Scary: Survey finds 1 in 6 children don’t know what a farm does

A new survey by the British Nutrition Foundation yielded some frightening results. One in six English school children ages seven to 11 are unaware of where fruits and vegetables come from, while one in 25 believe farmers “grow mud.” On radio this morning, Glenn reacted to the survey’s bizarre results.

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The poll found nearly half of all English school children have never visited a working farm. According to the Daily Mail, the survey suggests this lack of knowledge about the origin of food affects children’s eating habits. For example, 8% of respondents said they would throw away an apple that had dirt on it.

It is believed a greater understanding of food will help combat childhood obesity, which is why the poll results are being used to pave the way for a ciriculum change.

The Daily Mail reports:

The latest survey on food awareness was commissioned by cereals giant Kellogg’ s, which is to fund unbranded teaching aids to teach children about the origins of food.


The teaching packs, developed by the National Schools Partnership, which produces educational resources, will include a short film about the ‘seed to spoon’ story of cereal.

Richard Burkinshaw, of Kellogg’s, said: “It’s really important children learn about the origins of their food from an early age.

“That way they grow up knowing how food is made and understanding what a balanced diet consists of.”

Lynne Wood, of the National Schools Partnership, said: “We want to turn food education on its head by using children who are passionate about food to educate and inspire others.

“They will become the stars of a short film shot on a farm, sharing the ‘seed to spoon’ story of cereal with over 300 primary schools and thousands of children across the UK.”

Glenn, meanwhile, believes the survey results speak to a parenting failure more than anything else.

“This is not a problem of anything other than our parents. If our parents don’t sit down and say, ‘Hey, dude, you know where wheat comes from? A farm. Want to go see one? Let’s get in the car,’” Glenn said. “I mean you’ve got to be able to have a conversation with your kids and explain how farms work, how food is grown. I mean think about how many people are going to starve when that EMP finally hits.”

  • Connor Kenway

    And someone said to me that Europe has more culture. Does culture mean more idiotic?

  • Anonymous

    I’d wager it would be worse here in the US. I speak with a lot of ‘kids’ that are teens thru 20s and they have no clue how their chicken/beef/veggies are grown.

    I remember almost 30 years ago being completely blown away by a kid I knew from California that was surprised that cows have 4 teats. He thought they had 6. And as a boy from Iowa, not raised on a farm but I had paid some visits to farms, this was absolutely mind blowing.

    To be honest, there is something even more scary about this type of ignorance. When the SHTF, these will be the first to die, because they won’t have a fricking clue as to what to do when the trucks stop delivering food to the stores. They’ll either starve to death or be shot looting someone else’s stash.

    • Deeznuts

      Yeah but they can now hack your email. lol. Times have changed. My son won’t grow up in the same world as I did, as I didn’t my fathers and he didn’t my grandfathers. My grandpa would be shocked that I don’t know how to make cheese from scratch. WTF would I know that for? WTF would someone who doesn’t ever look at cows know how many teats they have?

      • zemla

        Dumb username but otherwise you’re right. We young’ins understand a much different world, BUT we tend to be brats and forget that there are “things” like janitors and farmers

  • landofaahs

    Don’t bother telling them what a farm is otherwise they may feel entitled to one and then demand the federal government give them one.

    • AsSeenOnTv

      Yeah, but they’ll never do the work required to maintain one..

      • landofaahs

        And like Obama they would not know what it takes to run one.

      • Watch it

        That’s OK, they’ll hire the illegals that are allowed into the country and they will work on their farms cheap.

    • zemla

      The fed used. To do exactly that, giving “quarters” to promote western expansion

  • Anonymous

    Who are the idiots in charge of those school curriculums?

    • landofaahs

      Public education at it’s finest.

    • landofaahs

      They’re at the local pot farm smoking weed.

  • landofaahs

    Aint a farm a place where food stamps grow?

    • Anonymous

      No, now it’s EBT cards!

      • Carol Starling

        No SNAP cards.

    • Jennifer Jones



      ☭☭☭ ☭�☭☭ ☭☭☭ ☭☭☭ �☭☭☭

  • St Germain

    I’ve never seen someone get so much pleasure pointing out how much smarter he is than children. A class act is what we’ve got here.

    • Scott

      Yeah, well said. It’s also worth bearing in mind that he is reading this from the Daily Mail which is the worst tabloid paper in Britain. It’s basically the National Enquirer with an anti-EU spin.

      The paper doesn’t even link to the poll it’s getting its data from so you’ve no idea how the questions were asked, how old the children were, how many were included in the sample, etc. Of course this doesn’t matter to Beck. He gets his yuks and that’s what matters.

      • Anonymous

        Scott, you seem like a ding bat. Did you read the same article? 2,000 kids, ages 7 to eleven, attending public schools in England. And as far as the reputation of the paper Glenn read the article from…Why in the world would it be Glenn’s concern what another media source’s reliability is? He was just reading a funny/sad article to his audience. And the fact that you think that all Beck cares about is getting his “yucks” tells me you are not only a ding bat…you’re also ignorant. Besides, did you grow up on a working farm? Do you know where most, or even some of your food comes from? I did grow up on a farm. We raised our own beef, pork, poultry, veg, fruit, etc. And we made our own bread, butter, cheese, etc. We even raised our own fish and harvested wild fruit and game. Having said all that…I can tell you that I know for a fact that most people have no idea where most of the food they eat comes from…or how to take care of themselves if the food trucks stopped delivering to the grocery stores. I am appalled at the ignorance, and the malice on this thread.

