Could Mitt Romney run – and win – in 2016?

A Quinnipiac University poll released last Wednesday showed 45% of voters now believe the country would have been better off it Mitt Romney had won the 2012 election. And now it looks like at least some in the Republican Party believe we could be seeing a President Romney in 2016.

During an appearance on MSNBC’s Hardball on Monday, conservative Congressman Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) told Chris Matthews he believes Romney will run – and win – in 2016.

“I think he actually is gonna run for president,” Chaffetz said. “He probably doesn’t want me to say that.”

“A hundred times he says he’s not, but Mitt Romney has always accomplished what he’s set out to do,” he continued. “I think he’s proven right on a lot of stuff. I happen to be in the camp that thinks he’s actually going to run, and I think he will be the next president of the United States.”

On radio this morning, Glenn reacted to Chaffetz’s assertion and took a broader look at the 2016 Republican candidate pool.

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“Here’s where I think he’s right,” Glenn said of Chaffetz. “Mitt has strangely not ridden off in the sunset. And, you know, he said he wants to be one of the founders or the elder statesman for the Republican Party. And who do they have? I think the press even knows Jeb Bush is just a non-starter. Chris Christie is a non-starter.”

Interestingly, both Christie and Bush perform well in the polls despite their pedigree and negative media attention. While Glenn dismisses Christie’s chances, he did admit someone like Bush or Romney appeals to the establishment.

“The press and the establishment wants somebody like Mitt Romney or Jeb Bush, and so they will run those guys again. And so I really think that Mitt Romney would run again,” Glenn said. “I think he’s a really honest, genuine, decent man who I disagree with. But I disagree with a lot of politicians on a lot of things. But if your character is good and I disagree with everybody in the room, I’ll go with the guy with character. Mitt Romney, I believe, has good character. Beyond that, I think he’s wrong on a lot of things.”

Other Republican names tossed around include Senators Rand Paul (R-KY), Ted Cruz (R-TX), and Marco Rubio (R-FL), former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), Wisconsin Governor Paul Walker, and Texas Governor Rick Perry. Glenn believes both Walker and Perry could have a real chance.

“I think Scott Walker has a good chance. He’s got a really great record,” Glenn said. “Let’s go to Rick Perry for a second… If Rick Perry is smart and continues to play his cards right and actually do something – find some ways to get control of our border – Rick Perry will have a really good shot at coming out of that 3% area.”

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  • landofaahs

    Just when I think you’ve said the stupidest thing ever, you keep on talking.

  • Debra Oneil

    nope. I won’t vote for him. I will go libertarian again. no more puppets.

  • Anonymous

    I still can’t trust him. NO because of Romney Care and his weakness on the 2nd Amendment.

  • Anonymous

    WHY does the establishment keep pushing someone that we have already rejected? We didn’t vote for him or we stayed home because we didn’t want him. What don’t you understand.

  • Anonymous

    I voted for Romney. I will gladly do so again.

  • Boo2

    Oh gee. Another “RINO”! No thanks! He’s right up there with Billary!

  • Anti Fabian

    Can’t you just imagine if the final election was Romney VS. Clinton? Reagan’s landslide against Mondale would pale in comparison… unless, of course, the Progressives cheated again and pushed through alot of false voting numbers in strategic areas, just like they did in the last election. I wonder, though, if we’ll even have another election in this nation? The economy could collapse completely, the majority of Americans dependent on government pay checks or welfare would panic, then protest and then riot, leading to martial law and dissolution of congress and implementation of and oligarchical dictatorship. Maybe it won’t happen exactly like that, but something drastic is coming down the pike, pretty sure of that.

  • a view from street level

    your part of the problem

  • a view from street level

    you too are part of the problem

  • a view from street level

    he didn’t win because of obama’s voter fraud. Just go back to chicgo and look at the fraud he perpetuated back then do you think he is going to change

  • a view from street level

    dido stop opening your mouth and you won’t sound like obama or killary

  • Boo2


  • Crassus

    That’s really swift. Voting for a libertarian whose main issue is legalizing smoke a dope.

