‘There are no happy endings': An in-depth look at the turmoil in Iraq

The Middle East is on fire. Israel and Hamas continue to trade rocket fire, while ISIS is on the march in Iraq. With a caliphate officially declared and a leader named, Glenn explained on Wednesday’s Glenn Beck Program that he believes the coming weeks and months will see a further devolution of the situation that ignites a Sunni-Shia war. That war will stretch from Pakistan all the way to Spain, and the implications will be global.

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“There are no happy endings,” Glenn said somberly.

When you consider the bloodshed and sacrifice the United States has already endured in the region, it is troubling to think it could all be for nought. How can we possibly sit by and watch our sacrifice “get flushed down the toilet”? At the same time, how can we possibly believe another dollar or another life can solve this problem.

As he has discussed before, Glenn believes it is time for the American people to come together and courageously declare: Not one more. No more money. No more bloodshed.

“Non-interventionist is not only best course of action but the only course of action,” Glenn said.

Instead, it is time to chart a new course, and Glenn said he is willing to give anyone who has a solution as to how best to deal with this turmoil a platform from which to share those ideas.

Later in the program, TheBlaze’s national security editor Buck Sexton was joined by American Enterprise Institute scholar Michael Rubin to war-game the possible outcomes in Iraq and the Middle East more generally.

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In this Red Cell: Iraq, Buck and Rubin looked at five possible scenarios and the regional and global implications of each. For those unfamiliar with the term, a Red Cell is a wargaming exercise that looks specifically at high-impact, low-probability scenarios – things that could happen and, if they did happen, would really make a big impact.

Below are the five possible outcomes that were discussed:

1. Baghdad falls to ISIS

Both Rubin and Buck agreed this is the worst-case scenario for both the Middle East and the West. Iran would inevitably get involved, and the entire region would, as Rubin described, be set “alight.”

2. ISIS sets up training camps and government apparatus

While the caliphate has been declared, it is not a formal state. ISIS has, however, already begun distributing passports and other documentation to residents of the Syrian and Iraqi regions under its control. Rubin believes further formalization will only increase the likelihood of a terrorist attack in the West, for the root of terrorist activity is not born of oppression but an unmitigated desire for conformity.

3. ISIS conducts external terror attack against the West

Despite the United States’ weariness of  war – especially another war in the Middle East – a terrorist attack on U.S. soil would undoubtedly lead to military intervention because the terrorists can more easily metastasize when the western forces are not in their way. As Rubin explained, without troops on the ground, there is much less actionable intelligence available.

4. Jordan falls

ISIS is already on Jordanian borders, and should the monarchy fall, the balance of power in the Middle East will be fundamentally redrawn in a way the world has not seen since World War II. Rubin believes that if Jordan fall, not only will Israel lose one of the few buffers it enjoys, but Saudi Arabia will likely face a similar threat.

5. Emergence of Kurdish state

The emergence of a Kurdish state in Iraq may very well be the best scenario for the West. While the Turks typically oppose Kurdish statehood – for fear their own Kurd population will revolt – the country has given its blessing (to some extent) to the Iraqi Kurds. Iran, however, will not be as welcoming of such a state. The Iranians have condemned and will continue to condemn such statehood for the minority group for reasons similar to Turkey.

  • Anonymous

    No more Beck for our family. We were BIG TIME fans of his (since 2010 ) until the teddy bear and soccer ball stuff. Then my husband who has been posting on The Blaze site since day one made some comments about it. He has now been DELETED and no longer able to give his opinion. SO LONG !!!!

    • Johnathan Read

      Giving your opinion is one thing, but breaking the rules for posting is another.

    • Sue Waidelich

      I think Beck’s plan is good; IF those children end up here ( I pray not) then to have someone show them kindness will impact them other than seeing Big Brother there to coddle them. Those children are unwitting pawns.

      • mtman2

        Change the laws tonight, then these child-pawns can be healed/helped and flown right back to home countries and families but diligently pursue directed-aid THERE in that nation toward fair markets+equal opportunity under their updated laws w/Constitutional guarantees. NOT spending 10-times that amount to keep them here!

  • ken.

    our founding fathers were non-interventionists, it’s about time we restore our country back to their intentions. too many people confuse it with isolationist which is much different. no one can fix the middle east, it is a lost cause. we pay countries to not fight against us and/or each other with aid and/or oil (opec ) and they just give aid and support to countries and terrorist groups that do fight us and/or each other. they also continue to preach and teach hatred to all non-muslims and muslims that are not the same muslim as they are, even though the differences are very small. russia and china are also supporting those countries and terrorist groups to keep our military overextended and overworked not to mention keeping them overseas away from home. we need to bring our military home where they will soon be needed.

