What did Bob Beckel say on air that caused an ‘office-wide gasp’ at the Huffington Post?

If you have ever watched liberal commentator Bob Beckel, you know his mouth often gets him into trouble. On Thursday, Beckel found himself in hot water again – but this time it was the liberal media calling him out for an alleged ‘racial slur.’

But was it really offensive?

During a segment on Fox News’ The Five, Beckel used the word “Chinamen” – and then quickly corrected himself – when discussing the “national security” threat China poses to the United States.

Watch the segment below:

Apparently, the slip was unbelievably offensive to the Huffington Post newsroom. Huffington Post senior political reporter Amanda Terkel and intern David McCabe both took to Twitter to express their outrage.

On radio this morning, Glenn failed to see the outrage surrounding Beckel’s remarks. After all, it’s not like he hasn’t said worse things in the past. Ultimately, Glenn believes situations like this serve as chance to see who these people really are.

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While Pat was impressed Beckel actually had the foresight to correct himself in the moment, Glenn struggled to understand what century Beckel is living in for that phrase to even be a part of his vocabulary.

“When’s the last time anyone has said ‘Chinamen,’” Glenn asked. “Honestly… nobody I know uses that. Nobody.”

  • Anonymous

    Really folks-is the Blaze going PC. So he mispoke, are we that into this that we must now call for his censure for a slip of the tongue?

    • Patricia Luijt

      It seems we are. What a sad state of affairs. I personally agree with Bob ( I don’t usually) it is the Chinese. We owe them our soul we are borrowing very heavily from China. But we still have to be on guard regarding the terrorists, while we are being distracted by all these inane arguments they are making their plans to eradicate the infidels.

    • Something Is Wrong

      Did you even watch the video? I don’t see how you could have with your ridiculous statement. The whole topic of conversation was how nonsensical it is that people are freaking out about the word “chinamen” today. Pretty much the opposite of what you said. Maybe read more than the headline next time before you comment.

  • Anonymous

    Bob has been watching too many reruns of “Bonanza”.

    • Shane

      Or “Kung Fu” where they all called Caine a “Chinaman.”

    • Anonymous

      Is “Have Gun, Will Travel” still on? That’s what this reminds me of.

  • Gee

    Much ado about nothing…

    • Shane

      Exactly, it’s not like he used the N-word or called Hispanics beaners. He’s right about the Chinese though.

      • fred

        I thought beaner because they eat beans…how can that possibly be racist…like Chinese are ricers

    • JeffyTheQuick

      Look! Squirrel!

      • Richard Dexter Warrington

        Or gooks !

      • Linda Murray

        Where’s a squirrel? 😀

  • Anonymous

    At least he didn’t call them Chinks or Gooks, like my Grandfather would have…God rest soul.

    • Anonymous

      G_D save us all from PC police if we expressed all the hyphenated names we have for each other.

      • AgnesDomini

        Yep. Political correctness is an invention of Marxist eggheads in an effort to deride American culture; check out its academic pedigree in association with the Frankfurt School (whose members migrated to New York and infected liberal universities):http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EjaBpVzOohs

        (Oh, and “PC” in our house stands for “Properly Christian”…)

  • Anonymous

    Men from America are American men, men from England are Englishman, men from Mexico are Mexican men and men from china are chinamen. Duh, we should really be concerned about more important issues.

    • Andrea Clark

      Seriously. .how else are you supposed to discribe someone? The little yellow guy with slanted eyes? I think that’s a little less offensive (sarcasm). I’m not a freaking liberal but I’ll defend rediculous any day, no matter what side of the fence you’re on. I agree with you. I’m so tired of politically correct. I say what I say and if they don’t like it then they can kiss the darkest side of my white butt. Sorry for the rant. I guess I’m overridden with stupid today.

      • Anonymous

        I’ll even defend ridiculous and rediculous (sic).

        • Anonymous


        • Andrea Clark

          Sorry. I have Sprint and a Samsung galaxy. I think the NSA has taken over my phone. When I’m on Glenn or Alex’s websites, my phone will not respond on the touch screen and the words list…forget about it. It’s only on these two sites. Go figure.

          • Brian Bahbah

            install a different Web Browser. That usually solves the issue.. If you are using Chrome, use Firefox for just sites that give that trouble. And vice-versa if you are using Firefox already. If you’re using the default browser that came with it; you shouldn’t.. Those are buggy,, insecure and stay insecure because the company that wrote it updates far less often…

      • Anonymous

        You just upset the people at Huff post.

        • joecrouse

          congratulations are in order.

