‘Not another dime’: Glenn reacts to Obama’s request for more money to quell border crisis

Editor’s Note: President Obama has since asked Congress for $3.7 billion to help cover the cost associated with detaining, caring for, and returning the influx of unaccompanied illegal immigrant children who have entered the U.S. in recent months. Get all the details via the Associated Press HERE.

Original story below:

President Obama is preparing to ask Congress for an additional $2 billion to deal with “humanitarian crisis” that will see some 60,000 unaccompanied illegal immigrant children cross the southern border this year alone. Meanwhile, Obama is not paying a visit to any of the border patrol outposts that have been overrun as a result of the influx in crossings even though he will be in Texas for fundraising events this week. On radio this morning, Glenn reacted to the latest insanity as he explained why not another dollar should be squandered.

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Below is an edited transcript of the monologue:

I’m glad to be back from vacation, but not glad to be looking at the news again… Let’s talk about the border in different terms. These people who are turning the buses away in California – I don’t know anything about them. I don’t like the fact that people are now starting to form militias. I think that’s a really colossally bad idea. But I understand your frustration, the people who are turning the buses away. I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad idea. However, I do think that people need to look at what they’re doing and how they’re doing it.

See, none of us are PR people. We’re just getting the job done. And we don’t really understand how powerful the media is, and how you’re going to be painted. And I urge the people in any town, what you’re seeing happening right now is what’s called the ‘Bubba effect.’ We said this would happen, and I didn’t know what the topic would be. I think you’re seeing the beginning of it now. You’re seeing people who, justifiably, are standing up.

These people say the border is more secure than ever. Is it? If fences don’t work how come there are fences around the White House? How come there are gates? How come there is security? How come there are front doors on the White House? Because there is something valuable inside, and so we ask that you come through a security gate. We ask that you do that. If gates and fences don’t work, then I demand that the gates around our airport be taken down, our fences be taken down, because they’re apparently not worth anything. They don’t do anything anyway.’ If someone is going to come in, they’re going to come in anyway.’ Well then why do we have the gates and the fences around the airport?

I demand to know: If gates and security don’t work, then why do I have to go through a metal detector any time I go in through a federal building? How come I have to present ID whenever I’m buying alcohol? These things do work, and everybody in the world knows it. You’re paying for Homeland Security. You’re paying for a border fence. You’re paying for the border guards. You are paying for the detention centers. You are paying a personal cost in your hospitals. You’re paying a personal cost when the hospital is overrun by illegal aliens who have no insurance and are coming here to have their babies and everything else. What happens is you pay a real cost. If you are sick, you’re getting diminished care because we are having to pay for people who are not paying into the system at all.

You are paying a real cost with your children… There’s a town in North Carolina that the kids now speak Spanish. There are more Spanish speaking kids than there are English speaking kids. Well, that’s because the federal government has been busing people in. Well I’ve got news for you, that fundamentally changes the culture of my town. It now has to change the teachers. I have to change the way they think. If I like my school, they have fundamentally changed it because now it will not work the way it worked when everybody was speaking English. That is not judgment on the people that don’t speak English. It is an excoriation of the United States government failing to do its most basic duty.

And so people are saying to themselves, ‘Well, what do I do?’ They don’t hate the people who are coming from Guatemala. How can you possibly hate somebody? How can you possibly hate somebody that is coming from a war torn country? We are the ‘give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to be free.’ That’s who we are. We’ve always been that people. We are always the ‘bring the boat’ people.

The people of Honduras, why they’re coming here? Do you know why that country is ripped apart? Because there was a coupe that our President refused to denounce. There was a coup that happened last year. The entire world said it was a coup, but we would not say it was a coup. We stood with the people that took over that country… I think it was 43 countries went to observe these elections, and 42 of them said, ‘This was totally criminal. This was not a fair election.’ The one country that said, ‘No, it looked good to us, the United States of America.’

Well, what’s happened since? Fourteen members of the press have been killed. 35 or 37 of the opposition leaders have been killed or, more or less, disappeared since the election. Why do you think these parents are sending their kids here. And once again it is because the United States is medaling in other people’s business. We are medaling in their business. We’re picking and choosing again. We’ve done this to all of South America. Why do you think they’re in such poverty? Because we have chosen their leaders for them for far too long.

Our arrogance is beyond recognition. And so you’re sitting in a town in California or Texas or anyplace else and you’re thinking to yourself, ‘What do I do? They’re not coming into my town. I don’t hate these people. I understand, but they have to understand the United States government is crippling my town. It is their children versus my children. And I want to take care of everybody’s children. I will take care of these children. But they are not to stay here. They are to go back home.’

What do you think is happening on the border while we’re all paying attention to this? I have not heard this anywhere. Is anybody talking about this besides TheBlaze? What is being smuggled or who is being smuggled into our country while we pay attention to the kids? Watch the other hand. What else is happening at the border? And they’re talking about comprehensive immigration reform. Nobody is even willing to address the problem. And the problem is: The President of the United States, God bless him, is coming to Texas, and he will not go to the border. He will not meet with the governor of this state. This is worse than George Bush’s Katrina. George Bush was actually trying to send help. He got in a plane and flew over the devastation and looked at it from the air. At least the man looked at it. At least the man was on the phone with the local authorities and with the governor every single day – sometimes many times a day.

