What is the correlation between the devaluing of the U.S. dollar and the immigration crisis?

During an appearance on Fast Money Halftime Report on Monday, CNBC reporter Rick Santelli got into a heated exchange with his fellow panelists that can only be described as epic. Santelli is known for his spirited commentary – you may recall is infamous 2009 monologue about the Tea Party – but this may take the cake for his most passionate broadcasting moment yet.

Santelli sparred with economic experts and the head of a major bank’s foreign exchange division over the Federal Reserve’s “easy money” policies that have kept interest rates artificially low. In turn, this has caused an artificial stock market bubble that Santelli believes is benefitting the wealthy while ruining the economy.

Watch the exchange, which concludes with Santelli declaring the “end of conversation” and storming off camera, below:

While the majority of commentary has focused on Sanetlli’s animated response, on radio this morning, Glenn took a deeper look at the substance of his comments in relation to the current state of the global economy and politics.

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After weeks of debating the use of the term “humanitarian crisis,” the media and the left are beginning to float around the idea of granting refugee status to those who have entered the country illegally over the last several months. More than anything else that has been discussed in relation to the immigration crisis, the word “refugee” frightens Glenn most.

“I’m quite concerned about the whole idea of refugee status,” Glenn said. “I believe this is something I said five years ago: What they are doing to Israel, they are going to do to the United States of America. This is back in the days when I was talking about Mex-Americana… And I was talking about how we would just be one big continent. And there won’t be any borders.”

In order to accomplish this single continent scheme, the United States would need to be equalized. While the Mexican peso could never be valuable enough to challenge the U.S. dollar, the U.S. dollar could be devalued enough to rival the Peso.

“You had to equalize America. You had do bring the U.S. dollar down [because] there was no way to bring the peso up,” Glenn explained. “[I said] this was under the Bush Administration, and everybody said I was crazy. Listen to Rick Santelli on the floor of the Chicago Exchange. He basically said all this money printing is going to bring us down.”

Everyone on the CNBC panel seems to agree rising interest rates will undoubtedly harm the U.S. economy. To Santelli’s point, however, this current bubble is unsustainable and there is no easy way out of the problem.

“You’ll never be able to raise the interest rates to suck all this money back in. You’ll never be able to do it. And that’s Rick’s point. The market would work itself out, if we didn’t have this feel good organization called the Federal Reserve, and he’s right on it,” Glenn concluded. “So in the end what happens? We equalize the U.S. [dollar] with the peso. The U.S. dollar becomes worthless. And it becomes Mex-Americana.”

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  • landofaahs

    Lies man is a democrat shill. Everything is whitewashed and the best lying or spin on it the better for Obama. This will not end well because all over the world the debt is not better than in 2008 but much worse. The day of reckoning is coming. I believe a collapse of all currencies is what the intent is in order to introduce a world currency issued from the BIS.

    • http://rmusdhs.ss4.sharpschool.com/programs/redskins_sports/ Thunderthud

      Yes, and when it becomes obvious to all that there is no gold in Ft. Knox or the NY Fed, the crisis will fall on the dollar and take down all fiat currencies with it. The Chinese are striving to bring gold convertibility to the yuan. What a different world it will be.

      • landofaahs

        China has massive debt problems even worse than America does. Their shadow banking system is so deep nobody knows just how bad it is but the failures are rippling through the official banking system. I’m afraid war will be the last option for failed governments.

    • Lisa R. Johnson


      ☛☛☛ ☛�☛☛ ☛☛☛ ☛�☛☛ ☛☛☛

  • landofaahs

    There is no hope for America while democrats stalk the land. Liberally and literally brainwashed democrats. Available at a democrat headquarters near you.

    • Jeff Lambeau

      The Tea Party brand would be called “Ass Rape”

      • Anonymous

        Because Obama is doing that to taxpayers as we speak.

        • landofaahs

          All taxpayers will get the message when Obama sends each working family a family size jar of Vaseline and michelle instructs everyone how to reach and touch their toes exercise..

