Comedian Jeff Allen: I really think this is Christ’s work

Longtime friend of the program and comedian Jeff Allen joined Glenn on radio this morning to discuss the immigration crisis. Allen and his wife will be heading to the border town of McAllen, Texas this Saturday with Glenn, Mercury One, and others to distribute aid and supplies to the charities and churches most in need.

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As of this morning, the Mercury One Children and Family Border Relief Fund has raised upwards of $1.9 million. That money will be used to purchase food, clothing, toiletries, and other necessities that Glenn, Allen, and Mercury One will begin distributing this weekend.

“That’s amazing,” Allen said of the fundraising figure. “Americans are good. They really are… I was watching the news. And I never thought you could do it do it, but you’ve finally ticked off the rest of the country. The nerve of using a charity organization to go down and feed and clothe the orphans – I think this is a novel idea.”

Allen explained that he decided to make the trek down to Texas because “it’s the right thing to do.” While he knows what he will see and hear will be troubling, he is prepared to help those in need.

“My wife and I talked about it and it’s the right thing to do,” Allen said. “About a week ago, we were going down to Nicaragua, and [my wife] came to me with some apprehensions. ‘I don’t know if I want to go down there… I know I’m just going to cry for a week.’ And I said, ‘Well, sometimes God needs to break our hearts.’ And the truth was, we got more blessed for the week we were down there than anything we did. And I really think this is Christ’s work. And in my experience, any time I do Christ’s work, I get a lot out of it.”

You can learn more about the Mercury One Children and Family Border Relief Fund HERE.

  • Lisa R. Johnson


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    • Jon Bar

      Lisa get off of here w/ your spam.

  • Jon Bar

    Do they really believe Jesus would approve of breaking the law by the border hoppers. So giving them toys to encourage more border hoppers. Or that irresponsible mothers sending their children across country alone, subject to all type of atrocities is a good thing? What about Mark 7:27. I can understand giving them a lunch and water then bus them back.

    • Anonymous

      I believe I heard Glenn say he is going to broadcast, in Spanish, to those So. American countries, just what atrocities their children can and likely will go through, by coming here. THAT is educating them to the truth, versus Obama’s fuzzy “come and get goodies” message.

      Glenn certainly does not advocate keeping them here, but sending them back, BUT in the meantime, being Christlike and caring for their wellbeing while they are here.

      “Love your enemies” much?

      Laus Deo

      • PeterMoss

        I really have to chuckle over Glenn and his “charity” efforts. Some people really can’t understand how Glenn uses these high profile situations as a vehicle to elevate his image. There’s a serious, heart-breaking problem of young girls being mentally and sexually abused by the FLDS cult, which is an offshoot of Glenn Beck’s own LDS organization. Why doesn’t Glenn direct his efforts toward them? They’re right there in his own back yard! A reasonable, intelligent person can deduct that Glenn’s charity activities may be driven by an ulterior motive of promoting his brand and his latest narrative. Self-serving actions, like Beck’s misguided grand standing with the border crisis, tell the real story, and it’s nothing to be proud and pious about.

        • Anonymous

          Tell you what — all you detractors and disparagers that have such wonderful ideas of what Glenn should be doing instead of what he is doing, why don’t you take up the challenge you give, and go do something about it yourself? That way, two good things get done, instead of one bad comment knocking the good someone else is trying to do?

          I agree — there are many places and things Glenn could do with all that MercuryOne money, such as the children in Chicago, and any other myriad things that could be added to the list.

          BUT what I see is Glenn trying to motivate and energize people to go out and do good on their own, fixing the problems they see, whether it be personal and local or on a larger scale. And if you can recruit people to your cause, so much the better. Make it spread, for good.

          BTW, the FLDS problems are theirs — since they apostatized from the LDS church, they are on their own. The LDS church will not do anything to or for them, as they are their own agents. The church, and its members, will not impose on anyone’s free agency to determine their fate, Imposition of force from without is Satan’s plan.

          Missionaries, for example, will persuade, direct aright, but not impose on an individual’s agency to decide for himself. We each, individually, are accountable to Father for our own actions, for good or ill.

