WATCH: Shocking new video shows the people of Chicago are waking up

All you have to do is look at recent news reports to understand the city of Chicago is on fire. July may very well turn out to be one of the deadliest months on record for the city. Since Friday, 28 people were shot and at least three were killed.

Chicago has come to be known as President Obama’s adopted hometown, and the White House is beginning to be criticized by some of its most ardent supporters. Last week, Rev. Jesse Jackson told Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren the Obama Administration has prioritized the border crisis over the crisis in Chicago.

“Getting support for those children and the humanitarian crisis is the moral and right thing to do. Resources are important,” Jackson said. “But there is also a crisis in Chicago. It’s not either, it’s both.”

During an interview with WBBM-AM earlier in the week, Jackson was even more critical in his tone.

“If we can find $4 billion for those children, and we should, we can find $2 billion for Chicago,” he said. “There are more children involved, and more have been killed, and more have been shot.”

The people of Chicago are also starting to speak out. During a protest outside the Chicago Police Department on Friday, some residents called for the resignation of Mayor Rahm Emmanuel and Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy. In a video released by Rebel Pundid, it looks as though some were calling for Obama’s resignation as well.

Watch the video via Rebel Pundit below:

“Pretty amazing how fast this man is falling,” Glenn said of Obama.

Glenn also believes this might signal the dawn of a new awakening for the city that has been plagued by poor leadership and violence for decades.

“Can I tell you something? [Chicago] should be our next stop,” Glenn concluded. “We should take care of the kids on the border, then we should go to Chicago. No one is willing to take care of the kids of Chicago. They are crying out for a Tea Party. They don’t have a Tea Party… The chickens are coming home to roost.”

  • Anonymous

    I will gladly donate more money,,,right after they start enforcing the laws that are already on the books. Until then,,,not another dime. The problem is corrupt politicians and judges.

    • landofaahs

      In Texas the border patrol has been pulled back 40 to 60 miles from the border. It’s pretty hard to guard the border from that distance.

      • profmoriarty

        And once again Obama professes he had no knowledge that the border patrol was moved back. What that guy doesn’t know would fill an empty book.

        • Shawn Cameron

          100% correct. His term in office can basically be summed up like this.
          Benghazi? Nope never heard of it.
          IRS Scandal? Heard about it on the news.
          AP Scandal? Saw that on the cover of a magazine in line at the grocery store.
          Fast and Furious? Wudn’t me.
          Border Crisis? Yeah heard about that from Facebook.
          VA Scandal? What’s the VA?

          Osama Bin Laden?? Oh yeah I planned every detail of the mission, lead the team into the compound and pulled the trigger on him personally…

          #1 rule of liberalism;
          Always take credit, Never accept responsibility.

          He’s got that one down pat.

    • Karin S

      And lawyers

  • landofaahs

    They are still registered democrats which means they are as comatose asleep as ever.

  • Anonymous

    It’s not the protesters who are waking up, Glenn. There is and has been money to help set up programs to get violence and drugs off the streets. Local PBS stations are showcasing some of those programs and the people who run them. Some people are working those programs. But the majority of South Siders still aren’t. There can be ways to get rid of the problem but the best solutions in the world won’t amount to anything if they aren’t being used.

  • landofaahs

    How can you say they are waking up? They are only worried they will not get their welfare and food stamps. Some of us feel the exact same way about these welfare recipients as this woman feels about illegals taking food from the mouths of their children. How’s it feel lady?

    • Anonymous

      You are so right! Also, they will never vote conservative no matter how much they trash talk a liberal.

      • bella

        No one can spend money like water and not pay for it. Govt can’t either….only it’s you that pays for it. Nothing is free. Interest will eventually have to go up. Dems are like the kid that spends,spends, spends, walk out of the room if it gets too hot (Iraq, etc.) Republicans get elected, fix the mistakes as best they can, but before they can finish, the dems get elected back in to spend some more, and erase all the republicans hard work. Doubt anyone can fix dems mess this time

        • Anonymous

          SOME Republicans. Other Republicans are just the Democrats in disguise. Don’t forget about the super awesome debates of Obama vs McCaine. Both wanting the exact same thing, just arguing over why they wanted it.

    • Edward Hall

      Eventually these transfer payments will be unable to be funded. You thing the murder rate in Chicago is high now? Just wait!

      • rolex1965

        Couldn’t have said it better….I’m ready, locked and loaded. It’s amazing how few know what’s around the corner.

        • Patriot

          The total collapse is beginning, look at Detroit. The city has fallen to ruins in 5 YEARS. Where will other cities be in 5 more years? Civic bankruptcy is here, State bankruptcy is not far behind. We are living on fiat monies printed at will and distributed by a sinking government. Its pointless to bail an already sunken boat. The gravy train is about to become a death march.

  • Anonymous

    I have an idea to help these people: Send the population of Chicago & Detroit south across the border into South America to start a better life in Mexico and other S.A. countries as illegal aliens there!

  • Anonymous

    They are getting competition for the freebies and they don’t like it.

  • Anonymous

    These are our blacks and they have been citizens a long, long time…When is it their turn? We owe it to them to take care of their children first. The illegals will harm all of our children. The blacks are offended by obama and want to long distance themselves from his blackness…They want to lay it up to his white part and well they should…Keep fighting to get him out of office NOW…Save this country. Get rid of Chicago politics as usual. Get rid of Rham and all others like him…Elect honest men of good character and then look at the change in that city.

    • Craig Johnson

      I agree with you! I am from Illinois & I have heard of the Black Mom’s begging for help! But can this Administration do anything for us American’s?

      • Anonymous

        This administration wants all true Americans DEAD. period….And they are good at it….The devil is smarter than our average Joe. It will take God to thwart the devils plans…so far the devil is way ahead…..

        • Martha Langley

          But the devil will not always be ahead. God wins…I read the end of The Book.

    • Red

      I am not obligated to take care of anyone’s else’s kids. Its the responsibility of the parents……… !

      • Anonymous

        Obama disagrees with you . Wants more money.

        • Red

          Screw him!

      • Anonymous

        The idea is that charity begins at home and before we take care of all the children of the world, the black single mothers are entitled to care and help before any outsider, child or adult. Many of us would donate to the project to stop the murders in Chicago.

        • Red

          I do not think the black,pink,red,blue or any other color single mother is entitled to my hard earned money. It is not me that fathered her kids………….Reward single motherhood and we get more of em.

          • Anonymous

            I am not talking about welfare. Sometimes people just need a little help to be able to make it on their own. Our blacks had a terrible deal for many years..While I prayed and thanked God that I was a little girl in this wonderful country, I also thanked God that I was not born black. I saw the injustice to our black population…They have to play catch up. They did not chose to be illiterate…The master race chose that for them…It is a big leap from a tar paper shack to college and a decent wage….

          • Anonymous

            I really have mixed emotions on all this…If I saw the child and had to be the one to send them back I doubt I could do it. But I know we cannot afford for them to stay…So sad…Obama should send the children to his children’s nice school, with his own money….

          • Charlie

            Very true. We have been rewarding the bad behavior (having children they can’t support, often (usually?) out of wedlock) by giving them preference for education, food, utilities, clothing, time and energy and emotion while punishing those that do the right thing (get an education, get married, have children whom they teach to work and save their money for college, etc.) by taxing them to pay for the bad behavior people. Doesn’t matter the color of their skin at all. Yes, we need to get rid of welfare…we are just creating more generations of “but what about the kids?” kids.

    • Guest

      Black, White, whatever… We need to take care of OURSELVES (Americans) first.

      • Anonymous

        Yes we need to take care of ourselves. Donating to a cause to stop killings in Chicago would be only if we want to. Not using our tax money etc…O is breaking us 2 billion 3 trillion…he spends like water and we are short on that too.
        What oh what is it going to take to get this crook out of our Whitehouse…We do not have two years to wait.