          • JW Appling

            Due to all the expenses caused by “refuges” they will no longer be offering the Vaseline, we are getting it dry.

      • landofaahs

        The rape is what welfare recipients and liberal democrats are doing to taxpayers. How is a Tea Party person raping anyone you dumbass? We want left alone.

      • landofaahs

        I thought that’s what your typed liked.

    • Donnie St

      You obviously don’t get that it is both parties not just democrats who have their followers brainwashed.

      • landofaahs

        It’s a matter of degree. Libertarians can be brainwashed also. Independents are usually just people who can’t make up their mind.

    • JW Appling

      Is that next to the Koolaide?

  • Anonymous

    every economics “expert” who says the employment and jobs situation is improving should be shot for extreme incompetence and/or fraud, end of story.

    • Anonymous

      It’s all on working the numbers. Prices are going up, wages stagnant not to mention 30 hour work weeks; the Fed keeps printing money to buy back securites; holder of debt. Who owns you; remember those Treasury Notes are “secured” by the property of the people. Got land?

  • Anonymous

    Glen suggests a provocative scenario. The still active Mexican-American Peace Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo (FEBRUARY 2, 1848) defines a sum of $15,000,000.00 paid by the U.S. to Mexico for lands retained by the USA. For Mexico to reneg on that signed and sealed document can easily be taken as an act of war.
    We are not optionless.
    After all, an inhospitable buffer state like North Korea is to China, might just be our solution to the lack of our southern border security.

    • Feynman

      The POTUS not only allowing, but encouraging and orchestrating an invasion of foreign occupiers into this country is an act of war. And an act of war committed against the US, by a US citizen; including… no ESPECIALLY, the President, is treason – by its clear Constitutional definition. Treason is punishable by death. Let’s get this revolution started – French style.

      • Anonymous

        To employ a treason charge as you would, be prepared to justify defining Obamas acts as ‘rendering aid and comfort’ to a US. enemy. This also requires justifying the definition of poor men, women, and children as ‘enemies’ of the USA.
        A sticky problem (as Obama intended).
        I don’t like it either, I’m just saying…….


    7-15-14/ *CBO says US deficit levels are unsustainable; Congress’s nonpartisan budget watchdog warned Tuesday that U.S. entitlement programs would drive the country’s debt to unsustainable levels in the coming years.
    The federal debt is now 74 percent of the nation’s gross domestic product (GDP), the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) said in its latest long-term budget outlook, a product of the outsized budget deficits the U.S. recorded following the 2008 fiscal crash.

  • Jeffrey

    Inflation has never left the financial markets. The stock market is over 17,000 from a low of 6,500 in just a couple of years. Does that reflect actual production or even near future production? Of course not, its nothing more than 4.5 trillion of new money added into the system through Fed policies.

  • Randy Normington

    It will crash soon! China’s yuan now has agreement with Russia, Australia, Indonesia, UK, and France! China Russia buy GOLD and getting rid of us debt! 60 trillion a month into wall street? 122 trillion unfunded debt? Stock market is high, but volume low! Anyone believe those values??? No jobs, real unemployment is 20% and real inflation 20% Milk doubled in last 2-3years! Cloward Piven Strategy is a marxist plan to destroy middle class under guise of lifting poor while making deals with corps and elite rich! Matter of time! What will happen to olds when SS gone and what will you do when 3rd generation welfare rats riot? Glad to be an expat!

