Glenn: This is a repudiation of all those who claim we are not exceptional

As Glenn prepares for his trip to the border this weekend, he offered an impassioned monologue about what the immigration crisis says about our nation. For all of those – President Obama included – who try to downplay American exceptionalism and the role of this country as a beacon of hope for the rest of the world, this crisis should serve as a wakeup call.

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Below is an edited transcript of the monologue:

America has always been the beacon of hope for the rest of the world. Always. If it weren’t so, people would not risk their lives and the lives of their children just to gain a foothold on our solid ground.

Think of this: There are thousands of children that now being sent by loving parents, who have not only put their children on death trains, but some of them have paid up to $7,000 to smuggle their children to the United States of America. That amounts to a year’s salary for some of these parents. The fact that is happening should be seen for what it is: A repudiation – a strong repudiation of all those that claim we are not exceptional land and we are not an exceptional country and people.

Think of this. There are mineral-rich lands everywhere. There are beautiful vistas everywhere. But what we have always had is a rule of law based on some fundamental principles that have shaped this nation into what it’s always been known for. We are the nation that doesn’t leave men behind on the battlefield, or at least we used to. We’re the first responders when someone needs aid. Even if it’s an enemy on the battlefield, we’ll a patch you back up. We led the drive for food in Ethiopia and Haiti. Our dollars, our churches, even the Peace Corps are a beacon of light in the world’s darkest and most dangerous places. Even in war, we do not just kill our enemy and go home when the war is over because we always had the Judeo-Christian ethic of hate the sin and not the sinner. We heal the people and their land.

Even when we dealt with the Nazis, some of the worst scum ever to walk or crawl on their bellies on the earth, we didn’t drag their bodies through the streets, as some nations do. We found the leaders, and we gave them an open and fair trail for all the world to see. Meanwhile, we airlifted food to the starving Germans, then we helped rebuild their cities. We are an exceptional people. This is what we are. This is what made America great. Perhaps after a decade or more now of war, we have been begun to forget what being good feels like.

Do we even remember September 11th? When we think of those days, the fear and the rage of September 11th, we fail to teach the lessons of that day. But, more importantly, we have completely forgotten the joy, the peace, and the simple kindness to total strangers on 9/12. We stood arm in arm with those who we thought actually were our enemies. We recognized on that day what truly made us American was our brotherhood in a higher purpose. America is great because America is good.

Man, I am really pissed off at everything happening in Washington. It’s been happening for years. I am really upset about what’s happening on our borders. They are fundamentally transforming the United States of America, and this is something I cautioned while Bush was still in office. I continued to caution we couldn’t have two sets of laws, a set of laws for those in power or would be granted special exception, and then another set for others.

I, for one, love immigrants. I believe they renew us, make us stronger through naturalization. Our front door should be made wider by fixing the visa program, so those who want to stay here, those who have a job, those who will make us stronger can stay here. But I also believe, at the same time, we have to close all the windows and the side doors. No country in the world allows this to happen, and no country in the history of the with this kind of a problem has ever survived.

The families down on the borders need to be sent home. And quite honestly, their countries need to be held responsible for it. With that being said, the children – and yes, some of the bad guys that are there, too – instead of shipping them deeper into our nation, we need to gather them together and then we need to gather together and help those American towns and cities that are dealing with this crisis first-hand. The churches are overwhelmed, the public systems are overwhelmed, and our government doesn’t seem interested at all in doing anything to make it better. They’re just playing politics.

This government believes that with every crisis there’s an opportunity to win in politics. I believe every crisis there is an opportunity just beneath the surface. It is not at political opportunity, but rather an American opportunity – one of service and kindness. One that reflects the true meaning of our nation, of what it means to be an American.

My charitable organization, Mercury One, has a goal this week of raising $1 million by this Saturday to help bring shoes and clothing and water and food and teddy bears and soccer balls to these children, who find themselves, through no fault of their own, in the middle of a political hurricane. As of today, we have already raised just over $700,000 from you.These are not corporate donations. These are denotions coming in, nickels, dimes, and dollars. That’s a hard road to plow – $1 million coming in in $20 increments. It’s even harder when you realize that most of all of my viewers and listeners feel exactly the same way I do: We’re pissed off.

