Glenn returns tomorrow!

Glenn Beck will return to his radio show tomorrow, Tuesday, July 8th!

  • Dennis Crabtree

    Will he be wearing robes and sandals?

    • BevM

      Nice Avatar ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • PeterMoss


      • Dennis Crabtree

        Nice! LOL! Sorry it’s at your expense Glenn.

  • Reconmarine7

    Glenn takes more vacations than Obama.

    • ken.

      at least glenn pays for his himself, we the people are stuck paying for the obamas.

      • Anonymous

        Mr. Beck’s also costs a whole lot less.

    • Anonymous

      Obama “works” 4 hours a day Monday thru Friday and Glenn works almost 24/7. Obama’s been on vacation since 2009.

    • BevM

      He’s a PRIVATE CITIZEN. He works for himself. That’s one of the perks, but he earns them! He doesn’t take them nearly as often as Hussein, but Glenn takes HIS job seriously. Can’t say the same for Barry.

  • Debbie

    Welcome back Glenn. Hope you and your family enjoyed yourselves. I know you will be ready with a renew spirit of love, charity and hope!! Hugs

  • Johnathan Read

    Welcome Back Glenn.

    Hope you and your family had a GREAT vacation.

    Enjoy the fruits of your hard work and sacrifice.

  • Liza Shade

    Did he leave his tv show in the afternoon to this Dana woman? I want to get my subscription for the year but not if she is taking over the evening show.

    • BevM

      She’s just filling in while Glenn’s on vacation. She’s normally on just on Fridays.

  • Anonymous

    Hi Glenn, I hope you, Tania, and the rest of your family enjoyed themselves. Well deserved vacation. It’s back to the grind of listening to progressives blaming the Tea Party and conservatives for all of our country’s problems. Go get’em Glenn.

  • James Maverick

    Our family is praying continuously that our Lord God in Heaven in cooperation with Jesus Christ, blesses you with pure courage, peace, truth and His Grace.

  • Eva Barach


  • BevM

    I’m glad to hear it! I hope they had a WONDERFUL unplugged vacation. I bet it drives him crazy though, if he can’t see what’s going on. Just the kind of guy he is.
    I would MUCH rather watch Glenn than Doc and Skip. Just something about them…
    When are Pat and Stu coming back? LOVE watching them at noon ๐Ÿ˜‰ They’re great for a laugh and a time out in such a messed up world! Great show guys!!

    He’s also right. We must become the UNITED States of America again. The divisiveness of this country the last 5 years can’t go on. We can’t let a criminal destroy us.

  • Peter Hull

    Welcome back Mr Beck! I had the great pleasure to be in Central Point Oregon at the Jackson County Fair grounds on the 4th of July. I did my heart well as my family saw not only a great fire works show but a night that showed why the 4th of July is so important. It payed tribute to the men and women that have protected and defended this country by video. They also had a great tribute to WW2 Veteran and D-day soldier Jim Pagnini that was heart warming. The city of Central Point went to great pains to celebrate the day our nations birthday is celebrated but also to show that Freedom is any thing but free. It also was great to see the people of Southern Oregon that the meaning of this day is much more the fireworks! It did give me hope that the west isn’t lost!

  • PeterMoss

    Hey Glenn, how about an update on this nonsense you flooded the airwaves with?

  • Hitched

    Since our minds cannot predict their own future, civilization’s advance consists of learning from our mistakes, taking into account the lessons of accidents, and making the most of the fleeting circumstances we are faced with.

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