  • bumpkin

    Glenn is correct. this is the politicians’ attempt at salvaging the USA they destroyed. Forgive me for length, but since I rarely ever post anymore, I will take space… Kids, I believe the REASON that none of the politicians in DC are doing ANYTHING about BomBomb is because they KNOW they have destroyed the USA’s financial structure and we are about to default on loans they’ve taken from other governments, which will stop their credit hard. They do NOT want you hunting THEM down and lynching THEM when our economy caves. They need a scapegoat. And they have him, – in BomBomb. (you know who) He is going to find out very soon how Bush felt being responsible for “everything”. When the US dollar is no longer the exchange currency, (which is in the works right now via China and several other countries) they will no longer be able to run our government on loans and we will experience the worst depression – of catastrophic porportions- that probably the world has ever seen. It will be epic… Gratuities- food stamps, welfare, Social Security, disability checks, etc, and all public programs will stop. US dollars will be worth near-nothing. People will panic, people will starve, people will rob, steal, and kill to eat, or to feed their kids, and these politicians, most of whom have been in office for a VERY long time, and have stolen the coffers naked, will be running for those underground army bases, shooting wildly behind themselves as they are being run down to be hanged for destroying our country by their greed. They want your eyes to be on someone else. And he KNEW it and knew it would be his only chance to be POTUS, and he did not care the outcome. The opportunity was too good. He’s part of the “implosion-plan” and the Congress are all in on it. How ELSE could BomBomb have been elected without a past? WHY do you think BomBomb had DHS declare that returning military personnel are terrorists? So the gov can KILL them with impunity, as they KNOW the military will be the ones that could get INTO these underground bases more easily than regular citizens. Why did DHS name Christians as terrorists? Because he knows they will be adamant about repairing evil injustice against the People. WHY do you think BomBomb had DHS instruct the NY police to put those wanted posters in store windows re a money reward for turning in preppers? Because they want to know where to attack to steal food if theirs runs short, or where to send their family and friends (who do NOT qualify for an underground berth, ) to rob in order to keep themselves somewhat alive. WHY do you think DHS bought up all that ammo, those millions of MREs, all those guns, etc? They expect our Country to competely implode- it cannot be helped now, according to Porter Stansbury. WHY do you think that the police are receiving war gear? Google Porter Stansbury’s July 2014 video. Watch it. Yes, its an advertisement, but think: Stansbury runs a financial advisory. IF he tells lies he loses business because people despise liars, and his business depends upon people trusting his word. He has to be honest to have a business, and he is hoping to still have one after the ‘fall’. I watched his July video last night and it all became very clear to me. The GOV is pink-slipping the military because they can no longer afford to PAY them. Laying them off to downsize. Why? (no credit already!) Not because BomBomb himsef broke the bank, (although they gave him permission to totally live it up on the little time left for our Nation) but because the Politicians who always say “re-elect MEEE!” have stolen us blind and there is no more hiding it. Money is GONE. Its all coming DOWN, folks, and, soon, IMO. DO NOT RE-ELECT anyone! ALL new blood, because they dont deserve re-election. These old politicians like Reid, Biden, etc, want us to hate BomBomb, hoping we wont have their heads on a pike later on. So, they do NOT want to stop him or to get rid of him, r/t then it will all be on THEIR heads when we implode. Since the US dollar was the Exchange currency for all those years, (like the British Pound Sterling used to be before they imploded and wnet socialist,) its fall is sinking countries around the globe. But I digress. Recall when BomBomb was first in office and he wanted a civilian army of YOUTH to do his bidding? I think his February visit with the Mexican President was an Exchange- you loan me (?) and I will take your gang members off your hands. We will surround them with kids to make it look innocent, etc, etc… I am not sure what his deal was, but this influx was planned well before it started. Just IMO.

  • Josie

    I think the solution is that America takes over Mexico, gets rid of all the blood suckers that keep their people dominated, clean up and develop the land and turn into something that these blood suckers want to go back to live in. Let them work at building their own land just make America bigger. Then Mexican gold and any other resource becomes American territory.
    No more problems.

  • bucketnutz

    The Globalists are evacuating Latin America to consolidate populations for the impending disasters to come.

  • melanie faulkner
  • Anonymous

    Are you Tired of our government creating crisis to enslave us and our children?

  • Forest Black

    Well, always keep in mind that defeating the foul and cankerous blight of marxism requires serious knowledge firepower. Arm yourself: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0094KY878

  • Al Baniya

    A brief explanation of the serious crisis caused by illegal aliens: http://youtu.be/j48J7YsPrW0?t=2m55s

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