This media outlet has skewed its coverage of Israel and Glenn is setting the record straight

Ever since violence started escalating between Israel and Gaza earlier this month, the media coverage of the conflict has been less than fair all around. One of the worst culprits has been the online news website Vice, which has really been pushing the Palestinian view in their reporting. Since the site has been getting a lot of buzz lately, Glenn decided to check it out, and he really did not like what he saw. On TV tonight, Glenn looked at Vice’s coverage and tried to set the record straight on what is really happening in the Middle East.

“In case you don’t know, Vice Magazine is something that started out, cool idea, gets reports from places that nobody else is willing to go,” Glenn said. “They were great on the Ukraine, and they were giving you the raw truth. But again, I think it’s now leftist propaganda, a lot of it as evidenced by what they’re doing now.”

Glenn took a look at some of their coverage, specifically video of a reporter coming upon a bombed vehicle in Gaza surrounded by onlookers. Rather than be scared, the crowd claimed the dead were martyrs who were no in Heaven. The Israeli dead, on the other hand, were in Hell. In retaliation, Hamas soon launched multiple rockets into the air, none of which had any precision and could have landed on any target, whether it was military or civilian.

But why were the right Palestinians to be unafraid? Because the Israelis have avoided civilian targets.

“There’s lots of people and children in this area,” the pilot said in a video clip. “Stop.”

“That looks like compassion, not exactly the careless monsters that Israel is constantly painted to be,” Glenn said. “And let’s not lose sight of the fact that in the precision strike on the car, the only people that are dead are the terrorists.”

“We’re not getting the truth on Palestine, Israel, not on the border, not on our debt, nowhere,” Glenn added.


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  • Anonymous

    The way vice operates is they show up with a camera and film what they see providing little to no commentary.

    They post what they shoot in 5 to 10 minute youtube videos. This is the one that was posted a couple of days after the one Glenn is referencing

    When he was in Gaza he talked to Palestinians and in this one where he is in Israel he talks to Israelis.

    • Lorna – Kevin


      ✦✦✦� ✦✦✦ ✦✦✦ ✦✦✦ ✦✦✦ �✦✦✦

  • landofaahs

    Sadly there a lot of American Jews who hate the sound of “The State of Israel”. They are usually the ones who are not religious and mainly liberal democrats. They stupidly believe that the world hates all Jews because the state of Israel exists. But when the world starts persecution of Jews in various countries, they will run to Israel for protection. Don’t think it can’t happen in America. But then don’t think persecution of Christians can’t happen either. If you are a Christian Jew you are doubly hated.

    • bananaman

      It can happen, and ultimately it will be the same forces slaughtering Palestinians right now, and growing ISIL… who’ll be coming after you.
      Nothing less than the destruction of all Religions appears to be the objective, if you read a little real History.
      Maybe it’s time for the genuinly pious and peace loving to stick together, start respecting eachother ?
      Isn’t that what it’s all supposed to be about ?

  • St Germain

    I just love how the only person who has ever and WILL ever know the ‘truth’ is Glenn Beck.
    Dude who got his GED way after the fact and couldn’t finish 1 -ONE – university class has the gall to preach like this. Over and over. He’ll sell out his own family to make himself a hotshot.
    Good god he’s an idiot with zero self-awareness

    • Anonymous

      Ford never had an “university” degree either nor did a guy named Gates.

      • bananaman

        Gates was a plant. Look at what he does, and his family history.. Never mind what his company does.

    • Disco Obama

      Glenn is a genius and a visionary.

      • Anonymous

        Especially now that he preaches so much about love etc.I think he’s going senile, slowly but surely.

    • faxxmaxx

      And you are on his website…. why?

    • dueyftw

      Beck get about 50% right. But when you live in becks world with only two answers to any problem, it’s not that hard.

  • Anonymous

    I hope Israel have develop ground pentrating radar that are use to find lost cities,caverns,mineral deposit and jury-rig a set up to be use in a low flying helicopers and calibrated radars to detect these tunnels to depths 150 ft the GPS locations are recorded for a follow up by bunker buster bomb strikes!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Once Hamas of Gaza realize that their timing is off for a united front or attack on Israel they will ask for cease fire until a more favorable time to launch their rockets attacks where the combine effect of enemies will have a more likely results in destroying Israel !!! But Hamas created this crisis with their rockets attacks Israel won’t wait until it s enemies can gang up on Israel all at once !!! I say it is perfect time for Israel to take out one of her enemies front of Hamas with 10,000 rockets threats and other attacks !! At the same time Syria are fighting each other the same with Iraq so might be a air corridor of not facing a solid air defense of SAM missiles and aircraft s and Syria too busy in fighting rebels to join the fray or conflict between Iran and Israel !! Once Israel finish off the threat from GAZA and maybe in Lebanon too , it will be just Israel against Iran nuclear threat , thanks to Hamas of Gaza in perfect timing in destroying a united front to attack Israel ,Israel can take out it s enemies one by one !! Watch for Hamas cry for a phony peace for better timing P.S to Israel don’t fall for it ,they gave you a divide front and to busy fighting themselves don’t waste this opportunity to rid Israel of it’s enemies and threats for a long time !!

  • Anonymous

    Just hold a fundraiser for the White House Socialist and I guarantee the problem will be corrected.
    Reagan OR Bill Clinton would have been in the White House MAKING DECISIONS.

    Old saying “When in trouble,when in doubt,run in circles,jump,and shout.”

    • bananaman

      Reagan was a stooge, oh and who was his Vice ?
      Clinton’s represent the real enemy.

      Yeah, poor old Israel.

  • faxxmaxx

    NBC news w/ Brian Williams has never mentioned the Israeli father who died either. In fact all coverage with interviews are also only coming from the Palestinian side. I’m quite certain this is a WH mandate to give a balanced picture of the casualties. Naturally when almost all casualties come from the Palestinians, sympathies will be with them, which is exactly what the WH wants. The irony is that if Obama didn’t force Israel to allow cement & steel into Gaza back in 2012, as the Palestinians wanted, those underground bunkers wouldn’t exists today, and perhaps less casualties would need to be reported.

  • Anonymous

    There is little truth said by any media outlet, including Beck’s The Blaze. Reasonable truth comes from whistle blowers and independent journalists. People have to scan various media and decide for themselves which is telling more truth than others.

  • Anonymous

    Not a big fan of Moslems, but why does Beck favor the fake Khazar Israeli Zionist Jewry?

  • Anonymous

    On Wednesday, an Israeli gunboat shelled a beach killing four boys who were playing. The boys were all between the ages of nine and 11 and from the same extended family. Seven other adults and children were wounded in the strike. The scene was witnessed by several international journalists

  • Anonymous

    Glenn u need a haircut…. u r looking a llke used car salesman.Your other do made u look younger… I’m just saying…

  • dueyftw

    Beck, your wrong. Just how many bomb shelters do the Palestinians have? Enough for very one in Gaza? So one dead guy from a rocket equals the killing of children? So much that they are running out of space in the hospital. The fantasy that Israel are the good guys here is just that. Open your eyes.
    Their is a word for what the one sided BS you just spewed out. Propaganda.

    • DJohnson

      Maybe Hamas should think twice the next time they want to kidnap and murder three Israeli teenagers. Israel has every right to defend themselves.

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