      • Douglas W. Rodrigues

        Slanted eyes are Japanese. Chinamen don’t normally have slanted eyes. I should know: My mother is Chinese. Political Correctness is stupid.

        • tammy

          When I lived in Taiwan, my Chinese friends referred to Cantonese as round eyes and Taiwanese as slant eyes. It depends on where you are from. My Cantonese girlfriend thought the “slant eyes” were lower class than she. She was part of the ruling class in Taiwan. It was funny to me, cause I couldn’t see any difference. One thing that surprised me, tho, was how tall many Chinese are. Many of the males are 6 foot and many of the women are 5’6″. My girlfriend was 5’8″.

          • Douglas W. Rodrigues

            I suspect that many in Taiwan have Japanese blood from the WW-II era when the Japanese soldiers were raping the Chinese women. The tall Chinese originated from Mongolia. The last name of the Chinese side of my family translates to “Tall.” How they ended up in Macao is anybody’s guess. Macao used to be a Portuguese colony until about 20 years ago. My last name is a Portuguese spelling, but the Mexicans think I’m an oriental looking Mexican who spells my name wrong.

          • tammy

            I learn something new everyday. Thank you

          • Brian Bahbah

            Thank you. My point exactly on the variations amonst Asian eye shapes. But I cannot agree on the lower class part.

          • tammy

            Oh, I don’t either, but the Cantonese did. They were mainly the governing class and were a little stuck up LOL My best friend was Cantonese and I loved her to death, but I really didn’t see the difference really. It used to upset her that I thought it was funny, she thought the Taiwanese were so different from her. People are funny everywhere.

        • Brian Bahbah

          Your comment is a bit silly. But the “I should know: My mother is Chinese” is kind of funny. I don’t really like the term slanted because it has been used as derogatory too often. But what better word is there to describe it? No offense intended but some Chinese do have slanted eyes and some do not. Some Japanese do and some do not. Some Native Americans even have slanted eyes and some do not. It depends on more than just the race and country. It also depends on the person “genetics”. I feel that since genetics takes a high charge in controlling this, it is likely that certain parts of China may have more of this feature where the families have lived in that general area for many generations than other parts of China were the feature is less dominate or common. Either way, I find slanted eyes a very attractive quality; as do many people. I even know of a few whites that have noticeably slanted eyes (though not very many.)

      • Vox Populi

        Don’t be sorry for your rants!!!! Sounded good to me!!!

    • Anonymous

      The political correctness has to stop in this country. It is for the birds!!!!

    • Lee Weber

      people from france are called frenchman, people from ireland are irishman, people from china….chinamen. Someone needs to flush HF. they add no value to any segment of the society that matters or contributes in a positive way.

      • tammy

        BTW, Bob is so left sometimes he is hard to listen to, but underneath he really is a softy. I’ve learned to take a lot of what he says with a bit of humor

        • fred

          softy ha

          • tammy

            Especially now that he is dating a Conservative woman, he is much more opened minded and dressing much better LOL

      • tinwhistler

        I guess we should say we have a Kenyaman in the White House.

  • Lee in Phoenix

    I don’t care that he said Chinaman, but I am constantly amazed that Beckel has held high level positions in campaigns and in our government and is now making big bucks on TV, because the guy just isn’t very smart. He seems to have trouble grasping fairly simple facts during conversations on the show.

    • Crassus

      But Beckel did play football when he was in college.

      • Bowman Jack

        That was before they wore helmets….case closed !

    • Anonymous

      You are right, I noticed as well! And sometimes, what he puts forth is totally ridiculous.

    • DoubleC

      You do realize Lovable Bob is a recovering alcoholic and drug addict, there’s a good possibility he lost some brain cells in the process, at least he has an excuse, which is more than the sober Liberals have….can’t figure out how that happens.

  • Wulf

    It would be great if people spoke in public the same way they do in private. The PC garbage has gone way too far. The media wants everyone to be offended and feel feigned outrage.

    Ironically, many PC terms are poorly constructed or misnomers. “African-American”, for instance, indicates a person with dual citizenship. Yet people use it to describe skin color, which would be a misnomer. Even supposedly right wing media use the term “African-American”.

    • Bert31

      I’m a white guy and I’ve never had ANY black person get offended by me referring to them as black as long as the context of the conversation was on their terms. PC outrage is never rooted in the hearts of the people who are supposedly offended. It’s a lot like how most Native Americans are not offended by the existence of the Washington Redskins.

      • kathleen_smith121

        ” AS LONG AS THE CONTEXT OF THE CONVERSATION WAS ON THEIR TERMS” What kind of equality is that when they control your conversation?

