Red Cell: Wargaming the border crisis

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Buck: There’s no doubt that the situation at the border is a total mess right now, which means that the unexpected is likely to happen. The president is going to do something, we’re not clear on what that is, and we’re going to have to take a look at what the possibilities are if we’re going to anticipate them. So with that in mind, I want to introduce you to a concept. It’s something that I learned from my days in the CIA. I want to apply that to the border. Now, it’s called Red Cell.

Red Cell is basically a wargaming exercise, but it looks specifically at high-impact, low-probability scenarios, things that could happen and if they did happen would really make a very big difference. It also looks at things that are likely and tries to then give us a sense, an analytic sense, of where all of this is going. It’s a way of viewing potential outcomes without actually knowing the future.

So joining me to hash this out and Red Cell the border with me is Dan Stein. He’s the President of the Federation for American Immigration Reform. Dan, thank you for your time.

Dan: Good to be here.

Buck: So one possibility as we see it now is that there could be a show of force. Now, this is based upon the reporting that the federal agents are going to be showing up now with batons and with riot shields prepared for less than lethal force usage against American citizens who protest these busing policies of taking illegal immigrants who are caught at or near the border and moving them into cities or towns far away from the border.

First of all, do you see this as a high likelihood, and then, more importantly, if this were to happen, do you think that this would dramatically change the immigration debate if there was some sort of clash between citizens and federal agencies on how this whole thing is playing out?

Dan: Well, at fair, we think the American people have had enough, and they’re drawing a line in the sand when it appears as if the executive branch has abandoned its commitment to enforce U.S. borders and taxpayers are expected to pick up the tab for people who may not have been properly inspected when they come across the border without limit. It’s not surprising to see American citizens stand up and protest what seems to be just patently illegal activity by the president.

Now, there are all kinds of evidence that the executive branch and this administration has backed itself into a corner. Politically speaking, they have undermined U.S. immigration law enforcement by repeatedly adopting policies nationally calculated to send a message all around the world that our borders are not going to be enforced and that if you get here illegally you’re never going to be removed.

As a result, you know, ICE, border patrol, and others have been transformed into a welcoming center and a diaper changing service and not doing the jobs they were hired to do. And ICE officials have been warning us for years that this administration was dismantling them and their core mission.

Buck:Do you believe that federal agents would use force though to move these protesters out of the way? Do you think we could see an ugly incident if these protests continue?

Dan: There’s no question that we could see an incident depending on how the protests unfold, and there’s no question that it would set up a scenario where the average American would see confirming in his or her mind that the federal government has set itself directly at variance with the interests of the American people.

Buck: Now Dan, let me move on really quickly because we’re going to run short on time.

Dan: Sure.

Buck: The second scenario we’re talking about here is the possibility that President Obama decides to expand deferred action categories. This is the pen and the phone situation where he just on his own says you know what, we’re not going to send back whole sections of people, whole different groups of people because I say so. Do you think the president might actually do that, and also, what would that do to hope for comprehensive immigration reform as they call it? And you think it would have an impact politically?

Dan: Well, at fair, we have every indication the president is planning to expand this illegal use of parole power to include five, six, ten million people, no doubt about it that since he’s already usurped the Congress’s role and taken control of who gets to come into this country, nothing will prevent him from expanding that. And politically speaking, it sounds like based on what he said in the meeting last week that that’s what he’s going to do.

Buck: Now, what about the possibility of an outlier scenario here, something, although we have seen some cases of infectious disease already crossing over the borders, but perhaps a swine flu outbreak, something of a public health crisis that comes out of this? Do you think that that would force Democrats to take border security more seriously or would they just say well, we need to give HHS more money and somehow the bureaucracy will handle this? Do you think that they would be in a position where they would have to change their basic position which seems to be amnesty in different ways and different means?

Dan: Well look, the Democratic Party, Joe Biden, Senator Feinstein, I mean, they own this border crisis, and when border patrol agents are busy with young people, they’re not patrolling the border, so cartels are smuggling people in. We don’t know what their motives are, obviously people who haven’t been properly inspected for health screening and other things. And in the end, the Democratic Party has said look, we don’t care whether people come in legally or illegally, actively encouraging them, state after state now encouraging them.

