Feel good story of the day: Lowe’s employees’ act of kindness brings Vietnam vet to tears

There is a lot of negativity in the news today, so it is also nice to be reminded good people exist in this world. Employees of a New York Lowe’s brought a Vietnam War veteran to tears with their simple act of kindness. On radio this morning, Glenn shared the heartwarming story.

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Staten Island native Michael Solsona is a double amputee who lost his legs above the knee after stepping on a land mine in Vietnam. He was just 20-years-old at the time. Solsona depends on a wheelchair to get around, though he has had many problems with the equipment over the years.

According to WABC-TV, the veteran has been waiting for a new chair for “as long as he can remember.” He has repeatedly inquired with the VA about getting a spare wheelchair, but nothing has come of the requests.

During a recent shopping trip Lowe’s, Solsona’s wheelchair quite literally gave out. He and his wife planned on finding the proper tools in the store to fix the chair themselves. That is when three Lowe’s employees stepped in.

“They tore the wheelchair apart. They tried all different types of bolts,” Solsona told WABC. “I was thanking them and they said, ‘You’re not leaving here until the wheelchair is like new.’”

Solsona’s story has since gone viral, and he has received countless offers from individuals looking to provide him with a new wheelchair. Even better: Solsona says his current chair is more reliable now than ever.

“Is that not incredible,” Glenn asked. “If I had to buy nails or something today… I’d buy it at Lowe’s… Congratulations, Lowe’s… This is what Americans do. They see a problem, and they fix it. And the VA: Shame on you. Shame on you for doing this to our vets.”

  • Lisa White

    Thank you Lowes, you stepped in when the government let this VET down and a special thank you to the employees who fixed it.

    • Anonymous

      The sad part is that the “govrnment” that let him down is “we the people”. How can we be so poorly represented.

      • David R. Nemirow

        I am very happy about Lowes folks doing such a wonderful thing. If Obama had been on site, he would likely have directed his staff to begin a study of viable options, had his photo taken with the veteran, and went away to play a round of golf.

        • jyrine

          Obama would rather go to Costco

        • Julia Yapell

          David, Obama would NOT have been there….he was at a fund raiser….somewhere, anywhere……

          • Trosski

            I’m sure he’ll find out about it though… now that it’s on the news.

        • Bridge S

          He would NOT have had his picture taken with the Mr. Solsana because it would remind everyone of the VA scandal he is trying to avoid being associated with. He would have cut in line to get out quicker and bought the next person in line’s order plus ten candybars and put out that story instead, with lots of pictures of happy people eating candy bars.

          • David R. Nemirow

            jyrine, Julia, and Bridge S. It is heart warming to know that you, and others fully understand what this President is all about. Each of you have a great day.

          • Vicki

            This was my favorite comment. I laughed out loud and shared it with my significant other. After a long day at work, I needed this laugh. Thank you!

      • Lisa R. Johnson


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        • olf

          Please remove your fraud from our site / sight. in Jesus name Amen

        • Olcowboy

          Try Craigslist or something…geeez, lady, give it a rest.

        • Dodge Ram 10

          Get off of here, nobody wants spam..

          • Anonymous

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        • Anonymous

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        • Loyal Phillips-Kuhn


        • Lyle Goodson

          Monty Python has better spam than you. Spam Spam Spam Spam and eggs, Spam Spam eggs Spam and Spam, eggs Spam Spam and eggs…

      • Lisa White

        You are correct and the ill informed voters are a big problem

      • Anonymous

        Because “WE THE PEOPLE” are not doing our homework, and are voting for “SELF SERVING POWER HUNGRY CREEPS”. It’s getting worse every day.
        I bet if you asked anyone you know “WHY” they voted for the person that they voted for, no matter what party, They couldn’t tell you.
        These people in Office are making decisions about our future, but “WE THE PEOPLE” Are treating the Voter Ballet like it is a “MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTION, ON A TEST THAT WE DIDN’T STUDY FOR”……
        I’m afraid we will have to live with what we are doing to ourselves, as We are definitely “SELF DESTRUCTIVE”……..