  • Crassus

    Well, I guess one Mormon (Beck) has to support another (Mittenz). At least until nut cutting time.

  • Ryan Wood

    If you stayed home, instead of voting YOU are a big problem. You surrendered!

  • Drew Baker

    I’d vote him.

  • Johnny Olson

    Oh hell no. I urge all patriotic conservatives to contact Romney and tell him NOT to run. We need a conservative again…that is NOT Romney. Romney spent the primary endorsing RINOs all around the country.

    No matter how many run in the 2016 republican primary for president, we need to unite behind the conservative who gets the most votes early. We need to not hang on to OUR conservative until the moderate (be it Romney or any other), has too many electoral votes to overcome. That is how Romney won. He pulled about 1/3 of the votes while the rest split 2/3 until he had too many to overcome.

    We MUST unite behind the conservative who is winning early or we will get another McCain or Romney and continue to lose to socialist democrats.

  • Johnny Olson

    I am not a libertarian, but your comment only proves that you know nothing about the libertarian candidates. You are no better than the uninformed democrats.

  • Johnny Olson

    No, the problem is that if you have a liberal with a D after his name running against a liberal with an R after his name, the vote truly does not matter. We NEED to elect conservatives in the primaries or we will continue to slide into socialism/communism.

  • lora

    We have to remember the loser is almost ALWAYS the one the media mocks/lies about the most (yes, very Junior High, I know). Romney was mocked and people voted for the other guy. The mocking turned out to be egg on their face so they just might vote for Romney NOW even though the media will mock and throw dirt about him. While others may be better than Romney, Romney is DEFINITELY better than ANYTHING the progressives could throw out there. I also agree he is a man of integrity and I do believe he will take our country’s matters before the Lord and allow his heart to follow His guidance. That is why I did and would again vote for Romney. BUT Ben Carson is my absolute favorite and I would LOVE to see him as VP at least.

  • Johnny Olson

    So, voting for a democrat who lies and puts an R after his name for election purposes is somehow not surrendering? Seriously, we have a house and senate filled with democrats and remocrats. The only difference is the letter that they put after their name for election purposes. Until we start tossing the remocrats out during the primary, we will NEVER see this country turn away from socialism. Romney is a remocrat.

  • Guest

    Its a shame the media will never let Gov Perry forget the oopss moment…If he could do for America what he’s done for Texas…I would take that!

  • zemla

    Right on miss!

  • zemla

    Hahaha! So we’re gonna put mitt up there again? Lemme guess, after that election we’ll all comment and argue about “how did the country get like this”…..

    “when people run in circles it’s a very very mad world”-tears for fears

  • zemla

    I’ve heard that perry is actually taking steps on the state level to deal with the border situation and has called out Barry for his trip to Texas not including any stops at the border, so that’s good, if I was in that state, I’d keep perry right where he is,ya know?

  • Anonymous

    Could everyone please stop talking like Perry as though he’s this fantastic conservative? The truth is that he is smart enough to govern in opposition to Obama. That has helped Texas for sure, but were he to gain the White House the TEA party would have to sit there on the National Mall day in and day out to get him to stay conservative. For all his blustering about the border, he’s still the same guy who wanted the DREAM Act in Texas. He’s still the same guy who used eminent domain like a club to seize properties to build a tollway that people did not and still do not want. He’s still the same guy who proposed a twinkie tax for Texas long before Bloomberg ever started yapping about soft drinks and sugar, and he’s still the same guy who enrolled Texas in a University of Iowa study in which GPS units were strapped to cars, tracking them everywhere they went with the purpose of charging Texans per mile. Sound familiar? The guy is a progressive-lite who has wrapped himself in conservative clothing in opposition to Obama’s policies…all while having proposed many of those same policies himself before Obama ever came to power.

  • Anonymous

    I agree I would vote for Mitt Romney!!!!

  • Elizabeth Wesley

    He actually won the election. Obama cheated the votes.