    • David Stokan

      THEY have the responsibility to take care of their children, not me. I’f I wanted to help them I would donate to a non-profit that helps in Chicago. THEY need to stand up and vote out the crap politicians that put then in the situation they are in in the first place.

      • Anonymous

        They voted Obama in and can vote him out and can stand up to the bad politicians that ignore them.

      • Anonymous

        We agree. Not to use my money but only if I donate to the worthy cause….

    • ronkgman

      You’ll have to vote GOP to do all that..:) Ain’t gonna happen in the windy city, YOU ARE DOOMED!!

      • Anonymous

        Who in their right mind does not know the GOP IS IN ON THIS!??? And those oBozo supporters will soon be in for a big surprise when their first black hero calls for the first martial law in one of their dilapidated cities!

      • Anonymous

        Of course I will vote GOP but it will be a Tea Party vote that I cast….I wish we had a Tea Party instead of a GOP but we cannot split the vote…Independents and the others must join us to vote GOP only.

    • Eddie

      THEY need to take care of their OWN children… None of them are mine, and I’m tired of paying for them. Unemployment sends people to trade school if they ask to go… there is nothing wrong with being a skilled laborer.

      • Anonymous

        That is the type of help I am talking about…I got help when I was a single mother in a reduced rate for all day day care. I got reduced dental care for my son. It was pay what you can afford and on my salary they charged me a nickel. This was charitable organizations…We cannot support all the central american people. Many here are adopting Chinese children. Would these parents relinquish them to be adopted and raised as Americans?

      • Anonymous

        This country thrived when the migrant workers came and worked and then went back home…We hardly knew they were here.

    • John

      That is one disgusting, racist statement! They aren’t “our blacks”. They are Americans and it’s “their turn” every day they wake up in the USA (if they choose it).

  • Anonymous

    Blacks in Chicago may feel this way about Obama but what about those in the rest of the nation ? I’ll bet 90% of blacks would vote for Obama again if it were possible for him to run.

    • Jerry Tater

      He wont have to run again, There is a reason that all these kids have showed up now, there will be a federal disaster with the over flow of the borders, so with the new laws put in place,he wont have to leave ,there will be a one party government called Obama

      • Marie

        Read the bible…The devil is a world leader…..Need I say more……..

  • Patriot42

    I certainly feel sorry for the citizens of Chicago as they are obviously upset over the lawless streets and the Obama administration seems unwilling to do anything. Maybe he believes the blacks will back him no matter what.

    • ronkgman

      Puleeeeeze,,don’t feel sorry for them, this did not happen over night, they had leaders such as the Rev’s Sharpton, and Jackson leading them on all these years, and they followed along willingly…and don’t forget their Senator, Barack, who did little or nothing for them, no, let them eat cake and solve their own problems!!

      • Anonymous

        Chicago and Detrtoit — cities on similar political paths.

  • Guest

    billions for taco children but no billions for extended unemployment insurance. I sit here for 5 weeks without a dime coming in. And trust me Im trying.

    • Carolina Buchanan

      Did you really just say taco children you ignorant piece of filth

      • ronkgman

        WOW, that’s a little harsh Carolina…don’t ya think?? He is just frustrated….

        • Carolina Buchanan

          Not at all…The slur ‘taco children’ is WAY harsh. Frustrated at what? Sitting and waiting for Uncle Sam to pay his way? I’m sorry but my taco husband AND I work 9 to 5 everyday to pay for my taco child. Nobody in my house sits and waits for a check from Uncle Sam. SO yes I am personally offended.

          • Guest

            Wow you are a confused woman, taco this taco that… relax with some
            burgers or something. You upset. ” No one can hurt me without my
            permission” – Mahatma Gandhi… So now you got it?

          • Carolina Buchanan

            No I’m not confused darling…the original poster that said taco child is confused..I was simply borrowing his phrase…but thanks for playing…

          • Jim Trent

            Just what kind of a name is Buchanan for hispanics? Didn’t want to people to see you with a hispanic last name? You said taco husband which by your outrage seems to point that you think he is talking about hispanics. (He is but that is a different point). He should have said it better but he wasn’t talking about the legal citizens of this country. So it wasn’t towards your kids and if your husband is not legal then you are part of the problem and really don’t have a say since you are harboring someone you know is breaking the law.

          • Carolina Buchanan

            Thank you for further ignorance Jim!! First off, Central Americans don’t even eat tacos. That was a cheap shot towards Mexicans whom this isn’t even about. And how the HELL would I be married if my hubs was not documented. You are just another ignorant ‘Murican. How do you know who Epstein was talking about? There are obviously several people who agreed with me that it was uncalled for. AND not that its ANY of your business but that’s my maiden name that I have been teaching under for 17 years. My married name is a hispanic name. Its really easy for you to spew all of your hatred from behind a screen. In real life you are probably a total schmuck. Id love to see how you handle youself for one night in San Pedro Sula. THEN GET BACK TO ME!

          • Jim Trent

            You’re not even worth replying because you don’t read what is typed. I was just repeating what you guys were saying so stop being an asswipe. Second, you can be married and him being illegal. You can marry in another country and he comes here and over stays his visa. Nice thinking skills.

            As for lasting over night anywhere. I have been to many countries so nice work there too. And my wife and her family are from Mexico. They became citizens about 25+ years ago. You’re so clever. Not. Must suck to be called out on everything you typed and be wrong.

          • Carolina Buchanan

            I just wiped my ass with you…you dont know my backstory. We were married here…no one said he overstayed anything. Quit making what if scenarios. Im legal my husband is legal and we have the same rights as you or any other American. You fight like one of my third graders. I dont care what countries you have been to. I SAID THE MURDER CAPITAL OF THE WORLD… NOT THE BAHAMAS OR WHEREVER YOU WERE.

          • Carolina Buchanan

            So talk to yourself or Epstein or these other pendejos. I AM GOING BACK TO THE REAL WORLD. Have fun behind your mask :)

          • Carolina Buchanan

            And thanks Captain Obvious for clarifying everything for me. I teach. Master’s degree. I GOT IT.

          • Carolina Buchanan

            AND what’s this…your wife is also a taco muncher!! LOL

          • Jim Trent

            You really do have reading comprehension problems. No wonder our schools are in trouble. She is legal. The topic started off on illegal but that’s ok. You go ahead being clueless because you bore me with your lack of comprehension and it’s not worth replying.

  • James Spradling

    Bill Clinton? African American President? Didn’t he sign the workfare bill that Barack Obama has ignored, by executive order? Interesting.

  • Darlene Dickson Paniccia

    Inner city blacks need to take responsibility for their own actions. Decades of voting in crooked Libtard politicians who say they have “black” interests at hearts, but who are only interested in lining their own pockets. Stop having children out of wedlock. 2 parent families are a necessity, ensure your children are being educated and TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOURSELF and YOUR CHILDREN. Only then will things begin to change.

    • Stephen Parker

      An ineffective post. Anyone that would benefit from your advice quit reading at “responsibility.”

      • Mike Knowlton

        Unfortunately you are right. This whole country willcontinue to slide down the tubes until we change the voting laws to prevent voter buying with taxpayer funds.

        • Patriot

          Socialism is the business of funding the under class with the monies of the upper class, those who earn support those who don’t earn. Socialism is the art of totalitarianism. Total control of a population by taking the wealth away. (and keeping it for yourself).