        • zemla

          Some valid points but daily mail is still a supermarket aisle joke

  • Scott

    “Think of the depths of ignorance it takes to believe this”

    Hilarious coming from Beck considering the nonsense he believes: the Genesis account of the creation of the universe; the Noah’s ark story; not to mention whatever Mormon lunacy you can add to it.

    People in glass houses….

    • Anonymous

      Bigot, much? You are in the minority, sir. May I ask, why are you here? You just looking for a little sport?

    • MarieC

      My daughter is a Mormon now, so far I don’t see anything wrong with the religion. If she took up the Quran, I’d have a problem. And I’m saying that as a non Christian….

    • zemla

      Yeah, but he has a toy ranch so he knows about all this farmin’ stuff

  • Anonymous

    Do Brits already have Common Core lessons?

  • Anonymous

    This is no surprise for England and I suspect it is just as bad here. I had the good fortune of growing up on a farm. Hard work and a lot of lessons learned taught me a good work ethic and how valuable a resource farms and farmers are. Sadly the government through bad education in both the public schools system and so called “higher education” farmers are not look at as salt of the earth, they are looked at as mud to be stomped on. Our government for years has increasingly made it more difficult for farmers to survive in this country. Increasing, burdensome and needless regulations have put many completely out of business. In picking a career, I did what most son’s and daughters bought up on farms had to do, pick a different vocation for there was no money to be made unless you were a very large operation. Even my father had a full time job away from the farm which helped extend it’s life. We are losing farms and farm land very rapidly. We are importing and depending on far too much being imported. Sadly this is also true for the industry I used to be in which was the defense industry. Not only have too many shut down, I know from personal experience that we have lost unique technological capabilities that can not be replicated. We increase the likelihood of having to spill more of our precious treasure in conflicts because we have lost the ability to produce the innovative technology which has saved many of our military personnel and made us once the number one super power. Because this has and is still happening, we are going to be in BIG trouble for the next conflict. We must be domestically able to feed our own population and produce our own technological products. China has her eye on both Taiwan and Japan and I don’t think this president would lift a finger if they invaded. That is where much of our technology is being manufactured!

  • sarahe

    Wow, that blows my mind. But, then since moving to a big city and being the only one on the block to have a garden that grows food, I shouldn’t be surprised. My neighbor behind says it’s too much work. I think it’s worth it to grow my own food. If my Mom hadn’t had a huge garden, when all 7 of us were growing up, we couldn’t have made it.

  • Jon Mikula

    We’re gonna be there soon with Common Core!

  • Jenafur

    I agree that this needs to be something parents should do. Parents need to take the responsibility for their own children’s education. Not just pass them off to the school. We need to stop thinking the government is going to take care of our kids. They provide some services and should never be expected to provide for all educational needs. God gave the parent the child, not the teacher. Learning should be a life long family affair, not just something you do only at school. Having public education available, so many parents think it’s the school’s responsibility. Kids were born to parents for a reason.

    • Anonymous

      Amen to that, Jenafur.

  • MarieC

    That’s sad…..

  • Mary Buerkley

    I’ll bet they know more about the Muslim religion though! The TV program would have a show about that peaceful amiable social loving religion of Islam on the Teletubbies. I know, I watched it with my grandaughter who is now 16. What a pack of lies, and if not lies, then they have aided and helped the extremists in their crimes and tell me that they are still a peace loving religion and do NOT preach ‘death to the infidels’, because U can’t!,, Silence in the face of evil is as bad as committing the crime! Same in this country with ‘abortion’. What congress has really, really seriously tried to outlaw the murder of unsuspecting, innocent unborn children? We have done our job, the prolifers, to vote pro- life candidates into office, but. Evil has outvoted us most every time, yes, that’s you, the 53% who have voted democratic! socialist! progressive! liberal, whatever evil route you take, u have been aligning yourself with SATAN, doing his work! How. Does that make you feel to be pointed out, doing an evil action, and against your country, suicidal, really. Well, now we have a percentage of all those killed babies, in living form, on our soil, at the border, and still coming to our nation and full of hope! You have rained down upon us a punishment that we may NOT recover from, especially, if they were a ‘cover’ for the terrorists who mean to do us harm! You cannot go back, no, you have doomed us all, now only God can intervene, and it won’t be pretty!tc

  • Anonymous

    This is really no surprise. 30 years ago you could ask almost any school child in New York City where food came from and they would say “the market”. If you asked where the market got the food, they had no idea. The majority thought that milk came from a milk machine that created it out of chemicals. Sort of like “Tang”. The English, as shown by this report, are no better than we are at this. Those who grow up in big cities have no concept of the world outside that city, unless their parents are wealthy enough to take them to “the country” to see a farm. Hamburger comes from McDonalds. A cow is an abstract concept to them, not an animal.

  • Anonymous

    Are you Tired of our government creating crisis to enslave us and our children?

  • Anonymous

    It’s up to each of us to help secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity:

    • CaptainCommonsense

      No spammer, it’s not.

  • Loretta Ward

    Then they grow into college kids who believe Mom & Dad have a money tree.

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