So here is a situation where people are seeing this. And it has nothing to do with the kids. It has nothing to do with anything other than our government becoming lawless. And these poor people look at what we’re trapping them into. We are trapping them into another country that is becoming lawless. They are trying to escape lawlessness.

My great uncle, Uncle Leo, he’s an Italian. When the war broke out, they didn’t know how it was going to end. And so the family took all their money – not just his family, the entire family took all of their money, and they sent Leo to the United States. Leo, you go, because we don’t know what’s going to happen to us. The family has to go on. Families have done that, as many of our own families have done that. That’s what’s happening at the border.

These countries are in peril. There is chaos and there is evil, and our government has supported it. And now they’re coming here. So we have no malice toward any of these people, except those that wish us ill. I understand why a parent would do that. I thank God I can’t relate to that because my family has never been in that much jeopardy. But I understand.

What I don’t understand is the United States government not doing its job and that’s why people are standing up at the border. That’s why people are standing up in their hometowns and stopping these buses. But I want to talk to you about the right way to do it and the wrong way to do it. I understand why you want to do it. You’re now being asked today for an additional $2 billion. For what? So you can feed people? So you can house people? So you can ship them to our cities and you can cripple our cities? No.

There is a better way. There is a better solution. But it requires people on all sides to come together and say, ‘Okay, let’s just talk about the truth here.’ We have to take care of people, but the last thing I want to do is spend more money through the federal government – give them a dollar so they can take 30 cents on that dollar and spend it the way they want to spend it. Let’s take care of this crisis ourselves while holding the feet to the fire.

Not another dime.

What have you done? You’ve lied to us every step of the way. No. We will take care of the humanitarian crisis, while we demand that you take care of the border crisis. It’s corruption. And we are feeding it by sending them money every month, every two weeks in our check. We’re feeding their corruption. Enough is enough.

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  • Krimsen King

    hey glenn… what ‘job’ do you do besides “PR”?? Is this not really your ONLY job??? hahahaha oh yeh, and another thing…. YOU ARE “THE MEDIA”…… hahaha good grief no self-perception WHATSOEVER…..

  • landofaahs

    The billions of dollars is nothing more than a lawyers welfare program.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn says American arrogance is “beyond recognition”. He sounds more liberal by the day. Glenn says Obama refuses to meet with Perry. CBS reports the opposite http://houston.cbslocal.com/2014/07/08/cbs-news-perry-to-sit-down-with-obama-for-substantive-meeting/ . Does Beck prepare at all for these shows?

    • Anonymous

      I really don’t understand Beck’s gibberish either. On the one hand he is against another dime to obama, but asked his followers to give to Mercury so that they can send help for those needy children. I think he just loves everybody, the good and the bad.

      • Anonymous

        I think Beck figures he’s rich enough and enough people will listen to whatever he says that he thinks he can coast and do each show without preparing. Maybe, but I see a LOT of posts by people that are seeing that not all Beck’s screws tight.

        • Anonymous

          Giving to the government is totally different than giving to Glenn’s charity, Mercury One, where every penny is given to the victims of whatever crisis is happening at the moment.

          • St Germain

            Hate to break it to you but less than 5% of the money that MercuryOne takes in actually goes to anything resembling charity. Their tax returns are public and it only takes a quick google search.
            The majority of the money goes to Tanya Beck and David Barton.
            You guys love to talk about ‘doing your your homework’ – here’s an opportunity to really try it out

    • Watch it

      Obviously Beck did this before it came out that Obama (according to Valerie Jarrett) finally would meet with Perry. However, Obama still refuses to visit any of the border patrol outposts that have been overrun.

      • Anonymous

        Perry is motivated by several items, but he forced Obama’s hand; nothing will be accomplished however; that is not on Obama’s schedule.

        • Watch it

          Obama was looking like a fool – he would go to campaign and fund raise, but not even bother to meet w/ Perry on such a big issue while there? What a jerk. He had to save face. Nothing will come of it, except that Perry could even make a bigger fool of the pompous ass.. I bet that if he wasn’t going to be there fund raising and campaigning, he would never have bothered to see Perry on the illegals surge issue. It just isn’t in his priorities.

    • St Germain

      I honestly believe it’s time to let Beck & his crew have their way.
      I actively encourage it.
      By all means, give him as much money as you can.Roll coal, drink a 48 oz soda 5 times a day. Home school your kids. Refuse health care. Refuse vaccines. Keep your kids away from birth control because we all know they’ll never get pregnant as long as they never learn how not to. Do everything you can to show the ‘elites’ who’s boss.Destroy your local environment . Make sure that a living wage is out of reach for a big part of your community.And most of all, walk around with automatic weapons in pubic. Everyone loves that.
      Meanwhile, I’ll do everything possible so that you never have to deal with me or my family. You’ll never see us. We’ll be at places like libraries,universities, salad bars and reality.
      I’m absolutely serious. Please follow through on all your dreams and let’s get it over with so that the rest of the civilized world can get back to being civilized.