    • Carlos Vasquez

      Darlene, I know plenty of married people who dont cut as parents, spouses or protective members of a community. I hope dont think you are offering some type of solution with your comment. To effectivly say something like “take responsibility for yourself” you have to have some working knowledge of those you are directing your comments to that some how illustrates they dont take responsibility for themselves and so Im curious what knowledge do you have of the indivduals in this video that would allow you to
      accuratly say something like that

      • Darlene Dickson Paniccia

        Carlos, I know parents who don’t “cut” it as well, but if you do comparisons from white to black cultures the numbers are overwhelming when it comes to one parent families. And I grew up in the ghetto. I know how the majority of these people think and what motivates them. Free. Free. Free. 5 kids by different fathers (none of whom are in the parenting picture). And for what – welfare cheques. I escaped the ghetto. Got myself an education and a good job, I consider myself one of the lucky ones. I can “effectively” say to take responsibility for yourself and your life.You can bet your bottom dollar that they wouldn’t be belting all these illegitimate children out if the great welfare state did not exist.

        • E Van

          find it difficult to believe your story as we don’t spell it “cheques” here.

          • Darlene Dickson Paniccia

            I am a Canadian. In Canada we spell it “cheques”

        • Michelle Valenzuela

          “I know how the majority of “these” people think”…wowwww. Seriously, lady??? “these people” I can guarantee you, you have no idea how I think. And I’m going to pray for you, because you really need Jesus. I feel sorry for you, smh!

          • Darlene Dickson Paniccia

            Yes. Seriously. I spent the first 24 years of my life in the ghetto so I think it’s safe to say I know how the MAJORITY of them who live off the government think. Or does not not count because I left the ghetto? Must one live there for life to quality. Oh, and by the way, Jesus is alive and well in my life. Again to tell the truth has become a crime.

          • BraveNative

            Sadly the truth is hate speech now days. Lies are used to pacify and remain politically correct. The truth NEEDS to be told and let the chips fall where they may. If someone gets offended enough maybe they will realize the errors of their ways. Liberals are slowly waking up to the truth but are fighting due to pride issues. “Pride shall bring you low”.

          • Anonymous

            I really don’t think she has any ill intent. Part of our problem as a country is we all got pretty wimpy and thin skinned. I don’t feel it’s healthy to divert from the positive of what she was trying to say just to focus on something that you can be offended over. How it was framed was a bit off… but I don’t see malice in the connotation of the message.
            I don’t particularly agree with her view myself. Family values probably plays a role possibly in some cases. But overall, I would say it’s focusing on other peoples problems more than our own that I feel is the greatest issue. In this country and around the world. We can’t change the world but we can change ourselves. We can’t help people unless we are in a position to help them. The more people help themselves the less other people have to give time, energy and money to help… which means there is more help available to help people who need the help.
            Which I think is what she was meaning by “take responsibility for yourself.” I think the ethnic targeting wasn’t done in racism but in light of the article. But i’m not her so I don’t know.

    • Michelle Valenzuela

      Darlene, with all due respect, your statement makes you sound very ignorant and racist. I am a “married” African-American woman, who was raised by parents that are still married to this day. My children are being raised with high Christian morals and taught to value education. It is understood in our household that obtaining a college degree is a must. I know many Black people that are very well educated, with successful careers and living in affluent areas. So not all Black people are poor, lazy, uneducated and looking for government hand outs. I’ve seen different ghettos, and there’s definitely not just one race living there. Proverty crosses all racial lines. And I’ve seen different women with children out of wedlock with multiple fathers, and the women were not all Black. So your norrow minded and biased “opinion” is without merit. Panhandling is a very bad problem were I live. And 99.9% of the panhandlers you see here are all Caucasian. Just because that’s what I see here on a daily basis, in my small corner of the world, does not give me the right to assume all Caucasian people everywhere else in the world must be the same, right???…

      • Darlene Dickson Paniccia

        I did not say that each black person was guilty of this. All you have to do is look at the percentages. They speak for themselves. I know some black people who are educated and lead productive lives as well. it almost seems like a crime to speak the truth now. i did not say anything that was untrue. I did not use derogatory language in any way – I simply stated the truth. The truth does not have to be liked, but it should be acknowledged.

      • Shawn Cameron

        In a way you are right and I understand how you feel. I’m not the kind of person who gets “offended” but I guess the one thing people on discussion boards do that I could say offends me is when they say all white people from the south are racist hillbillies that all have sex with their cousins and share a tooth among the rest of the family. That is in no way true and the people that think such believe so because they saw it on TV…. But if I were to say there were no racist hillbillies at all, then I’d be lying.

        Darlene’s comment about “these people” that you got so offended by was obviously talking about the people in the video. Who were doing what?? Expecting government to fix all their problems, which oddly enough is one of the reasons they have all those problems in the first place. She never said ALL blacks are like this, and from your comments you have taken responsibility for your life, so the comment was not about you. Why defend the people it was meant for??

      • Mike Knowlton

        Michelle, I think the race card could stay out of this except that Jackson, Sharpton, Obama, and others are using it to keep those unfortunate enough to be on welfare right where they are and dependent on politicians for their lives. The responsibility issue is certainly not purely racial, but statistically, it becomes a race issue when you see that YOU are in a minority as a Black woman who is married and raising kids in a responsible two-parent family. YOU have done what Darlene suggested – take responsibility for yourself and your progeny. You know not all do, and that is the problem.

      • Patriot

        Michelle, congratulations. However the densely populated city cores are not your world. The problem is self contained racism in these cores. They LIVE with everything being about their race,and you can not convince them that it isn’t about race, Thank you Jessie and Al, you have DISABLED Black America, and gotten RICH doing it.

      • Patriot

        Michelle, when will African-Americans become Americans? How many generations does it take to assimilate? My family were from Europe, are we Euro-Americans? No we are Americans, why does this country feel the need to segregate itself? We understand culture and family pride. America was once described as a “melting pot” where cultures could blend, now it is a stew and people are trying to pick out the parts they like.

        They say a country or any social structure only has to be divided to make it fall. We are divided, unnecessarily. We are on the verge of falling.

    • Patriot

      Self-responsibility is a process which means non-dependence on others. Its linked to initiative. Those locked into government support checks have either lost their own initiative, or are in a LOSING situation when they raise themselves out of poverty. If working means a LOSS of money to support yourself, then working becomes a disincentive. Its an indication that TOO MUCH aid is given. Its too easy to stay on aid, and penalizing to work your way out of it. A slave who sees LOSS in freedom will be a complacent slave for life. And support those who provide that slavery.

  • Mark Goldstein

    they the Blacks in Chicago finally saw the light and they hate king Barrack as do most Americans so King Barrack pay attention to your own people before they come to get you and string you up

  • MOM

    funny how we never here of the shooting here in northern Wisconsin and it seems like the whole country should be alerted to the problems and not try to keep it from us.

  • Anonymous

    To those of you in this video, know this. He already has your vote. 93% of you voted for him because of his skin color. Now he’s busy promising new lies the the illegals so he/ the dems can get their votes too.
    People like Ben Carson and Clarence Thomas tried to tell you, but you wouldn’t listen and instead called them uncle Tom’s and racists.
    Until you quit voting Democrat, don;t come whining to the rest of us about how put upon you are. You voted yourselves into this mess…start voting yourselves out!

    • AsSeenOnTv

      No.. They listened to Oprah, that is their problem.

      • Anonymous

        Never forget the sight of Oprah in the film, The Butler, wearing an Obama T shirt. She never get an invitation to the WH.

        • Jennifer Jones



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          • Rick Borman

            What’s that Jennifer? Why don’t you go “make cash online” somewhere else.

          • Anonymous

            Why aren’t you doing it too or are you already making 100 dollars an hour?

          • Watch it

            Right – she was fired because of what she was doing and showing on the internet!

    • profmoriarty

      Some quotes of Malcolm X in 1964 have lately become descriptive of how blacks continue to vote Democrat, and rarely get what was promised to them. Malcolm X called them “chumps”. Part of the quotes are: “”You put them first,” said Malcolm X, “and they put you last. ‘Cause
      you’re a chump. A political chump! … Any time you throw your weight
      behind a political party that controls two-thirds of the government, and
      that party can’t keep the promise that it made to you during election
      time, and you are dumb enough to walk around continuing to identify
      yourself with that party — you’re not only a chump but you’re a traitor
      to your race.”;

      For whatever reason, few blacks (see AG Holder’s statement last week that those opposed to Obama policies have “racial animus”) understand that Obama made them many promises and has delivered none. They just don’t see that Obama and the Dems are taking black voters for granted, and are using their political muscle to help hispanics with blacks taking a back seat. It’s a mystery to me.

