For the last several weeks, Glenn has been asking his audience to consider donating to the Mercury One Children and Family Border Relief Fund. On radio this morning, Glenn announced that the fund had raised more than $600,000 thus far, with much of that money coming in the last couple of days. This marks Mercury One’s second largest non disaster related fundraising effort, and Glenn thanked those who had chosen to give.

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“We got word yesterday that in the last, what, five days, the Mercury One donations have completely reversed themselves. People are starting to wake up and say, ‘Wait a minute,’” Glenn said. “I got word yesterday that Mercury One has raised over $600,000 dollars [for the Children and Family Border Relief Fund].”

“It was the most other than the Chris Kyle fundraiser,” Pat added. “But other than that, it was the largest donation of any non-disaster relief we’ve done.”

Earlier this week, Glenn explained he has read countless emails and comments from fans who both support and oppose the position he has taken on the border crisis. As he has reiterated several times, amnesty is not an option. But completely ignoring the humanitarian crisis we currently face is not an option either.

With that in mind, Glenn has proposed a simple theory: Let the government handle the “border crisis,” while the American people handle the “humanitarian crisis.” The government must enforce the laws, and expedite the process of sending these people home. But President Obama would not need to request $3.7 billion from Congress, if private charity stepped in to take care of clothing, feeding, and providing the most basic necessities for these people while they are here.

Glenn is going to the border town of McAllen, Texas next week to help Mercury One unload the tractor trailers full of supplies it has accumulated. Mercury One has been in close contact with local churches and charities to ensure it is providing what is most needed – whether it be a hot meal or stuffed animal.

While Glenn admits it has been difficult for him to reconcile many of things that are happening in this country today, he knows in his heart that this is the right position to take.

“If you look at, you know, what Jesus is telling us to do. He says: Love your enemy. Love those who despise you. Whew. I haven’t practiced that my whole life. I’m new to this thing,” Glenn concluded. “I don’t know about you, but I’m having a really hard time trying to follow that example. But that’s the example we’re supposed to follow.”

You can learn more about the Children and Family Border Relief Fund and the other funds Mercury One has set up HERE.