  • Bonnie Somer


    • Anonymous

      We The People Have Only Two Journalists Glenn and AaronKlein!

      • Bonnie Somer

        that is not much of a choice we are in trouble now and talk must end

        • Anonymous

          just not with violence because antiAmerican islam terrorist hussein-obama wants violence, he can have More control with martial law. we have to fight with GOD! Lincoln said it, “its not that we are on Gods side its that we pray that GOd is on Our side!” We The People Have to Get Sheeple back to people with heart and back to God and His Church! (and not RevWrongWrightChurch) For HusseinObama,his islamBrotherhood and administration AdviCzars,lamestream Media,and the Left,Demoncrats are all followers of Lucifer-the father of lies–their playbook is RulesForRadicals book dedicated To Lucifer! Progressives for a hundred years are REgressive…to take down whats right!

          • Bonnie Somer

            I do believe in God right now i feel we have do be the human hands of the lord as Noah was when he called on him or Abraham or Moses. The time for impeachment is now more than ever.

          • stpatwanabe

            Yes the time is impeachment can we wake up the republicans ?! HusseinObama and his islambrotherhood vendetta is since the crusades plus even farther back with Ishmael banishment and Isaac s blessing even farther back with Lucifers banishment from the garden of life! For HusseinObama was raised on Lucifers two books the Quran and the lefts playbook RulesForRadicals!!

    • stpatwanabe

      The only law HusseinObama follows is the international law of sharia in the Quran! He never took the oath of citizenship- it says you must renounce all allegiance to other nations and become American! He’s not American n was raised to hate America! Raised by marxist terrorists to destroy America for the Ledts Dream utopia NewWorldOrder HusseinObama raised on Lucifers Two books the Quran and RulesForRadicals which was dedicated to lucifer the fathe of lies which is why he is so good at lying he’s the LyinKing! That’s why the took over the media first to keep people dumb so they can be controlled plus bringing in illegals to do what they want who have no allegiance to America!

  • Debbie

    Glenn I know you know this was a plan to collapse the system. This is the Government responsibility and I will not give a dime of my money to this corrupt system. I really feel sorry for this children they are being used as ponds to justify their corrupt means. This is not a shock to them they knew how it would happen and they knew the results. We need to remove this FRAUD from office. Oh yes it will be proven that he is a FRAUD!! Glenn please stop feeding into this corruption, they want us to feel sorry for these children it’s part of their agenda. Did you ever think once that one of the reason for this plan takeover is to turn TEXAS BLUE!! Wake Up!! They are trying their best to bring in the NEW WORLD ORDER and they must be stopped!!!

  • catfood

    Glenn , as a long time follower I just don’t even know which side of the fence your on anymore

    • Debbie

      I agree…..

      • Sunshine43

        Too bad, cause I sure know! He’s spot on!

        • Anonymous

          Yeah we know where Glenn stands anyone with a heart and commonsense understands Glenn !

          • Karen Johnson

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          • Anonymous

            Stop with your spam notes! Are you whoopie Goldberg? because she is reallyKaren Johnson

          • Doa74656

            Can’t wait till one of these illegals you love so much joins a gang and pulls out that heart

          • Anonymous

            who loves illegals? we do not need illegals in this country! we are not for helping illegals just Legal immigrants! illegal alien hussein-obama wants the illegals to create chaos and distraction destruction of America to be part of the “fundamental transformation” jihad and lefts dream utopia NewWorldOrder Mr Narcisisistcelebrity-in-chief to be dictator of the global “citizens of the world!”

          • Jason Yeagley

            Illegals should be turned away. But we got to be smart about this. If we do this smart, then we can turn the conversation from the plight of the illegal immigrants to sovereignty of our nation.

            That is why need to take care of the plight now so it isn’t used as a reason to for comprehensive immigration reform. If we take that out of the equation then what is left? All that is left is the rule of law.

          • kristina winters

            I agree… as a single mom back in school paying my own way… I see many illegals get free subsidized boarding, food, utility assistance AND getting paid to go to school. I am floored when I see this after paying for my class out of my own pocket and watching them take their FIVE kids to Free day care as I have to drive my daughter to school because she does not get free bus service like most who are illegal -BUT Obama said they are guaranteed an education. Why don’t we start charing these ill run countries for taking care of their people… I bet we would certainly see a change…If I am being told by Biden that they are my children… I Want to claim them on my taxes because they are draining me.

          • stpatwanabe

            Blind sheeple voted for the antiamerican antisemetic antiChristian islambrotherhood terrorist as our president who was raised by terrorists on Lucifers two books the Quran and RulesForRadicals books dedicated to the father of les- Lucifer! When lucifer is running your country our only hope is to speak up for God to get all people back to God and His church! As Our Founding Father created this country On God!