Most of us have done everything we can to ensure this wouldn’t happen. We asked. We begged. We even marched. We were mocked. We were ridiculed and called racist. My listeners are nothing of the sort. In fact, my listeners and viewers are in a category all by themselves, I believe. They are the people in America that are willing to stand against the wind. They are willing to stand against the tide and be beaten up against the rocks. They will even stand against those who they share political ties with, even if their principles dictate otherwise. These are people who want to be better neighbors. These are people looking for anyone who will put principles over parties to join them with strong backs and strong arms. They are not rich. They are not powerful. They are just Americans. They’re people who still believe in doing the right thing. As I said, the average donation is under $20, and many who have nothing left have volunteered their time or volunteered their prayers. They’re loving, God-fearing Americans who still believe we are a special place – not because of who is in or who is out of Congress or the White House. But because we are still in charge of our house.

‘We, the people,’ in that big fancy script, doesn’t mean anything anymore, I don’t think. ‘We the people’ is so overdone. It is almost a joke. But when you get down to it, ‘we the people’ can and do make all the difference in the world. That’s what sets us apart. A president or a congress, no matter which side, can’t dictate that we need to be good to each other. No one can force you to love your neighbor, and no law called ever change your heart from hate to love. These things come from the free will and the free choice of service and the practice of those higher laws that has always set us apart as a people – those laws of faith, hope and charity.

I would ask: Will you help us change the world? I talked to Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX)on Friday. Ted Cruz has to speak in Denver. He’s trying to find a way to get a plane to get him down to feed the kids, and then back up to Denver to not miss his speaking engagement. When I called him on Friday and spoke to him, he understood exactly what was going on. He sees it the same way I do.

We are going to fight fiercely, but we are also going to be the only ones standing up, bringing food. It’s one thing for the president to feed some people. He’s not doing it. It’s another for those of us who have been called the haters and the racists to go and try to heal and to hold and to feed. How do you explain that? How does the left possibly explain that?

The truth sets us free. Judge us by the fruit of the tree, the fruit of our labors. You talk a good game all up. You could talk about loving people, caring about people, but judge us by the fruit of our tree. Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) is going to be there. Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) is going to be there. They all understand we are not allowed to talk about politics.We aren’t going to talk about politics. The following Monday, that’s when you talk about politics. You go back to Washington and say, ‘I have been there. I’ll bring you the stories.’

I’m going to go to places no one’s been allowed to go into. It’s amazing what happens when you bring a quarter of a million dollars worth of shoes to children. The doors that opens. I’ll bring my camera. I will show you what I see, and I will tell you the stories that I have seen –good and bad. But we will love first, then we will argue about policy.

Just maybe we’ll have a better seat at the table. Maybe we’ll be the ones to call everybody to the table because we are the ones that will know the situation. We’ll be the ones who ever actually provided actual compassion – not compassion through tax dollars. I don’t know about you, but on April 15th, I have never felt compassionate. I have never felt charitable. But when I actually reach in and do it myself, that’s when my heart changes, and that’s when the world changes.

If you would like to support us, you can go to You can click on the Children and Family Border Relief Fund. If you don’t want to give to that, you can give for the VA. We are also raising money to help our veterans. We are also helping Israel. You can help support the people who are being bombed now in Israel. You can help us build schools and help us build hospitals here in America. You choose. But we’d sure love your help and your support. Go to

  • landofaahs

    Get angry all you want, but until that anger shows up in the polls, the only other relief is, sadly, war.

    • Robert Sistrunk

      War is exactly what Obama and his sycophants want. If an armed revolution or civil war breaks out we lose what is left of this country and Obama wins.

      • David

        And they won’t get violent until they are absolutely sure they will win. When that happens, it WILL be too late to do anything to stop them.

      • landofaahs

        It’s why when the collapse comes and all that is left is hard times and liberty or hard times and slavery, a restart by divorce is possible. We cannot live as one house with liberals.

  • landofaahs

    The American experiment is exceptional. The democrats are what are not. They are the same common communist trash found all over the world.

    • David

      Liberal-progressive Democrats are. There are a few of us Reagan and neo-JFK Democrats who reject the totalitarian, neo-feudal system that socialists want. Unfortunately, we are being pushed out of the party and treated as pariahs. It is long past time to take back the party, but we can’t do it alone.

      • landofaahs

        What democrats did you vote for in the past 20 years?

    • Feet2Fire

      There are only two varieties of Commies: The “elite” who control every aspect of life and enjoy the “good life,” and the “serfs” who do the work and barely subsist.

