Comedian shocks CNN host: ‘We need to enforce our laws’

CNN’s Don Lemon definitely wasn’t expecting this one. During an appearance on CNN Tonight last week, Mexican-American comedian and actor Paul Rodriguez shocked Lemon when he spoke candidly about deportation and the importance of enforcing our immigration laws.

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“I love this Don Lemon interview with Paul Rodriguez, a comedian and actor,” Pat said on radio this morning. “He obviously just assumed that because he’s of Hispanic origin and an immigrant to this country, he obviously is in favor of all of these people flooding into our country. But not so much.”

Lemon asked Rodriguez why “we are so divided as country” when it comes to immigration. Rodriguez was quite matter of fact in his response, explaining that there is nothing to be divided over.

“I don’t think we are divided,” Rodriguez said. “I think America has its heart in the right place. We need to be compassionate. We need to be strong and enforce our laws.”

He went on to explain that allowing these children to remain in the country without the slightest bit of retribution sends a dangerous message.

“You know, my heart goes out to the parents that have to traumatize their kids to go through Mexico. They must go through terrible abuse,” he said. “But at the same time, if we accept these children and we don’t repatriate them, it’s only going to send out a clear signal to everyone in Latin America that, if you get to America, you will stay here. And then, if you think those numbers are big now, it’s hard to trust the statistics.”

Judging by his response, Lemon did not know what to make of the comedian’s comments.

“People — people may be surprised to hear that coming from someone who is an immigrant,” Lemon said.

Watch the full exchange below:

“Let me translate Don Lemon bull crap to English: ‘I’m surprised to hear this coming from a Hispanic.’ That’s what he’s saying… This is the right attitude. We have to be compassionate,” Glenn concluded. “But you know what? We are not being compassionate. Think about how misplaced our compassion is by saying we are going to be a nation without enforcing our own laws. That’s what they are escaping… They are coming here because they don’t have a nation of laws… [And] that’s what we’re turning into.”

  • landofaahs

    It’s hard to enforce the law when there are no consequences to the negative for when they are broken.

  • Anonymous

    Pres. Obama & Eric Holder do not give a rat’s ass about the law. They both have shown their smug disregard and obviously think they are above the law.

    • landofaahs

      It might help if the border agents were allowed to get closer than 40 miles from the border. Must be one of the executive orders Obama used with his pen and his Balckbarry phone.

      • Jeff Bolton

        You’re right, there is no need for the National Guard, it would take too long to deploy them, the resources are already in the area they just need to be used effectively.

        The best and most cost effective method we have is actual patrols. Growing up on the Southern Border it was not uncommon to see horse patrols (ATV’s weren’t around yet) and agents in 4WD’s all along the border.

        When Reagan passed Amnesty, you started seeing fewer and fewer on the border and all of a sudden checkpoints started popping up everywhere. You can’t travel the Border states without going through one. Each is staffed with about 20 agents standing around while one asks you your citizenship. The closest any of these are to the border is 20 miles. A lot of them cost the tax payer millions to build.

        Currently there are 24,000 BP agents assigned to the Southern Border, there is 1,983 miles of border, they need to place 2 agents every mile = 3,966 agents per shift, 4 shifts per day = 15,864 agents needed to secure the border, leaving an extra 8,136 agents to do other duties. the only real issue would be areas that are mountainous and in those you could strategically place towers like are used in the forests to watch for fires except man them with a BP agent who can radio down to other agents when someone is spotted.

        In all honesty how do we know if our Immigration system even needs reformed when it hasn’t been fully implemented or enforced in the first place. The borders are not secure, Businesses have never been punished for hiring non-citizens(which is already illegal), People who overstay their visas are not actively followed up on to either deport or verify that they have filed for an extension.

        It’s kind of like not installing the plug wires on your car and then saying because it won’t start you need a new engine.