What will it take to get the Democratic Party to once again assume that there is political risk to what they’re doing? Maybe a major contagious disease outbreak, maybe a major terror incident, but I’ll tell you that the administration is playing with fire. They’ve backed themselves into a very dangerous corner politically just to try to take advantage of this demonizing agenda they have with the Latino vote and the Republican Party, and the American people are seriously at risk.

Buck: Dan Stein, President of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, we appreciate your time very much. Thank you for joining us.

Dan: Thank you.

  • Viking King Eleven

    Nice to see Buck Sexton does more in a single segment then the whole debacle and glenn beck show.

    • Crassus

      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again—Buck Sexton needs to leave The Blaze and get his own radio syndication deal. He’s much too talented as a radio host for that outfit of sad sacks. He has guest hosted for Rush a couple of times in addition to his duties at The Blaze so hopefully that got him some national attention from TPTB in radio syndication.

      • faxxmaxx

        Speaking of someone who’s great, have you listened to Andrew Willcow? He’s on Syrius, but used to work for Glenn on the Blaze. He’s better, I think, than Rush. Brilliant young guy. Unfortunately I can only listen to him in my car. The rest of the time I listen to Rush.

  • Anonymous

    it is obvious Americans are afraid of this administration, seeing how this administration sent messages long ago of how they planned to handle a rebellious public. We have seen how the authorities have handled situations. Anything to do with the Muslim community or the gay community or any activist against the United States is a tool in the hands of this administration. This administration is haters of the United States and they spin everything. They are double minded in their appearance but are using every conflict to their advantage. America will have to rise up and take our country back.

  • Ann Iston

    Today’s liberalism is hostile foreign ideology.

    Until folks recognize that simple fact, not much can be done about it.

  • Anonymous

    Their motto is never let a good crisis go unused. You can bet that this is going to be used by this administration for their advantage.

  • Vicki

    Lets tell it like it is. The Obama Administration are using these poor children as human shield for his agenda. It’s all politics. The guy is sick.

  • Paul Rowden

    I see so many potential bad outcomes from this situation. Here is the (3) worst:
    1) The continued spreading around of these poor desperate illegals either causes the crime rates to skyrocklet and/or the outraged protesters will need to be “dealt with”, ie.-MARTIAL LAW
    2) Extremist take advantage and insert cells into our country, pulling off attacks with MASSIVE CASUALTIES. Resulting in- MARTIAL LAW
    3) Deadly sickness spreads from illegals, crippling our homefront military. This is from the STUPIDITY of housing them on military bases. The U.N. will gladly step in to help. End result- MARTIAL LAW
    Paranoid much? Not really. I just see the chaos on so many fronts in America growing so rapidly and nothing being done to head it off. Total collapse of civility and/or draconian measures appear to be on the way and it appears more and more to having been done by design.

    • Guest

      Paul you laid everything out perfectly. Martial Law was once considered a crazy thought or idea. But the steps are being put in place to try and succeed in putting it into action. Of course you will still have the sheep of this country calling everyone who thinks this way crazy even as it unfolds before their very eyes. God help us and God Bless the United States of America.

    • Charlotte Willard Langley

      Cant be paranoid if the truth of it hits you in the face.

  • landofaahs

    The civil war coming to a town near you soon. It’s sad we have people hell bent on the destruction of our country in order to usher in one world government. And please don’t bother with the tinfoil hat BS. It’s not even being hidden anymore but in fact talked about in the upper circles all over Europe. Some people are so stupid that they did not believe Hitler when he was honest about what he was going to do from his book. Sadly, people found out differently. But too late.

  • Anonymous

    SO Tired of our government creating crisis to enslave us and our children?

  • IT 2 IT 1234

    “Game theory, remember, was ENTIRELY the invention
    of ACTUARIAL PSYCHOPATHs and is concerned with
    Informed Radio

    KEEP following,
    ———-KEEP worshipping,
    ——————-KEEP funding.
    —————————-KEEP deferring to those TECHNOCRATS
    ————–and PSYCHOPATH designed ‘solutions’ and techniques.

  • Anonymous

    Carelessly using the word “democracy” is dangerous because it implies that democracy’s potential good mandates its continuous expansion.

  • Benjamin Martin

    Three million illegal aliens are occupying California.

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