        • Bert31

          It means, if a black person hates being called black, don’t call them black. Also, please don’t convolute my thought process, you’ll only confuse yourself.

    • fred

      yea right wing racist…the ones that freed the salves and promoted civil rights…history people

  • Anonymous

    wow using the word Chinaman to refer to a man from China, now that is really a tempest in a liberal teapot.

    • Anonymous

      you are retarded

      • Anonymous

        Will someone please enlighten us then as to why the term chinamen is so offensive? Or explain to us why not knowing this makes us “retarded” or why calling someone retarded in itself is not supposed to be at least as offensive?

        • Anonymous

          oh look another retarded idiot

          • Anonymous

            Wulgus..if that isn’t a slur itself. Calling someone names is the last resort of a lost debate. Thanks for playing!

          • kathleen_smith121

            That is unless it is a liberal calling a conservative racist for not going along with Obama. Using YOUR logic, the liberals must be in the last resort of a lost debate.

          • Anonymous

            you are so retarded it would be funny if it wasnt so sad

          • joecrouse

            not to mention redundant

          • Roger Glynn Richardson

            For your information Wulgus, “retarded” is not politically correct either. as for idiot, I don’t know. Go look in the mirror.

          • Anonymous

            put a gun in your mouth and blow your own retarded brains out

          • joecrouse

            good good let the butthurt flow through you.

          • Anonymous

            stfu you closet case

          • beekeeper

            You appear to be “not very bright”! I believe that is politically correct for “dumb” or “stupid”

          • Anonymous

            and another retarded person!

          • Douglas W. Rodrigues

            Besides throwing mud, do you have anything intelligent to contribute?

          • Anonymous

            how about my d ick in your a ss f a g g ot

        • Jeffrey Lamela

          Because the left wants us all to be “global citizens”, with no nationalities, borders, etc. It’s a long term goal but things like this are a start.

        • tammy

          The proper word is Chinese. But Bob is a little backwards. He calls women “broads” at times. Equally offensive. But big deal

          • Douglas W. Rodrigues

            The term “Broad” originated in the early motion picture days when only the most very beautiful actresses got a close up on screen. That was known as a “Broad shot.” In reality, it should be a compliment, but people forgot or don’t know the history of such terms.

          • tammy

            Didn’t know that, but today it is considered a negative comment.

      • Anonymous

        You have a strong argument there, but I do not believe your evidence is solid.

        • nunya

          I think I might print this and frame it! Wonderful reply!

      • Sam Walker

        Retarded? Do I even need to explain the irony of your statement?

        • Anonymous

          another retarded person here.

          • Marjorie Lee Peterson

            Do you even know how much stupidity you are showing Wulgus? If you don’t have anything intelligent to say, please get off this thread.

          • Anonymous

            please blow your own brains out with a loaded gun you retarded idiot

        • Watch it

          He wouldn’t understand it. He is showing all he knows.

        • Anonymous

          and you are retarded as well

      • Brian Bahbah

        @Wulgus -Calling someone retarded is far worse fool.. A lot of people have mentally challenged children or family members.. Also.. What do you call a man from England? An Englishman.. And that’s never been considered insultive. You act as if Chinese are supposed to be ashamed to be Chinese. Or ashamed to be a man if they are… YOU’RE a hypocrite and a bigot. Or maybe you’re just of your own words (retarded.)

        • Anonymous

          also retarded.

          • Anonymous

            Wulgus, is nothing more than a weak minded troll. We should all pity him rather than ridicule him. Don’t make fun of the handicapped like Wulgus, it’s just not right. Pity him!

          • Anonymous

            please kill yourself you piece of trash retarded moron

          • Anonymous

            I really pity you Wulgus, I truly do. You are a sad excuse for a human being and we all feel sorry for you an pity you. You may want to seek professional help and anger management. What a pity to be you!

          • Anonymous

            shut up you closet case. kill yourself

          • Anonymous

            Wulgus, we all pity you so much. So much anger, so little brains, your are truly a creature to pity. It must be sad to be you. Hiow do you get up each day and face the world with nothing to look forward to? I really pity you. How sad!

          • Anonymous

            have you killed yourself yet?

          • Anonymous

            Does your mom know you are on her Computer?

          • Anonymous

            does your boyfriend know you are, f a g g o t

          • Brian Bahbah

            did your mom abuse you when you were growing up?

        • Anonymous

          please put a gun in your mouth and pull the trigger you idiot

        • Guest

          No I agree with Wulgus. If you have a problem with this then, well, yeah you must be pretty retarded.