      • Anonymous

        I agree but we should also learn something from this and that is we cannot depend upon the government. It will put everything on backlog and ignore and ignore and ignore. The only thing the government is good for is creating problems.

    • Anonymous

      CLASS personified.

    • Anonymous

      Our military needs to wake up Obama hates you and will do anything he can to destroy you. He brings home a deserter and lets the innocent marine rot in a mexico jail.

      • Lisa White

        so true

      • olf

        It’s true. his ally is allha not the USA. This could not be more clear based on his attitude with our money and his destroying our military as fast as he can. he’s giving us the finger right to our face, as well as holder and company If you think Hillary is any different, you are so misguided. Please cut all support to their crimes, they should be in jail.
        God give us strength and wisdom.

        • Carl

          Do either of you guys know where the money for this guy’s replacement wheelchair would have come from? That’s right, federal income tax

          • Lyle Goodson

            He can’t afford to buy the vet a new chair because of the millions he is spending on illegals.

      • SRM29

        That angers me to no end. All it would take is one freakin phone call. Yet Obama has not said one single word about the Marine.

        • Roxy Girlz

          My feelings EXACTLY! Maybe we should make a trade with Mexico….give them Obummer and give us back our Marine.

  • Joyce Ellis

    Thank you and God bless you!

  • Garett W Savard

    “Welcome to Lowe’s! “

  • James Carcerano

    Thank you Lowe’s. My hardware store forever!

    • Anonymous


  • Tami

    Thank you Lowe’s for picking up where our Gov failed.(again)

  • Anonymous

    This just shows how we can take back the power we have given / taken by the Govt. Through kindness, good-old-American ingenuity & generosity. This is what we should be doing every day. We don’t need no stinkin’ government agency to do it! — Of course, we need the VA. Just pointing out that if we just start stepping up and quit depending on the government to take care of everything in our lives, we can make little miracles happen every day!

    • olf

      God Bless Truth. Thank You !!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      The founding of this nation and the Constitution are based on providing for a military, assuring iterstate commerce, and not being a safety net for the masses. This is what community and helping at the local level is all about, this nation was never established to create a centralized means to pawn off our responsabilities as individuals to each other. It is sad to see how many people have turned their backs on true community relationships, pretending that throwing money (and forcing others to do the same) to the Federal Government to handle the problems they would rather not think about (excpet to condemn others for not wanting to fund an ineffective and uncarring group of career political hacks, wasting resources to maintain their power with the false claims of doing good for others).

      So yes I agree no government agency should exist to do that, with the exception of the VA that should not have its funding directed to other programs that the Federal Government is not even supposed to be involved in to begin with. Even with the existance of a VA program for those whom serve in our military, we as individuals should still maintain the sense of community that was expressed that day at Lowe’s.

  • Lona

    Thank you Lowe’s !! I knew I loved you for a reason !!

  • Moozmom

    Don’t call me; I’ll be at Lowe’s and so will my family and friends!

    • toody

      Me, too. I have to drive 60 miles one way. I did the same thing for hobby lobby last week. I’ll drop a hundred or so. Absolutely heartwarming.

  • Rochelle Nickles

    I love shopping at Lowe’s, Great job to all of you, and thanks for taking the time to make someone’s (who fought for this great country of ours) life a little easier, Way to go. I will be doing even more of my shopping here now.

    • landofaahs

      I don’t need anything from Lowe’s right now, but I think I’ll just go down there and buy something nice and give it to a needy person in the local town I live near. I know someone who could use a new lawn mower.

  • srtalk

    Karma comes around they did this because they cared . Now lowes has my business keep at it guys !!!!!

  • srtalk

    Government fail !

  • Bob

    Another reason it’s better to rely on thy neighbor than the government..

    • don

      if you rely on this obama marixs government you will more than likely die if your a vet—if your came here against the law-don’t worry an it will be free—-its like that here in our country—an we will not stand an stop it

      • olf

        The people who abuse the system should think it through, because the wonderful life you think you deserve is going to be gone soon, including those sneaking / cheating across the line. Hope you have a plan #B because you will need it soon.
        The God fearing and loving people are running out of money, I hope your ready to work for a living.
        P.S. I’m not talking about people who need and deserve our help.