      This is what America is supposed to aspire to? NO, THANK YOU!

  • Craig Johnson

    Good for you, Glenn!! BE SAFE! Please talk to others about sealing the border (Rick Perry) This TIDE of folks must stop. There is talk of the President of Mexico planning to help the illegals get through Mexico safely?? The cost of “sending” back or keeping soooo many is mind blowing!! We cant afford it, since we are $17 TRILLION in dept to China!! We are going to be burdened by all of this. Why is anyone waiting for Obama to give the order to seal the border? He has invited them all to come.

  • shannon

    Glenn, you are not doing your homework. These people are being fed, housed, clothed,as well as given escorts, foster care, plane tickets,bus tickets, and probably voter registrations. You also do not realize that the money they use to get here is coming from other illegals already in this country. Know your facts!!! This has been proven. On your quest to do a service your energies would serve us better helping our own people who are suffering, homeless, and jobless, because of these illegals. Why would you enable this bad behavior. You are misleading your audience who know better, that these immigrants are not suffering. You are also misleading your audience when you say they are coming here for a better life. They are coming here for FREE STUFF provided by our government! They are even wearing Obama shoes and are being given phones by the Red Cross. Look that up too. You are not making logical sense.

    • Elena

      Red Cross is an NGO not affiliated w/gov’t services.

      Their tickets to Anywhere USA must be paid for before they are released fm detention. Your tax money is funding their capture and processing.

      Their clothing is coming fm our local communities along the Rio Grande as is their food, showers, etc. I have been part of their care. While they are here, we care for them as befits Christians. They do need to be sent home expeditiously.

      • Feet2Fire

        What you and Glenn and other “do-gooders” don’t seem to get: They are NEVER GOING TO BE SENT HOME! Of the tens of thousands of ILLEGAL ALIENS who have recently invaded USA, FORTY of them have been sent home! We heard that on Hannity today. FORTY!

        You never feed a stray cat unless you want a hungry pet for life. EVERYBODY KNOWS THIS. Those illegals are already being fed, clothed, housed, showered, de-liced, entertained, consoled, hand-held, etc. ad nauseum at TAXPAYER EXPENSE. They do not need the help of YOU or GLENN.

        SEND THEM HOME. THAT is the “WORK” you, Glenn and all of us must focus on: Convincing Congress to get off their bu++s and seal the border, correct the law that has tied the hands of the ICE people to stop them at the border, and SEND THESE PEOPLE BACK TO THEIR HOME COUNTRIES. And do all three of these tasks simultaneously, starting NOW!

        • Anonymous

          yeah, that is the governments fault. I take care of stray cats and feel for these kids as well. you my dear are the reason why republicans are despised.

          • Feet2Fire

            No. Republicans, Conservatives, TeaParty-ers, and even the occasional Libt*rd who is not totally blind, deaf and dumb SEES THROUGH this orchestrated “crisis.” Too bad YOU cannot.

            P.S. Am NOT “your dear.” PHOUKA off!

  • Anonymous

    America is exceptional at three things…starting wars, corrupt / greedy politicians and stupidity of the masses.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, you are wrong on many things, especially lately. You are becoming a preacher rather than facing reality. Do you really believe that parents of those kids are spending money to send them here? Why don’t you do your homework, research things at the root. Find out what is really happening in Honduras and Guatemala and how those thousands of kids get to the US. They don’t come by train or plane, they are bused in by your own government. America is no longer THE nation envied by the rest of the world. Your own government is against Americans and has been for a long time. Study the tragedies we saw in the past decade or more and use your head.

    • Elena

      Pls cite your source that says the US gov’t is bringing them up.

    • Jennifer Jones


      ☭☭☭ ☭�☭☭ ☭☭☭ ☭☭☭ �☭☭☭

      • Feet2Fire

        You are a royal p.i.t.a. and should be permanently barred from posting this cr*p on any website anywhere on the planet.

        GET LOST!

  • Anonymous

    The American experiment was exceptional, America may have been exceptional. But to say we still are is like saying the streets are actually paved with gold The neocons use “we are exceptional” as the excuse to barge into any nation they choose and do what they want in the name of democracy building. In the near future the US will be exceptionally poor, and those people pouring into the US now may be running the other way as there will be better opportunities elsewhere. There is no way out of the economic mouse trap the US is in. It will be poor people with no money or poor people with money that buys nothing. After the failure of the State, perhaps there will be a chance to build a better future with sound currency and a greatly diminished Federal overseer.

