It has been 101 days since Marine Corps Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi took a wrong turn and accidentally crossed the southern border at the San Ysidro checkpoint with his registered AR-15 rifle, .45-caliber pistol, and 12-gauge pump shotgun in his car. Mexican federal officers arrested Tahmooressi for weapons possession on March 31, and he faces a sentence of six to 21 years. The 26-year-old had been in San Diego seeking treatment for PTSD when the incident occurred.

On Wednesday’s radio program, Glenn spoke to Tahmooressi’s mother Jill who was in Mexico for her son’s first full appearance in court. In the interview, Jill said she did not believe her son would be released from prison, but she was praying “God will grant us a miracle today.”

Unfortunately, Victor Octavio Luna Escobedo, the judge presiding over the case, ordered Tahmooressi back to prison. According to Fox News, heavily armed guards escorted Tahmooressi back to El Hongo Prison in Tecate following the hearing.

Despite the outcome, Tahmooressi’s attorney, Fernando Benitez, remains happy with the progress. According to Fox News, Benitez told reporters he is confident the case is on the right track. Benitez said Tahmooressi’s statement to the judge was “sound and made perfect sense.” The attorney also cited irregularities with Tahmooressi’s detention that he believes are grounds for dismissal of the case. Such irregularities include Tahmooressi not receiving consular services for nearly eight hours after he was detained and not having access to an adequate translator.

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As this case continues to drag on without so much as a comment from the Obama Administration (despite a petition garnering more than 100,000 signatures on, the Andrew Freedom Fund has been set up to help raise money to cover the various legal and travel expenses incurred by the Tahmooressi family these last few months.

During her appearance on Glenn’s program Wednesday, Jill Tahmooressi also asked for prayers.

“Jill, I asked people to pray today, fast today,” Glenn said. “Is there anything else that you guys need that we can provide?”

“Just the prayers,” she said. “I know God is mighty and just praying that the judge discerns the truth and that the judge is an honorable, God-fearing man who respects the truth and for the Holy Spirit to give Andrew the courage.”