          • Brian Bahbah

            I traced your IP address. You ARE Walgus:

            And Walgus, I don’t have a problem with the term Chinaman because I don’t have a problem with Englishman either. It means you are a man and that’s where you are from. Period.

      • Anonymous

        You don’t get sarcasm, do you?

        • Watch it

          He doesn’t. All he knows how to say is “you are retarded” because that is all he ever heard his whole life.

        • Anonymous

          you are retarded too

      • Jordan

        Can you not? Thanks.

        • Anonymous

          retarded piece of trash.

      • Anonymous

        Why don’t you stop with projecting your mental deficiency onto others, and either add to the conversation or stop with the personal attack.

        And since retarded is now considered wrong, you are exhibiting such bias, how sad, how liberal

        • Anonymous

          please commit suicide in the most painful way possible you waste of life retarded idiot

          • Benji Flahamiwal

            Bob is that you?

          • Anonymous

            shut up f a g g o t

          • Anonymous

            I tell you what, show me how it’s done. I’ll watch you.

            But your post confirms that you and other libs when presented with information, have nothing but personal attacks. So sad, such ignorance on display, such liberalism personified.

            now go bother someone else, and there will be no more responses to a person such as you that has nothing to say.

            You and your posts have become irrelevant to me, especially when it is a beautiful beach, great day, and you are such a collossal waste of time

          • Anonymous

            i’m not reading a word of that you stupid f a g g o t

    • Camilla Carr

      Well put, Sir!

  • Pat Houseworth

    I’m waiting for him to call the Kenyan a Half Breed Half Wit…..then watch the gnashing of teeth on the left….

    • kathleen_smith121

      It is already happening. Some black man (je ID’d himself as such) called Rush last week and said just that and requested that Rush stop referring to him as a black president, rather than a Mulatto
      When he was first elected, Chris Rock said if he doesn’t
      do well as president that the blacks would say, who the he$$ is that half breed. It is happening!

  • Wolftech

    Its not like he said ‘chinks’.,,

    seriously PC libtards just need to pull up their big boy pants and STFU…

    • Richard Dexter Warrington

      Or Zips !

      • Go Back to Mexico

        or slopey slant-eyed rice eating clones. :)

  • Joe Kaminski

    If the huffington post gasped and got “offended” by THAT then we all know they really need to grow a thicker skin. If someone dropped the N word on them I bet they would all wind up under their desks in the fetal position sucking their thumbs. I think this is proof that liberals are really just children in adult bodies because only children get affected by words this much.

    • Brian Bahbah

      The next time I hear someone use the term Englishman, I think I will go crazy and sh*t bricks because it seems I have the right too.

      • Anonymous

        Brilliant Brian. Just think of what they would call us Irish……

        • Watch it

          Irishmen? OMG!

        • Brian Bahbah

          Yes, considering I English and Irish, I guess i get to throw a fit twice. 😉

        • Brian Bahbah


  • Brad Roberts

    i don’t care what he said….but it proves he is a racist…just like all Rebulicans are or people living in the South…

    • Ebo

      Exactly WHAT is a Rebulican? Are they dangerous? I live in the south and need to know if I should keep my loaded gun under my pillow, or just leave it propped over in the corner………….. Nothing like “tarring and feathering” an entire geographic region of people simply because of where they live. I am a racist because I live in a certain orientation to the Mason-Dixon line? Making a few assumptions there, Bradley? The good folks who have migrated here from Yankee Land aren’t going to be happy with you calling them THAT name. Good grief!

      • JBinGA

        The good folks that have lived in the South all our lives aren’t happy about it either.

    • Bert31

      Brad, are you actually making a serious statement here?

    • rickbooker

      Beckel isn’t a republican you nitwit. He’s bleeding heart Liberal POS

    • Anonymous

      Beckel is 100% Liberal, please, research before you post!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Suddenly it is racist to be a man from China? Next time someone calls me a southerner I’m going to start whining like a five year old on twitter, calling them a racist bigot.

    • Anonymous

      Your only racist if you speak ill of blacks. The term racism no longer protects whites. The definition has been rewritten by the progressives, much like your childrens school curriculumn.

      • Anonymous

        RACIST! BIGOT! HOMOPHOBE! See, I can still do it. I mean, the MSM doesn’t care when I do it, but I can still do it. lol

        • kathleen_smith121

          Just to be comprehensive, go out and buy your self a Mexican flag and burn it in front of the press!
          Now your talking!

      • Brian Bahbah

        Several colleges and universities have recently been exposed as having an *actual* 0% of books of the required course’s text books and 0% of books in their book stores written by conservatives or republicans. In fact, almost 100% of any of the available-recent books were written by liberals, socialists and even some communist. But not a one by any point of view that does not fit the liberal view. It was nearly impossible to find any conservative books. Most non-liberal books are being forcefully removed by liberal professors, Deans and school presidents.