    • Anonymous

      The Founding Fathers lived at a time when it took a month to cross the Atlantic Ocean. Now depending on the mode of transport it either takes 3 hours or 3 milliseconds (by Internet). Adams and Jefferson would reconsider isolation as a form of foreign policy in today’s world. Of course the US cannot police the world, but to try to avoid this crap in Iraq will lead to billions dead.

      • ken.

        you don’t understand the difference between non-interventionist and isolationist. let them fight each other who cares! if any country or terrorist group attacks us, then we send a missile shock and awe until they have no government and military infrastructure left. it’s the terrorists that are already here in america and central and south america that we need our troops to take care of. for those who would travel here in 3 hours what good is it if our troops are over there.

        • Anonymous

          But that is the problem, we fight wars with hands tied behind our backs. This is a strategy to lose a war not win it. The terrorists are in it to win. The West is more concerned about collateral damage than killing the enemy which wants to destroy our way of life. I agree that they should fight each other, but if they come after us like 9/11 we should not think twice to fight with all we got.

          • bananaman

            Your ‘strategy’ point makes me think.. imagine the relative expenditures of ‘us’ verses ‘the terrorists’. There’s only one winner in that war of attririon. It’s in plain sight now.

            It needs to be considered that US forces are actually serving NATO, not America.

    • mtman2

      When became 3rd POTUS -Thomas Jefferson deal with the continuing problem of Islamic-Barbary-pirates in the Mediterranean by sending seriously committed American-Patriot soldier/sailors to go take care of the verminous creeps holding up necessary commerce and costing huge sums of profit to citizen+nation alike.
      Ken the world of today’s interconnected+interdependent communities are not “months by sea away” and the USA has by virtue of these very Founders miraculous Principles places America as the one leader/protector of freedom+Liberty in the world.

      • ken.

        you have absolutely no clue about the intent of the founding fathers. they were non-interventionists, yes when pirates were attacking us they did their duty to protect us. they did not get involved in other countries civil wars, it was non of our business, we were not intended to become the worlds police. most of the middle east is their own civil wars and wars with other countries and has nothing to do with us. terrorists just like the pirates are our problem.

        • mtman2

          The Founders, ken, didn’t intend nuclear missiles and enemies that will use them either, that’s not the point. You don’t know enough of them or regard them well enough in the first place.
          Take time to read LOTS more of what they wrote to better grasp the unfolding of their gifted Principles in motion through emanating time and world events that they knew and spoke of.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like Glenn agrees with Obama again! Obama opposed invading Iraq and appropriately got out as soon as possible. The US would be there forever in a peace-keeping mission. However, if ISIS threatens the US, we should covertly intervene. We should have a serious intelligence effort, which I guess we already do.

    • mtman2

      Oba-Mao opposed the Constitution, OUR free-enterprise system and the moral compass of the majority of Americans too, so what!? If your gonna do something do it right clear through. NOT like WWI+WWII, Korea, Vietnam with Leftist Dem oversight.
      WE had all you said, before Oba-Mao ran outof Iraq(on U.S.blood+treasure) -EARNED by better men than those criminal-creepy-monsters over there!
      For what?…again… more 1/2 @zzed un-American anarchical-chaos as a result. WRONG!!!
      Glenn isn’t stupid -but policies pursued for decades have been, and at OUR military’s expense- falling on families of TRUE-PATRIOTS.
      This is NOT what OUR Founders envisioned.

  • bananaman

    Who kitted ISIL out again ?

    The ridiculous situation exists that when in Syria : the Globalist forces (with help from the Gulf dictatorships) train and arm ISIL & Co.

    When they cross the Border into Iraq they’re the enemy. Back and forth.

    Now they’re threatening to take half of Europe, clever.

    Looks like the religious nuts might get the Holy War they so crave after all..

    • mtman2

      They so far are a bunch of renegade Islamic/terrorist-criminals, that no-one yet has the gumption(for political appearances) to vaporize these miscreants.
      But if it does go unchecked long enough to be a real and immenant threat to Israel, they WILL suddenly be vaporized if mistakenly group together for a meeting.
      Bibi Netanyahu will most likely only wait so long on Iran and then inform trusted U.S. military-men that they need to get POTUS/NATO on board for the ensueing surgical strike or be prepared for an all out conventional apocalypse called Armageddon in the middle east!