        • ray

          be careful olford, you will be called names soon (I don’t know one conservative who is against helping people who are in need).

          • Anonymous

            I am a conservative and I am against helping these invaders to our country. They need to be impaled on the border. That will stop the flow. Anyone in the US that cannot speak English, needs to be killed. PERIOD!

          • Carl

            what about the honest to god citizens who don’t speak english? Do they deserve to be killed? Did you know that close to one third of the united states’ citizens are natural spanish speakers?

            You are disgusting

          • Lyle Goodson

            What about the Native American Indians that don’t speak English? Yes they exist.

  • landofaahs

    It merely shows that doing small things in personal ways makes the difference. You don’t have to send piles of cash to far away places to make a difference. That is the non-egotistical way of giving.

  • bob usarmy 62-65

    sometimes the VA can be ass hats…thanks for the Lowe’s folks

    • Anonymous


    • ray

      there are a LOT of good caring people at the VA, the problem is it is government run…….

      • jyrine

        I don’t know what VA you go to but the ones I’ve had to go to had a very FEW “good caring people”.

  • Anonymous

    Overhaul the VA and heads should roll.

    • don

      heads roll scandle where

  • Anonymous

    Thanks to those wonderful Lowes employees. But the man still deserves a new wheelchair from the VA, because this one is bound to break down again.

    A relative had to get a new wheelchair. It cost $16,000–and has needed numerous repairs. There should be some oversight of this industry.

    • olf

      Stop total reliance on the government people to do what we need to do. Police ourselves.

      • Anonymous

        The man is a double amputee from his service to our country. We (the people, who are the government) owe him whatever he needs to live a decent life without his legs. That is a wheelchair. The VA spends billions of dollars–surely they can buy this man a decent wheelchair. His care is our responsibility.

        • usn

          Take the money from those buttheads with 100,000 and more pay checks that don’t do anything.

          • James

            Spoken like a true Socialist. If YOU earned 100K/year,how much would YOU be giving to the needy?

          • ray

            what? first of all usn (does that stand for un needed socialst nut) the money that you get for having 25 kids from 24 fathers is money that the people who work for a living pay in….. 2nd of all what have you done for anyone? 3rd of all its funny how you liberal nuts preach compassion and spread hate.

          • usn

            it stands for us navy and the 100,000 pay checks meant the ones at the top of the VA management.

          • toody

            Take their bonuses!

        • Anonymous

          the VA is too busy giving bonuses they can’t be bothered doing what they were hired for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      The man is a double amputee due to his military service. We (the people, who are the government) owe him a decent wheelchair. He gave up his legs for our country. A decent wheelchair is the least we can do.

      • olf

        Absolutely ! But we must not stop there. We must live it in our own lives everyday. With a clean heart, put on the whole Armor of God and wear it like a badge of honor to all.

      • olf

        What I was referring to was don’t ask government for more regulations.

  • Douglas Miraldi

    good job lowes

  • olf

    This a great example of what and who Americans are. We must stand together in righteousness and love no matter the cost. Evil can only destroy us if we let it steal our Love,truth and kindness that God gave us from the beginning. The division that obama
    teaches are all lies from satan. The thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy.
    God will Bless doing the right thing. Amen Thanks Glenn

    • don

      it will be inresting when this all coming down around our setting ears

    • ray

      to bad liberals are making God an illegal entity, if you mention him at work some places fire you…… that is the master plan from liberals, get rid of God get free stuff do as they please as long as it benefits them……. they are so greedy they don’t even care that they are destroying a country that their grandchildren will have to live in.

      • Anonymous

        One day in the near future GOD will get rid of them.

      • Johhny “the rat”

        Legacy of the sixties “do your own thing” mentality gone berserk. I think they think of selfishness as a virtue.