    • Anonymous

      Glenn, the idea of the US “having to take care of others” dates from the time the US was flush with cash after WWII until 2000. Today we are broke and we have an obligation to feed and clothe and find jobs for our own. You are trying to thread the needle between the pro and con position on this, but push has come to shove and we no longer can go around pretending we are the world’s rich Uncle Sam with money to burn. I find your argument more like that of a wishy washy liberal than anything else.

      • zemla

        A-freaking-men…..this has been one of my long standing arguments against US being a piggy bank for Europe via the UN and NATO (glaring at you,france). And the beckster has been getting pretty “liquid” in his opinions these days….sounds to me like somebody’s been “encouraged” to “play nice”

      • Anonymous

        But we should collect on all our debts from other countries ! We are Not America we are the UN- the UNofA- UnionNations of Amerika

    • Lorraine Terpening

      I was JUST coming here to say that exact same thing. He says support the kids, then don’t support the kids, which one is it Glenn?

      • Anonymous

        he will help people with food clothing and needs just not support amnesty to ILLegals. we will always help humanity just not making them legal. we will help and then send them back Home.

  • Wulf

    The money system, and taxes, are now mostly illusionary. Central banks can “loan” or “create” money whenever they wish. Collecting taxes may slow the crazy inflation train a bit, but the U.S. dollar end is nearing. The U.S. has had world reserve currency for close to 100 years; the reality TV watching drones are in for a rude awakening when their bag of Cheetos costs $80.

    • zemla

      all us spoiled poor in this country are sure gonna be upset to find out what poor really means (hint- it doesn’t always include electricity and running water)

  • Anonymous

    Don’t ask Congress for money. Go around them. Use your pen and your phone. Obama is good at fund raising and in fact is going to Texas this week for fund raising. Just continue to raise funds from your friends and donate to the Illegals. Problem solved!!

  • Kyle Sewell

    take the $3.7 billion dollars from the IRS. And keep cutting them until they find the missing e-mails

    • Anonymous

      Oh yeah that is a great idea! That’s what we should do!!! (Oh by the way Kyle is your grandma named Fran- my aunt? )

      • Kyle Sewell


    • stpatwanabe

      We have to abolish most of the government agencys all we need is the agency’s that George Washington started this country on! Washington started this country in God! The Left ended that with regressive progressivism for a hundred years and liberalism for fourty we’ve been living fourty years in the desert of liberalism! Oh I get it that’s why Jews vote demoncrat –their fourth years in the desert! I wish they would wake up and see HusseinObama is destroying their promiseland! With his antisemitism pro PalestineIslam!

  • Boo2

    “What is being smuggled or who is being smuggled into our country while we pay attention to the kids?”
    Well gee Glen. Let me think about that! How about terrorists?? You know, the ones they’re “searching” for at airports. The ones who aren’t even trying to get in there?! They’re all coming across our border! BOob has all the attention on ‘the kids’ not where it should be.
    Don’t be surprised when things start going really bad.
    Thanks BOob!

  • Debbie

    Yes we are so concern about the kids but what about Gangs and Terrorist being sent across the border. This is an invasion to start something…..I smell a RAT

    • zemla

      Me too!

  • Guest
  • Anonymous

    Wow, Glenn. You want people to avoid taking action because of how the media will portray them? Isn’t that the rationale establishment Republicans use to go along with the Dems? The MSM will portray conservatives as wackos no matter what we do, so we might as well do what’s right.

    As for hating the people coming into this country illegally, yes I hate them. Let them come in legally and I’ll love them.

    • zemla

      Most hosts will condemn civilian action so they can be pontius pilate and protect positions of power and wealth

      • zemla

        Andd other words that begin with “p” hehe

    • Anonymous

      Yep that is the AdviCzar administrations “created crisis not to let go to waste” tug at our heartstrings to make US feel sorrow for the children, it’s all planned this way! Let immigrants in legally the same way Europeans came in through Ellis Island! It you were impure or have a disease you were send back! Learn and follow the rules and language willing to work

    • BlueMN

      If they are granted amnesty and made “legal” would you suddenly love them? I doubt it.

      • Anonymous

        What a stupid question. Granting them amnesty doesn’t mean they all of a sudden came in legally. Tell me, if someone raped your daughter and was pardoned, would you consider him innocent?

        • BlueMN

          What a stupid answer. Granting amnesty all of the sudden means it doesn’t matter how they came in and are now “legal,” and therefore you’ll “love” them? Again, I doubt it. Comparing a misdemeanor like jumping a fence to rape is ridiculous.

          • Anonymous

            New to reading? I did NOT say I would love them, because granting them amnesty doesn’t wipe away the fact that they came in illegally. Don’t like the rape analogy? How about burglary, given that they’re stealing from us? A burglar steals from you and is caught. He is pardoned. Does that mean he didn’t steal from you? Would you therefore let him keep your stuff and treat him like anyone else? I doubt it. Liberals…..can’t live with ’em, can’t explain anything to them.

