Conservative activist and musician Ted Nugent never fails to disappoint when it comes to giving a spirited interview, and his appearance on this morning’s radio program was no different. Nugent called in to talk to Glenn about the immigration crisis and the important distinction between enforcement and empathy.

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Nugent, like so many Americans, is furious with the current situation at the border that has seen the emergence of both a “border crisis” and a “humanitarian crisis.” The rocker is currently on tour and gets to meet thousands of hardworking Americans who are just trying to be good decent people, while the government fails to enforce the country’s most basic laws.

“These people have perfected the Saul Alinsky propaganda lying scheme,” Nugent said. “I played 30 concerts already in 30 different cities. I will play 40 or 50 more. I meet with families every day – heroes of the military, cops, and teachers, and farmers, electricians – working hard, playing hard America, who dedicate themselves to be in the asset column of their family, neighborhood, and country. They are heartbroken at the lies and scams of this President and his administration.”

With that said, Nugent does understand what Glenn and Mercury One are working to do from a humanitarian perspective, which is why is has now pledged to help. Nugent explained he and other hunters donate some 250 million meals annually through programs like Hunters for the Hungry, and he will be helping to get hundreds of hot meals to the border for when Glenn visits on Saturday.

“The kids are innocent and they need to be taken care of before we send them home,” Nugent said. “There’s been a hidden secret that the media has made certain remains hidden for 26 years, Hunters for the Hungry, where… we harvest the surplus deer, as is the Sustained Yield wildlife management model… We butcher, we process, and we cook and distribute 250 million hot meals of pure nutritious, low-fat, low cholesterol, wild organic venison. 250 million meals a year, Glenn, through our Hunters for the Hungry program.”

Glenn was amazed by the work these state and national groups are doing to provide meals for those who need them most, and he is especially grateful some of that would be donated to the relief efforts at the border. Nugent’s donation, coupled with the more than $2 million already raised by the Mercury One Children and Family Border Relief Fund, will make a huge impact.

“That’s one of the most staggering facts I have ever heard,” Glenn said. “I want to thank Ted Nugent for an amazing donation to the efforts that we are trying to make down on the border. And I want to thank you for being the greatest audience in all of talk radio, all of radio, and possibly all of broadcast history. The number is now just over $2 million raised.”