  • Missouri Gal

    Our Father provides for us with angels on earth. Amen. Thank you Lowe’s and your staff.

  • landofaahs

    Lowe and behold. It’s the local people who make the difference every time. Keep it local is where it starts.

    • Bill Tilghman

      Roger that. This story hit the news, and now a charity has bought the man a track chair. It is about time we saw more of this kind of thing and less of the left wing stealing of our country. They are the first ones to scream about a police state, and what do they do but turn America into one.

  • RWBenton

    He needs a Track chair!

  • Glennfriend67

    THIS is why I shop at Lowes! They are good people. I was badly injured in a car accident 9 years ago and cannot walk long distances, or any distance any longer. Whenever I need hardware items, d-i-y items or what -have- you, I go to Lowes. Everyone at my local store is always very kind to me, and helps me get everything I need without having to go all over the store. That they would do this for a vet doesn’t surprise me at all. Keep up the good work, Lowes! You ROCK!

  • jyrine

    I’m a combat disabled Vietnam veteran and I know the value of a company like Lowe’s and I thank them for helping a brother in arms. They exemplify the love of America my dearly departed grandmother instilled in me.

  • zrevtom

    This is what happens when Americans step in to help when government fails to.
    The VA is like that wheelchair, broken but it is not beyond repair, all you need is about 100 pink slips given to the 10 top positions 40 in middle management and 50 at the supervisor and below who felt they can get away with not doing their job because the higher ups weren’t doing theirs. that will send a signal that thing will change. Of course we may have to wait until that cowardly punk GAY impotent kid currently acting like a man in the White House gets out and takes his equally incompetent jellyroll poor excuse for a woman Moochele with him.

  • Marvin Saka


  • RedMeatState

    We like Lowe’s. Home Depot’s employees are clueless.

  • Rachel Steinke Smith

    Great story, and thanks to those employees at Lowes that helped him out. It is wonderful when you get to hear good news, too. :-) Just remember, there are awesome employees like that at other stores too.

  • Lazy J

    A few months ago, I got a phone call from my disabled son in Ft. Worth, TX. His refrigerator gave up the ghost after about 15 years. I went to Lowes at Lake Jackson, TX and bought a new refrigerator for delivery to his house. The Lowes store in Burleson, TX contacted him, made an appointment for delivery installed his new refrigerator and removed the old one. That’s not so remarkable, except they had to move the new one up to the second floor and take the old one down. They did that service with a smile and asked him to let them know how it worked out.
    You can’t get better service than Lowes. Just another group of Americans helping each other. Thank God for Americans like that.

    • olf


  • Pete Huffman

    we need to defund this VA and let vets go to doc/hosp they choose then reimburse that doc/hosp. Quit paying VA for NOT doing what they should. enough of this mess

    • ray

      you don’t understand liberal thinking apparently, they wont do this because they want control, what better way to have control than control our medical….. that’s ONE of the reasons obamacare is no good, they now get to determine what medical procedures we are or are not eligible for with out ever seeing us, they also now can choose to authorize or not authorize certain medications….

  • Lazy J

    A wise man once said, if you wish to preserve something, make it worthwhile. Lowes’ Home Depot, Walmart and many other American businesses make a good living by providing service to the rest of us. Government on the other hand is always trying to determine ways to control us. The VA is just another gov’t agency floating along with no sense of responsibility for their jobs. The only thing they are trying to provide is their own paycheck. Our wounded and disabled vets are just tasks to them. They don’t see the value of those brave Americans who sacrificed so much. I would like to see the VA screening offices manned by disabled Veterans. They know the value of their brothers/ sisters.

  • Lauren/ Home Decor

    Our Lowes is also exceptional in their desire to help in similar ways. I see it every day, because I work there, 14 years now! Hope to see you next time your in, Glenn!

  • Anonymous

    If he had been an illegal border crosser who was injured crossing the border the Obama administration would have gotten him a brand new state of the art wheelchair in no time.

    • ray

      a wheelchair, hell they may have found a way to reattach some vets legs to the illegal.