        • tim ho

          In defense of the Border Patrol .. the check points are “functional equivalents of the Border” positioned (supposedly) where natural geography and road paths funnel together forcing all traffic to pass .. allowing Agents opportunity to be more efficient.
          The numbers of Agents ‘on the line’ asking questions is (supposedly) determined by the amount of vehicular traffic to minimize disrupting traveling public. There needs be enough staff to process those they catch, go into the outskirts of the station to collect the groups who walk around the checkpoints, and be available to go after run-through violators. A good example is San Clemente on I-5 near Camp Pendleton .. mountains contain traffic doing a good job except those cheating through the MC Camp or hiking the hills. AND they stay busy with drug and alien apprehension processing.

          Under normal levels of alien/drug guy traffic these checkpoints are effective, even necessary.
          But go on with what you had to say ………..

          • JayJay3333

            Those are good points but they don’t work with the situation that’s happening today. I support a border fence for the main reason that it’s permanent. Border agents and other methods can be given and they can be taken away. The influx needs to be stopped AT the border and not 40 miles inland.

          • Jeff Bolton

            I understand the point you are trying to make, but I will still maintain that they would be more effective, on the border, stopping them from crossing rather than trying to catch them after they have already entered. As far as the number of agents working the checkpoints, if they are there to minimize disruption they’re not doing a good job, none of the checkpoints that I go through (5) ever have more than one lane open and traffic gets backed up a mile. At one checkpoint there has been a couple of accidents due to traffic being backed up beyond the first notification signs.

        • JayJay3333

          But reports are that 70% of border agents are not doing their normal jobs and are instead processing the illegal immigrants.

          • Jennifer Jones



            ☭☭☭ ☭�☭☭ ☭☭☭ ☭☭☭ �☭☭☭

          • Glennfriend67

            Get lost, ho.

          • Jeff Bolton

            They weren’t securing or patrolling the border before all this started.

    • faxxmaxx

      They also don’t give “a rats ass” about these kids either. Cloward-Piven.

    • Shaun Robert Milligan

      Well they are only above the law until we the people get tired of it. Then i say let the treason hearings begin. Hell there’s even guillotines in Montana and Georgia, so the public executions of traitorous politicians should make for great T.V. ratings.

      • Shaun Robert Milligan

        Hell make sure every nation can pick up that TV feed.

    • Guest

      Obama cares more about the law than Bush did, or is going to other countries and blowing them up an answer for you?!

  • Jim

    This border “crisis” is the magician’s right hand. My question; what is the left hand doing?

    • tim ho

      running drugs and politiking

    • JayJay3333

      Ah, very good point.

  • Anonymous

    Obama is encouraging these “children” (many criminal gang members) to come to The U.S. But, nobody is talking about how many died and are probably buried in the dirt & sand somewhere…making Obama an accessory to murder, after the fact.

    • JayJay3333

      And add to that the rapes occurring during the journey. Henry Cuellar, D-Texas, whose district is along the border, says that one third of the girls are being raped. I’ve heard higher estimates also.

      • Andre Martel

        I think the rape thing is over blown to get sympathy.
        This BS was advertised back in January for a private company to bid on moving 87,000+ kids. This bid was put out by the Executive branch. Rush read the article and verified the Federal bid was advertised in the month of January. This whole thing is staged to make illegals citizens and then they will vote Democrat in the fall. BTW. If you believe a Democrat Libtard like Henry Cuellar. Then can I interested you in buying a non-existing bridge to nowhere.

  • Elena

    Here is a dirty little secret — behind closed doors Hispanics/Latinos are fractured along their own ethnic lines. Mexicans despise Central Americans, Puerto Ricans don’t care for Cubans, etc.

    • Cornflower

      A few years ago, I was visiting Costa Rica. My sister wanted a friend’s neighbor’s 5 year old child to have some dental work done, which she was going to pay for. The child was from Nicaragua. The Costa Rican dentist didn’t want to treat him because of his being from Nicaragua. It took a little convincing to get him to do it, even though it meant a big paycheck for him. Just didn’t like people from Nicaragua.

