Reporter suspended for critique of ‘anti-police mentality’ in inner cities

A 23-year-old rookie Jersey City police officer was killed over the weekend by a gunman who boasted to witnesses he was “going to be famous” before fatally shooting Officer Melvin Santiago. The gunman ultimately died in a shootout with police, and he widow has since told the press he husband “should’ve taken more [officers] with him.”

A local reporter covering the tragedy was subsequently suspended for comments he made about the nature of the shooting. News 12 reporter Sean Bergin argued during one his reports that the “anti-cop mentality that has so contaminated America’s inner cities” is largely the result of “young black men growing up without fathers.” The suspect in this case, Lawrence Campbell, was a 27-year-old black man.

News 12 has since scrubbed Bergin’s report from its archives, but below is an unedited version of the segment.

“We were besieged, flooded with calls from police officers furious that we would give media coverage to the life of a cop killer. It’s understandable,” Bergin reported. “We decided to air it because it’s important to shine a light on the anti-cop mentality that has so contaminated America’s inner cities. This same, sick, perverse line of thinking is evident from Jersey City, to Newark and Patterson to Trenton.”

“It has made the police officer’s job impossible and it has got to stop,” he continued. “The underlying cause of all of this, of course: Young black men growing up without fathers. Unfortunately, no one in the news media has the courage to touch that subject.”

A source with direct knowledge of the situation confirmed to TheBlaze that Bergin has been suspended and may be fired. The source said Bergin was asked not to report to work on Monday and Tuesday as the station figures out how to handle the situation.

On radio this morning, Glenn reacted to Bergin’s assertion and suspension. While Bergin framed his remarks in regards to the black community, Glenn believes it could and should be extended to men in general.

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“So he’s saying there’s an anti-cop perversion that is happening in our cities. I believe that to be true… There’s an anti-cop attitude that is starting to spread to all communities… It’s also happening in white communities. There is an anti-cop feeling that is starting to spread in this country, period.”

Stu was willing to defend Bergin’s generalization because he was calling out a larger issue in the media. The bluntness, in Stu’s opinion, was used to prove a point.

“Well, the reason he’s saying it as overtly as he is, he’s trying to point out that no one will say it,” Stu said. “And the destruction of the family is obviously a cause of some of the problems that have happened. [But] it’s in every community.”

“Bill Cosby is always in trouble when he says stuff like this. And he’s right,” Glenn concluded. “It’s happening in all of our communities. Men are not being men anymore.”

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  • CarnactheMagnificent


    • CarnactheMagnificent


  • landofaahs

    People being raised without fathers. Fathers day it seems is the most confusing day in the ghetto. By the way, all colors of people live in the ghetto so please don’t knee jerk and call this a racist statement, otherwise you expose yourself as the true racist.

  • landofaahs

    It seems that reporting the truth is not what reporters are supposed to do. We have a Hispanic gunned down by a racist piece of trash.

    • Lisa R. Johnson


      ☛☛☛ ☛�☛☛ ☛☛☛ ☛�☛☛ ☛☛☛

      • webescrewed

        My classmate’s mother makes $2,000 every month sitting on her ass collecting welfare, and gets free medical insurance too! So can you, just start here:

        • Thinker

          Now THAT is funny!!!! (And sad at the same time.)

      • misfitsoda

        Banged my classmates mother. True story. Not sure how much she made, but I came on her butt.

    • Anonymous

      Most of “The Five” on Fox also demeaned the reporter Bergin because he didn’t articulate his report with obvious exceptions and % data as well as they could and would – thus nullifying any of the truths of Bergin’s report. Let’s all hope Bergin doesn’t get fired and new laws passed forcing reporters to submit their report to “The Five” before airing any truth in opinions.

  • Anonymous

    It could also be the rampant and all too common abuse of citizens across the country by cops. I wouldn’t say ‘anti cop sentiment’ is limited to the cities or ‘urban youths’.

    • jeannie

      Really? Cops? There are 35,000 cops on the NYPD. What we talking? There’s a bad apple in every bunch…. now you are against all cops? Sorry – does;t make sense to me and not the way I was raised. You give respect, you get it is more like it.

      • misfitsoda

        Ehhhh look, I don’t defend this guy, but c’mon “a bad apple”? Really? I’m glad the guy who killed the cop was shot dead cause doing that, we’re not losing a productive member of society. The idea a shrine would be erected for the killer? Seriously? But the whole, “one bad apple”, try like almost exclusively bad app,es ruining the bunch. So again, this is all crazy, but c’mon. “One bad apple”? Have you met a cop? They’re sociopaths.

  • Anonymous

    There are two sides to this, Glenn

    For example, in 1999, I was stopped for a “rolling stop” through a stop sign – I was rushing home from work because my wife was ill, and when I was stopped, I immediately admitted what I’d done and explained why – and asked the cop to give me a ticket so I could get home. Instead, I went through more than 30 minutes of very intense harassment (the precinct captain later advised me that my 4th Amendment rights had been violated). Even though that police captain backed me up (later), for the next dozen years, I was afraid of every cop I saw.

