Damning new details about the status of former IRS official Lois Lerner’s emails

Remember when the IRS told us Lois Lerner’s emails could not be retrieved because her computer crashed and the hard drives that backed up her data were subsequently destroyed? Well, the search for the missing emails has gotten even more bizarre (if that is even possible at this point).

Politico is now reporting the House Oversight Committee has obtained communications from April 9, 2013 in which Lerner encouraged colleagues to be “cautious” about what they write in emails for fear of congressional inquiries. In the same email, Lerner also asked if the IRS’s internal messaging system could be searched.

“I was cautioning folks about email and how we have had several occasions where Congress has asked for emails and there has been an electronic search for responsive emails — so we need to be cautious about what we say in emails,” Lerner wrote to Maria Hooke, the director of business systems planning for the tax-exempt division of the IRS. “Someone asked if OCS conversations were also searchable — I don’t know… Do you know?”

The timing of this conversation is particularly interesting when you consider it occurred less than two weeks after the IRS inspector general shared a draft report with the agency detailing the targeting of Tea Party and conservative groups.

Needless to say, this latest revelation does not bode well for Lerner or the agency, which has tried to pass off the majority of recent events as happenstance. On Thursday’s Glenn Beck Program, TheBlaze’s national security editor Buck Sexton was joined by American Center for Law and Justice senior counsel David French to discuss what these newly released communications could mean for the investigation.

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  • Anonymous

    Lois Lerner is going to get book deal out of this. I have a title: LOST IN SPACE: The Bureaucratic Way to Ruin Conservatives

    • Vincents_Sin

      Here’s one, “Working For the IRS: What I Lerned”

      • James Ford

        or if going after OJ, “If I deleted my e-mails this is how I would have done it.”

      • Watch it

        How about “Will Lois Lerner ever Learn?”

        • don

          no WILL WE EVER LEARN

    • Gifted Goober

      “How to look good in Orange, or Emails? We ain’t got no stinkin’ emails…”

    • Lyle Goodson

      Could be called “Orange is the new Black”. Title to show inside a Black Ops patch, on a beret, sitting atop a PC tower wrapped with barbed wire and a correctional institute in the background.

  • Anonymous

    What if a frog had wings? He would not bump his butt on the ground every time
    he jumps, you can go on and on with what if’s, give it a rest

    • landofaahs

      Birdy birdy in the sky
      why’d you whitewash in my eye?
      Gee I’m glad cows can’t fly.

  • landofaahs

    No amount of evidence will convince the kool ade drinking obamabots. They have been given over to reprobate minds and can no longer distinguish between right and wrong. They only know appetite and avarice.

    • chief

      Because Democrat voters are like “Mafia Wives” They will play stupid and lie to defend the Democratic Party’s (Their Mafia Husband) criminal actions to protect whatever form is tax dollars they want from government.
      Just like the mafia wife that knows what her husband does for a living but does not want to lose her life style.

      • landofaahs

        Another good analogy. Kind of like what Satan’s minions do for Satan.

    • Emily Hopf


  • Anonymous

    OCS, Sametime, whatever. Think that the messages aren’t really saved? Perhaps not forever…

  • l.p,

    Anyone else, any other business or corporation, the person’s computer would have been immediately confiscated in order to preserve the evidence for the investigation.

    • Rotton fish

      Imagine sitting in front of the IRS during an audit telling them you have no records, that “your computer crashed”…and, well, you know.. these things happen (insert shoulder shrug and a smirk on your face while telling the nice IRS officer).

      • Dan Booth

        Good news. I just heard that the congress has put out a warrant for Lois L . Woot finally they are doing something.

        • taxpayerjane4

          Where did you hear this?

          • TTAS

            Rep. Steve Stockman (R-Texas) announced on Thursday that has filed a resolution directing the House sergeant-at-arms to “arrest Lois Lerner for contempt” over the IRS targeting scandal.

            Stockman said in a statement that asking the U.S. Department of Justice to prosecute Lerner for “admittedly illegal activity” is a “joke.” Instead, the Republican said it is up to the U.S. House to “uphold the rule of law and hold accountable those who illegally targeted American citizens for simply having different ideas than the President.”

            Under the proposed resolution, Lerner would be held in a Washington, D.C., jail and would be given access to an attorney and all her constitutional rights.


          • Bill Thebert

            The resolution has not yet been passed by the House. “Filing a resolution” is the equivalent of drafting and submitting a new bill. It means nothing yet; not until the House acts and actually votes.