      • bananaman

        These renegades have largely just moved on from Lybia and Syria. The sources of their encouragement, training, financing, arming etc. cannot be denied. Obama’s just sending another 5 Bn to the “moderates” in Syria if he can. The “moderates” John McCain was being all gung-ho and chummy with ? They were actually ISIL.

        Where do you think those resources end up eventually ? Not that they need them now since they’ve been able to rob half the banks in Syria and Iraq, as well as reportedly acquire Chemical and Nuclear Materials.

        This has all been made possible by the phoney War on Terror and Anglo-American Empire foreign policy mis-adventures that have left, almost without exception, half the planet in a state of catastrophe.

        I’d be a bit worried about this lot, if they gain much more traction they could be a problem for a lot of people for a long time. The prospect of a large scale ‘holy’ conflict is a possibility.
        And it’s likely by design.

        Don’t worry, the Iranians will probably mop them up for you..

        • mtman2

          Iran can say one thing and do the opposite while shaking your hand, We will see!

        • mtman2

          I can’t regain a response site so will address you here, Fly!
          You obviously are a Hamas troll. You have no idea of my sources but yours are clearly anti American, Jew-hating and Pro-terrorist and have been outed here now.
          You evidently think people are so stupid as to not see right through you, well I do and have no respect for your PARASITIC ALIGNMENT WITH THE MONSTERS YOU attempt to defend. Take a hike into Tel Aviv today, Israel could turn those Arab/state-offcast gypsy welfare cases into glass. Don’t cry with your BS to me, understand the endtimes are Abrahamic in Biblical terms, not Mohammedic as per the Luciferian-Queeran.

          • bananaman

            NO connection to Hamas. Nobody’s Troll either.
            I haven’t aligned with any monsters. You may or may not have seen me post elsewhere recently that I wish the Rockets into Israel would stop. But they are what they are – pea shooters.

            Two Israeli’s ‘injured’ so far verses 140 Palestinians dead mostly women and children, God knows how many injured and suffering.
            Bombing civilians, not to mention using Chemical Weapons is fundamentally against International Law.

            I have the luxury of viewing it all from a position of non-religious and non-political bias. You I think don’t.

            “the endtimes are Abrahamic in Biblical terms” – you’re as extreme as any suicide bomber.

            “Israel could turn those Arab/state-offcast gypsy welfare cases into glass” – exposes your bigotry and racism.

          • mtman2

            Problem with you Fly is you don’t listen well or have good reading comprehenshon but that’s never stopped you from sticking both feet in your mouth.
            Could and should, are two different things you antisemite. IF the mad-dog Arabs could’ve they already would have nuked Israel and you(this you know or are dumber than you sound), and they still will. Your inability to read between the line betrays a very arrogant but distant amusement at the world around you.
            All these things are an accumulation of prophesies you are too detached to recognize but have been fulfilled anyway.
            Your the mouth at the scene everybody has to go around to get anything done and are just in the way.
            Simplistic observation as the know it all ner’do-well.

            Nah, you don’t wish anything stops, then you’d have nothing to idly whine about depending on how you feel about something at the moment.
            Maybe your neighbors should shoot at your family with .22’s and pellet rifles and have someone tell you not to shoot back at pinpointed targets. Of course these animals put their women and children in front of them , knowing Israeli’s WON’T shoot. Better yet strap bombs on their kids(and have hundreds of times) to blow up Jewish “women and kids”. You act so selfrighteous but have a obvious bent by ommiting what you believe ‘us ignorant folks’ here won’t know about.
            Well Mr, Notso-Bright you might be shocked that what you think is so right, isn’t and that WE may know far more than you about a far bigger picture as well as on the scene info.
            Your “position of luxury” is way to removed from reality.

          • bananaman

            I think it’s you missing the point again…

            Blanket terming Arabs as “offcast gypsy welfare cases” was the point. Then you followed it up by calling them all “mad-dog Arabs”. By those statements you regard them all as inferior to yourself because of their skin colour and/or where they live.
            That’s racism by any defenition.

            I’m no anti-semite, and I’m not perturbed by that old chestnut. Judgement should be made on individuals as individuals. If you read any holy book, which I presume you do it’ll tell you that.

