Ever since violence started escalating between Israel and Gaza earlier this month, the media coverage of the conflict has been less than fair all around. One of the worst culprits has been the online news website Vice, which has really been pushing the Palestinian view in their reporting. Since the site has been getting a lot of buzz lately, Glenn decided to check it out, and he really did not like what he saw. On TV tonight, Glenn looked at Vice’s coverage and tried to set the record straight on what is really happening in the Middle East.

“In case you don’t know, Vice Magazine is something that started out, cool idea, gets reports from places that nobody else is willing to go,” Glenn said. “They were great on the Ukraine, and they were giving you the raw truth. But again, I think it’s now leftist propaganda, a lot of it as evidenced by what they’re doing now.”

Glenn took a look at some of their coverage, specifically video of a reporter coming upon a bombed vehicle in Gaza surrounded by onlookers. Rather than be scared, the crowd claimed the dead were martyrs who were no in Heaven. The Israeli dead, on the other hand, were in Hell. In retaliation, Hamas soon launched multiple rockets into the air, none of which had any precision and could have landed on any target, whether it was military or civilian.

But why were the right Palestinians to be unafraid? Because the Israelis have avoided civilian targets.

“There’s lots of people and children in this area,” the pilot said in a video clip. “Stop.”

“That looks like compassion, not exactly the careless monsters that Israel is constantly painted to be,” Glenn said. “And let’s not lose sight of the fact that in the precision strike on the car, the only people that are dead are the terrorists.”

“We’re not getting the truth on Palestine, Israel, not on the border, not on our debt, nowhere,” Glenn added.