  • Anonymous

    Lowes has been my hardward store of choice ever since the AFA boycott of Home Depot. Even though that has been lifted, this just reinforces my exclusive shopping at Lowes!!! Way to go!

  • sj

    that is exactly what we do for each other; especially a VET!!!! Now what we could take up a collection and get him a new wheelchair!!!!! Please start that Mr. Beck!

  • matchless58

    Kudos to Lowes and its staff who assisted this disabled veteran, and God Bless Michael Solsona and his family for serving this country.

  • Rachel Ortego

    Thank you Lowe. You guys are my choice since HomeDepot started endorsing homosexuality

  • Olcowboy

    Spend a lot of DIY time and money with Lowe’s…feel much better about them now and felt real good about their courtesy and customer service before. Good on ‘ya!

  • Lavern Winters

    It was a great thing the employees of Lowes did when the VA certainly should be responsible for providing veterans needs.

  • suzykistaken

    It brings tears to my eyes and heart when I read or hear about our Veterans being treated so mean and rough They have done nothing to deserve this cruel treatment. They deserve the best..the very best!!

  • hans

    Oh man could this guy be screwed.
    As a former PT at the VA.

    Hopefully all of the repairs were standard.
    If not, it could jeopardize not only repairs to the current chair but his next one could cost him out of pocket for destruction of gov’t property.

    It all depends on how vindictive they want to be, hopefully not though.

    Yeah the back-up thing for a manual W/C never was standard to my knowledge.
    Shouldn’t be necessary , something is wrong about that wait time.
    Probably they determined the poor condition of his chair was a result of his negligence somehow and he was waiting for his eligibility for a new chair.

    Longest wait for an order on a manual chair I’ve ever had was 6 weeks ,(one highly customized and unusual at the time).

    • Anonymous

      Guess when the bolt broke, he could have just sat there until the VA showed up to do the repairs…lol. Better yet, the VA could issue a chair repair kit along with every chair. Parts is parts.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Lowe’s, thank you Glenn and a special Thank You to all our Veterans.

  • http://BCRO.org Van Allen

    I am a veteran. I can really see the good in people now. At the time of the Vietnam war we were treated very badly. We were spit on , called baby killer,etc. I am glad to see something so good happen to this vet.

    • olf

      Thank You for your commitment and service Sir. God Bless

  • Connie

    I think it’s amazing Obama can ask Congress for milions to throw at the immigration crisis but can’t take care of our veterans needs.I didn’t hear of him asking for millions to take care of them when the VA scandal went public!

    • olf

      He could care less. Asking for money is just a ploy to get more left votes.
      This is just part of the plan, this was planned months, maybe years ago.
      That’s why he go’s on his merry way when these things happen. It’s in the script. God deliver us from evil.

  • Nick Wahrer

    To get a wheel chair from the VA is about impossible, I am a Vietnam Vet the chair wasn’t for me but for another vet, who has real bad knee problems, and other problems, he is a Marine Corp combat Purple Heart Vet. He is afraid to let VA doctors operate on his knees, after stories we heard about big VA hospital near us.

  • Anonymous

    The GOODNESS of We the People is what AMERICA is made of. Leave it to the government who hasnt a “SMIDGEN” of sensitivity and nothing gets done! God Bless you Lowes!

  • Lynn Rose

    America to me is like a beacon set high on a hill. I know we have many imperfections, but our generosity and compassion for our fellow human being far surpass all our downfalls. It is sad that we have people that want to destroy this nation. They want to put out the Light that offer hope to all people. America is a Beacon of Hope. I love this nation! I was shown in elementary on to high school how really great America is. My deepest prayers is with my America. God Bless America. If we pull together and support people in the media, our churches and our military, public servants, That truly care about this nation we can get the job done. America is coming back STRONGER THAN EVER!!! I truly believe that.

    • olf

      Amen ! We have done it before, we can do it again. Evil will not win. Look at obarrys brother hitler, they will go down the same way. God has Blessed us, don’t turn away from our Lord. Amen !