      • Ryan

        Well put. The Democrats have been putting policy in place for generations that on the surface appears to be a positive for the African-American population of this country. They put forth policy that appears to benefit the poor. But when you analyze the effects that those policies have in the long term what you will find is that they are responsible for keep those communities down and unable to rise above their given situation. Instead they made more comfortable living in the lower standards that are forced upon them. The policies of the Democratic Party are to keep the “working class” from ever reaching the top of the American social ladder. Sure it may be easier to get and stay on state provided assistance, and sure maybe healthcare is more available than it was prior to the recent legislation, but below those surface effects, down in the marrow of the laws they have passed, you will find the truth. The Democrats do not want a strong black community that can actually achieve wealth and self sufficiency. In fact they don’t want any American to be self sufficient. If we can do for ourselves then we won’t need them to take care of us. Wake up America.

        • BevM

          I wish people would realize what Socialism is, and that it’s what we’re seeing the beginnings of – a TOTALLY Socialist country with a Dictator usurping more power than he legally has. He HATES the Constitution, always has. Raised to hate America and everything about her. ALL of his administration is the same, including Valerie Jarrett, the REAL power in the WH.

          I just hope people wake up before Nov. and take the Senate from Harry Greid! MAYBE then we’ll see some progress. Not likely though, as Barry will REFUSE to sign anything passed by Republicans.

          God help us all. Chitcago and Detroit are two peas in a pod and don’t realize their circumstances are of THEIR OWN MAKING. But they won’t change their ways. They’ll just keep whining and vote for the politician that promises the most “freebies” regardless of if they’re going to pony up.

        • Ellen Brown Jackson

          AMEN TO THAT!!

      • Shawn Cameron

        It’s like the way cable companies do business. The people who have been faithful paying customers for years have to pay through the nose for the DVR upgrade that new customers are getting for free.

        Democrats are trying to lock down the Hispanic vote, they already have the black vote locked down.

        • Patriot

          Nice comparison, benefits to new arrivals at the cost of the captive audience. You nailed it.

    • Debra

      you are exactly right!! They voted him in now they have to live with the results!

      • Anonymous

        The ONLY reason the Obaminites are upset is that are not getting enough free stuff yet. Yes he numbers are falling; let a political candidate talk about people getting job where they have to WORK and they wet their pants.
        Mo’ Stuff is the basic Democrats-thus Chicago’s- platform. Now these moochers from Chicago could send “the children” to D.C., Pelosi’s district, Obama’s Chicago home, or NYC.

        pass the popcorn please

    • Don Payson

      Exactly.. dont vote Republican, dont vote Democrat.. TEA, or Independant.. Vote American.. Vote for the person most likely to get it done, and get it done right.. Dont vote on race,color or creed.. vote on principles and morals

      • Narcguy

        That would work, if there were not parties that still benefit from the vote. So long as a person has a party tied to their name, a vote for them is a vote for their party and does nothing to dismantle the parties.

        • Zack Williams

          Wrong. A vote for a libertarian or TEA party is a vote the Democrats don’t have to worry about the Republican getting. People who vote libertarian or TEA are people who would usually vote republican, thus making it easier for dems to win. This is why they have been so successful; they’re unified.

          • Narcguy

            Nice of you to just automatically jumping to WRONG without even understanding the context of what I was saying. I wasn’t suggesting that anybody vote Libertarian or TEA party. I was suggesting that parties as a whole are a blight to our political system.

            The libertarian party is comprised of people who just dont trust big government to run their lives for them. Who are tired of the parties that be sticking their noses in their collective lives.

            The TEA party started out that way…until the Republicans co-opted their grass roots efforts. Which Glenn Beck took part in before parting ways with Faux News. They figured if they couldn’t beat them, they’d absorb them. Seemsto hold true. They took that play from the Government playbook from the 60’s with the hippies.

            But all of this still proves that we’d be better off with NO PARTIES. Just as you originally surmised. But your execution was lacking in that you suggested the party they represented didn’t matter, so long as the character of the person receiving the vote was worthy of the vote. Which simply isn’t true, because if the parties still exist, and their people continue to get voted, they till have their corrupt power base.

          • Patriot

            The party system is simply a voting mechanism designed to sort the voters into one camp(aign) or the other. Its part of the instinct to belong to a protective group. The problem raises its ugly side when the ‘leaders’ develop a platform (agenda) and it becomes a money machine. We have people who run up $Millions in debt to get into office, and lobbyists who throw money at them to get their beneficiary legislation passed. ow many candidates enter the process dirt poor and come out the other end as some of the richest people in America? WHAT are they selling? You, your money and themselves.

    • Stephen Schroeder

      95% of them voted for Barrack, not necessarily because of his skin color but because he is democrat. Democrat numbers: 2012 – 95%; 2008 – 95%; 2004 – 88%; 2000 – 90%; 1996 – 83%; 1992 – 83%; 1988 – 86%; 1984 – 89%. We have blue cities like Detroit and Chicago go further down this pathway into oblivion and it is going to take a LONG time for these trends to reverse and maybe it took an Obama for people to realize that the democrat party really does not care about fixing anything but keep people addicted to the free government stuff. Sometimes you just have to have your kid learn their lesson on their own; maybe we are starting to see that lesson getting through.

      • Patriot

        They will not wake up from their hypnotized state. They are captive minds endlessly chanting Obama’s name. In fact you can argue they have lost their minds, especially the individual thought processes that would trigger Fight or Flight. Their reaction to everything is like that of a hypnotized chicken, complete complacency, and anything that rocks the boat is squashed, or unseen. what others work and pay for, is to them really “free” they never have to pay the piper for their dance. The system has already stolen their children, cast out the fathers, and prostituted the mothers. and they no longer fear the process, they just march along. They are so deep into the projects, that they scramble for 99 cent store junk the Government tosses out there and think its wonderful. and to those who collect the $billions, it is wonderful.
        They are daily pimped by the likes of Jessie Jackson, and Al Sharpton, their shepherds who lead them to the shears, and eventually to the Butcher.

  • Rodney

    Glad people are starting to see what anyone with any sense saw 6 years ago. Sadly, it’s too little too late as we are stuck with him for two more years!

    • Anonymous

      There is an election in Nov. to change the course of the Senate and Harry Reid.

  • Larry Hall

    like me and my son said before 2012 elections. watch all the people who voted for Berry, they will be the first to cry wolf as soon as they realize obama is more racist than the KKK members who created it the 1st and 2nd time. ill go as far as to say this man wants to kill the minorities. barrack is insane and wants all Americans to suffer for what we have apparently done.

  • AsSeenOnTv

    They aren’t getting a clue, they just want what they feel they deserve. They’ll never vote Republican. They still don’t realize that the power resides in their own hands.

  • Eddy vinny

    funny how 3.7 billion Obama wants for the illegals children’s crisis at the border is also the costs of a secure fence along the border, the USA population is 317 million ,so how much is 3.7 billion, this $116.72 for every man woman child in the USA. and its borrowed. supporting foreigners before our own , illegal foreigners at that, child and adolescent illegals being given healthcare citizens must pay for, being given schooling that citizens must pay for. Illegals with no paperwork who will in a few years require jobs at whose expense? Who dosen,t close the borders and make mexico deal with the problem.and who sent the message for several months about coming to the USA, who dosen,t give a rats ass about our marine in mexico? We should take care of our own suspend all foreign aide until we can pay cash from our pocket without incurring debt. I believe this president is either against America and undermining her at fundamental levels or he is an absolutely inept person/ one or the other. If we borrow 3.7 billion and don,t build a fence and mine our borders we should take care of our own and that dosen,t mean buying cell phones to purchase votes! I have trouble believing how gullible younger generations are – we are in dire trouble!!!