          • TTAS

            What do you think the outcome of the vote will be? Any guesses?

          • don

            all smoke an mirrows

          • David McKenna

            Arrest Holder and the rest if he “Justice” department too for this cover-up and failure to uphold the law.

          • don

            talk talk talk

        • Marti Settle

          Sorry! I wish you were right but you are not. Congress has to issue a warrant for her arrest. Rep. Stockman has suggessted as much but no action has been taken. If we did arrest her, how many minutes would it take for Obama to pardon her before the fact? If it was true, why don’t we arrest Eric Holder because he has been held in contempt of congress? I wish again. I wish we could nuke the White House even if it means we lose our beautiful historical home. I would love for anything to remove Obama by any means! I am too old but I wish we had the military to march onto the grounds, take him out in shackles and execute him on the front lawn of the White House. I guess I can only dream! I do not believe that he has the support of African Americans any longer. They too have seen his evil and fecklessness. Jon Voight read a very moving, stirring speach on Huckabee tonight. Watch the reruns and record it. He said some really strong words against Obama and he is the first person from Hollywood to take this action. Now we need for hundreds of actors and actresses along with liberal journalists to turn on Obama to at last, begin the process of saving America from this maniac.

      • don

        you must under stand this–they have the power to make you do what ever—WE have to power to get to the bottom of this but refuse to use it–key word WE-WE—you know us that sets an does nothing to save this nation

    • JW Appling

      Any one else wouldn’t have been tipped off that they are being investigated.

      “after the IRS inspector general shared a draft report with the agency
      detailing the targeting of Tea Party and conservative groups.”

    • don

      only answer–they are scared

  • Nor Bolbe

    All Storage servers have back ups; Everyday, Every week, Every Month, and Every year as per The Gov’t regulations. They have a 1.5 Billion dollar budget. THEY HAVE BACKUPS.

    • troy

      Had backups, they fell victim to a warehouse fire and simultaneous snow storm and lightening strike that destroyed the backups.

      • Melvin Hagerman

        Or Super storm Sandy….?

        • David Johnson

          Wouldn’t be the first time that storm helped obama. Romney had to be a nice guy & quit campaigning after it!!!

          • don

            lets not talk about stupid romney

    • Suzanne Rice

      No, they don’t have backups. That’s just a right-wing conspiracy. 😉

      • Anonymous

        they did, they just made sure all was destroyed. No conspiracy. They know they are getting away with a horrible crime because they have destroyed the evidence and know that Holder/Obama will never ever prosecute anyway.

    • Tony

      Or the search was diverted by traffic cones courtesy of the New Jersey DOT?

    • don

      you think they don’t know that they have had time to clean the whole department

  • Anonymous

    Liars, deceivers and the arrogant currently hold power in DC. Hold them accountable – and start fitting people for orange jumpsuits! When is enough going to be enough???

    • Craig Johnson

      I think you are soo right-she is not alone with this!! Just hope she squeals like a stuck pig!!

      • don

        if she talks she will still walk a way scott free—if she does not fall to some weird accident.

  • troy

    Why can’t the NSA just dig those emails out of their data base of domestic terrorist and spying programs?

    • AgnesDomini

      GREATpoint! Why the bleep does no one in Congress think of demanding this action?

      • don

        your not thinking right—these people are smarter than you or me

    • Ferrari fan

      that’s silly, the NSA is only supposed to be watching the people’s emails/convos, not the government’s!

  • Rob Tipton

    Why hasn’t anyone just snagged all of the messages from their email server???
    Every IT person in the country is scratching their heads on this one! Every single one remains there. Not to mention, all of the “soft” backups.

    • Marie

      They could request the IM’s, texts,emails from all IRS employees,as well as anyone or group that the have had contact with. Or did every computer, phone , server, phone companies computers crash at the same time and they all sent the hard drives to be destroyed???

      • Watch it

        I bet Valerie Jarrett erased all of the emails that ran between her and Lois already. They should subpoena her computer for forensic examination.

        • don

          that computer burned to the ground-

      • JW Appling

        At least 6 of them in the same office did right about the same time hers did.