            “pinpointed targets” – you do like your propaganda don’t you ? So it’s ok to “pinpoint” bomb a suspects house with their parents, grandparents, and children all in it is it ? Does that happen where you live ?
            Don’t forget that Gaza is about the most densely populated strip of land on Earth. It probably won’t be long before Drones are doing the same thing where you live so we’ll see how ya like it then.. Your parents got blown up because they lived next door to someone your government doesn’t like. Fair enough eh ?

            Are you aware that in the ‘search’ for the perpetrators of the three Israeli teenager deaths : that there were several hundred homes invaded and ransaked ; from memory around 500 arrests ; property destroyed ; oh and five murders. Does that happen where you live ?
            I mean 500 arrests for the murder of three.. how exactly does that circle get squared ? And it was quite feasibly and Mossad job anyway.

            I’m sorry for you that you’re clearly a victim of mass propaganda. Because if you are dictated to by a holy book, and that book enforces some kind of judgement prior to accession, you may have some difficulties relating to your undying support of this brutality.

            And it’s ‘too’ removed btw.
            My spelling can be iffy so I’m sure you’ll have your revenge 😉

          • mtman2

            Nah, ridiculing petty grammatical errors is for the childish Lib/Prog/socialists to throw at folks.
            On the other hand you don’t know enough to say on any point you’ve attempted to plant your bias(which IS obvious).

            I will point out I did not say “all” I said ‘the’ (mad-dog Arabs). Hamas and by virtue of assent, Abbas are terrorist orgs.
            Murderers by any definition doesn’t require “a skin color”, but a darkened heart for fellow humanity.
            Let not parry here; Israel is not giving in or up any more, the Arab imposters, as”palaestina-people”,ie-Roman term, are imposters from surrounding Arab nations that were in fact vagabonds they have used to inundate Jewish settlements:
            1) to get rid of’em as undesirables from Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon and more, ({[a fraction were there in 48)]}
            2) proxy pawns used to weaken Israel, brainwashed cannon fodder= like China+N.Korea

            If your ‘non propaganda sources’ are ‘better then mine’, then >give me a figure< as to how many Christian people across the Middle-East have literally been actually crucified in the last two-2-yrs!??

            This situation now out of Gaza, (that Israel handed over in good faith and promise of "no more rocket attacks"), is just to loosen up a far bigger scenario by plans to still eradicate all Jews. The 'dogs' turned loose on Israel now precede the multiple prides of Islamic-Lions waiting in the wings. And it's coming as all will see.
            Your very term "dictated to by a holy book'…judgement prior to accession"?!! is indicative of an entire incapable approach to the unfolding of history.
            Three religious assessments are culminating here, whether you approve or not:
            1) -Old-Testament(pre-history-BC) = Jewish-rabbinical, encompassing Hebrew -original- prophetic platform
            2) -New-Testament(-33AD on) = Christian western, extended apostolic prophetic platform
            3) -Koranic(600 AD) = Arabic Mohammedan,
            branched cult from original platform

            2,500 Biblical prophecies-2,000 fulfilled to date from(66books-40authors-4,600yrs-3continents-3languages, including some 300 of just the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus; there were NO failures.
            Culminating prophesies from both Old+New Testaments have a combined accuracy in mathematical
            probability-n- statistical terms of:
            Moses writings alone are- 1 in 31 x 10 ~to the 21-power or;
            one chance in 31,135,104,000,000,000,000,000,
            Jesus fulfillment of just 8 prophecies = 1 chance in 13.824-trillion and is the same as covering the state of Texas 30" deep in silver-dollars and blind folded -find a particular one the first try!
            For the Bibles entire fulfilled prophetic probability would be like the planet Jupiter covered one foot deep with silver coins and you circling in a helicopter to drop down blind folded a pick out a marked coin, the first try
            .=Earth is 25,000-miles dia, Jupiter almost 300,000-miles dia.
            The Koran zero prophecies, zero results.

            These "enforces" nothing but are just a handful of the facts, from the Holy-Book you're indifferent to or afraid of.
            Most of this news in the the last 66-yrs is fulfillment of prophecies unfolding.
            I'm not fighting you, this not a game and I don't want "revenge", just want you to consider what's been said.

          • bananaman

            Ok mt, sorry for being childish. I don’t usually indulge in that sort of thing but the to/too thing winds me up because it happens so often..
            Anyway, this’ll be my last go on this one but feel free to have the last word if you like.