  • Anonymous

    More pap from anti’s … “Romney spent the primary endorsing RINOs all around the country.”

    Have you bothered to check who was among the earliest endorsers of Joni Ernst (Iowa) or Ben Sasse (Nebraska)? Not your Queen Sarah or your Crown Prince Ted. Nope, it was that damned RINO from Massachusetts.

    Digging in our heals makes as much sense as parading through a Target Store carrying a loaded AR-17 in a state that allows open carry. Can we do it? Yes. However, realize that you alienate a huge number of middle ground voters. Same here. Could we nominate a hard liner? Yes. Just realize that it’s the quickest way to guarantee a Progressive win in 2016.

    One step at a time.

  • Jaclyn Baggesen

    We need voter ID in every state for the 2016 president election…especially after what happened in Kentucky with CHRIS MCDANIEL….has to happen or there will be so much fraud…multiple voters….dead people voting…..felons voting…and don’t think for one minute illegals in numbers voting….voter fraud has to be stopped dead in its tracks or our country will continue being hijacked by the socialists……IF THIS DOES NOT HAPPEN ALL FAITH IN THE SYSTEM WILL BE LOST……

  • anna07

    I would vote for Mickey Mouse instead of Hillary. I don’t care who they put on the Republican ticket, I will vote for them. Republicans had better turn out and vote the next election, or we will be in the same boat we are in now.

  • like a boss

    Lets do it, sick of the racist/’intolerant’/war on this war on that left wing pos who run dem axes into da ground in this country thus further

  • Brandon Neubert

    I’d prefer Ted Cruz.

  • Anonymous

    All you people mischaracterizing Mitt need to stop it. Do some real research and stop parroting double speaking radio talk show hosts! Mitt is solid in so many ways. This sick economy needs him. Our foreign policy (on which Mitt was completely correct) definitely needs him. Our moral situation is in the toilet and could use the leadership of an individual that actually has a moral compass.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    ….. and because he won’t even use the truth or real facts to pin the competition to the wall in a debate.
    Nope, there has to be someone better, the Reluctant Candidate, the person that doesn’t want to run, that has to run, feel & breathe the real core of our nation, that has understanding of its people, and when they stand up they don’t stop….. and at all events has their head & game on.
    Dot get me wrong… he’s a good man, misguided on some issues, but overall a good man.
    We need someone different for the coming years – someone that’s bound by our core values, can lead, an intact vision, touched by Wisdom, project US back on the path of the Rule of Law & not the rule of man [ I.e. - situational judgement/ethics] willing to make the hard decisions because to dig US out from under this economic & foreign policy heap is going to take some broad shoulders…. and a good team to back them up.
    I know one thing its not Hillary…. she’ll just drag US farther down the rabbit hole.

  • Anonymous


  • Rework Oh Ryan

    Uh, NO! Remember, no Libertarian leaning Republicans are voting for this ass hat. If you want a repeat of 2012, pick Romney.

  • tinwhistler

    We need a principled leader, motivator, and great communicator. That is not Romney by any stretch of the imagination. I like him, but he also lacks gravitas and is squishy on the issues. There may be time to cultivate and groom Ted Cruise, if they get coaches on board right now to knock the arrogant professor image off.

  • Anonymous

    And the RNC will bemoan itself under the table saying, “we’ll never win an election. We’ll never, ever do it.” Backbone is what they lack. When they create a supposed formula to win, or assume it will, they turn tail in mid-stride/mid-statement. Then, because they hate the element of their party that wants to say no [for very good reason] they attack that element and label “them”, conservatives or Tea Party people, extremists and MUST destroy thm at any and every turn & cost. RHINO’s set the stage for self-destruction and thence return to their bemoaning, forgetting what the real goal is. Its pretty sad if you think about it.
    If they just listen to their conservative base – they might just learn a thing or two on building a winning formula.

  • zemla

    Ya know, I really do agree with that. It seems (at least to me) that if they would listen and promote a solid, unfaultering canidate, they might get some of those “registered but not voting” folks to come out again……it also seems to me that a Republican canidate needs to be aware of and stop taking the “domestic policy” bait.