    • Feet2Fire

      “After the failure of the State, perhaps there will be a chance to build a
      better future with sound currency and a greatly diminished Federal
      –More likely we will be like North Korea, a country full of starving people with no hope and no prospects. Those ON TOP, regardless of “failure of the State,” will continue to enjoy whatever is still left.

  • Anonymous

    Israel is the only nation exceptional enough to be chosen by God. America served Israel’s needs enough to fulfill biblical prophesy in the last 66 years. Israel has from the genesis of Abraham been both canary and missionary in the worlds’ coalmine workshop of God given human access and right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. “So now when you see standing in the holy place the abomination that causes desolation, spoken through the prophet Daniel – let the reader understand – then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains’ – because even the most powerful U.S. of America can’t/won’t stop the following inevitable Armageddon.


  • Anonymous

    Exceptional? Are there people in and outside of this Country who do not understand who we are? Why did we win the Revolutionary War? the Spanish-American War? W.W. I, W.W. II, and on and on? Did we win because of our Military structure? No. Did we win because of the number of our weapons? The number of our troops? No and no. The American Citizen (ALL of us including the American Indian) are immigrants. What is it that makes us different? We ARE different and the ‘Progressives’ do see it but are afraid of what they see because they do not see it in themselves. Is it hidden inside of them? We will never know. Look hard inside of yourself. Talk to some soldiers from the past. Understand why you are different.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, you ask where the next George Washington is? Look in the mirror. It’s not only you it’s all of us as well who help people out when they need it. But I can’t agree about sending them back much as I’d like to think they need to be. It’s because if the kids get sent back home they will just leave again. The problems they came to America to get rid of are still there with nothing changed. The only way they can be sent back is to get rid the borders. Yeah, that’s controversial and I sound like a Progressive but it’s true. We need to get rid of borders and other barriers so not only can people come here but Americans can go there to live. Maybe, just maybe if those counties see everyone leaving it will be incentive to get the corruption and the violence and whatever else is wrong to get cleaned up. No politicians want to see the population of their country thinning out since power depends on having people around to rule over. Plus borders are made by people anyway who want power. Is there any real reason to have people be separated from each other by man-made barriers?

    • Feet2Fire

      Go back to sleep.

      • Anonymous

        Me asleep? Doubtful. You would rather turn the people around and send them back without trying to find the cause for why they are coming in the first place and then cleaning things up so they don’t have to leave. People don’t intentionally leave places they would rather stay in. I doubt strongly that any of the kids want to leave their families and any of the parents want to send them really far away. So this whole situation is like Harriet Tubman taking the slaves across the borders from slave states into free states and then on up into Canada. I betcha if you were living back then you would be one of the people who would tell abolitionists to go back to sleep. These immigrants no matter if they are legal or not need another Underground Railroad and Harriet Tubman. (May I remind you that the slaves in America weren’t considered to be Americans and didn’t have papers either)

        • Feet2Fire

          Baloney. You ARE ASLEEP to the reality of the situation. You are being PLAYED and don’t even realize it, just like Beck.
          “None are so blind as those who WILL NOT SEE.”

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, they are not here because we are exceptional. They are here for the Free Stuff our President promised them. Now they even get to fly commercial.

  • Anonymous

    Are you Tired of our government creating crisis to enslave us and our children?

  • Gabriel

    Glenn you wanna know the truth? I don’t feel to give a dime to this cause at all.
    I can tell you when a naturel disaster happens people come togeather because they feel it In their hearts to care and help comfort those hit by a real tragedy. But this situation is so much different and you know its different.

    My heart is telling me this whole man made disaster is an attempt to break the system. When that happens then we will have a real humanitarian crisis to deal with.

    Glenn people are fed up and I believe this was the last straw for those who are trying to do the right thing.

  • Big Rick

    Good Lord Glenn, you have lost your mind. We have been turned into the Land of Idiots. – thank God we don’t border India and China……

  • Anonymous

    I think I really like Glenn Beck even more after listening to this.

  • Coffee Fiend

    While liberty is often confused with democratic processes, the right to vote does not imply that centralized control has been minimized or that those who are ineligible to vote are victims of coercion.

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