            It’s no use pretending that Palestinians are imposters. Up until ’48 there was a happy mix of many faiths living in peace in the region. The imposters are ‘jews’ from Europe, the Americas and everywhere else who turned up and stole these ancestral lands because the Brits said it was ok ? Driving the people out, killing and torturing along the way which continues today. The whole region and beyond is made up of post war lines on the map drawn by westerners without consideration other than their convenience and plunder.
            And all the talk of boundaries and country names etc. … all irrelevant. A man has the right to live peacefully with his family in his homeland.

            Have you really never been exposed to the persecution innocent people have to endure at the hands of Settlers, never mind the IDF – who should really be called IAF. You see that’s a good example of mind control with words.
            The massacres were covered up and stories that still persist about people leaving volunterily – does anyone really believe that was the case ?
            If I could refer you back to wbaltzley’s lead comment above. Don’t you think these are they exact things an Arab whose entire existence and history is threatened might feel like. Are they to surrender their lives as you seemingly wouldn’t ? I think that young man has been playing CoD a little too much. When I talk of ‘indoctrination’ btw I’m not just referring to what stories one believes about current goings on. It’s been rabid for the best part of 100 years via many mediums, prominently the entertainment industry which has supplied our new ‘culture’ . But that’s a very long story.

            Speaking of culture, in our ‘civilised’ countrys it’s pretty much trashed now. It doesn’t take much looking around to notice. Immigration has and is playing a big role in this. Multi-Culturalism = no culture. Once it’s all mixed up enough it’ll be smoothed out and we’ll be all the same. Most of us with not much to live on if anything, if we’re allowed to live at all ? (and for typing this I may get the wrong coloured sticker on my mailbox..)

            Here’s the point.. Religion is to be stripped away along with the old cultures. The destruction of Christianity, as well as Judaism and Islam is planned, and has been for a long time. In the Uk teachers have been asked to remove crosses from around their necks. David Cameron recently announced in Parliament that Britain was no longer a Christian Country. Words to get into the heads of this generation, then the next will accept it. Such things are all documented and form part of history.
            So my advice would be for all religious types to respect each other and stick together. Fighting and calling for each others destruction is exactly how it’s supposed to be. I can’t help thinking ISIL may be allowed to grow into a force that could wage a large scale ‘holy’ war. And of course a lot of this fits nicely, if you want it to, with Revelation. A lot of people seem to be a bit obsessed with this..

            My previous use of the term ‘extremist’ wasn’t flippant. One of my defenitions is someone who studies their scriptures too literally, and further develops illusions of superiority, and a belief in a right to subjegate others. This I sense in you. And these are not the lessons I remember Christianity delivering.
            Come Christmas time there’ll be plenty of singing about peace, love, and good will to all men etc. Come Jan 1st it’ll be back to “bomb the f*****s to the ground”, and revelling in the destruction of anothers man’s holy temple. There was a lot of that under a story at ‘the blaze’. It was grotesque to be frank. It’s just how sick society has become.
            Is the man who pressed the red button from his Apache the other day that murdered a family of 17 in one go not a terrorist ? But of course the target, if their was one there, was hiding behind civillians. His family In his own house.
            At least the suicide bomber is making the ultimate sacrifice. Not that it’s condoned.
            Assaults on Gaza are like shooting fish in a bowl. The first, and non-negotiable first move to ease the conflict needs to be equal rights and an end of the ‘occupation’ which didn’t stop when Israeli troops pulled out. Israel still holds it under seige. Controls and largely denies all it’s basic requirements. It doesn’t get enough food, electricity, water, there’s separation walls, unending checkpoints, no building materials, desperate shortage of basic medicine, then it’s hospitals get bombed.

            Maybe you see footage of the death suffering and destruction. Maybe you avoid it, or likely the media won’t show it ? In any case, how someone claiming to support a peace loving religion can tolerate this brutality is beyond me.

            The quoted arithmetic was impressive, think I’ve seen it before. Not going to indulge though. My view of the very nature of religion is very different to yours. It should be an inner voyage. The scriptures used for guidance and inspiration, to help cope, not superiority and control. Although in itself it was the ultimate tool of control over the masses, before the scientists and marketers stepped in. I doubt to ever take any one literally. Creating ‘religions’ appears as a natural function of human evolution. They’ve sprung up independently all over the world, as well as many of the common fables being repeated / adapted from as far back as Symeria and Egypt.

            So why should one believe that if all others are false, a single one is the truth ?

            The Bible undoubtedly is sprinkled with fact, but if you think you’re getting transported up a shaft of light anytime soon while the rest of us burn in the pit, I do expect you to be dissapointed !