    • ken.

      mexicans don’t like mexican americans because they are too americanized, eating american and other foods and speaking english instead of spanish.

  • Syberlink

    This is how Muslims can move arms into America. Border patrol must take care of these kids and now organized mobs. So easy to move anything they need across the border. Obama let 5 high level terrorist out just in time to organize this movements across the border. Get ready, the election and right after is going to wake up America and fast. Don’t give the government more power when it happens. Understand, they did it!

  • AsSeenOnTv


  • diego

    As a person not native to this country that was brought here by my parents who did the right thing and applied to be legal residents of this country. ..I think we should send the kids back and allow the govt to do what needs to be done to keep out the illegals and the persons that are not welcome to our country….my 2 cents

  • Robert

    I am of hispanic origin born and raised in the Great US of A…. My parents and grandparents and my great grand parents on both sides have been born in the USA… I wife went through the process to be here in the US legally… and worked hard and was very proud of becoming a US Citizen…. This is where it gets shameful… for all those people who have come here legally and followed the process and worked hard paying taxes and fees, etc. it is a slap in their face and a slap at every American on this soil….. Yes we do need to be compassionate sometimes, but sometimes you have to play hardball and fight back for what is right. There is no racial bias here, it is a matter of clear moral and legal matters… People will pull the race card anytime they are under the bus…. How many of these people crossing over are really young kids,,,,some of them crossing are MS 13 gang members coming across to do their damage. Emotions will always be high when there are two different human views….but we need to protect our country and our families here. Note: I live and was raised along the border…when I was young, we were raised less then 1000 yds from the river on our farm…and now no more than 4 miles away… and I see the news everyday (and have seen it in person), where the BP are being swamped by hundreds of kids and women at time crossing over….. The main person that should be concerned about this, refuses to come down to the border to look at the situation, instead he is visiting other places, playing golf and raising money for his party…who in fact is starting to distance themselves from this sorry excuse of a president and administration…

    • Anonymous

      well said Robert.

  • Anonymous

    Tired of our government creating crisis to enslave us and our children?

  • Bonnie Somer

    The man is right i said it also compassion is great but it is not our job to care for o/nations problems like this it is not a right to come here and just stay the msg is a danger to us and our sovereignty. Yep obama and his bff holder don’t care/ marine sgt sits in a mexican prison and obama can use his pen and phone or he can shove it or use it change the law that makes mexicans different then o/illegals that is absurd; YES WE NEED TO ENFORCE OUR PRESENT LAWS THE PRES IS NOT AND THUS COMMITTING TREASON.

  • David Snider

    funny that glen beck is cesoring posts. must be back on the oxys

  • Mike Knowlton

    Seriously, does anyone actually think it’s better for the USA to house and care for these border jumpers than to deport? OK let’s get a Navy transport stationed in a port in south Texas and one at San Diego and every time it gets full, sail down to Central America and unload. If the little brats won’t say where they are from, just hand them over to the country they crossed from. (Mexico has a good record for dealing with illegals.) Someone has to think bout the good of the nation rather than their own bleeding heart emotinal response to “the children,” may of whom are teens who have ties to bloody-handed gangs.

  • thedogwalker

    He is absolutely correct, why doesn’t everyone else see it?

  • Glennfriend67

    Please brand Obama and Holder for the racists they are. Do NOT allow them to use the color of their skin to get away with MURDER any longer! Use every opportunity you can to call them racist and make sure EVERYONE understands them for the racist bigoted dictators they are. It is time to turn the tables and marginalize these and others like them, so we can take our country BACK!

  • Bobo Jones

    Paul is right … not to mention the competition for low skill jobs will drive down wages even further.

  • Anonymous

    pay me $6 grand a month. I will take a kid or 2.

  • Anonymous

    why does not obama talk to/demand the mexican president stop this! and free sgt. Tamorrosi, sorry misspelled his name…

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