    • don

      who really wants to look is the question

    • bitmap

      Ever hear of a “tape worm”? The reason it is taking so much time to produce the email is because they are selectively erasing the incriminating emails off of the backup tapes. Tape is an incredibly slow medium. Each tape has to be restored through a filter and then dumped back onto tape. The original tapes then need to either be erased and reused or destroyed. It takes time to do this. It takes even more time to do this in a manner that is undectable by a good computer forensics investigator. In fact the later may be an imposibility give the scope and the time period involved. To sum it up they may be able to destroy the emails but they will leave tell tale signs of the tampering and the gaps will leave a timeline of when the missing messages were sent. There are very few sys admins capable of pulling something like this off successfully. ID them an apply the neccessary pressure.

  • Christopher Shimp

    I have many email accounts, none of which are stored on my computer …. Hmmmm… And USUALLY, when you send/receive emails, someone else has the other record of it ??!! Many fishy idiotic things happening in our government…

    • Craig Johnson

      SIX other computers went down with Lerners!

      • Ferrari fan

        most likely all tied to her too

  • Gloria Thornton

    No amount of wrong doing will be enough “evidence” with our leader at the reigns.

  • Anonymous

    What happens if/when there is conclusive proof that the IRS targeted, charged, peeped, etc conservatives, tea partiers, etc? Nothing….unfortunately, right doesn’t change a thing.

    • Anonymous

      Who was in charge and how high did it go?? Who demands protection ??

  • SMH-DraggingMyHeels

    The unwitting populace used to be referred to only as sheep ~ blindly following their inept &/or corrupt feckless leaders. It really is more like OSTRICHES. They are not this damned blind. They choose to not see. There are also some who see and yet, are simply apathetic to the whole debacle.
    It is appalling, the sheer level of complacency!
    And, to me, complacency equals compliance & being complicit!
    My love of country is unwavering, but my faith in my fellow countrymen is seriously diminishing!

    • don

      could it really be myheels is seeing the light? dam maybe their is hope

  • Anonymous

    Each email had at least one recipient and I imagine more than one recipient in most cases. Did the same hard drive that crashed also store the backups for all of those recipients as well? Very, very doubtful and especially so if the recipient(s) were in an agency other than the IRS.

  • Anonymous

    Lerner needs to be held in contempt of Congress and put in a holding cell until she talks.

    • Anonymous

      Can you imagine what she’d say after 24 hours in prison?

      • Ferrari fan

        “my food was terrible, I think they served us Michelle’s school lunches. Also this jumpsuit really doesn’t fit me well… OH and the beds here SUCK!”

  • Anonymous

    the dumbest email ever sent …

  • Jim


  • Anonymous


    • Ferrari fan

      you forgot to mention Holder, cuz you know he’s just as involved in this as anyone else. even if it is because he hasn’t prosecuted her.

  • Anonymous

    seems as libs were saying there is not scandal here, and B.O. is on the record saying not a smidgen of corruption, enough rope was given that they may now be ready to hang themselves.

    Can’t wait for the testimony under oath, and penalty of perjury for what the judge has demanded.

  • Stephen C

    take her retirement and anyone else who pleads 5th

    • Anonymous

      The fifth amendment is an individual right that would only apply if/when Lerner herself is personally being prosecuted. In her role within the IRS, with the IRS being investigated, she has no such right. Attempting to apply it should have resulted in immediate contempt of court sanctions including imprisonment.

      • Stephen C

        wow – that was awesome.

      • Ferrari fan

        well she is being held in contempt of Congress and they have filed a resolution to have the Sergeant-At-Arms arrest her. HOPEFULLY it passes and she does get to spend some nice vacation time in a cozy D.C. jail.

      • JW Appling

        She gave up her right to remain silent when she made that speech before pleading the fifth and should have been arrested for contempt on the spot.
        If I went into court and made a speech and then tried to plea the fifth I’d be in jail.

        • don

          do you now not know the laws they use on us does not aply to them—you know why they don’t? cause WE don’t hold them to it–WE refuse to make them go by sames rules WE do–yep to do this ya got to get off your ass—o sorry–truth hurts does it not?

    • don

      an there you go stomping on the laws of our land

      • Stephen C

        just as she did.

  • Desiree Seifert

    This woman is a LIAR no matter how you look at it, Lock her up and toss the key, Next in line should be Ovomit and Holder!

  • Anonymous

    Lerner must be locked UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I feel like “A. Friend” in the movie “Disclosure”: “The hard drive crash is a distraction. Solve the problem.”

    The e-mails the Republicans have been looking for were never just on Lerner’s hard drive. They were backed up from a server, and may still be on one or more of the servers, for all we know. The House committee needs to talk to the IRS’s IT people, and their archivist to find out what’s been going on.