            There are many bad things can be said about it : probably more death and suffering has been wrought in it’s name than anything else. (Governments aside but they probably cross frequently).
            It’s not all bad though. Religion promotes amongst other things strong family units. They in turn produce strong communities that look out for eachother and to an extent self-police. Where there’s trust and you can clip the neighbours kid ’round the ear when it’s naughty, without being charged with assault and battery ! It supplied morality, of which there seems to be little left.

            With the family unit as weak as ever and youth now completely brainwashed by flickering screens, that flicker sex and violence at them from the earliest age, the population is now in a fairly controllable state. Boston aftermath demonstrated that well enough.

            Desires to strip the public of it’s guns is all part of it. As is the excess promotion of homosexuality, and the infinate volume and extremity of you know what on the ‘net, which is there to conciously degrade society.

            You probably think much of the above is a load of old baloney, and regarding much of it I sincerely hope you’re right ! But such things have been prophesised, and recorded in history. Not by any ancient religious prophets though, by the individuals and institutions themselves directly involved in the shaping and construction of history itself.

            The ones that have infiltrated and effectively taken control of our democratic institutions. The ones that are stripping away our constituted rights that were enacted to protect us.

            I’d better knock off, but I’ll finish back in the Mid East. Pretty much all the current turmoil, along with the accomanying millions of deaths, the suffering, millions of refugees, whole countries in ruin, the destruction of human history itself… can be directly attributed to the instability caused by Western meddling of one form or another. American forces and laterally private ‘security’ firms have predominantly been ‘used’ as the attack force. But covert ops. to agitate and start revolutions and local conflicts here there and everywhere have been going on a long time. It’s no secret anymore.

            When all else fails declare a no-fly zone and use it as an excuse to bomb somewhere back to the stone age, leave them all killing each other, and secure the oil fields – job done.
            It’s funny that all the places these things happens to are/were wishing to stay indepentent of the International Banking System, isn’t it ?

            ISIL are a bunch of savage nutters. But they’re not organic. And their funders and encouragers have much blood dripping from their hands with much more to come. But their kind of savagery shouldn’t be confused with Palestinians defending their homes and families.

    • mtman2

      Yeah, the Islamic religious nuts!

  • Anonymous

    Well Fearless Leader declared a new Caliphate in Cairo a few years back. I guess he never thought that the headchoppers brigade would step into the on deck circle because as an evil man himself, he could not see another type of evil breathing down his neck.

  • Anonymous

    FYI – Israel and hamas are not “trading rocket fire”
    If we did that, the world and his uncle’s brother would be on our case like ants at a picnic.
    Hamas fires rockets indiscriminately. Israel demolishes the terrorist infrastructure in Gaza surgically, hitting only the targets with minimal collateral damge.
    In the world’s eyes – for us just firing indiscriminately or carpet bombing is a no no – for hamas, its all in a day’s work.

    • Anonymous

      It is all in a ten minute time span of work. Hamas has fired 20 missiles in ten minutes against civilian targets.

    • Anonymous

      You are absolutely right!

    • mtman2

      True of course but they are brainwashed, brutal barbarians of the radical Mohammedan flavor+directive.

  • http://www.speakthewordnow.com/ Karen Rose

    Trust the Lord, He is coming soon. Laugh If you like and stay here on earth. You don’t like it one bit right now? You best be getting right with your Father in heaven. His children are not appointed to the wrath that is coming.

    • Kathy

      Awesome! Yes and Amen and Amen!!!

  • Take 2

    Beck is human with many flaws and certainly has opinions that on occasion flip flops like many in National (US) spot light. Having worked in humanities eg long stays in 99% Islamic zones ie Americans/including possibly Beck have no clue of the actual handed down dictations/lack of education and Hate hate for Western Civilization. Let alone neighboring tribes ie Countries in same zone in the World…of same religion or not. Yes, there are many folks in these regions full of love and not part of Islam.

    Barry Dunham aka singular named “Barack” most likely received Islamic dictations, as a Child. These are codes of honor for life or your life. The Jewish child receives similar (as example) dictations eg one is hate kill cheat lie to Westerners & the other flip side hears never trust and yet get along with Westerners for advantage or survival.

    Mexico is another Country familiar with working time wise & raised near…This is a huge error of many past US Presidentspast Congressional bodies. I call it a silent invasion that turns it’s evil head to continue cheap labor influx of drugs crime. The average Mexican in Mexico is handed down dictations/lacking education hate Americans ie except for cheating working across the boarder or vacation spots – seem calm.

