Earlier this year, David Barton endorsed Georgia State Senator Barry Loudermilk (R) in the race for Georgia’s 11th Congressional District. Loudermilk faces primary opposition from former Congressman Bob Barr, and during a debate earlier this week, Barr bizarrely attacked Loudermilk for accepting Barton’s endorsement.

Watch Barr’s remarks below:

Barr claims Barton has “has been roundly and uniformly criticized with facts for taking positions that are anti-Semitic [and] that are against women voting.” Loudermilk, however, did not cave to the pressure and denounce Barton.

After Glenn offered a strong defense of his friend to open the radio program, Barton called in later in the show to discuss the criticism and the situation at the border.

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Considering Glenn has personally traveled to Israel with Barton to several occasions and has seen the work he has done for the Jewish people first hand, the accusations are utter hogwash. While Glenn referred to Barr’s statement as “one of the most incredible things” he’s ever heard, Barton said he has been dealing with the same criticism for many years.

“You know, that is something that has been kept really active… by a bunch of Soros funded bloggers and groups,” Barton said. “And it’s really disturbing that Bob Barr, who is portraying himself as conservative, is pulling this information down from Soros groups.”

Glenn then asked Barton to discuss the situation at the border and the differences between the legal issues the government must deal with and the humanitarian needs Glenn believes should be handled privately.

Barton said he “stands firmly,” with Glenn’s assessment of the crisis, and he offered further insight into what the Bible says about compassion and caring for the poor. Of the 205 versus pertaining to the topic, just one mentions the role of government. 204 speak to the responsibility and role of the churches and Synagogues.

“You mentioned this is a Christian thing to do. It’s a biblical thing to do. There are 205 verses in the Bible that tell us to take care of the poor, to take care of needy, take care of those who have problems,” Barton said. “Out of 205 verses, the only thing that government is told to do is that when the poor come into court, make sure they get justice. Everything regarding their physical needs comes back to family and to the church or to the Synagogue.”

When you employ the idea of a hard head and warm heart, the political tension in this scenario begins to ease. As Barton explained, if he were to come across an individual lying in the middle of the road, he is not going to waste time asking how they got there – he is going to help.

“If I see someone lying in the middle of the road, I’m not going do ask how they got there or whether I’m facilitating them being there again,” he said. “ I’m going to meet their need. That’s the simple bottom line to it.”

That is not to say, however, the law does not come into play.

“Ecclesiastes 7:11 says when a law is not enforced it encourages other lawbreakers,” he continued. “That’s our problem not only with immigration law… That’s our problem with the whole bunch of laws that we’re not enforcing. And it’s causing the same kinds of problems. So that’s a politically area that has to be dealt with in the political realm.”

Ultimately, Barton believes it is quite dangerous for people to harden their hearts because of a political opinion.

“If you don’t have that heart and compassion – if you harden your heart to needs because you think that’s politically incorrect for your viewpoint,” Barton concluded, “then that is just not a good deal.”