    • profmoriarty

      Obama wants $4 billion to help illegals, meanwhile our veterans are still waiting for care they earned the hard way – serving their country, yet the big O can’t find the money or the time to put vets at the top of the priority list. Nearly every day on tv you see a PSA about American children going hungry, why doesn’t Obama want to help them? Shows again what he thinks of our military. Illegals are more important to him (and his fellow Dems) than our own citizens.

    • Anonymous

      Funny that, George Carlin cracked a joke many, many, many years ago that basically said take the Indians (his group but feel free to substitute Mexican/Honduran/Guatemalan……..) put them to work building a fence and then charge them each $1.50 to go home. Then send them there.

  • dennis reilly

    this is not about race, obama is horrible, he lives well and doesn’t give a damn about chicago, nor does his buddy never let a good crises go to waste Emanuel

  • hannibaljim

    What about calling your self American’s !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!How many hates will I get this time .

    • E Van

      You mean “Americans” (no apostrophe). It’s plural, not possessive.

  • Larry Hall

    While i’ll agree that Deportation is a must : Lets leave The Little Ones with a GOOD TASTE of what The United States of America is all about. THANK YOU GLENN

  • Michael Brennan

    There is no better way of identifying unamerican scumbags than looking at comments from Beckian dipshits.

    • Shawn Cameron

      Are the people in the video “unamerican” as well?

  • Anonymous

    I use to e-mail the president so he would know what I was concerned about…as of a few weeks ago, the email the president site is not working. Clearly he does not want to e hearing from any of us who are angry and outraged about this situation of beind overwhelmed with illegal immigrants and our government enticing them over and not allowing ICE to do it;s job for decaded. MR PRESIDENT…if you or your eyes are watching these postings. WE THE PEOPLE ARE FED UP!!! Send them ALL BACK…BILLIONS of our tax dollars have been spent on ILLEGALS while WE THE PEOPLE have been SCREAMING FOUL…and our government turns deaf ears…WE CANNOT HOUSE THE WORLD…..WE are getting overcrowded in MANY of our cities….SEND ALL ILLEGALS BACK…..AND STOP IMMIGRATION, as it SHOULD have been done on 9-11….Our government has failed to protect us ….here is just another of may of these examples long to post but GO TO THIS SITE

  • onlineWAHMcoach

    This is just great! :- This kind of discussion does ALOT to help bridge the gap that is finally opening up … Like it or not … These people have hit it right on the head … He has done NOTHING for them … We have way too many people in this country that need a leg up, we do not need to be importing more, & endangering children along the way … But the discussion on this topic makes me ashamed of the conservative movement … Again, Like it or not … We have a huge population that has been raised to be dependent on the government, & if that is ever going to change, we need to be able to compassionately reach out in this kind of a situation… Grow up & get real!!!! Going back to conservative principles is not going to magically help them out of this mess!!!

  • Anonymous

    Waking up because their welfare is going to redistributed to illegals. Holier-Than-Thou GlennBeck could have chosen to donate to our own “children” in Chicago, Detroit…oh, I don’t know.. PICK A CITY… any city… instead he chooses to help those who wish to destroy us.

  • gsv67

    I am sorry, but this needs to be said by someone. I don’t care if you are black or white, if any of these people on the video voted for Barrack, they need to absolutely KEEP THEIR MOUTH SHUT!!!!! They have no right to say anything!!!!

  • Bryant Bishop

    If they get the illegals – legal then they have no need for the black vote. Which means their welfare, food stamps and voice will mean nothing. Simple but hard to believe welcome to a country that is about to loose it soul and rights.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t care who you are: Stay off the gub’ment dole. It’s a trap.
    If you’re looking for your local government to do something other than stifle crime, maintain infrastructure or protect the innocent, you’re asking for trouble.

  • Teri Balsimo Angeletti

    Interesting twist: I saw a recent 48 hours about the young girl that danced at the parade for the Obama’s inauguration that was killed…… ironically, according to the show; the plight in Chicago is directly associated with the Mexican drugs coming up from the border and the gang wars over the drugs in Chicago. One has to acknowledge the drug cartels and smugglers involvement in these border crossings….children: yes, but also 5 times MORE adults…. it is all related… Chicago: the admisinistration is not addressing any of it…. FAST AND FURIOUS prioves that

  • Jim Bolla

    Obummer: The Mother of Big Lies!

    •I will have the most transparent administration in history.

    •The stimulus will fund shovel-ready jobs.

    •I am focused like a laser on creating jobs.

    •The IRS is not targeting anyone.

    •It was a spontaneous riot about a movie. •If I had a son.

    •I will put an end to the type of politics that “breeds division, conflict and cynicism”.

    •You didn’t build that!

    •I will restore trust in Government.

    •The Cambridge cops acted stupidly.

    •The public will have 5 days to look at every bill that lands on my desk

    •It’s not my red line – it is the world’s red line.

    •Whistle blowers will be protected in my administration.

    •We got back every dime we used to rescue the banks and auto companies, with interest.

    •I am not spying on American citizens.

    •Obama Care will be good for America.

    •You can keep your family doctor.

    •Premiums will be lowered by $2500.

    •If you like it, you can keep your current healthcare plan.

    •It’s just like shopping at Amazon.

    •I knew nothing about “Fast and Furious” gunrunning to Mexican drug cartels.

    •I knew nothing about IRS targeting conservative groups.

    •I knew nothing about what happened in Benghazi.

    •I have never known my uncle from Kenya who is in the country illegally and that was arrested and told to leave the country over 20 years ago.

    •And, I have never lived with that uncle. He finally admitted (12-05-2013) that he DID know his uncle and that he DID live with him.

    And the biggest one of all:

    •”I, Barrack Hussein Obama, pledge to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America

  • Jeff

    I don’t agree with obama on pretty much anything, but on this one he cannot be blamed. The citizens of Chicago need to blame themselves for their own behavior. It’s called personal responsability which those of us who are true conservatives believe in.

  • deqwik

    Obama loves Chicago so much, he just sent 748 illegals to the area. Guess he is just going to let them fight it out.

  • Hoschi0913

    Well Chicago…..
    that’s what you get for 40+ years voting democrat !!!!
    they always hand you the crumps of the entire bread and you take it,
    makes me wonder….
    Is that all that you expect out of Life ?? the crumps not the bread ??

  • beast6228

    I hereby allocate 4 Billion dollars for the Legal, impoverished children of the united states, i also allocate 100 million for the costs of returning all illegal aliens to their origin country.

  • Disco Obama

    I always felt that taking care of myself and my family was my responsibility. Why do these people think that “somebody else” is responsible for their care? This entitlement mentality is bizarre to say the least. How about you all do well in school rather than your 89% illiteracy rate? How about not dropping out? How about not making crime and drug dealing as career choices. Chicago is garbage because of the choices they make. They shoot each other because that is what they choose to do. If your life is crap look as far as the mirror and you will find the culprit. No one owes you anything.

  • Lucy Farrah DeMonique

    Like oh my God it’s about time! Way to go babes!