    All the above only understand tough Love…”close” the boarder – Stop funding Islam Israel Mexico etc etc

    Raise fines / jail time for Americans that aid hire or fund illegal acts of American Law. Freeze all NSA applications for 5 years. Or once all American boarders are secure. Fire any President Gov. That refuses to act on Lawlessness.

    • Anonymous

      Jewish children are given instruction on how to kill cheat and lie to Westerners? That is news to me. Did you read that in a legitimate news source who is not the NY Times?

      • Take 2

        Please… reread it…I separated the two dictations of Westerner instructions ie dictations. Keep in mind I am boots on the ground. The dictation most times is handed down and lacking education on this particular issue. The President (as example) is or was thrust out and educated / or received through living in Western society full rounded experience of making judgments eg other than Parent. He mentions (as example) in his tour of Islamic States ie that Americans are not all Christians. This is or was a huge discrepancy in Islamic dictations.

  • wbaltzley

    Draw back to our own borders, strengthen our nation within. Stop exporting and stockpile for a potential siege…go to full mobilization. Enlist the aid of every man woman and child in the effort. Arm every able-bodied person with a standard issue military-grade rifle. Youth should be issued a knife, trained in hand-to-hand combat, and guerrilla tactics

    Set up refugee camps and invite people from the afflicted regions to flee to our safe-haven. Any who come will be expected to contribute to the war effort.

    Force the enemy to COME TO US. Build a protective shield and let them beat themselves bloody against it. Wait for them to run out of resources, and then hit them with EVERYTHING. Leave their country a smoking crater.

    • mtman2

      You’re young, and mean well enough to care with grandiose ideas of how things are to be done. But as usual things in real life are far more complicated than first thought. BIG things and many are already in the works right here within the USA, as virulent Sleeper-Cells are and have been here like “Tares in the Wheat”.
      These enemies have much evil planned for multifaceted downfalls of power stations+companies, waterplants+reservoirs, communication outlets, stadiums+campuses, public transportation, federal/state/county/local facilities, military and major law-enforcement centers nation wide, leaders+administrators, medical facilities+food stocks, relevant industries+warehouses and more, ALL AT ONCE; as well as now nuclear EMP’s from Iran, N.Korea and who knows who else at this point!

      With the anti-American pansies in charge, as usual nothing of actual effectiveness will be done, just the normal confused, anarchical-chaos will ensue. This includes multiple virulent-microbial/super-toxic chemical+radiation dispersals there’s no effective reversal of.
      IF these type ‘warriors for the cause’ can strap bombs on their children and fly planes into bldgs why would little things like death keep them from really effective measures they’ve dreamed up in their maniacal hatred?

      Logical Americans already have done the basics for themselves, theirs, friends and community. For the last 100-yrs the anti-Constitutional Left has been allowed to usurp common sense and OUR Constitution, with thee over-arching Bill of Rights.
      Just LOOK-at who’s running the nation via the 3-Branches of government representing the Balance of power:
      -POTUS= BHO+adminstration(Jarret-Holder-Hildabeast-Kerry-Sebelious-Lerner+more);

      {CONGRESS}Senate= Harry Reid/Mitch McConnell, House= John Boehner/Nancy Pelosi;

      SCOTUS= voting liberal- Ginsberg, Kagan, Sotomeyer //center swing votes- moderate- Roberts, Kennedy, Breyer //conservative+Constitutional-Scalia,Thomas, Alito.

      The American voter has either NOT shown up(slackers) or been ‘sheepled-down’ to vote Left -to have allowed this fearful PC-mind-meld of compliance to un-American ideology.
      The uninvolved citizen for their own future and posterity of their children are to blame here.
      The ‘moldy-fungus of MALAISE’ has over-grown the nation with just the TEA Party Patriot movement left to stop and hopefully reverse this takeover by the far-Left.
      Waking up the “sleeping-giant” is NOT now an option but in OUR hands to accomplish. To not be involved at this point is personal treason against the gift of the Founders and Posterity(your own family).
      Politically that means a complete over run and reversal by an awakening of the American public with local, county, state and federal elections. Putting people in term limited office to nock down the walls of bureaucracies+bureaucrats(w/The-Fed) that now over-rule OUR Constitutional-Republic at destructive costs ineffectually completing even the task they’re paid to do but further advance regulations, fines and arrests of OUR citizens that defy King George-III was worse.
      He was an infection, this is glandular-cancer.

      It is a one time succeed or fail situation now!