    Doesn’t justify shooting, but for anyone living in the inner city, where negative contact with the police is a fact of life, a “negative attitude” towards the police is beyond just understandable.

    • Todd Clemmer


      • Anonymous

        when cops routinely violate an individual’s rights (and tell me that doesn’t happen in inner cities – it sure as hell happens in suburbia), then people are going to be traumatized, seeing cops as enemies, rather than as serve-and-protect pillars of society. Clear?

        • Hugh Jaynus

          Yeah, all those bars across the windows in the inner city are to keep the police out? Idiot.

          • Shawn Cameron

            No but if you are denying that a significant amount of cops abuse the power they have then you need to look in the mirror before calling anyone an idiot.

        • landofaahs

          I feel the same about liberals.

      • Lori Toupal

        Really? Public school?

    • misfitsoda

      Here’s what I’ll grant you, cops are more often than not enemies. I don’t like them.
      Random cop shouldn’t have been shot.
      Holding up high the idea that a cops death is somehow more important than a random persons death = wicked nope.
      But thinking there is not a problem in the black community w violence? No.

  • Bob

    If you’re in the media and you tell the truth, this is what happens. No wonder the left is getting away with the crap they do.

  • Anonymous

    It’s extremism and a lack of respect that is what builds these problems. Extremism by police officers and trying to be in control and extremism by those who experience this control. Then there is the lack of respect ALL people seems to be experiencing. If you do not respect yourself, your family, an authority figure like a police officer you will not be respected by others.

  • Sandy Casper

    If you need a new proof reader, I’m available. The second sentence in this article should read his widow, not he widow.

  • Ranjit Patel

    Everybody knows about the black community’s crime problem and disses it in private: in public everyone plays the PC-BS game. It’s a bit like the old Soviet Union. Lip service to official lies. Grain production is up!

  • jalina susan stutte

    This reporter spoke the truth but lost his job over it? I want to tank this reporter for standing up and Glenn maybe you could offer this honorable man a job? My prayers are with the family of the slain Officer.

  • Lori Toupal

    It does go both ways. Police organizations are becoming increasingly more militarized. Who hasn’t seen reports of SWAT type raids on the wrong homes, people beat up for making the mistake of asking a question or moving too slow when told to do something by police, kids burned by flash bombs, family pets shot for no good reason, etc? I, personally, know a young biracial man who was arrested and held overnight because he made the mistake of driving the wrong way down a one-way street in an unfamiliar city. Despite the fact that he was a youth pastor, there to speak at a church event, and had NO prior legal record, they still arrested him and held him overnight. Our pastor had to get out of bed and drive down there at 5:00am (this after the youth pastor had been held for hours and not allowed to call) to vouch for him. Yes, the problem of young men being raised without fathers IS a major problem in the inner city (in the entire country these days, really), but the police have gone from being there to ‘protect and serve’ to quasi-military units that shoot, strangle, beat down and terrorize first – ask questions later, in too many cases.

    • landofaahs

      When you find out what weapons muslim terrorists in this country are amassing then you will understand. The general public is not aware of what is coming.

      • muttkat1 .

        Like what? I think there is a plan for a false flag EMP attack but by the govt and to use Muslims as the patsies.

        • landofaahs

          I would put nothing past this traitor in the white house.

          • muttkat1 .

            In the last 5 minutes of this video it is stated there was a nuke bomb detonated off the South Carolina coast. I did a check and there was a small quake that day off the coast.


            and theres a journalist seeking asylum in Switzerland for thwarting a 2011 nuke attack….David Chase Taylor.

  • avengeflipper

    Hmmm…. I agree there is an anti cop perversion. I also agree with the reader below who speaks of police abuses, though I’ve personally never experienced these so called abuses. I’ve been pulled over. I’m always polite when it happens though. The same argument, about bad experiences being the reason people are fighting police, could be made that police experience people who are violent against them day in and day out and that could be the reason for the increase in police incidents. We’ve also become more negative as a society. As we become more negative and embrace more negative police stories than positive ones, it becomes more engrained that police are bad.

    I saw a policeman help a father pull his child from a burning vehicle a few days ago. Very little was mentioned about that in the story about the accident. The focus was on the other driver who caused the wreck. That is understandable. But, I think if we spent as much time talking about the positive things police officers do, as we spent about the negative ones, there would be less of this. The police officer who was recently convicted of theft, however, will run every day for a week on the local news.

    I really do think the cRap music people listen to also plays a part. There is a big glorification of thug culture and that includes music about killing cops. Just do a search and you’ll get the lyrics to several songs about it.

    There is a whole lot of socio cultural stuff that goes into why this happens. We need to stop coddling the people endorsing the kind of culture that glorifies the decay of society.

    • Shawn Cameron

      The job of police officer is in one way like the job of a politician. It gives people a certain amount of power and authority. So naturally those jobs appeal to people who are somewhat power hungry. Which is why you have a lot of bad cops, and when one is caught they should be made an example of, swiftly and without mercy.