  • Sean Connolly

    So basically they’re pissed they aren’t getting more free stuff? They’re butt-hurt only because they see the $ going to the illegals as money that should have gone to them. The whole situation is a CF

  • Debra

    Hey take away peoples guns and announce to the nation that Chicago people have no guns then the criminals come in and wreak havock. It really isn’t that hard to figure out. The criminals will always have guns, it is the innocent people that will not but I cant figure out why the liberals can’t figure this one out. It is a no brainer

    • Sean Connolly

      Maybe a good starting point for them would be to stop murdering each other. If only they had a law against that…

  • Al Toelle

    Blacks….. Whites……. Purple…….. Blue.
    We are all Americans, and all Created with Seeds of Greatness!
    Usually people don’t put themselves into the ghetto, they are born into it.
    Usually people don’t get out of the ghetto on their own, they need someone to help them out in Love.
    It’s not a matter of just simply “making better decisions”.
    We all need to quit worrying about Race or even Political Party.
    We need to unify by seeing people at the level of their Souls and genuinely Caring for them, not for who they are, but for you the can be.
    God sees us all, not as we are, not as we have been, but for who we can be and are becoming.
    Not an easy task, but Let’s all practise……..

    From a Canadian who Loves America

    • Guest

      lol @ the hippy…

    • Anonymous

      Attitude, is what keeps people in ghettos.

    • BevM

      Thanks, Al. Most Americans also love Canada. Our Northern Border is the one we DON’T worry about. We should be more concerned, after the man came over the northern border in WA State with the bomb and was going to blow up something here – too long ago to remember all of the details. It might have been Y2K. But Canada has long been an ally. I hope Hussein hasn’t totally ruined that relationship as well. Just as long as countries realize it’s HIM and not US!!

  • JasonLindsey Hall

    Not sure if anyone else didnt know notice but uhhhh this isnt just happening to black people its all over the US!!!!! Black and white, green or purple!!! If it isnt in the benefit of the government then it isnt happening!!!! Love the video, hate the fact its about just blacks in Chicago, bc this is like a disease its everywhere and getting worse…high time WE THE PEOPLE STAND FOR WHAT WE WANT AND NEED NOT WHAT THE GOVERNMENT SAYS WE ARE GOIN TO DO!!! ITS NOT ABOUT COLOR IS ABOUT US!! WE ARE ALL CHILDREN OF CHRIST NO MATTER RACE!! LORD HELP US ALL!!!

  • Joel G Wood

    They will never vote for a Republican, even though the DEMOCRATS are destroying their communities… It is SAD… They need to learn how to think for themselves… I cannnot help them do that…

  • Lynne Holt Miller

    But see the problem is he won’t be running next time, so there will be some other Dem. there promising them the moon, and stars, and they will believe it, because they need the hope, that’s all these people have. I know there awake now, and if he were running again he would loose, but I just hope they understand it’s not just him, did you hear that man say that Clinton was the best president they have ever had? That’s not good.

    • BevM

      And Hitlery is MUCH more radical than Slick ever was. She knew Alinsky personally while she was in High School and College. God forbid they vote her in. She’ll put Lil Barry to shame with her Alinsky tactics.

  • Marc Falsetti

    INEPTOCRACY (in-ep-toc-ra-cy) Taken from “Inept” and “Democracy”
    A system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing and where members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.
    Over and over again I have said that there is no way out
    of the present impasse we as Americans find ourselves in.
    We had that chance on a November 6th two years ago and blew it!
    If we were wide awake to these realities we would be
    instantly struck by the horrors which surround us …..
    We would Drop our Tools, Quit our Jobs, Deny our Obligations, Pay NO Taxes, Observe NO Laws and so on!
    Could the man or woman who is thoroughly awakened
    possibly do the ”Crazy” things which are now expected
    of them every moment of every day? How could they go on?
    HOW DO I GO ON?!

  • The Dude

    Leave poor barak alone, he’s really busy destroying our sovereignty.

  • Quitthevictimhood

    Poor babies..!!

  • Scott Spencer

    And throwing money at Chicago will do what? Waste of money!

  • Bobby Strutz

    It’s not like an invading force is murdering the African American citizens of Chicago…THEY ARE KILLING EACH OTHER. How will any amount of money force people who would rather sell drugs and live the “thug life” instead of getting an education and working for a living to stop killing each other?? This seems to be a huge problem in all black communities, it’s their culture. Their music glorifies this kind of madness. This problem will stop when these people stop blaming others and take responsibility. It all starts with education and these young black children aren’t getting much if that, especially when their is such a break down in the family unit. 74% of black children are in fatherless homes….that right there is the root. Having children when you can’t afford them…leads to a life of poverty and next thing you know the kids grow up and start selling drugs to make fast money. It’s a never ending cycle. A president can’t fix a problem like that.

  • sickofbeingcoddled

    they hate Obama for the wrong reason– they want him to do MORE redistribution!!

  • Chico Bazooca


  • Anonymous

    Tired of our government creating crisis to enslave us and our children?

  • Mark Dickson

    Im all for supporting our own before helping those outside our borders. However, I puzzled about some of the complaints. Why does the AMERICAN community want Obama to help the blacks. Segregation cannot be rewarded with monies or stipends. The community as a whole could use help but to state “THE AFIRCAN COMMUNITY NEEDS HELP” is totally racist. People cannot go outside or kids cannot play in the streets because of the violence. Lack of money is not gonna stop thugs from shooting, stealing or selling drugs. I support helping the citizens of EVERY race but the argument being presented is confusing. Subtract every persons color or creed from the argument and substitute human being. Stand up for your community, for your rights and for your country but get organized. First, end the segregation. Second, find out who, what, when and why the city has failed and then take it to the appropriate people. Racism has to stop. Screw the labels that everybody keeps placing upon themselves. Were human and were citizens. We have resources because we have organization so to speak, ketting illegals enter our country will only reduce our ability to overcome such hurdles in our lives. Wake up

  • Robert Veite

    Got no sympathy, no compassion for their plight!!! THEY VOTED HIM IN. You are a racist if you didn’t vote for him! He transcends race, he will calm the waters, HAH, over 90% of blacks voted for him and they got Rham in return!!! Liberals/socialist/communist/democrats you got what you asked for!

  • Debbie

    Ok for what I have learned being on the you tub pages is that we have never put a president into office! They have all been hand picked by the Illuminati so you don’t need to be upset at anyone but them. And if you have not seen the movie called Agenda 21 you should all go watch it. You will see in there that the agenda was to take down America from the inside by hyping up the gay family life style and bringing down the traditional family, starting women’s rights, and much much more. Just go watch it and see if you don’t agree with what they planned is tearing down our world as we know it.

    • Shawn Cameron

      Can you say gullible? I bet you can.

  • ThrashMikki

    …..Of course, Chicago has been governed by liberal democrats for more than four decades. Could it be that their own liberal policies have failed them? They want the federal government, under the liberal direction of NObama, to step in and do…..what, exactly? Police the streets of Chicago with the National Guard/Military? They don’t like the police involvement they have now…..understandably. Throw more money their way? Untold millions have been pumped into Chicago’s crime problems over the years…..and things have only gotten worse. Of course, what else could one expect from such a corrupt institution as is the “Chicago Machine”.

    But at least some of these folks are beginning to wake up…..