  • HoneyTree EvilEye

    Big surprise, took him saying something that could possibly be offensive for this chick for her to finally get upset. Forget the sewage he spews every day, but now that it upsets her personally it matters. Liberal twats.

    • Bert31

      Look, I’m no fan of Liberalism, but your unfortunately derogatory word at the end of your post was unnecessary.

      • HoneyTree EvilEye


  • Arthur Longeno Pavis Jr

    Who cares? “Political correctness” is bullsh*t! It is just a means for the Left to divert the public’s eyes and sorely needed energy away from ridding the Federal Government of all it’s corruption, waste, cronyism and fraud. Here’s something important: Obama is destroying America – wake put people! The media is lying to you!

    • Brian Bahbah

      Political correctness is “usually” a means to control freedom of speech. And now it’s being used to control freedom of thought. It cannot be denied because: it’s working!

    • Anonymous

      What a great response. Truer words have never been spoken. Wake up
      America, there are far more important issues at hand than the word “Chinaman”

    • kathleen_smith121

      The real reason for PC is to shut people up who are trying to TELL THE TRUTH! WELL. IF YOU ARE WHITE THAT IS. Minorities can say and do anything without consequences b/c they are not white!

  • Dan Breneman

    At least he didn’t call them ‘chinks’…

  • AsSeenOnTv

    People need to get over themselves.

  • Nathan Yocum

    I like this. I like this a lot. No matter how much Republicans dislike the Democrats they still will back them when they did nothing wrong. Bob is fine here. #freebob2014

    • Bert31

      I like The Five, and I like Bob Beckel for being a good sport while being outnumbered by Conservatives. Why take him seriously? I mean, didn’t he run Mondale’s campaign in the 1980s? He’s a lovable loser, and I agree, he’s okay on this one.

  • arn magnusson

    what’s wrong with calling them chinamen? or chinawomen?

  • 13citizen13

    What’s the problem????

  • Chesapeakeguy

    Of course they’re offended. It won’t be long before using the term ‘black’ will be an offense that the left will want prosecuted. They’re already trying to do that with ‘illegal’, as in saying that word in reference to those who invade our borders will hence be ‘illegal’ itself! Speaking of people from China, or anywhere from Asia for that matter, just when did the term “oriental’ become ‘racist? And WHO determined that? Anybody know?

  • Erin Hildabrand


  • Stephen C

    His error was not calling them Godless Communists like our HZIC.

  • Anonymous

    Big freaking deal. You go, Bob. One of the few liberals who speaks the truth.

  • mroger82

    So how are we supposed to refer to black men? Blackanese?

  • Brandon Neubert

    Only thing I wanna be called is militiamen

  • Anonymous

    A dozen years ago, I was admonished by a young American of full Korean descent that using the term “Oriental” was a racial slur when discussing those of Far Eastern Asian ancestry. At that time, I’d never received the memo.

  • BDunn

    I seriously could care less! Left or Right you need to learn the difference between a slurr full of hate and a misspeak.

  • ReggieOtis

    I just think it is awesome that the entirity of the HuffPo were watching the 5 together

  • Robert Chowaniec

    Who cares about the freakin chinks !!!

  • Omi

    Bob was just caught up in the moment. He is absolutely right we are worried about a bunch of small time terrorists when the greatest threat in the last 70 years since WWII is the Chinese. They are going to do everything in their power to destroy us one way or another.

  • Brian Bahbah

    Calling someone oriental instead of Chinese is considered far worse racial than Chinaman.. If I call a man from England and Englishman, it’s not considered insultive. So yea.. Chew on that.

    • Tom Eagleson

      So if I called a man from England living in China a Englishman would that be a problem

  • Patrick

    Then Frenchmen is a slur too?

    • Tom Eagleson


  • Donna56

    My father came from China. I am half Chinese. Chinamen doesn’t bother me at all. Referring to my race, I’ve been called much worse in my life. This pc crap is ridiculous. People get offended by the silliest things nowadays.

    • Anonymous

      Hey,I’m of German descent and guess what I get called? Eva Braun!
      Never once have I been offended because I have better things to do but I am getting to the point where I AM a tad offended by the easily offended in this world.

      • fred

        oh Eva

  • Gene Small

    So, should we call them Litchensteinians?

  • Joe Pfeiffer

    think beckel’s drinking and drugging killed all of his good republican brain cells…..but he is always entertaining…lol……..love the FIVE!!!

