A new survey by the British Nutrition Foundation yielded some frightening results. One in six English school children ages seven to 11 are unaware of where fruits and vegetables come from, while one in 25 believe farmers “grow mud.” On radio this morning, Glenn reacted to the survey’s bizarre results.

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The poll found nearly half of all English school children have never visited a working farm. According to the Daily Mail, the survey suggests this lack of knowledge about the origin of food affects children’s eating habits. For example, 8% of respondents said they would throw away an apple that had dirt on it.

It is believed a greater understanding of food will help combat childhood obesity, which is why the poll results are being used to pave the way for a ciriculum change.

The Daily Mail reports:

The latest survey on food awareness was commissioned by cereals giant Kellogg’ s, which is to fund unbranded teaching aids to teach children about the origins of food.


The teaching packs, developed by the National Schools Partnership, which produces educational resources, will include a short film about the ‘seed to spoon’ story of cereal.

Richard Burkinshaw, of Kellogg’s, said: “It’s really important children learn about the origins of their food from an early age.

“That way they grow up knowing how food is made and understanding what a balanced diet consists of.”

Lynne Wood, of the National Schools Partnership, said: “We want to turn food education on its head by using children who are passionate about food to educate and inspire others.

“They will become the stars of a short film shot on a farm, sharing the ‘seed to spoon’ story of cereal with over 300 primary schools and thousands of children across the UK.”

Glenn, meanwhile, believes the survey results speak to a parenting failure more than anything else.

“This is not a problem of anything other than our parents. If our parents don’t sit down and say, ‘Hey, dude, you know where wheat comes from? A farm. Want to go see one? Let’s get in the car,’” Glenn said. “I mean you’ve got to be able to have a conversation with your kids and explain how farms work, how food is grown. I mean think about how many people are going to starve when that EMP finally hits.”