  • Anonymous

    Black people all over the USA. I am white and I want Blacks and Whites to be united. You are part of the American culture. You helped build the USA. The White culture’s slavery was horrible. What was done to you was horrible. I agree. I am a White, Conservative. I believe in principles that keep America strong. I want to fix the problems of the Black community. I want to put manufacturing companies in your neighborhoods and give you decent jobs. I want to take you off the dependency you have on government programs that will always keep you a slave. I want to do what Malcolm X wanted to do. He wanted Black folks to have a respect for their own culture and raise strong, healthy and vibrant families. I do NOT want to continue suggesting that your women continue having fatherless babies that will become dependent upon entitlements. You are too good for that. I know you DO NOT want that. You want an opportunity to work, build your own self respect and neighborhoods and make a decent living based upon your efforts. I want the same for you. I want to use the money that Obama is giving away to ILLEGAL INVADERS who are taking food, clothing, money out of your children’s and grandchildren’s lives. America although not perfect is a great nation. We need to come together with our great Black brothers and sisters. I know in my heart, once you believe that the White people are on your side and want you to succeed, you will not harbor hate in your heart and will live side by side. I would love to have good America loving Black’s as my neighbor. I DEFINITELY, do not want ILLEGAL INVADERS who are taking advantage of our country. Obama is making it possible. He is using the money that should be used to help his own country and the cities of Chicago, Birmingham, Savannah, Detroit, Flint, Newark, Camden, etc.. We need to FIX the injustices of the past by really doing something that works for Black Americans. I don’t mean entitlements which makes you slave to the system. I mean really creating jobs for your community. The government can build factories instead of feeding ILLEGAL ALIEN INVADERS and provide jobs for all the Black communities. That would be a start. We can build schools, but make sure that the standards are high. You give great education, but, you do NOT lower the standards. Black people are NOT inferior. They need good White people to UNITE with them and help the Blacks of America finally share in the American Dream. I am a firm believer of the words and wisdom of Martin Luther King and Malcolm X. Yes, he was a Black Muslim, but he did NOT want to hurt White people. He just wanted the dignity for his race and culture. He is a role model. He did not want single mothers to get pregnant and the children have no fathers. He is a role model.
    I pray that AMERICAN Blacks and Whites can join as one. It’s time to make America great for ALL IT’S CITIZENS. NOTICE: I said citizens, not ILLEGAL INVADERS that Obama is bringing in to get their votes.
    And my Black friends, let me explain very simply why he is turning his back on you my Black brothers and sisters. In 50 years, Blacks will only make up 14 % of the total population while Hispanics will make up over 50% of the population. It is simple math. He wants a population of dependent slaves who will keep his kind in office forever. It is as simple as that.
    Wake up Black America. Wake up White America. Let us join and become a United States of America.

  • Jose Torres Jr

    Time to get rid of every Democrat in the country especially Chicago and vote in a new party whether it be Republican or a third party of the people & for the people, enough with doing it the Chicago way or a better phrase the Democratic Chicago way, Chicagoans have not yet gotten tired of having the same grapefruit juice every morning, time to change the flavor, give another brand a chance, please…

  • Michael Heagen

    Maybe the Rev. Jackson should lead the way in contributions, from his wallet and his mouth. These people are destitute for the Gospel. The reestablishment of the family is their only hope. Government money has utterly destroyed the inner cities.

    • Anonymous

      Government social policies over the past several decades have created a dependency and irresponsibility mentality. Bad behaviors are rewarded, God has been removed from all public discourse and literally banned from public schools – we reap what we sow. Time for a revival and to instill hope and faith to the people. “Government is not the solution to the problem, government IS the problem…” the late great President Reagan.

  • Derek Masino

    here’s part of what i don’t understand. how come ppl are not realizing that the only racists are the ppl who are doing anything good or bad bc of color. im not saying that republicans don’t have racist tendencies bc that would be a fallacy however when you court a black voter on the premise he is black and promise him to take care of the black community you are a racist. america’s colors are Red, White, and Blue for freedom not black and white for racism. all the policies i have heard so far from the tea party or the ppl standing for the constitution hold true to what america means. we don’t right policy to benefit any color we write policy to benefit AMERICANS!!! These ppl need to not only pay attention to the idiot they asked to be elected into the presidency but also the idiots who are setting the laws. its sad that since the days of Thomas Jefferson the democratic party has become and remains the most racist party in america. they lie and write policy about a skin color and then fight the real ppl who want equality. they write policy of more welfare but then fight the real conservitives (Not republicans) who want to give that help but want to be able to pay for it without borrowing. Progressives on both sides of the isle are ruining this country and they are blindly following as the gentleman said the worst president in US history!!

  • Thomas Bonnett

    It’s tempting to applaud this video in knee-jerk fashion, but think of the message being broadcast by these folks: The president of the United States is responsible for fixing the ills in their neighborhood. Give us billions of dollars. Oh, please. The nation’s current financial state is all the evidence you need that $$$ doesn’t solve problems.

    Want to fix Chicago? Stop glorifying the thug culture. Stop the cycle of fatherless children. Stop making education shameful. How many of the people on camera have pointed a finger at their own community, their own families, and cried ENOUGH? A dozen murders every weekend isn’t a money problem, it’s a character problem.

    $20 trillion in debt and we’re tossing billions around like its pocket change. The entire nation will soon look like Chicago if we stay on this course.

  • Shawn Cameron

    Yet if he ran again, they’d all vote for him.

  • Cindi Spohn Markham

    The president is not the problem. The problem is the mentally of too many in our nation, including our president. People who want something for nothing, don’t realize that “something” comes from somewhere! There are many good and hard working Americans who are footing the bill for too many who are NOT willing to help. Their are takers, cheaters, and self every society, but we are tipping the scale to the point of no return. America is out of balance as a nation.

    Things just don’t fall out of the sky or show up in the mailbox. God gave us all things by His grace, but our faith …or actions receive it. Same thing in America, we must look around us, realize we live in a nation, where anything is possible, and we are so blessed with resources then get off our keisters and go do something. I have been to Ghana Africa, and one thing I noticed there, they are all entrepreneurs. The children are as well as the adults. They say that Ghana has many businesses and such because of their mindset.

    Chicago is falling apart because of a “mindset”. They have forsaken the “idea” of what America really is all about. She is not a people of any color, or nation, or background. She is a nation of all colors, races and cultures. I am second generation here from Germany, I am not a “German American” I am an American… The mindset back in the early day’s of America was so different from today. I love this nation, not for what she can give, but the opportunities I have because she is mine.
    I still hear in this video, a victim’s mentality coming forth. I think I would be more upset at the government not just this current one either, that portrays us as “Americans” as a weak, lazy and non productive people who are just waiting around for the sky to open and them to be our savior. We are not that as a nation or people. It is time for a new mindset in Washington and beyond.

  • Lynn

    Create a nothing about it..blame others for the problem..then go play golf and party! Repeat! That’s the MO. Never depend on Gov for anything. Its time to become a person of self-worth, self-reliance and steadfast determination!

  • gumby

    Laws are only useful if people agree to follow them. Society has broken down in Chicago. Lawlessness rules the streets. Forget the president. Send in Chuck Norris.

  • Candy

    So how did Mayor Rahm get his job????(Laughing) They just don’t see that when doing the same thing over and over and over again and you get the same results is the definition of stupidity.

  • Candy

    Notice that they are not saying to stop giving money to the illegals, only give some to us too. So just where do they think this money comes from? Don’t answer, I know. Obama’s stash.

  • sammie

    I think the plan all along was to watch community’s implode, there are so many things that he has done to destroy America. Small things to large more obvious things. Yet some STILL support him. We are all in a heap of trouble. Its crazy,

  • predsfan

    Obama can’t stop people from killing each other. Bad people do bad things. If laws were more strict, maybe people would stop killing each other. BTW, legalizing pot isn’t going to make gun violence go down. It should be that if you voluntarily kill someone you should be put to death in 6 months unless proven innocent. Our tax dollars are feeding many people and they also probably have more cable channels than I do. Where is the deterrent in that. I’m poor with no insurance, no food etc….let me go kill someone so I can get free health care, 3 good meals and a tv. Where do people sign up!!

  • Nikky Mullens

    fyi,,he isn’t spending anything in Texas. Texas is spending it’s own money to try and deal with these illegals. And what? you don’t want him now?? smh

  • Tana Moody

    I’m sorry but Obama is getting exactly what he wants for Chicago and now he is bringing in thousands more for the U.S. to take care of, when will the people of the US understand he is doing everything in his power to destroy the U.S. not help it. He and his wife are destroying the U.S. and we are standing back allowing it to happen. HE IS DOING ALL OF THIS ON PURPOSE BECAUSE HE HAS NO RESPECT FOR THIS COUNTRY!!! America better wake up and quick because it is going fast and HE DOES NOT CARE ABOUT YOU OR ANY OF US HE IS ABOUT THE DESTRUCTION OF THE US!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Why can’t we all just be Red, White and Blue?

