It’s becoming more and more likely Pat will have to eat his underwear

Earlier this month, it came to light that Pat had vowed to eat his underwear and gym socks if progressive Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) secured the Democratic nomination for president in 2016. While all polls have former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton comfortably in the lead, Warren typically appears in second place, and she undoubtedly possesses many of the qualities that propelled then Illinois Senator Barack Obama to the presidency in 2008.

And now it appears as though the pro-Warren sentiment is ramping up. On Tuesday, a campaign titled “Ready for Warren” launched in an effort to persuade the freshman Senator to run.

“I think there’s an opportunity for us to convince her if we’re really able to make the case as to why we think she’s the right person,” Ready For Warren campaign manager Erica Sagrans told the Huffington Post.

On radio this morning, Pat held fast in his conviction that Warren will not succeed in becoming the Democratic nominee, while Glenn and Stu began trading recipes for the perfect gym sock and underwear feast.

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“By the way, for anybody who happens to smell underwear, it may be the underwear we are cooking up for Pat to eat,” Glenn joked. “Headline: ‘Ready for Warren campaign launches to convince Elizabeth Warren to run for president.’ It has a Facebook page, in case you want to sign up. I may or may not be funding that Facebook page, just because Pat has vowed to ease his underwear, if she is the nominee.”

Front page image courtesy of the AP

  • Chuck P

    Awesome. Another person that hasn’t really run anything. There’s enough ideology to go round, and then some, on either side of the aisle. What this country truly lacks is a leader whom is actually a leader. With leadership qualities, and with and actual domonstrable record of leadership, well, anything. Not sure if I’ve used the word “leader” in some form enough to get my point across? What anybody thinks of Elizabeth Warren, or, conversely, anybody on the other side of the aisle, I ask-what have they done in life, professionally speaking? Not necessarily a career politician, but c’mon-show me you can lead people. Are you strong enough in your convicions to do so? Can you stare down foreign leaders that don’t believe what you believe, and will not be pushed around or otherwise mocked or dismissed? Show me that person, then we can debate ideology.

    • Krimsen King

      anyone can be ‘mocked or dismissed’… this should have no bearing on our choices for leaders… we might want to concern ourselves more with substantive ideas for governance rather than this magnificent image of ‘a leader’…

  • landofaahs

    How Sophomoric. But I have come to expect such from the 3 little monkeys.

    • Anonymous

      Then why do you waste your time listening/watching? I’m always amazed by haters who seemingly can’t get enough of their hate, and have to seek out new opportunities to hate, every day.

      Hey, it’s your life, man, and if you want to waste it by investing time in hating people who don’t know (nor do they care) that you exist, go for it, dude. And be sure to keep voting for Obama. One irrational life-choice deserves another. And another. And another.

      • Krimsen King

        hahahaha now THAT’S ENTERTAINMENT… love and hate, sensational always.. it is just so very entertaining, isn’t it.. hahahaha 😉

  • Memphis Viking

    They nominated Barack Obama, why wouldn’t they nominate Elizabeth Warren?

    • Britteny William



      ♚♚♚ ♚�♚♚ ♚♚♚ ♚�♚♚ ♚♚♚

  • Anonymous


  • Akrude Nolledge

    What a ploy. Someone MORE radical that Hildebeest! That let’s us all give a sigh of relief when Hillary climbs Mt Everest again and get’s chosen as the moderate candidate while the Repubs brain lock over what NOT to do.

  • Anonymous

    Be careful what you wish for, Glenn – in 2008, Rush had “Operation Chaos” which was meant to try to keep Hillary in the campaign … and look where that got us (although, I still have the hat and enjoy wearing it). However, if you’re serious, I’ll sign up to wear the socks until the Dem Convention, but I work on a day rate. For the right price, showers will be replaced by “field showers” (aka “sink baths”) that leave the socks and undies unchanged and uncleaned. Of course, the price will have to be high, as my clients won’t “love me” much anymore . But to make this happen, yeah, count me in.

  • Anonymous

    Warren at least should have to eat her Mohawk feather headdress (actually, no such thing, but whit Americans expect all Indians to have feather headdresses, and you know she has high cheekbones too) before Pat is forced to eat his underwear and socks.

  • Rod Dainjer

    Fears of liberty and responsibility arise as a natural reaction to the effort and self-discipline required to succeed in a free country.

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