If you have ever watched liberal commentator Bob Beckel, you know his mouth often gets him into trouble. On Thursday, Beckel found himself in hot water again – but this time it was the liberal media calling him out for an alleged ‘racial slur.’

But was it really offensive?

During a segment on Fox News’ The Five, Beckel used the word “Chinamen” – and then quickly corrected himself – when discussing the “national security” threat China poses to the United States.

Watch the segment below:

Apparently, the slip was unbelievably offensive to the Huffington Post newsroom. Huffington Post senior political reporter Amanda Terkel and intern David McCabe both took to Twitter to express their outrage.

On radio this morning, Glenn failed to see the outrage surrounding Beckel’s remarks. After all, it’s not like he hasn’t said worse things in the past. Ultimately, Glenn believes situations like this serve as chance to see who these people really are.

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While Pat was impressed Beckel actually had the foresight to correct himself in the moment, Glenn struggled to understand what century Beckel is living in for that phrase to even be a part of his vocabulary.

“When’s the last time anyone has said ‘Chinamen,’” Glenn asked. “Honestly… nobody I know uses that. Nobody.”