    • American

      And waste all the effort spent to divide this country? Much easier to have Americans bow down when we are not standing together. Wake up everyone.

  • Anonymous

    Aren’t we all responsible for teaching our children to be kind and good to others? Who are these who are doing the killing? What have they been taught? We all have charge of our schools – and what is taught in them. What is being taught? What is being ALLOWED to be taught? Who are the officials? Who are the parents? Do they show up in schools, ready to help the kids there? Or do we always expect someone else to do it for us? What effort are WE willing to make to get things right?

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, it is a disgrace, and I hope the black community wakes up to realize how the Democrats have exploited them for decades now, but I am not hopeful. In 2014 and 2016, after the Democrats run a few more millions of dollars in ads telling them how the KKK controls the GOP, they will give the Democrats 97%+ of their vote once again.

  • Natalie

    We are heading to civil war. Obama wants to change America to socialism. When people wake up in time they will be fueled by desperation to hold onto freedom. The great thing about Americans is that we will go to civil war if that is what we need to do. Our rights are ingrained into the fabric of society and if our rights are threatened we rise up and become fiercely defiant.

    • BevM

      I sure hope so! But, they’re FULLY prepared. DHS bought 250K rounds of Hollow Point bullets a couple of years ago, all of the alphabet depts. are buying ammo, preparing for us rising up against them. IMHO, THIS is when Hussein will declare Martial Law and all hell will break loose.

  • Anonymous

    It is not only the Marxist, but the Democrats that control the State of Illinois. Look at the states that border on Illinois. Republican Governors and they have surpluses. Illinois has Democrat Governor and deficits.

    • Shawn Cameron

      Marxists, Democrats….. What’s the difference?

  • Ken Cooper

    98% of blacks voted for Obama twice! Now they are complaining about the choice they made. Next they will vote for Hillary, who is even worse than Obama.

  • bash0001

    Doesn’t mean a damn thing if these people aren’t willing to put their money where their mouth is and change party.

  • Jayne B. Koeth

    Don’t rely on the government to make the changes you want to see. You have to rely on yourself! Work together in your community. Have the faith, courage, creativity and love to join together and hold your elected officials responsible for their part. Good work speaking out. I believe in you! We are going to have to rely on ourselves because government is not the answer!

  • Brittany Leigh Caron

    i agree Chicago needs a LOT of help, but im just wondering what exactly they want him to do to stop the shootings…..gun control? they cracked down in new york and then there were complaints/reports of harassment, brutality, etc. by police. and making guns illegal is going to do exactly jack squat–hard drugs are illegal but PLENTY of people are using them regularly.

  • Netta2630

    Cry Me A River !…You Morons voted him in office not once but twice !

  • Wayne L. Owens

    These guys still have not learned a thing. They are just mad because he is sending their meal ticket to Mexicans

  • butch


  • Anonymous

    And those folks will vote Democrat next election, just like last election, because Hillary or whoever the Dem nominee is, will promise them they won’t be neglected next time around. And then they’ll get hosed and moved to the back of the bus and the back of the line again, just like the liberals have been doing to them since before the Civil War.

  • Anonymous

    Unless a African American is speaking out loud complaining about the first black president then it is like Christmas Eve in the black community whereas….

    “all throughout the house, no creatures were stirring, not even a mouse. The black folks cowered on the plantation with despair hoping soon that the white people will be there.”

    By and by someone told the African Americans that reading books is the way to freedom, prosperity, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness but the African Americans replied from their actions that…

    .”If waiting for the white people to come is wrong then I don’t want to be right because ain’t no book gonna save me!”

    …And so the white people came

    White people came and joined the African Americans in their civil rights struggle. White people did not have to support the African American struggle but they had respect for blacks that had the courage to stand up for the ideals, symbolism and dignity of the Red, Green and Black flag.

    White people came to Africa to help with the black struggle. White people came into the inner city neighborhoods and schools to help teach African American children.

    The white people came and built housing to keep African Americans in their communities. The white people came and built banks so that African Americans can save money ………. but the African Americans will have none of it.

    Instead of civil rights, schools, Affordable housing, bank loans and libraries African Americans want President Obama to find or create for them a job or opportunity. African Americans want unlimited unemployment extensions and affordable housing only in white areas.

    African Americans want banks to make it easy and affordable through no interest charity loans to be able to shop in the white areas and eat in white restaurants.

    African Americas protest and keep their children out of African American schools because they want to raise and educate their children alongside white people’s children.

    It is not enough that the white people came into the African American inner city neighborhoods and areas bringing with them the avenues of opportunity for African Americans to do for self.

    Doing for self means supporting their own black businesses and reading how to books. African Americans treat reading books like weapons of mass destruction and supporting black business is a waste of time because African Americans don’t read enough to know the infinite benefits of supporting their own enterprises.

    …so the African Americans wait for the white people to come again.

    The white people came again but this time they showed up with high powered rifles to shoot and kill any black person trying to escape uptown during the Katrina hurricane.

    The white people came on cruise ships to Haiti during the earthquake to swim, have sex, sip wine, eat caviar and drink champagne from their lavish cruise ships as they watched, pointed and rejoiced at the black dead bodies laying crushed, decapitated, mangled and twisted in the streets of Haiti.

    The white people came back into the inner city neighborhoods and areas to shut down your schools, cut off your welfare and suspend private funding. The white people came and left taking with them their magnanimous gestures of African American opportunities and on the way out they let the Spanish players in.

    … and the Spanish players don’t take prisoners.

    The Spanish players as of this writing have the African Americans surrounded and engulfed as they cut off and deplete the African Americans residual resources of land, food and water.

    The African Americans sit idly by on the 21st century plantation watching their own destruction, demise, elimination, defeat and extinction hoping in their hearts that it will only happen to the other African American family and not them.

    When African Americans are asked about their condition and as long as African Americans refuse to open up and read a book then..….

    …It is all Barack Obama’s fault.

  • rolex1965

    The BEST NEWS in a long time. They will NEVER go against ODUMMER. Throw another cell phone at them and ALL will be forgotten. 35% of them still think ODUMMER is the greatest. They voted for him. They have NO IDEA what will happen when that free “stuff” well runs dry.
    Google the 10 WORST cities in the U.S. No need to say what race is the majority. They still think ODUMMER is the best.

  • Anonymous

    IF you want Obama to pay attention, vote a Republican into office…. any office in Chicago or Illinois. As long as you are voting completely Democrat, your concerns can be totally disregarded. Sadly, I would guarantee that 100% of the folks on this video will vote straight Democrat in the next election; for mayor, governor, Senator, President, whatever… 100%.

    • rolex1965

      200% right. I wonder how many of them have NO IDEA that he doesn’t give a CRAP. Just wait till the cell phones are turned off and the fool stamps run out…

  • Bill Clinton

    Know this people! Your only killing yourselves!

    • Bill Clinton

      I don’t alway’s agree with our current president, but I am sure he has nothing to do with life in any city. It has to do with the people who live in that city.

      • Bill Clinton

        If you have a poor work ethnic, uneducated background, and no motivation in life. What do you expect?

        • Bill Clinton

          The System cannot support everyone

  • Bob Stauskas

    Since prices serve as the free market’s communications beacons, government attempts to set prices of goods and services distort the signals that guide market players.

  • Sentinel

    You folks voted for this guy. You voted because of skin color. Your racism is biting you in the rear-end. Obama was and remains not qualified for the job. Vote another democrat into office and white folks will be going to Africa and other countries to get away from all of you who are destroying America.

  • Molon’Labe Freedom’s Vanguard

    The only way for the Democratic Party can and will survive is a fresh supply of defenseless victims and body bags!

  • Clay Cooper

    The only way for the Democratic Party can and will survive is a fresh supply of defenseless victims and body bags!

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