  • Cathy Haynes

    Who, the their right mind, would want to inherit the mess Obama has created?

  • dennis reilly

    Politicians suck, they don’t work, any of them!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Everybody should nominate Glenn Beck to run for president! He says he knows the answers to all of America’s problems. He disagrees with Romney on many points and has better solutions. So, step in Glenn.

  • Nina Marie Gibson

    How about Dr. Phil McGraw or Dr. Ben Carson? I think I want one of them to be President.

  • ADean

    I voted for Mitt Romney in the last election, and I became thoroughly disappointed when he didn’t win. I think many of us were shocked, disappointed and crushed. What I realize now, is that I was putting my faith and trust in a man and not in God. We were so set on getting Romney and Ryan in to fix our nations problems and for goodness sakes get our current president out! This time, I will be praying for God to raise up the right man or woman that He desires to be our next president, not one that is being pressured by political groups. Our nation is turning away from God from the top down and we are seeing the results. Our nation is being plundered big time! This also happened to the nation of Israel as they turned away from God. God allowed them to be plundered and taken into captivity until they cried out to Him for help. Mitt Romney is just a man, we need someone bigger, we need God. Start praying!

  • LucyGirl2011

    That’s the most stupid reason I have ever heard….so you stayed home because you didn’t want to vote for Romney????? Then let’s assume you are happy with the what you got? What idiocy?

  • pcrunamuck

    Glenn didn’t even mention Dr. Ben Carson who is more articulate, personable, likable, and electable than any of those he did mention!!! His strongest point is that he can articulate the conservative position fluently. Just watch his presentation at the National Prayer Breakfast when he took it to oBUMa sitting just to his right.

  • Anonymous

    I remember what all the commentators said about Nixon after he lost to Kennedy and later lost his run for Governor of California. The general consensus was that he was finished and would fade into obscurity. We all know what happened in 1968.

  • TedCruzsLostTwin

    This guy is pathetic. He offers no real conservative message and employs all the usual RINO tactics. Which fail.

  • righthook38

    Granted, Romney would have been 10x better than Obama, but I don’t think he should run again. He’s tried 2x, and failed. He was too wishy-washy. He did so well in the first debate, then totally backed off of Obama. We don’t need a moderate candidate. We couldn’t win with McCain and couldn’t win with Romney. It’s time for someone new.

  • Anonymous

    That is what is always said near the end of every administration. Someone always steps up.

  • righthook38

    That said, if he was our candidate, I’d vote for him over any Democrat.

  • Anonymous

    During the 2008 Primaries the liberal media was really pushing for McCain. In 2012 the liberal media was pushing for Romney. It wasn’t because the media thought they would be good presidents. They wanted to push the weakest Republican to better the chances of a Democrat win.

  • Anonymous

    No loss in 2012…. Election stolen by voter fraud, machine rigging, lying and deceptions and old fashioned bigotry…

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Then, they are divisive and foolish…

  • Anonymous

    When was the last time a libertarian, a “true conservative”. Won anything other than a primary..

  • Karen Johnson


    ✦✦✦ ✦�✦✦ ✦✦✦ ✦�✦✦ ✦✦✦

  • suz

    glenn, you and i know the ‘handshake’ is a photo-op for bho.

    i know the border, now, is crippling texas intentionally. why would bho care about the texas border?

  • Melody Petersen

    Dr. Ben Carson has gained a lot of momentum in the polls. He came in second place in the recent straw poll in Texas. Dr. Carson is what our nation needs to help us out of economic and moral decay.

  • Disco Obama

    The Romney people shouldn’t take that poll as a sign.

  • Disco Obama

    Lots of Ron Paul supporters stayed home. I wasn’t a Romney supporter from the beginning but voted for him because he was a better option than Obama. Drudge shouldn’t be in the business of selecting candidates. I will never forget how Ron Paul was suppressed by the media. I certainly understand why some Ron Paul backers stayed home. I’m still pissed that they contributed to Obama winning though.

