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Mary Helen Clothing

clothingPhoto courtesy Mary Helen Clothing

Bailey Swing Dress, $68.00

While interning at several corporate clothing companies, Mary Helen Boeddeker was not impressed by the way young girls were being portrayed. The focus was on celebrities and a very particular body image seemed to be pushed on young girls through the clothing styles and designs. Mary Helen decided to make it her mission to develop clothing that would inspire kids and teach them what beauty really is.

 Yamie Chess

chessPhoto courtesy Yamie Chess

Yamie Chess Math Learning Toy, $29.95

Witnessing the prevalence of “math phobia” among children in their communities, a group of graduate math teachers wanted to create something to empower children to succeed in subjects like science, technology, engineering and math. Teaming up with two-time United States chess champion, Jennifer Shahade, they designed Yamie Chess―a game that teaches critical thinking skills while laying the foundation for children to be successful.

American Flags

flagPhoto courtesy American Flags

Don’t Tread On Me Flag, $39.00

Working in Long Island’s non-profit sector, Jeffrey Reynolds was passionate about improving the quality of life for youth, families, seniors and veterans. After 9/11, he realized there seemed to be a shortage of flags available, with most being produced overseas. Believing this was wrong on several levels, Jeffrey was determined to provide affordable, high quality American flags, made with American materials by American workers.

Natural Farms

farmsPhoto courtesy Natural Farms

The Most Roasts Pack, $107.95

When Jeff Emerson first told his wife, Chris, he wanted to buy cows to help feed people, she thought he was simply going through a midlife crisis. Only after taking their hormone-free meats to the local farmer’s market to sell, did the Emersons see how much of a difference they could make. Their customers, especially cancer patients, begged them to keep coming back. The Emersons now run a business that provides some of the best, high quality meats available.

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