    • Anonymous

      Sorry, but Beckel is Democrat, always has been one.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, no! Chinamen! How terrible! Cut off his balls! (Seriously? I thought they were chinks).

  • Anonymous

    Let them wharrgarbl about the innocuous. Fewer people will listen to the PC crowd when they actually have something to say.

  • Tom Eagleson

    I think the real problem is how easily we are offended by just a word. Its a word, usually a word that was popular or trendy to use once. Who cares what someone calls you, or what word they use. Why would anyone let that define or limit what they can do in life. There are so many BIG issues out there and so much time is devoted to this petty, ridicules discussion. I think we need a new word, “Wordophobia” for those devoted to fearing a simple word and apparently letting that word define who they are and what they can do in life.

  • Mark Nave

    Chinamen, Chinamen, Chinamen, Chinamen, Chinamen. Huh, not so hard. Let’s try this one. Impeach, Impeach, Impeach, Impeach. Yep, not a problem.

  • Anonymous

    Political correctness is defined as: A doctrine fostered by a delusional, illogical minority and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.

  • Anonymous

    He, Juan Williams and Alan Combs is the reason I WILL NOT watch Fox when they are on. I detest them- They do a lot of damage and Fox would benefit highly by eliminating their disgusting mugs. I’ll put Kristin Powers on the list, too..
    While I’m complaining- All these females talking over everyone else -I refuse to listen to them, too- so you see I don’t watch Fox very much. They are just women acting like hormonal women. Yes I’m a WOMAN whose hormones are now in retirement.

    • Anonymous

      it’s good to see the other side

  • Anonymous

    I noticed it when he said it, and the fact that he immediately corrected it. Big deal (and I’m no fan of Beckel’s). I’m tired of people getting bent out of shape over nothing. Of course, that never stops libs from going bonkers over nothing. And did they not see his offensive gesture at the end of his tirade? I’m surprised nothing was said about that!

  • Guest

    Politically correct people are cerebelly challenged :)

  • Anonymous

    What should he have called them? Future Masters?

  • Anonymous

    Right on Beckel … and don’t apologize later

  • Ken

    Let George W. say that. “S” would hit the fan.

  • Anonymous

    Political correctness is defined as: A doctrine fostered by a delusional, illogical minority and rabidly promoted by an unscrupulous mainstream media, which holds forth the proposition that it is entirely possible to pick up a turd by the clean end.

    • Watch it


  • Anonymous

    He HAS said worse, & while I disagree w/Beckel 99.99% of the time on nearly everything, I DO agree w/him on this & what he’s said about the Muslim terrorists, & no Muslim openly condemning the terroroist activities of said groups. & if they are men, & Chinese, HOW is it offensive?

  • J.t. Coleman

    Well Bob..there may be hope for you yet ..you fat B@$&%^#..LOL

  • Watch it

    LMAO! How desperate the left is to shake this around – to divert attention from their blunders. Too funny

  • kenneth Hadley

    I’m with Fat Bob on this one. This world was just fine until this: Last batch of politically correct intolerant jerks got to upper level management and look at this @#$%^&.

  • Sue strauch

    He’s such a putz. He makes my skin crawl. I really can’t believe he hasn’t been fired for some of the things he’s said on the Five.

  • Lee Cummins

    and today who was he referring to when he said grease ball,.

  • MountainMan57

    I thought coolies was the racial slur? What are Chinese men called?

  • Slayer88

    What are we supposed to call ’em if we can’t use chinks, dinks, slopes and now chinamen is out??????

    • joshuasweet

      sir or madam

    • kathleen_smith121

      Illegals? OMG!!

  • Lynne Holt Miller

    Okay his reaction was worth it, he almost choked. Are you people serious, you don’t know what to call people from china?? Come on grow up, it’s not about being pc, it’s about respecting someone from another race, and no i’m not an Obama supporter, before you all start jumping on me. Nobody here is more tired of being pc than me, but there is basic right and wrong.

  • Anonymous

    What’s wrong with that? The news to the low information voter is that China steals our stuff. Surely, commies wouldn’t need to do that, right?

  • Dyrewulf

    Who gives a sheet. This PC BS has to go.

  • Gene Panico

    At least he didn’t say “chinks”.

  • 4 Him

    Let’s face it Bob sometimes needs a cork in his yahoo!!!

  • Laura Thompson

    It’s just a word, get over it. Frankly, I was glad Beckel finally said something I agree with.

  • tim

    Chinaman Chinaman Chinaman Chinaman Chinaman Chinaman Chinaman Chinaman

    • Bert31

      Thank you lol.

