On Monday’s Glenn Beck Program, Glenn addressed a vocal minority of his audience who have attacked him over his plans to visit the border with Mercury One and provide relief for the children who have crossed into America illegally. In the opening monologue of the show, he spoke directly to fans who had written in calling him a “traitor” for his stance. But Glenn stood firm, saying that Americans have an obligation to practice love, kindness, and peace to all people. In America, it is important to couple justice with mercy. And while the government is failing in its job to ensure justice, it doesn’t mean the American people can ignore the importance of mercy.

“The government is failing to do their job: justice. And that’s why we’re all angry, and that’s why we’re not feeling a lot of mercy. But that is our job. And if we don’t stand up and become vocal and visible by doing simple acts of goodness we will fail in our jobs as well and our nation. America’s heart is failing. We must do the hard work of restarting America’s heart,” Glenn said.

“If preaching love and kindness and peace…makes one a traitor, then there’s not an America left to save. It’s already gone,” he added.

Glenn was adamant that he is not calling for amnesty or for the children to stay in the country, but rather basic humanitarian relief and charity. He has called time and again for the border to be sealed, for illegal immigrants to be sent home, and for the legal immigration system to be reformed so people can come into the country the right way.

Despite a vocal minority of people spreading hate, there are still many who are willing to do the right thing. People who know that the Constitution is not God, but simply man’s best attempt to put into a workable document God’s laws. People who know that God is one who deliver not only justice, but mercy. It is in that spirit that Glenn is working with Mercury One to provide relief to those children caught up in a political crossfire at the border. In fact, listeners and viewers have already donated over $600,000

“I have said for a long time this will be the audience that saves America, and I still believe that. But it starts with a choice: Who will you serve? The God of politics, the Constitution? The God of law and order? Or the God of justice and mercy?

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