WATCH: MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough calls Glenn’s position on the border ‘Christ-like’

Over the last several days and weeks, Glenn has read countless emails and social media comments from fans who both support and oppose the position he has taken on the current immigration crisis.
While Glenn has made it clear amnesty is not an option and the government must work swiftly to handle the “border crisis,” he believes it is time for the American people to step in and begin correcting the “humanitarian crisis.”

On Wednesday’s radio program, Glenn announced he will be visiting the border town of McAllen, Texas on Saturday, July 19. He will be joined by politicians like Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) and Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX) and faith leaders as Mercury One begins to distribute the goods and services it has accumulated through donations to its Children and Family Border Relief Fund.

Watch Glenn’s monologue from Wednesday’s radio program below:

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The media has also begun to chime in, and Glenn is finding support in some unlikely places. On Thursday’s Morning Joe on MSNBC, host Joe Scarborough commended Glenn’s decision do what he believes to be right. Others on the panel, including co-host Mika Brzezinski, praised his position as well.

Watch segment courtesy of MSNBC below:

“A lot of people are saying that he’s actually playing into Barack Obama’s hands, that he’s playing by Obama’s handbook,” Scarborough said. “He’s actually playing by another person’s handbook, Jesus’ handbook.”

“Jesus was very clear. He said the people that are blessed are those that understand I was hungry, and you fed me. I was thirsty, and you gave me something to drink. I needed clothing, and you gave me clothes,” he continued. “What Glenn Beck is doing is the most Christ-like thing anybody can do, and so for a lot of people on the right, who may call themselves Christians, to attack Glenn Beck for doing exactly what Jesus says a Christian has to do, which is to be the Good Samaritan.”

Conservative writers have also spoken out about Glenn’s position. Red State’s Erick Erickson wrote a blog post in which he described his personal conflict on the issue. Much like Glenn, Erickson writes that he cannot and will not support amnesty. But he also understands that his Christian faith calls him to be merciful.

In a post entitled “The Christian Thing To Do,” Erickson writes:

Now, I know many of you do not share my faith. But there is a larger point that must be made here so bear with me. Tolerance is not a Christian value. It is necessary in the course of civil and democratic society to be tolerant of other people’s ideas and opinions, but tolerance for the sake of tolerance is not a Christian value.

Charity and mercy are Christian values. I look at the deep and hostile reaction to Glenn Beck’s effort of late to provide charity to the illegal immigrants at the border and I am shaking my head at some of my fellow Christians and fellow conservatives.

I do not think the government should be helping these people stay here. I do not think the government should be bussing them to other places. I do not think we should let these people stay here. But I think while here we should, in private charity, show mercy and give comfort where we can.

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  • Anonymous

    When the Liberals are praising Beck, he’s probably changed sides.

  • Crassus

    What a bunch of sickening drivel coming from the mouth of Scratch Scarborough. The sad thing is that it’s only feeding Glenn’s ego. Maybe he’ll produce a movie about his experiences on the border and call it “The Passion of Glenn Beck.” Scratch Scarborough can play Pat Grey.

  • Anonymous

    Charity and compassion comes from the person, not from the government which has neither. The government’s job is to maintain law, order and security. Let the private organizations and people do the acts of kindness and charity.

  • Tim

    Beck has lost his sanity. he is becoming dangerous. can you say Jim Jones?

  • LiberalsAreRetarded

    Maybe you’ll do something compassionate instead of whining? Nah, Liberals are complete worthless maggot pieces of trash.

  • Tex

    Jesus also told us to respect the authorities and the laws that you are subject to. He said give to Cesar that which is Cesar’s. So should we give them food shelter and clothing? Absolutely! But only right before de-licing them and putting them on the plane back to their homeland.

  • Anonymous

    Charity and compassion comes from People. It does not have any border of faith, political affiliation or race. To assign it to one particular form, states that all others have no compassion or charity. A totally ludicrous statement. Oh and Jesus was Jewish when he exhibited those traits. Lest we forget.

  • Anonymous

    What a two face wacko! this so call “patriot” just want to take some of the tension from all of them. To the rest of the country they look like racist trash

  • Debbie

    Shame on you Glenn!!! It’s not Christ-like to enable illegals that broke the LAW!!!