      I agree with everything you said about the glorification of the thug culture in our society. I believe we are beyond the point of no return there.

    • muttkat1 .

      Me twice for unjustified reasons.

  • Boomhauser

    Its not anti cop alone, its anti anything that used to be right, is now wrong. Stealing, GOOD, Murderers…GOOD! Men marrying MEN!..GOOD!….

    • landofaahs

      If people can justify killing babies in the womb then anything goes in a degenerate society like that.

  • Manbehindthecurtain

    A reporter reporting the truth? What do you think the whole purpose of the great society was? To pay for the break up of the family, to increase pay to unwed women for more children. If a man lived with them the money was cut. Put Planned Parenthood in the minority areas to help with “birth control”. Yep, plenty of reasons for the children from the 60’s, from these areas, to hate society and what they view as their enemies.

  • Rick

    It does apply to all boys growing up without Fathers, Glenn. But it is a stinking epidemic in the poor neighborhoods and especially amongst the black community. Don’t get weak Glenn. It is ridiculous to compare the few whites shooting people compared to the hundreds a week of blacks doing it in these neighborhoods.

  • The Man from Scene 24

    Uh oh.. he touched the new third rail: The truth.

    • Shawn Cameron

      To be more accurate his “crime” was criticizing the black community.

  • Hugh Jaynus

    The dead man’s wife seemed to prove the reporters point.

  • Anonymous

    I fear that those of you who aren’t paying attention to what’s happening in this country had better start, REAL soon.

  • misfitsoda

    So wait, so you’re telling me this guys wrong? He’s actually being a journalist. He’s actually reporting news. News that anyone can see clear as day. I mean for gods sake, say what you will; poverty, different culture, product of the environment, whatever, but the guy is spot on. If there’s gonna be punishment for actually reporting news, then we are in deep deep trouble.
    This is what will probably get me to vote republican next election. I voted for Obama, but my god, I can’t take this we can’t discuss a legitimate issue because someone might feign OUTRAGE! Outrage? Quick, fire everyone.
    Look, if you don’t think there is a problem w violence and black youth, for whatever reason, you are out of your mind. And it needs to be reported.

  • misfitsoda

    Whoa, just realized I was on the glen beck site. And I may be on his side. Scary.

  • Anonymous

    Cops killed Kelly Thomas a schizophrenic homeless man here based on a false report by a restaurant manager. Cops got nothing. Beat the man for over 20 minutes. Needlessly. No accountability. Did I mention he was unarmed and all on video. Yet cops walk. Of course their hated. Rightfully so… until justice for all standards are applied to militarized cops. Hate will increase continually. Doesn’t justify crime but sure does put a little black on your white paintbrush now doesn’t it?

  • muttkat1 .

    Hire the journalist back!

  • Bill C. Pitts

    Since there is so much violence in the inner city, it also puts the police on edge. Sure, we can say they are to be more professional. They are trained to be under that pressure, but there is no pressure like knowing you may not come home to your family that night. The categorization that I have read that says “Here’s what I’ll grant you, cops are more often than not enemies.” as said by misfitsoda, is not true. Police do not get paid enough to work in the crime ridden areas of our big cities. They have a job to do, that you and I would never attempt. Respect them or reap the consequences in our inner cities.

    • Shawn Cameron

      But what about when you do show the utmost respect to them and they still treat you like a criminal? The excuse of “well they deal with the scum of the earth all the time so that’s just how the deal with people” does not cut it.

      Fact of the matter is being on the police force gives people a certain amount of power and authority, so is anyone surprised when the profession attracts people who want to abuse that power and authority?

      My brother is a deputy sheriff, has been for almost 40 years, all cops are not bad people. But the profession does attract the type of person who loves to wield power over people. Even the ones who are not like that begin, after a while, to see the world in black and white (not as in race) but as in either you are on the force, or you’re a criminal.

  • Gary Williams

    Matthew 26:52Young’s Literal Translation (YLT)
    52 Then saith Jesus to him, `Turn back thy sword to its place; for all who did take the sword, by the sword shall perish;
    Let me preface this by saying that I do not condone violence for ANY reason…that being said, the police use violence and the threat of violence to enforce their will and the will of corrupt politicians unto, in the majority of cases, non-violent individuals…threatening them with loss of liberty and loss of property, even loss of life, enforcing man-made codes that are not based on any morality…and yet when someone returns their violence, they cry like little girls…

    No sympathy here…not as long they continue to murder and steal without any recourse, not as long as they are parading around in Armored personnel carriers and M 16s, not as long as they continue no knock, no warrant raids…

  • Anonymous

    These police are NOT the police of old days. They are THE ENEMY of civilians and act as Gestapo Enforcers of a corrupt / criminal government! I cheer every time I hear of one being killed! HURRAAAAAAAY!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Tired of our government creating crisis to enslave us and our children?

  • muttkat1 .

    Did anybody see that video of that cop beating the crap out of that homeless woman on the LA freeway?

  • Boston You

    The seductive nature of our latent instincts is exploited relentlessly by those who oppose liberty and understand the power of the instincts and emotions to which they appeal.

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