  • Anonymous

    This is the difference between Obamaland and America

  • Anonymous

    You can’t buy advertising like this! Kuddos to Lowes.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Lowes! Great job!!! Any chance you could teach the Government to build a fence also!

  • Guy

    Ooohaahhh. Lowes rocks.

  • Redawson

    Well, there is a Lowe’s accross the street from a Home Depot so as a Vietnam veteran myself, it’s Lowe’s from now on.

  • jon

    I work for Lowes corporate in their Supply Chain department and I am from the area they started in NC. I have to say they are a company that supports our armed forces and who loves America. In my department there are literally hundreds of American flags at every cubicle and in the hallways. On Memorial Day, hundreds of us gathered and said the pledge, recognized our veterans, and took a moment of silence for those who had been lost. Lowes gives a military discount everyday, not on certain days like, the competition. They also are very flexible with military employees and national guard..They have donated millions to the USO, Habitat for Humanity, the Red Cross and many other charities. When disasters strike like hurricanes and tornadoes, their relief teams are among the first to provide aid along with the Red Cross. I am very proud of the work they are doing and to be an employee of a great American company.

    • olf

      God Bless you “Lowes”. Thank the employees who are do the right thing.
      God rewards those who diligently seek Him. Amen

  • Lynn Rose

    Lowes Is caring and compassionate to our Vets, I think I will enjoy shopping there a lot more. Thank you Lowes.

  • Alan4ever

    More proof that the VA is a bureaucratic mess. Obama has failed our veterans despite his campaign promises. No change and damn little hope.

  • Josie

    One act of kindness to bring back humanity. Do a kindness and don’t ask for payment or a return other than asking that person to do an act of kindness for someone else and don’t ask for a return and so on. I remember helping four young boys a few years ago in the middle of winter. When they asked if they could repay my kindness I told them that sometime in their lives they will come across someone that may need help and to please help that person and not to ask for a return as well. I still remember their puzzled look. They kept asking if I was sure about it and said they never heard of anything like that. They ended up asking if they could give me a hug. I have wondered if they followed through and hope they did or will. Who knows maybe it is one of these employees that remember someone doing an act of kindness to them once.

  • Anonymous

    Not sure what the problem was with the wheelchair. I got mine from the VA many years ago, and when the wheel bearings wore out & it got flaky, they just swapped me out for another one the same day. I know one other vet who needed a bigger (wider) wheelchair & they swapped him up to one of the really big ones. At my VA hospital (Richmond, Virginia), they have a couple of dozen sitting there inside the main entrance so you don’t have to haul your own to your appointments. The valet parking takes care of your car, they bring you a wheelchair & you’re off to the appointment. No shortage of wheelchairs there.

    Regardless, this is a great comment on Lowes, and I’ll continue to trade there because of it.

    • Alfred E Newman III

      Try going to the Atlanta,GA. VA and get something done.

  • Alfred E Newman III

    Lowes gives Vets (I R one) a 10% break on anything they buy. This is a great story and will generate more business for Lowes than any TV ad anyone could come up with. I wouldn’t doubt that you might just see one if the Vet approves…… Though his story about the VA is not an unusual one for us Vets. The rest of you? Welcome to Obamacare, You’re going to see, and deal with, just what vets have known, and dealt with, for decades.

  • Sue Moore

    thank you Lowes

  • Anonymous

    WTG Lowe’s! Thank you to those awesome employees. And definitely shame on you VA for not helping the vets get the help and care they need.

  • apollodr

    Thank you Lowe’s for helping my fellow Vietnam vet.

  • Anonymous

    This is a GREAT STORY!
    We needed to hear it…….

  • http://www.achildsjoy.net Laurie Prendergast

    It’s great to be reminded that American people step up and step in to help. It is easy to forget the goodness in people when we are constantly bombarded by negative stories in the media.

  • Brandon Witkop

    Imagine that. A problem got solved WITHOUT the government’s so called help.