  • Mark R.R.Smith

    No men in China. Explains a lot, or does it? ( as he sings “For he is an English Man” from HMS Pinafore)

  • Go Back to Mexico

    He didn’t call them slopes, slants, squints, robots, or dog eaters. He just called them Chinamen. Chinamen are chinamen. What’s the problem people? Political “correctness” is crazy!

  • amarillovet

    what do we call men from England (Englishmen?) I’m so sick of these thin skinned crybabys whineing about every other word in English language. When I grew up negro was acceptable and preferred, then that was racist so black was common now African American is the phrase. What’s next? How about the French (Frenchmen)

  • Janean Guy

    My, oh my, oh my!! Big deal. When will the nonsense end?

  • tired america

    reallythey got to get over the political BS we have real problems from our own Tyranical Gov.

  • tired america

    why the huff poster are even still here get over it tell the real story what is happening here and why they are hideing scared. we want the truth fire them all and lets get to the real solutions fire them all and put an end to this non sense re build our government for the people by the people stop paying for these criminals in the house and senate and end all the agencies that do nothing but charge thousands of dollars for a hamer or cost 10.000 dollars for liqure to have a party or spend more time on vacation than we spend at work and put an end to these agencies that rule the monetary system close our borders 10 years and see if we cant quail some of this BS then we renegotiate our trade se then who wants to be part of a foreighn nation its time to take bake America we the people own and govorn this land all our vets without care and homes illeagalls nd groups supporting them they too should go on the bus to where ever will have them but out of this nation as they too are criminal in their harboring and aiding the illegals they will see clear again

  • Nicholas Alpino


  • Gene Browning

    So, what should we now call the island on the north side of Oahu that was formerly called “Chinamen’s Hat”? Somebody tell me quick, I wanna go there this weekend.

  • Douglas W. Rodrigues

    I suppose that now we can’t use the terms Frenchmen, Irishmen, or Englishmen?

    • kathleen_smith121

      Sure you can. They are all white races. they are not allowed to be offended!

  • kathleen_smith121

    GASP!!!! Now ask me if I care?
    Please don’t tell me how “offended ” you are. Frankly, I an sickened and
    I am ” OFFENDED” BY YOUR BEING OFFENED! Now STOP OFFENDING me, just shut up and GO AWAY!!!

  • Michael DeVita

    What is the big deal?

  • Maugaoali’i Pele

    Get a life, what’s the big deal.

  • Glenn Coughlin

    I am usually impressed by Beckel because he has to deal with four lockstep conservatives day in and day out.
    Why was there a little backlash? Well, unlike the fox “news” talking heads, the Democrats hold their contributors to a higher standard.
    This concept is lost upon people like glenn who attack innocent children and Jewish Rabbis.

    • Anonymous


      Wait … gotta catch my breath.

      “Democrats hold their contributors to a higher standard”!?!?!?!

      You mean like Al Sharpton and virtually everyone at MSNBC? Maybe you need to buy your wife some Melissa Harris-Perry designer tampon earrings for her birthday.

      And your last sentence is just out of kookoo land, but coming from a supporter of a party that took great pleasure in going after the children of Sarah Palin – especially her special needs child – I’d be a bit careful throwing stones. And I think we can find a few hundred million examples of left-wing antisemitism.

  • Anonymous

    This is all the left really has. Because of liberal policies, the whole country is in chaos, but all progressive pinheads can do is try and divert attention by silly PC word games.

  • Anonymous

    Things like this make it impossible for me to dislike Bob Beckel no matter how aggressively wrong he is.

  • Anonymous

    Hell lets just ban everything.

  • AJ Tommy Guns

    Who the hell cares! I can’t believe we actually have people in this country that think this is an atrocity.

  • BM

    Huffington Post should change their name to “Useful Idiot News”

  • Roger Wallace

    When will we learn not to teach foreigners are business, it’s like: Hey, look what I have foreigners and you don’t and I can’t wait to show you what I America have and what I America am capable of! Why even take foreign military personnel onto our American military ships, when they could take that American knowledge back to their own defense departments. In a crime scene, every little detail means something that shows something of the bigger picture that is the crime it’s self. It’s like a hair so small in physical detail, yet that small detail may actually provide all the answers to the crime in who actually did the crime. So what we may consider not hurtful information to be given to foreigners concerning our military, maybe it is very harmful to our safety and well being, sometimes.

  • Anonymous

    Defending Beckel is the last thing I will ever do!!!! This inarticulate dolt stays on the Five and I no longer watch it because of him. I love rational discussion, but liberals can’t engage in that.