  • Disco Obama

    Yeah but Obama is satan. Staying home in protest was a mistake.

  • Disco Obama

    Heck, his own son stated that he didn’t even want to run. It was pretty obvious that his heart wasn’t in it. I’m certain that Romney would have done a much better job than Obama.

  • Aaron LeMaster

    Along with Christie and Bush…Romney would be another guy that would make me stay home and NOT vote…

  • Aaron LeMaster

    You will see more stay home and NOT vote… The Republican party has a big problem. And at the moment they don’t care. They falsely believe they can get liberals to vote republican… Ain’t gonna happen.

  • Aaron LeMaster

    If it were Hilary against Chritie, Bush, or Romney I would vote Hilary

  • Aaron LeMaster

    My Govenor is recruiting business from California, and winning…. So much so Jerry Brown actually told the California legislature they were going to have to quit spending money… Why? He needs to lower taxes to keep corporations in California.

  • Aaron LeMaster

    Probably staying home and NOT voting…

  • Aaron LeMaster

    Give me someone I want to vote for…Not someone that you say I have to vote for because…blah..blah..blah…

  • Mudpie

    I could not vote again for Mittens if my life depended on it. No way. I had to stick my finger down my throat after pulling the lever in 2012 for him. No way.

    Why go Democrat Lite when you can get the real thing? Seriously.

  • Phydeux

    I’d rather have Romney than anyone else. He knows how to run a business. And if government were run more like a business than an out-of-control charity, it wouldn’t waste so much money.

    He knows how to work WITH people rather than around them, the way Obama does.

    And I’m pretty certain he would work within the laws and ENFORCE the laws, something else Obama has been unwilling to do.

    Plus, with Romney we’d actually HAVE A BUDGET. Have you ever seen Obama pass a budget? I’ll help you with the answer…. no, you haven’t. He has about as much need to follow THAT law as he does all the others he’s broken.

  • tinwhistler

    Mitt was a vulture capitalist and that is not the same as running Government Motors. He will do whatever the polls tell him to do, because based on his performance as governor of Mass, he has no brain and will do whatever a majority wants.

  • Phydeux

    Vulture capitalist is a matter of perspective. All capitalists are vultures to one degree or another. But then again, vultures only eat carrion, so that would imply all the businesses his gobbled up were dead.

    Staples doesn’t look very dead to me. In fact, they seemed very much alive when I worked for them about 15 years ago. And they seem very much alive now.

    Capitalism breaks down failing businesses so new ones can grow from the ashes. People move on, things change, progress happens.

    Communism and socialism on the other hand is just a constant state of decay because no one is allowed to do anything that isn’t already mandated. Creativity is stifled, innovation dies, and you end up with what we used to call the Soviet Union.

  • James

    That’s the problem and why we need to stop defining insanity. There needs to be a 1st time…

  • Phydeux

    You have a point. I’d vote for Dr. Carson even over Romney, and I like Romney.

  • Phydeux

    Dr. Phil???? A guy who plays a shrink on TV but only has an archaeology degree? No thanks. LOL We’re already suffering from one president faking his way through a presidency, we don’t need another.

  • Connie Anderson

    What about the surgeon who knows about the medical field? Can man who speaks fairly, with common sense make sense?

  • Anonymous

    FYI…I voted against Obama,,,yes, I voted Romney. It was not because I liked Romney, but because I disliked Obama. How’s them apples? A lot of people did not show up to vote and Obama stole by fraud a lot of votes. The combination was an Obama win. IF,,,IF the GOP would run someone that the true conservative wants, we could win. As it now stands, the GOP establishment is nothing more than Dem lite. I SHALL not vote again for the lesser of two evils.

  • Anonymous

    Tired of our government creating crisis to enslave us and our children?

  • Anonymous

    They need more than extremism to offer

  • Anonymous

    The vulture capitalist lies do get old… Mitt created jobs.. Period… Many more than the current thief in chief