          • BlueMN

            Short-term memory problems? “Let them come in legally and I’ll love them.” Amnesty=legal. Burglary analogy fails too because they are not stealing from us.
            Fascists…..facts are meaningless to them, mostofthetime.

          • Anonymous

            My, but you are dim. YOU said amnesty means they came in legally. I didn’t, and showed exactly why with the burglary analogy. Amnesty does NOT mean they came in legally. And they’re not stealing from us? Right. Free ER visits, free schooling, etc., doesn’t cost anyone anything. The money comes from Obama’s stash, right? Liberals…can’t live with ’em; and they’re stupid. Also, they often misuse the word fascism because they’re ignorant. Radical liberals are fascists who want to control businesses in the US. Look up the word, dimwit.

  • Diane

    So we have proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that our borders are not secure because even a CHILD can get in this country with no problem. It seems that, instead of spending our money to help other countries find security, we are letting all the other countries just move HERE and we instead spend our money supporting them HERE! Those who say war is not the answer, I get that. But I guess the alternative to a war on THEIR land against THEIR abusive regimens is to allow all the citizens of those countries to just leave their abusive system and come here. I personally don’t think we have enough land space….and I see China looming as the example of what is ahead of us. We have no leadership who knows how to preserve this nation, but is rather agreeable to throwing us all under the bus. Literally.

  • Laurie

    Glenn, I agree with all you are saying about the corruption and problems that are happening in Central America, and that under those circumstances, I might consider sending my children. But, even if we send our money to take care of these children, what assurances to we have at all that these children will never be sent home, and our towns will end up taking care of them? As someone who volunteers at an after-school program for at-risk children in Houston, I can tell you, the system is completely overwhelmed and we can’t even educate and deal with the people that are already here. There are native-born Americans that need a LOT of help, and there isn’t enough workers or money. The families that are here will multiply and the problem will get even bigger if we don’t take care of who we already have here.

    And what about these people staying and fighting for their own countries? Are we not enabling them by not enforcing our borders?

    My heart aches all the time because I want to lift the families I work with out of poverty. I literally buy groceries and school supplies for the families I know. I am totally compassionate, but before one dime goes to take care of these kids, they should be putting them right back on planes bound for Mexico and alerting the media in their countries where their children can be picked up. How about stopping all tourist flights to Mexico until our Marine is returned and Mexico agrees to take these children? How about all aid to Mexico and Central America immediately stopped until these children are delivered to Mexico?

    Yes, America was founded on the premise of taking the world’s poor, tired, and oppressed, but we have done that to the tune of millions over the last couple of decades, and it’s time to take care of our own first.

  • Michael mcCall

    Glenn, I’m not sure you realize that Obama is finally overwhelming the system and will cause it to collapse on top of all of us. You used to teach this concept when you were on FOX. What happened to you? I understand your faith and you are looking to God for guidence as our country is in the throes of social, racial and idealololgical implosion. Is it possible that maybe you are trying to avoid a collapse by demanding the government allow the humantarian groups to administer to the illegals while they handle the border? It won’t work simply because the government has demonstrated it is not interested in securing our borders.
    Like a lot of people, I am inclined to think the government is attempting to overwhelm the system to bring about protests and civil unrest.
    No doubt the liberal social commentators and activists will call these protests “racist” and stir the pot to cause civil unrest and martial law. The catalyst is Homeland Security riot police exceeding its authority and turning a peaceful protest into a
    violent one and martial law declared either on a local, regional or national level. If martial law is declared along with suspension of the Consutition and bill of rights, all debates, discussions and talk is over, period.

    • 1776Patriot

      Unfortunately, you’re exactly right! By that time, it will be too late because they will come to your home in the middle of the night to take you and your family to the FEMA camps. Plus, you won’t be able to fight back as they prepare to execute you by firing squad. Remember, the federal government has ordered billions of rounds of hollow point ammunition. What are they going to use it for? Why did they order all this ammo? And why hollow point? Answer: It makes a nice big hole as it enters your body or head. And they can and will use it on the populace who do not comply and convert to their way of thinking (ideology of Marxism), sort of like….CONVERT OR DIE!….Just like Islam….”The ‘Religion’ of Peace” Not much difference between the two, is there? No difference. They’re in cohoots with each other, directly, or indirectly. And if they’re not in cohoots with each other, then why are so many Muslims in prominent positions in Homeland Security?

  • Johnathan Read

    ‘Not another dime’ ??

    How about the life of your child? How much is that worth ?

    American children’s lives are at stake.

    One over looked point.The real cost.

    We all know that many of these children coming across the border are sick and many have deadly diseases.Tuberculosis,scabies,chicken pox and MRSA staph infections have been found.

    Many are contagious and people are being transported to different parts of the state and different parts of the country.

    What Americans will pay to provide medical care will be in the millions and possibly billions.

    Aside the financial cost there will possibly be a human cost.

    Will parents also pay with the lives of their children ?