  • Laura Krahn

    Hold on folks! Are you serious? Did these children make this awful, dangerous journey of their own volition? Obama and his flying monkeys are to blame for this mess, but as a Christian and a conservative, I DO NOT approve giving a $4B blank check and keeping them here. Feed, clothe, delouse and vaccinate them, then use those planes and busses to SEND THEM BACK to where they belong! Secure our borders and insure we never have this nightmare and national embarrassment again!

  • Debbie

    Glenn your true colors are coming out, so sad… lead your supporters down a road of LIES!!!! You are facing a lot of in securities you need the Liberals and Progressives on your side. I thought you were stronger then that!! Bye Glenn. I will pray for you!!!

  • Karen Rath

    You are wrong. Glenn is being true to himself, to God, and doing the right thing.

  • Karen Rath

    He’s helping CHILDREN who are innocent victims and pawns of Obama and others. You have no mercy.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Glenn. You sure do love you some you. First you ask us to be your therapist and help you figure out who you are now and then you diagnose yourself by pronouncing how good you are and enlightened. I guess next time I donate to a church or charity I’ll start a blog and tell everyone about it.

  • Judy West

    Amen Glenn ..FINALLY someone is looking at this situation through the eyes of a Christian instead of a political mouth piece !! I agree , we need reform in our current law pertaining to immigration but in the mean time.. these are people for God’s sake and they need to see that we are NOT without mercy. Christ himself told us that we would be persecuted. We should take up the cross and follow by the example that was set for each of us over 2,000 years ago. This is not about being politically correct but about showing mercy on people that need it. Lay down the gavel people and stop judging long enough to ask yourself … what if this was me. “What you do for the least of these …. “

  • Dan Booth

    Tim you say that just like a true liberal.

  • Anonymous

    What reform is needed? There are laws already. I don’t think its right for a Christian to call other Christian’s inept because they disagree. Want to get down to it? Jesus said to obey the laws of the land. How many other people who are in the act of commiting crimes do we do all this for?

  • Dan Booth

    Debbie it so sad all the hate that is in your heart. I don’t like what is going on down there but we do not treat people badly just because we don’t like what the government is allowing.

  • Dan Booth

    So are you saying that it is Christ-like to punish a child for trying to leave where they were to try and get a better life. I am totally against illegals crossing the border but I don’t blame these kids for it. I blame Obama for it.

  • Anonymous

    Quit using what democrats do. Using emotional arguments. Mercy? You have a monopoly on mercy? People who disagree with you have very legitimate concerns. You have no right to cut them down.

  • Anonymous

    So its hate? Someone disagrees and they are full of hate. You argue like a liberal. That’s their tactics.

  • Danny Smith

    Isn’t that exactly what Glenn is saying and doing. His private organization giving charity to these children is the right thing to do. closing the borders is the right thing for the government to do

  • Micah Lindstrom

    Maybe it’s time to question our understanding of ‘taking sides’ politically. There aren’t enough sides to be socially right on every occasion. Glen is a conservative as far as the beliefs he holds about conservatism go, not as far as the GOP party lines stake themselves.

    We should all be careful to understand reality that way, rather than selling out to a bandwagon voting bloc because it’s still lobbying for that ONE thing we uphold most strongly in the moment.

  • HMpops

    Tony…you’ve hit the nail on the head. Too many do not understand the difference. Glenn is an individual and not the government. He’s not a politician. He’s doing exactly what he, as an individual, feels is the right thing to do. He’s made it clear to his audience. If ‘you’ do not want to support this cause, then don’t. Mercury One allows you to choose what cause ‘you’ feel ‘you’ want to support. That’s everything we, as conservatives, are asking of our government….Get out of our way and let us choose where our money is spent.
    If you are a believer in smaller government. Why do you bring the government into every conversation. I do not want our government solving every issue/problem. Our government makes mistakes. Guess what??? They’ll make more. You can sit there behind your computer screen and criticize the government. Then do nothing to fill in.

  • Anonymous

    Of course Glenn is doing it…he’s just following all the liberals that are…..ya right. The liberals aren’t doing a single thing other than saying the government should be doing something and it is….Obamas drinking beer, playing pool and funding raising. And of course the funds are for only the liberals, nothing else

  • Danny Smith

    Debbie you obviously don’t know or don’t remember much about Jesus. Jesus loved children. He didn’t love the law. He broke many laws of his time.Helping these children is the right thing to do and so is helping them go home but you take care of their needs. they are CHILDREN not political pawns

  • Debbie

    Dan who are you to judge me. You did not hear me say hate on anything!! If you want to follow the blind, then the blind will lead the blind down the ditch!!!