      Ronald Reagan stated;
      “WE are only one generation away from a thousand years of darkness”.

      • mtman2

        The spiritual side of this is the key as the Founders well understood as Biblical Christianity was their source for freedom and Liberty.

      • wbaltzley

        Ever heard the tale of the Gordian Knot? There once was a wise man who created a knot of great complexity. He promised that the one who could solve its riddle and undo the knot would conquer the world. Many tried and failed. One day a young man came, and watched others try and fail–then almost without thinking, he drew his sword and cut the knot in two. That boy was Alexander the Great.

        Complex problems often have simple solutions. You mention Biblical Christianity…there is a solution for the internal dissent you mentioned found within the pages of the Bible. In the Old Testament, when the nation of Israel was divided against Moses, he drew a line in the sand and required that all those who support him should come and stand on his side of the line. Then afterward, he commanded his followers to take up the sword and slay those who did not.

        Require each citizen–starting with the so-called 1%–to take an oath to uphold and defend the rights of The People and the Constitution of the United States. Any who refuse, and any who violate the oath are to be put to death. This will go a long way toward eliminating the sedition within our ranks.

        • mtman2

          You have much to learn, when your ready to, you may get there yet.

  • Anonymous

    The two moat system (the Atlantic and the Pacific) will NOT keep America out of what is brewing in the world this time. There is no where to run.

    • mtman2

      ALL been laid out through the ages from before and by Job, David, Daniel, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Jeremiah, Zechariah, Malachi, the Son of God and the Apostle John!
      You’d have to be completely daft to ignore such prophetic forknowledge who’s statistical-merit defies numerical reality.
      How it ALL unfolds across the world depends on courses of action WE here take.

  • Adognamedchili

    Glen has been MIA. I see an attitude change in him and his staff who may have gotten too big to care. To work so hard to obtain the audience he has and to lose just one single supporter is a waste of time and energy. No good business can operate like that. First he was on vacation and did not come back until Tuesday. Today Mike Broomhead hosted his radio show and last night he turned his broadcast over to Buck Sexton. Secondly, when I want religion, I go to church. Nobody followed him on Fox to pray. I am done too!

    • mtman2

      “Well”, ‘chili’ -SOMEBODY followed George Washington and OUR Founders to hear them pray.
      Evidently your in the wrong country, so exit Left to Cuba. Or you can start your own program your way, and good luck with that.

  • Anonymous

    Kurdistan: You can’t have opposed it for the last 100 years and prevented its establishment just to suddenly find it useful in 2014 to finally be viable. One might call that hypocrisy?

  • Anonymous

    Big Democrat failure—-Democrats like people getting killed, Fast ,& Furious, Benghazi, VA Scandal, Iraq, Illegals bringing in deadly deceases!

    • mtman2

      There are NO more Democrats -they have been fatally injected by the foreign
      Far-Left-Virus leaving only a handful with some immunity struggling to not go ‘zombie’ -like the party itself. (the Zell Millers are gone).
      The symptoms are conscienceless, radical anti-Constitution, ANTI-GOD, ANTI-Founding, ANTI-Liberty and like the flesh eating breed they are have a humanly form, but eat their-young and freedom Loving-Americans+ Liberty will be next on the menu. They ‘live’ and are among us, usurping control.
      This makes the MIRACLE of OUR Founding that much clearer to those with “eyes to see and ears to hear”.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Tired of our government creating crisis to enslave us and our children?

  • Chris Knight

    I wrote a book called “I’m a Bomb” It’s about the middle-east and the mid-western United States. It’s about the decline of western civilization and the rise of a new world all as seen through the surreal lives of two young women, Lilybet and Aisha. Aisha is a suicide bomber and Lilybet is just plain suicidal. I offer my book as a free gift for the asking. Just email me at aep30@comcast.net It’s a short 134 pages and I’ll include the original artwork.Time is short, be safe, Christopher Knight

  • Eigen Vcctor

    Collectivism’s intellectual fraud is partly illuminated by the observation that, since we’re all different, collectivist attempts to impose equality require that each of us be treated unequally.

    • mtman2

      Good thing FDR finally listened to Einstein and Hitler didn’t listen to Rommel.
      Of course Stalin couldn’t listen to his top generals as he killed them all, and why he ran to hide from the Fuhrer like the cowardly mass murderer he was when faced w/one of his own ilk! Of course Stalin lived to murder over 10 times Adolf’s list.(thanks to FDR@Yalta)
      Yep, it takes all kinds….

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