    Hospitals have only so many Doctors, rooms, beds and corridors .

    What if your child becomes ill and you go to the Hospital only to be told that all the rooms, beds and corridors are full of illegal children plus there is no doctor available to look at your child?

    This could easily happen in areas where large numbers of these children are dropped off.

    Will American children be denied health care because the Hospital’s resources have been maxed out?

  • Glenn Coughlin

    Beck gets carded to buy alcohol…isn’t he supposedly Mormon…maybe he is buying it for friends? Maybe he is also a fake Mormon?

    Also…quick update…the US does not have an official language! But I appreciated the veiled attempt to hide the racism against Spanish speaking persons living in the US.

    Finally, I think it is pretty pathetic that the gun toting right is more than happy to start wars in countries to help innocent children but refuse to help scared women and children entering the US. The right probably wouldn’t care about the cash if they weren’t so worried about the people eventually gaining the vote!

    • Anonymous

      We may not have an official language. .but we should. I’m all for maintaining your culture. .being bilingual is awesome. But you can’t move to a country and expect them to accommodate you. Doesn’t happen anywhere else. Love the country and the opportunity it affords you? Learn the language. Not racist. ..common courtesy and respect

    • Anonymous

      Oh shut your pie hole, liberal. Glenn was speaking in general terms, metaphorically, regarding needing I.D. for various things. You would understand this if you understood the English language.

  • Anonymous

    We must reverse our course towards bankruptcy and move back in line with the Constitution and the limits our Founding Fathers placed on our federal/national
    government’s involvement in our lives and their spending. They limited our national government to those issues listed in our Constitution Article I, Section 8, Clauses 1-18. They came back and passed the Bill of Rights and it was ratified on December 15, 1791 which included our Tenth Amendment which states: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

    Here is a quote from an excellent article by Walter E. Williams, July 6, 2010, “How Did We Get Here? -When Legalized Theft Becomes Routine, It Pays for
    Everyone to Participate.”

    “In 1794 James Madison, the acknowledged father of our Constitution, wrote disapprovingly of a $15,000 appropriation for French refugees saying, “I cannot undertake to lay my finger on that article of the Constitution which granted a right to Congress of expending, on objects of benevolence, the money of their constituents.” This vision was restated even more forcefully on the floor of the House of Representatives two years later by William Giles of Virginia, who condemned a relief measure for fire victims.

    Giles insisted that it was neither the purpose nor the right of Congress to “attend
    to what generosity and humanity require, but to what the Constitution and their duty require.”

    If a church or a non-profit organization wants to feed the illegal aliens, fine, however, not a dime of federal/national money can be spent on this. Who is going to bail us out when we go bankrupt? China, Russia, Saudi Arabia? I think not.

  • Anonymous

    We don’t border South America. Why is Mexico letting them in ?

  • Anonymous

    Tragedy Of The Commons. There is not an endless supply of money, resources or space. To be fair and humane, we should not give the impression to anyone that the situation is otherwise.

  • NMx

    Its absolutely the further reaches of cognitive dissonance that we are told we have to be groped at the airport for security…. that more and more technology is springing up to spy on us robbing our privacy…that because there are dangerous people out there we must give up more and more of our Constitution… none of us really believe it but it just keeps rolling into a bigger and bigger snowball rolling downhill… Yet we watch in astonishment as border guards are told to ignore illegals overruning our borders by the hundreds of thousands… bring the plagues, hardcore crirminals, drug dealers with strawberry flavored meth for grade school kids…perverts/rapists/child molesters……while our tax dollars roll into Washington and Obama sneers and us and gives us the middle finger..on every front…. I’m sick of it, it has to be stopped

    • Anonymous

      Just tell the SOB that you have _________ (fill in your disease of choice) Scabies is good, TB is better; tell him to grope away.

  • Barbara Howard Bell Atteberry

    Weren’t you just begging us all last week to send money for these people. Make up you mind Glenn

  • Anonymous

    That is $
    33,000 per child. For half of that we can send them home and spend the rest of it on a fence.

  • cann2017

    I see….a human being, distressed about our country, I see a Christian man, worried about these feelings. I see a man who loves his country and God and he happens to own a media show. Love ya Glenn/Keep on keepin on.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, I agree with your “love” method vs non-violence. Yes, King was a peaceful protester. But, let’s be honest. Would things really have changed for the Black population were it not for the riots and street violence? If it were not for the riots there would not have been as much media coverage and there would not have been anything to fear to cause the politicians to change laws. That was then, Glenn. This is a new animal we are fighting. They are evil people, without sound reasoning, judgement, or compassion for fellow man. This is a crisis of ALL MANKIND, not just Americans. If we lose this battle, life and freedom for ALL MANKIND will cease to exist. Yes, I believe this is the Bubba Effect. We are already seeing calls for Obama to “do something”. People will stand and fight, Glenn. You say this is different than the Revolutionary Patriots. I say this is worse. They had a common goal and a common enemy. We are divided among many factions with each sect wanting the outcome to go their way. Patriots today see this as a “do or die” situation regarding their country, freedoms, future generations. We have everything to gain and everything to lose. I don’t believe peaceful measures will resonate with the Left or with the Muslim jihadists. I love you Glenn, and appreciate all your efforts. I pray you can help guide the outcome.