  • Stargazerlily17

    And STINKIN obama and his corrupt putrid adm is spending millions on ILLEGALS to feed house clothe them while our DISABLED military HEROS GO WITHOUT THE BASIC NEEDS TO SURVIVE???? We should ALL be in an uproar over things like this going on every day with our vets!!

  • Anonymous

    As a Nam vet, I find the VA mess appalling, vets have died to make VA
    employees look good to get bonuses. This can only be described as cold
    blooded murder if truth be told! Nam vets know what it is to be
    forgotten and abused, and we still love America and the people we
    served! For the Lowe folks to take a hand and make is vet’s chair work
    is what happens when AMERICANS get involved in any problem, solutions
    are found and solved by (in spite of what the government says), by
    EXCEPTIONAL AMERICANS. I’m shopping at Lowe’s for stuff as a way to say
    thanks, and support of a outstanding American business!

    • olf

      Thank You for your commitment and service. Please don’t judge the American people by the government heathens, you know that’s not who we are. Praise the Lord.

      • Anonymous

        As a vet,I’ve heard a lot ‘thank you’s’ lately for my service, and it is appreciated. But to be fair, 40 years plus of being spit on, denied jobs for being a vet, devalued and forgotten by many of those same folks is not easily to pass over. The one thing I’ve never heard was “I’m sorry for what we did to you”, and that wound runs deep in all Nam vets! The government left us to deal with the liberal haters who were kids in my day, and now ‘leaders’ of a socialist mindset bent on destroying what my buddies died for, and few seem to see it or care. America is being broken in front of our eyes and most want the free phones and government handouts. We’re headed for a police state at best, or lost as a country altogether. Now we see the same thing happening to our military folks today and the same lack of anger or involvement seems to be laid on them, as they suffer. Unless Americans stand up and scream loud and long enough to get noticed, the DC crowd will continue to work their agenda and crush us all. Just remember when the disease ridden kids arriving begin to infect a lot of Americans, who we owe for that attack on the still free people of America. Washington is now an enemy of America, please don’t just complain to a few friends, stand up or we will be lost!

        • olf

          You are correct Sir. I not only understand but, I have and will continue to stand up and speak out. I’m a Christian do not live in fear of them or anyone except my Lord and Savior whom deserves all Praise and respect, and is a person of truth and justice. I’m stand with you and everyone who desires to do the right thing in Gods principles and percepts.
          Be encouraged as we go together through Gods plans. Amen

  • Lynn Rose

    Well said , Olford. God Bless you

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Lowe’s and I want you to know I shop there twenty to one compared to the other big box store because of their homosexual problems.

  • Julia Yapell

    Why are we congratulating Lowes? Lowes had nothing to do with this story…..It’s about the PEOPLE….the Employees that had empathy, kindness for a fellow American in need. This is a story about the enduring kindness of the human spirit and that there are some of us that do NOT turn a blind eye to our brothers and sisters in need.

  • Faith Sparkman Knuckles

    Thank you to the Lowe’s employees and to Lowe’s. Stories like these give me hope that there are people out there that haven’t forgotten our Vietnam Vets. My father served several tours in Vietnam and was later diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease. He died in 2004 in a Hospice unit but not before we put up a fight. He applied for VA benefits and it went nowhere in the two and a half years it took him to die. His illness was fatal so insurance companies wouldn’t touch him. We knew the VA benefits would help with his care, equipment, and the inevitable funeral. It wasn’t to be. We assumed that the application for benefits was still laying on a desk somewhere. The VA gave $600 to the funeral home and I was given my Dad’s flag. To this day, I weep for what should have been. He lies in a vault that isn’t paid for. We had his visitation and funeral in one day to try to save on cost. The funeral home tried so hard to cut corners but it still wasn’t affordable. I think of what the VA should have done. I think of the old worn out wheelchair he sat in, the nursing home that was sub-par, and all of the things that could have helped or prolonged his life if the VA had just taken care of one of their own. He fought valiantly because his government said it needed to be done. He gave eight years to the military and spent the rest of his life working his fingers to the bone. All the while, he remained faithful and proud of his service. He wasn’t someone that deserved to die without proper care, without proper equipment, and without dignity but he did. A few years after he died the VA began awarding veterans with Lou Gehrig’s disease their benefits. I wish he could have seen it and could have had the benefits he needed so much. His wife (my mother) died before him so the VA said he had no survivors to collect benefits that he may have been eligible for. I was over eighteen. Again, the VA said nothing could be done. One day I will be able to pay for the funeral, the vault, and a beautiful headstone for him. I know it won’t come from the VA but I will get it done. I pray this prayer everyday and I am faithful that the Lord will answer. He won’t answer for me but for my father. These Vets need a voice and these Lowe’s employees gave a Vet a voice. The story gives me great hope. Thank you to everyone that helped this gentleman. I pray that he will one day get a wheelchair that he so greatly deserves. Thank you for your service. Thank you to Glenn Beck for sharing the story. Keep speaking for these veterans. The world needs to know their stories and the world needs to know the conditions under which a lot of them live and die. God Bless! Hebrews 11:1 “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