  • Alan Drucker

    Love you Bob, don’t usually agree with you but thanks!!!

  • Leonard Lassiter

    I have called them worse bobshould have staye on ourse he was teling it like it is

  • Paul Whitlow Jr.

    My wife who’s Asian asks if men(people) from china can’t be called chinamen with out offending someone then just what are they called? She also says Americans are very thin skinned and offended by nonsense and are too worried about words

  • Christopher J Hoffman

    Just because a phrase has fallen out of coming used does not make it a slur. I am no fan of Becker, but this is a lot of noise about nothing.

  • Al Williams

    PC police…go take a long walk on a very short pier

  • Harry P.Ness

    Im a right wing nut job, and while I don’t always agree with Bob’s opinions I like the guy. I was hoping he called them Chink’s. Knock the PC B.S. off!

  • John SP

    Thy are from China and they are men correct?

  • Stacey Jacobellis

    Get over it. Realize what the man is trying to tell you and not whether or not he is politically correct. I believe I get offended by people who go after people about political correctness!

  • Mike Kohler

    Nice to know that Huffington Post reporters at least Watch Fox TV.
    Maybe, some “truths” and “Common Sense” will rub off on them.:->

  • Anonymous

    Bob is a fool. He needs to go.

  • http://www.garagedoorspricing.com brucepointdi

    Stupid scum bag liberals make fools of themselves again

  • truthseeker53

    Ain’t got a Chinaman’s chance in this PC idiot country.

  • fred

    thats liberal for ya…they’re in the closet you know

  • Vox Populi

    Beckel is a chucklehead!!!! I don’t know why he is still on The Five, he would do better on The View he could set next to Whoopi and be a Big Fat No Nothing for ever…. now when REAL Guest comes on him and Whoopi can waddle off the set when they don’t agree with a common sense opinion….

  • Page 48

    I thought he said CYBERmen.

  • Bob TheBuilder

    SO WHAT now we can’t call a MAN FROM CHINA a China MAN…..what do we call a man from CHINA that is more PC.

  • Page 48

    Which part was deemed offensive: “China” or “man”?

  • Anonymous

    Bob Beckel’s comment on The Five – I love it so much! So forthright. Too forthright for some, but he is one interesting guy.

    And Glenn Beck is an outstanding human being. He put his faith before his politics and helped those coming across the border. Thank you, Glenn Beck. You are doing God’s work.

    As for those who are angry with Beck for his generosity, think about this:
    “Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. (Matthew 5:10)

  • Anonymous

    Where are my manners? Good evening, NSA.

  • Elle’s Island

    Perhaps the greatest challenge facing mankind is that of distinguishing reality from fantasy, truth from propaganda, and science from fiction.

  • Tom Stirling

    Chinamen huh…as opposed to Irishmen, Englishmen, Frenchmen….how can this be politically incorrect…oh wait, I know…someone SAID it was

  • hans

    liberals are funny,
    So the bedwetters get incontinent over over the word chinamen but are mum about the essence of the message.
    This just shows how intellectually shallow and devoid of logic they are.
    It’s like refusing to evaluate the validity of a concept due to minor punctuation errors

    I happen to agree with beckle here.

  • Lucy Farrah DeMonique

    BFD, baby, BFD!

  • http://luxomni.blogspot.com/ Luxomni

    The only place I’ve ever even heard it before is a particular phrase, i.e. “a Chinaman’s Chance”, which I understand comes from the construction of the Transcontinental Railroad and dynamite. I suspect today the term should be “a Chinawoman’s Chance” considering the results of China’s effort to limit population growth.

  • Chicom Redneck MkI

    I am not worry about his “Chinaman” comment, this guy has big
    open mouth, and everyone knows that.

    I am angry at his thoughts; everyone from China is a spy.

    Excuse me? You guys can just keep imaging everyone with Asian face is a Chicom spy. The truth is,
    many of the Chinese people coming to United States have more hatred to Chicom
    than this guy and you. Chicom always try to brainwash these people, saying
    United States is the worst place on the earth. But they don’t buy it, they
    choose to run away from Chicom.

    And you make these Chinese immigrants and visitors finally
    realize that Chicom government is right. This is a place unfriendly to them,
    this is a place with discrimination?

    Oh Hell, to Bob Beckel, to Glenn Beck and to those who
    support him.


  • Anonymous

    American Man……oooooo sorry.

  • Anonymous

    Beckel and Beck both alcoholics.

  • Ginger

    This is ridiculous.. How is describing Chinese men as “Chinaman” negative?

  • mnphouka

    I like his “Jihad this” comment! I want a t shirt

  • Stewart Fish


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