  • Anonymous

    Guatemala is not a war torn country. Frankly,I am glad if people are finally forming their own milititias.

  • Benjamin I

    There are many ways to do this correctly. Correctly would start by having every member of the trilateral system spend a day locking arms on the border. At least then they would feel a little bit of the problem they hold there noses to and blindly bargain for votes with. The fence or any other brilliant form of controlling the border or even our rocky foundation of a financial fireplace we call a future starts with fresh minds in places all over American politics getting into and involved with our future. God please still bless America with the grace you once had for us.

  • Daniel Halverson

    If the problem is not resolving then the real source of the problem has not been isolated. That’s all I have to say about this right now.

  • Anonymous

    This was planned by Obama and how hard is it to see that he’s privately rejoicing that this is tearing the country apart? Now we have yet another reason for him to justify yet another executive order. And how many conservatives are going to argue with him using that power when he’s trying to make it easier to send these children home?

    Of COURSE this is planned. Of COURSE this is what he wants. If he can get conservatives cheering his plan to unilaterally wrest power from what does not belong to the president, but rather, the legislative, then he wins. No lawsuits, no protests. Just a simple bloodless coup that further cements his abuse of power in custom, tradition and precedent if not in law.

    Those who believe Barack Obama to be a well meaning, but bumbling fool are describing themselves. This man is anything BUT foolish, and this has been planned for over a year. Wake up citizenry!

  • Anonymous

    Tired of our government creating crisis to enslave us and our children?

  • Christopher Pickett

    I have some issue with your discussion, Glen. You denounce militias and the only actions left to the people to dispute this administration’s actions without having a real answer. I cannot remember which of the founding fathers said this, but should we reach the point where the government would not answer our petitions to redress our grievences, we are obligated to cast down such a government. The problem we face now will only grow because we cannot trust those that are supposed to, and claim to speak for the people. If the people have lost faith in their government and no matter what we do, we cannot change t what is happening, then why do you denounce our only recourse. All we have left to us is be vocal against this government and to protest and show to our government that we SHALL NOT STAND for these actions of a tyrant again. We cannot rely only on prayer and being non confrontational and hope that things will change. We have gone too far for this, we can’t just hope that if we pray it will change. We must stand up and show them that we refuse to allow this to happen any longer. I don’t mean to say we must have a coup, but if we only rely on prayer and hope that things will change we will fall. Unless we make very plain to these politicians and this administration that we will not allow this to continue with out consequence we will watch our country fall around us. It is our sacred duty to stand against tyranny or we shall lose all of our freedoms and we will deserve it. I know you feel that your call against these actions in the past had only caused division and strife, but sadly in times like this, there will always be strife and division of men. During the Revolution, many men chose to side with tyrant and some against him. We cannot just sit idly by and hope for the best for nothing will change. It takes action, strength of will and justice, not just hiding, non aggression, and only prayers. While I do believe prayer is powerful, we cannot only rely on it, we must combine faith and action for God doesn’t change the whole society for the few faithful. He allows us to take responsibility for our actions, but he won’t just say well because enough of you are praying, I will stop the tyrant. He did not intercede for all the Christians when Nero slaughtered them. Yes they went home, but he did not save that society for the actions and prayer of the Christians there. I do believe we must pray, but do not sound the call of non action, and to avoid the conflict that is brewing. If we do that, the only action left is to give up and let what is happening happen in the hopes that it will stop. This time it is right to sound the call of rebellion. To rebel against a tyrant who believes it is his right to steamroll over our rights, it is our power, not his. We the people have given him his power, and it is up to us to take his power away. It is time to awaken all of America, to stand against his lawlessness and to remove this tyrant from his perch atop our rights as the people who gave him the chance to be a good leader. It is our duty to remove him and all of his fellow tyrants from office. Please do not try to take responsibility for the discord that the liberal socialists have sown. It is their fault, not yours. Stop wallowing in your self flagellation. Stop trying to feel guilty for their actions. It makes you seem weak and now is not the time to do this. You know that no matter what, not everyone will agree with you, you will always have enemies and haters. Trying to appease everyone will only alienate more people and do exactly the opposite of what you are trying to do. I feel it’s time for you to speak out, and stop trying to make those that despise you, like you, they will never like you. Trying so hard to try to bring the doubters and the haters together with those that believe in liberty and freedom, will only end in failure. You won’t be able make everyone happy nor should you try, so stop trying. Believe in what you believe, be true to yourself, stand for what you know is right.