          Laus Deo

          • PeterMoss

            So Tracy Andersen is just fine with standing by and allowing little girls to be raped and have their minds controlled by adult men decades older than they are, because the supernatural is going to sort it all out after they’re dead. Reasonable intelligent people probably won’t agree with Ms. Andersen. In fact, she’s as guilty as the men involved for enabling them and using faith as an excuse to turn away from the horrendous plight of these little girls. That kind of behavior and thinking is disgusting and has no place in a free America where our laws take precedence over the whims of evil cultists. Shame on you Tracy.

          • Anonymous

            Okay, so we go in, guns blazing, and do what?

            As I have seen it, the State of Texas, with their child protection laws, have dealt with it, so far as illegal activity on the part of the FLDS men (and women, too, I suppose).

            Anything we, as outside non-authority may do, would be illegal interference with Texas law, as I see it.

            Now, what we could do would be to try to teach them the truth, and show them the error of their ways. And this has already been done, with disaffected former FLDS members, who have talked to their family members to help bring them out of the control of the FLDS leaders. And Warren Jeffs, their “leader,” is sitting in Texas prison.

            Now, what more do you want, to take care of your evidently limited assumptions of what is going on, as you make it up?

            Yes, there are abuses, as there are in many families across the nation. How do you propose to take care of all of them?

            Then there is the next problem, and so on, on down the ever-expanding list. Do we go in, guns blazing, everywhere, to fix all those problems? Or do we use rule of law, and charitable actions quietly to help out?

            Develop a charity, do some good, rather than disparaging those who do just that. Yes, Glenn’s charitable efforts are visible, but how are you going to raise the needed money on a large scale, but be vocal and visible? Is he self-serving? Evidently, in your mind. Well, we shall always have detractors, I suppose. So be it.

            Oh, yeah, okay, shame on me, I guess.

            Laus Deo

          • PeterMoss

            Glenn Beck could hammer away on these evil subhuman scumbag FLDS religious fanatics like others in the media have, but he’s silent on the issue. Perhaps he’s frightened of damaging his biggest supports, the LDS audience who finances his circus of delusion.

          • Anonymous

            Oh, all these perhapses just really set the world right, don’t they?

            Keep it up, Winston, we need the opposition to let us know there are plenty detractors out there, we need to work around.

            Goodbye, this discussion is, and has, gone nowhere.

            Laus Deo

          • PeterMoss

            Wrong Tracy. The hypocrisy of people like Glenn Beck and yourself who look away from the disgusting evil actions of the FLDS and hide behind superstition and falsehoods has been aired and exposed. That’s always a positive thing.

          • Jon Bar

            This and all discussions (arguments) will end when ALL will see, “every knee will bend and confess Jesus is Lord!” Does this seem to simplistic, to religious? It is irrelevant because when this happens it will all be over! And I’m referring to the one true Lord taught in the one true bible, not the book of Mormon or any other added works to it! (the bible).

          • Jon Bar

            I believe there is more going on here then most people understand. It all boils down to a spiritual battle, as even Glenn would agree.

      • Jon Bar

        Yes, but love them best w/the truth of what they are doing. Encourage them to do the lawful and right way of doing things. And yes feed and care for them when they have an immediate need. But not to the point that it encourages more to come. I believe part of Beck’s motive is a “works” motive. It is part of their belief. They (Mormons) believe they need to finish Jesus’ work on the cross. Read up on what Mormons believe Jesus did on the cross. I personally believe Beck is sincere in his heart.

  • thedogwalker

    The HHS won’t eve let the Congressmen and Governor’s of these states near these people, what makes Glenn think he’ll get any closer?

    • Anonymous

      Well, for example, he is going to the churches and soup kitchens and resupplying their stocks.

      Then, supposedly, the gummint will take care of repatriation, since that is their political job. With obama leading the effort, I’m afraid it will go the opposite direction, to his political advantage. We must step up politically, via our congressional representatives, and get it going in the right direction, sending them back to their homelands.

      Then we could also do charitable work in their countries, helping to correct their thinking, to stay home, and not think that the USA is a freebie.

      Laus Deo

  • Anonymous

    Are you Tired of our government creating crisis to enslave us and our children?

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, Jesus did not condone criminals.

    • Jon Bar

      Indeed, nor any law breakers. Sinning can never be used to excuse so called good works.

  • Hans Ohff

    The More We Know. The far more we don’t.

  • Len Ear

    Where we are subjected to centralized control, the decisions, actions, and interactions available to us are restricted by the limited capabilities of the central minds.

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