    As for the most recent revelations about Lerner’s instant messages, I agree those probably are gone, unless a contractor the IRS has hired to run that system has them somewhere.

    • JW Appling

      I think the contractor that was sposed to do that was fired right about the time Learners computer went down.

  • AgnesDomini

    I’ll admit that this might be a stupid question, but aren’t emails TO and FROM…OTHER people? Which means that even if Lerner’s computer does not have a copy of them, they should be accessible on the computers of other people with whom she had communicated, so long as THEIR computers were not trashed? Did EVERYONE have their hard drives destroyed? What am I not getting about the technology in this scenario?

    • Malcolm Atteberry

      Even better than that… I’m sure the IRS uses Exchange server which would have a copy of it all. That’s why people use Exchange…

  • Flash Kellam

    Here is what needs to happen. The committee needs to order every government
    agency that received an e-Mail from Lois Lerner to turn those e-Mails over to them within 48 hours.

    • OpenMinded

      And they need the physical force and will to enforce the order. If they can’t call in the federal marshals or whatever policing agency would be responsible then they are just toothless old lions.

      • Flash Kellam

        Unfortunately, you are right. What can be done when the branch of government sworn to enforce the laws chooses not to? This country is in serious trouble.

    • Anonymous

      For some reason, I don’t think they can do that to the White House. But everyone else, yep, I agree. Place an order out that everyone must search and reveal all emails to, from, or mentioning Lois Learner in any way shape or form. Heck, I can do it in my emails and it takes all of 4 seconds.

  • Anonymous


  • TTAS

    “There’s not a hint of corruption” Obama.

  • Marti Settle

    Lois Lerner quashed the first amendment rights of thousands and thousands of Americans and she gets to walk free?? NO. Even if we never get the emails, there results speak for the actions. She should spend at least 10 years (with NO parole), loss of all pension and benefits and about 100 of her co-conspirators should go to prison with her.

    • don

      for what there is not a bit of croruption at all in irs–ask obama he want lie to you—–hahahaha–only if he does not move his mouth

  • Marti Settle

    I do not know how many more horrible things Obama can do to America. Now he is firing all white republican Majors, Lieutenants, captains and sargeants from the military. Yes folks, they are actually mailing out the pink slips as we breathe. He is crushing America’s cities with an invasion of illegal, non-English speaking welfare children who cannot work and will cost at least a trillion dollars while real Americans are going homeless, jobless and without shelter. Obama is a mad man on a rant and needs to be removed at once. With what military we have left we need a military coup d’etat to physically remove him and his cabinet from office NOW!

    • Watch it

      That is why he is removing conservative military officers.

  • Watch it

    O’REILLY: So you’re saying there was no corruption there at all.

    OBAMA: That’s not what I’m saying.

    O’REILLY: I want to know what you’re saying. You’re the leader of the country.

    OBAMA: Absolutely.

    O’REILLY: You’re saying no corruption, none?

    OBAMA: There was some bone-headed decisions.

    O’REILLY: Bone-headed decisions. But no mass corruption?

    OBAMA: Not even mass corruption. Not even a smidgeon of corruption.

    Born to lie Obama

    • Anonymous

      When the smidgen is conclusively found, I’m sure Obama will:
      1. First learn about it on the news
      2. Be on his way to a fundraiser at the time
      3. Blame Congress
      4 Use it against the GOP as a mid term election talking point.

      • Watch it

        LMAO! … except – it really isn’t funny, is it, and very true.

  • Bonny Moore

    Even a worse cover-up than Watergate..at least Nixon had the b—s to resign!!

  • Lee Wilson

    and we pay taxes to these people? to bad we can’t just not pay them.

  • Jack Bond

    This is pretty much conclusive evidence of shady and/or illegal activity. If Holder doesn’t get off his butt and prosecute this lady, he needs to be impeached now.

  • TacTicToe

    Simple solution. Ask the NSA for a copy of the emails. Pretty sure they are backed up somewhere on their server farm.

  • geem

    I think Mrs. Lerner is about to be “schooled”.

  • Alonzo Ales

    Despite claims by those opposing liberty, our morals and customs were not “designed”, but discovered through many years of effort and study.

  • rikd57

    LERNER should be considered guilty until proven innocent! That’s the way they do it at the IRS!

  • Anonymous


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