  • BessieJBolden

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  • David Mclaughlin

    I remember a few weeks back Glenn when you said we should take care of these people. I usually agree with you but that’s one time I didn’t for sure. I ( as most others did ) knew Obama is full of chit. Once we open the door and say ” ok lets give ” well then he continues to take and take . Never do I want any of my money used to help any of them. Not that I have anything against them personally and yes I do feel bad for them. I feel they shouldn’t have gotten here in the first place though. I also feel media ( ALL MEDIA ) tries to take side with both parties and increase ratings and so on. I do feel you are playing both sides of the fence a little and I hate to say that because I have never thought that before. More money for this, more money to support Iran, more money more money thats all we hear. Keep them out and let’s start hearing ” less money spent. “

  • David Mclaughlin

    Anyone looking to buy Glenns 3 month supply of food for $495. I’ll sell you seeds for a garden for $50 that can last you a year. lmfao Or simply clip some coupons and buy canned food for much less. Must be rough trying to make a buck these days.

  • barrackislama

    Another pro-illegal alien groveler.

  • bucketnutz

    This President has used his pen to Nullify Laws he does not agree with, so this 2008 Law allowing these children to come here can be nullified by using his Pen , but he won’t do it. Obama caused this mess and he should fix it.

  • ken.

    glenns teddy bears need to be reclassified by the BATFE as biological weapons of mass destruction. they are perfect for carrying and distributing all the diseases the illegals are carrying. they will endanger all the illegals, immigration officers and other workers, then when the illegals are dumped onto the streets and schools of our communities all of us citizens will be at risk.

  • Anonymous

    I feel for the Marine that wandered over the border to Mexico. Look at how he is being treated for crossing the border. We embrace and welcome anyone who comes over.

    This is being done on purpose to overwhelm our country in order to bring it down. Obama will use these people to elect a democratic senate and congress. Then he can do just about anything he wants and complete the job of destroying this country. Meanwhile, these people will be in worse shape then they are now. Americans will grow more angry causing a civil war. Presto, you have the crisis the progressives have been wanting. Of course, they will have to take us all in to FEMA camps for our protection after the violence breaks out. I would say the plan is going as scheduled.

  • disqus_E4Vdp7qC06

    What Glenn wants to do is give these kids some compassion. If you donate to the SPCA, it is highly unlikely that most of the money goes to the animals but if you take food and pet beds to your local shelter, you are assured the animals get what they need. This is all he is doing. If you send money to the Red Cross the money never goes to where it is supposed to but if you send food to smaller groups of families in crisis, it goes to where it needs to. Glenn is only getting needed items to actually help the kids. It doesn’t change how he feels about the situation that the Dictator has caused. They are here and by giving them a soccer ball, clothes and food does NOT help the dictators cause.

    • Anonymous

      you’re right, you said that right- for all those who think Glenn is caving, thank you. catfood listen to E4Vdp

  • http://henrymakow.com/lucifers_chosen_people.html Jew Whisperer

    In this increasingly bizarre, weird, insane world of infinite possibilities should I find myself running for president allow me to make my first campaign promise. 24/7 patrols of predator drones on our southern border loaded to the gills with napalm. Illegals are not welcome, and I will use the utmost extreme measure to that end. You cross, you burn, that is that. Next….Thank you America, I appreciate your support :-)

  • Jason Yeagley

    I think we got to figure out the immigration problem. However if we don’t approach it right, then all is lost. We can show compassion to these children who are being used as political pawns and take it to the administration at the same time.

  • One_Pissed_Off_American

    Just lost a long long time supporter! WHERE does it state anywhere that I’m to work 21/22 hour days 7 days a week to support invaders? You are taking food, water and resources away from AMERICANS. I can show you kids that have nothing. No soccer balls! NO FOOD! And they are AMERICANS!

  • Evergreen Fields

    In this related article, more high school students infected with tuberculosis imported by illegal aliens: http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2013/dec/20/45-calif-students-one-school-test-positive-tubercu/

  • Fitnessnut

    If these countries are so bad and parents fear for their children’s safety, then I have a great suggestion… Don’t be selfish – Quit having children.

  • kristina winters

    I agree with you Glenn…I am Citizen since birth as well as my parents, grandparents, GGrandparents…. as a single mom I don’t get anything free as I see most of the students who hardly speak English in my daughters school get. If one student (non English speaking) is short 10 cents for lunch- they get it anyway..My daughter is told she can take a PB sandwich and they take the meal away. OH and the lady telling her that is also a broken English speaker that I had to argue with when my daughter told me the story… I have to pay for buss and all her extra curriculum activities… including field trips while all of those who are non citizens get it for free (because Obama said- they deserve an education) well are we to forget our own children in the process of serving others who aren’t citizens… I am also back in school trying to finish my degree and I see women who hardly speak English getting free tuition AND getting paid to attend. My daughter needs braces and while we are waiting to get an estimate because my insurance does not pay for it – they are handing in two types of insurances… A BC/BS AND Medical… How is it that these people become my priority.,… If I am having to pay the bill for them while I am struggling… we should all have the right to claim them on our taxes and they should not claim their children because I am being told they are my kids (according to BIDEN) – I should be the one to collect on them at tax time…

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