    • olf

      God Bless the truth and family.

  • Summerdream


  • Russell LeBlanc

    The fact that the act of kindness of 3 human beings is being awarded to the establishment in which they work is very startling to me. Just because these people work at Lowes does not mean it happened because it’s something that Lowes trains their employees to do. The credit does not go to Lowes itself for giving these employees empathy to care for another human being. Knowing they did this does not make me want to shop at Lowes anymore than I already do. In fact I don’t care where they work I just care that this is still going on in the world. I would like to see you more of my fellow human being performing acts of kindness to one another. I believe those people could have work at any establishment and still do the same the thing.

    • olf

      I agree but, not all companies will give you the lead way (in labor time) to perform what really needs to be done.

  • Kathy Weber

    Let’s all be on the lookout for opportunities like tis to serve. It feels great to hear that there are still people like this, but how much better does it feel to serve like this? We can change the world on deed at a time.

  • Janet Presson

    We love Lowes!!! They also give veterans a 10% discount on all purchases. We have saved thousands of dollars with this discount-it REALLY helps!!!!!

  • Missy

    Wonderful..It renews everyone’s faith in the goodness of people in the U.S. A great glimpse in everyday caring of our fellow man. Good job Lowe’s.

  • FedUp Express

    This story brought tears to my eyes. God bless those Lowes employees. Your heart is in the right place.

    Unlike those heartless, greedy VA administrator/managers/doctors/nurses…

  • Jonathan Leibowitz

    Just like its marxist, socialist, and communist ancestors, today’s liberalism is a death cult.

  • Anonymous

    Tired of our government creating crisis to enslave us and our children?

  • LC

    I’ve always preferred Lowe’s to Home Depot. Now I know I made the right choice! Thanks, Lowe’s. These great employees just gained you a ton of loyalty.

  • Temple Cash
  • Timothy Wenners

    And imagine… Had we never gone into Vietnam the man would still have his legs.
    And imagine… Had we never gone into Iraq, Afghanistan, and others… Our soldiers wouldn’t be dead or broken to begin with…

  • Christopher Midkiff


  • JAO

    Lowe’s in Spring, TX recently helped a Vietnam Vet whose house had no running water due to a terrible plumbing accident. They even got the vet a new washer, hot water heater.

  • Roxy Girlz

    Way to go LOWE’S!

  • Oscar Pearson

    Great story!

  • J.Hathaway

    I thought that was a wonderful thing for Lowe’s to do. My hubby and I always shop at Lowe’s!

  • Carl

    Everyone here is missing the point. This isn’t the big business corporation Lowes that provided the help for this vet. This was the work of good American citizens.

    Lowes couldn’t care less, but I’m sure they’re loving the good PR that’s come out of this. Support local Mom and Pop shops! Not Lowes!

  • Patricia Kathryn Bonitz

    I love those guys. My husband shops at Lowes all the time. We buy all our yard stuff there plus our flowers.

  • Melissa Montana

    Since each of us derives most of liberty’s benefits from the use of liberty by those unseen, others’ liberty is just as important as our own.

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