All Powerful All Seeing Beckmeister hire great writers.
      He commands that ye shall bow down before the Him, the almighty Beckmesiter.

  • Feet2Fire

    Fine. But while you’re focusing on all that feel-good, Kumbaya stuff, don’t forget to keep your eye on WHAT’S GOING ON by the Master Magicians who are GRINDING AMERICA DOWN, every day a bit faster and harder. Happy IN-DEPENDENCE Day–Let’s not let it be, what Dems hope for: Happy Day We Bring IN MORE DEPENDENTS.

    • ryukidn

      We must continue to learn and to teach, and we must continue to battle the darkness that is coming into our country. But, only God can stop what is happening to our nation, and to our world.

      He is the simplest answer; He is the best answer; He is the only answer. Seek God first …

  • RandPaulBallz21

    Interesting to hear bi-polar Beck say that people should come together

    • cann2017

      He puts himself out there….what did you do today?

      • Anonymous

        He had the courage to call bull puckey on the supreme spewer hisself.

  • IT 2 IT 1234

    YES —we CAN! —and that would mean without the
    inclusion fantasies, enmeshments, ARMINIAN heresies
    and NECROMANCY of talking image electronic media.

    • cann2017

      Hmmm, Gonna wait till I acquire my theological history major before I touch that one.

      • Anonymous

        Go ahead, get some guts.
        It’s about calling crazoids for what they are.
        Stand up for sanity.
        It won’t hurt.

    • Krimsen King

      what is an Arminian heresy and how is this electronic media involved in necromancy?… fascinating….

  • Matt T

    I pray for unification but I know my Payers cannot be answered. I hear so much rambling about
    Democrats/Republicans/ Tea Party/Liberals and other political affiliations and
    how they divide America. I believe this is true but I am not going to accept
    this to be Americas excuse as to why we are so divided.

    Many years ago the American experience was very similar from person to person and family
    to family. Today this is not true and it will never be the same again until America
    collapses into the dark hole.

    We were farmers, loggers, gunsmiths, blacksmiths, miner’s, mill workers and shop
    owners. Most people were religious and attended the same church on a regular
    basis. We also feared the same things such as malnutrition, starvation,
    sickness and weather. These conditions forged the American spirit and brought
    us together as Americans.

    I believe that the farther our civilization advances the farther apart we become as country and neighbors.

    • Krimsen King


      • Matt T

        I didn’t say it was the same, I said similar. My point was people as a whole were more similar to each other as we look back in time. What great society has not collapsed over the course of history or had huge
        changes from within or externally?

        I never said that we would revert back to the society we were. I do not think that at all because people do not
        have the skills or knowledge to be able to live in that way.

        You also did not back up your statement with any ideas or facts. I understand that you do not agree with what I said but why not at least try to explain yourself more clearly so maybe I can see things from your point of view.

        • Krimsen King

          very well… your point is still WAY wrong… there have ALWAYS been people of ALL KINDS in this country, usually living together, sometimes peacefully… WE HAVE NEVER BEEN the homogenous utopia you seem to recall.. even when all our various sub-cultures were highly segregated, even among the most similar of peoples, individuals and people lived VERY differently… As for your fear of great changes… the Romans collapsed with very slight changes over a very long time.. u know… the same way America has been turned into an oligarchy from a once free and fair democracy… and often huge changes from within or externally have been great advancements for society.. for example, the American revolution.. and the light bulb.. I believe your premise was extremely flawed from start to finish… also, your logic is flawless… 😉

      • ryukidn

        Krimsen … why are you yelling?

        • Krimsen King

          hahaha because it is so ridiculous… hahaha 😉

  • Bo Tye

    Ultimately, it is knowledge that is power:

  • Anonymous

    Amen Reverend Beckburger. I’ll take that BeckBurger with extra catsup and mayo. And a side order of sleazy grease.

  • Anonymous

    Weird coming from the talking head of disaster and Armageddeon and hate liberals.
    How to be religious and advocate hate towards liberals.
    Hypocrisy is the hallmark for the raving lunacy of Beckistan.

  • Amanda Nevada

    While liberty’s benefits increase with our commitment to it, liberty’s importance has little to do with the number of people who want it.

    • Krimsen King

      really… how many people you figure don’t want liberty? hahaha eyeroll…

  • Krimsen King

    “more Americans than ever before seem eager to live completely dependent lifestyles?” WHAT???? ARE YOU REALLY SUGGESTING THAT PEOPLE WHO WANT A FUNCTIONING GOVERNMENT TO PROVIDE SERVICES FOR ALL OF US IS SOMEHOW “EAGERNESS” TO LIVE “COMPLETELY DEPENDENT LIFESTYLES?”???? WHAT, EXACTLY, IS A “COMPLETELY DEPENDENT LIFESTYLE”????.. AND AREN’T WE ALL DEPENDENT ON OUR GOVERNMENT ALL THE FLUKING TIME??????? OF COURSE WE ARE…. and I’m sorry, glenn… but birth control, the thing that gives women in civilized countries control over their reproductive systems.. IS NOT AN “ACCESSORY” FOR SEXUAL INTERCOURSE, YOU RIDICULOUS MONKEY… good lord, when you take your religious doctrines too literally, you try to turn all of society backwards, back to the medieval, back to barbarianism…. be careful.. many of our oligarchs use the platitudes ‘rugged individualism’ and ‘personal responsibility’ to get us back to a barbaric, very profitable, society… It’s time for ‘conservatives’ to accept something that true Conservatives used to take for granted… LIMITED GOVERNMENT DOES NOT MEAN “SMALL” GOVERNMENT… We are a MASSIVE COUNTRY… we need a large government, as limited and small as possible… but the only people who really want a tiny government are the only ones who don’t want to play by ANY rules.. societal, moral, Constitutional, etc….

  • stevo5000x

    How many times do I have tell you idiots that Glenn Beck is a false prophet. Glenn Beck does not listen to the voice of God but wicked tongue of Satan. Most of these so called “children” are in fact young adults. MS-13 gang members that are going to loot and pillage. Some might even rape your own daughters. So.. stop acting like weak children and fight back against these monsters and gain some spiritual knowledge.

    Try reading “Spiritual Warfare”by Karl Paine to gain some expertise in this demonic world we live in.

  • BessieJBolden

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  • IT 2 IT 1234

    In this, the 11th hour of MASSIVELY consoldiating GLOBALIST—RED CHINA handover

    in this, the 11th hour of ‘IN the RED’ takedown USURY sabotage

    in this, the 11th hour of now OPEN globalist MAFIA USURPATION

    in this, the 11th hour, of UNCLOAKING, fully deployed, FINAL EUGENICS. . .

    • Krimsen King

      I don’t know what you say… but I like how you say it… haha 😉

  • Cam

    Reject the superstitions and illusions of today’s liberals and progressives:

  • Zork

    Democratic processes can be expanded by increasing the number of eligible voters or expanding the scope of issues determined by them.

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