You will never believe who is behind this chart-topping Central American song

There is a new song climbing up the music charts in Central America called “La Bestia,” which translates to “the beast.” The song’s lyrics hit on the dangers of the so-called “death train” that runs through Mexico to the United States southern border. As The Daily Beast reports, the song has become so popular, radio stations in Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador are being flooded with requests. But who is behind the hit may come as a surprise to many.

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Commissioned by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency, “La Bestia” is part of a million-dollar campaign aimed at thwarting the current influx of illegal immigrants from Central America crossing the U.S. border.

According to The Daily Beast, the CBP announced the “Dangers Awareness Campaign” last week in an effort to discourage families in Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador from sending their children with smugglers and drug cartels through Mexico to the United States.

Singer Eddie Ganz lends his vocals to the “La Bestia” track, which includes lyrics like:

“Migrants from everywhere, entrenched along the rail ties. Far away from where they come, further away from where they go. They call her the Beast from the South, this wretched train of death. With the devil in the boiler, whistles, roars, twists and turns.”

You can listen to the song in its entirety HERE.

“When I first heard this, I thought it was done by, like, the Honduras government. And I thought, ‘Man, that’s really good,’” Glenn said. “Then I heard the United States did it, and I was torn because… at least they’re doing something. But then I realize, not really, because… all they’re saying is, ‘Come – just not on that train.’”

As it turns out, this is not the U.S. government’s first foray into a music-based propaganda campaign. The Daily Beast reports:

“La Bestia” is not the first song commissioned by CBP, but it is the only one written specifically for a Central American audience. In 2004, CBP launched it’s first messaging campaign in Mexico called “No Mas Cruces,” which intentionally can be translated as both “No More Crossings” or “No More Crosses,” as in crosses on graves. The objective of “No Mas Cruces,” was to spread awareness about the dangers of the Sonoran desert, where hundreds of migrants die every year. Part of that campaign included distributing a CD of five songs about the risks involved in crossing the border to radio stations throughout Mexico. The songs, called “migra corridos,” a play on the popular narcocorridos or gangster ballads after which they were modeled, became hugely popular with listeners. “La Bestia” is currently played by 21 radio stations throughout Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras.

Ultimately, Glenn is beyond frustrated our own politicians continue to claim there is no border crisis (we’re looking at you, Harry Reid), while the CBP is spending millions on a propaganda campaign to solve the problem.

“This border stuff is driving me out of my ever loving mind… Nobody is talking about what’s really happening on the border,” Glenn concluded. “I can’t believe that I live in a country that now is banning members of Congress from seeing what’s really going on. Members of the press aren’t outraged that they’re not allowed to take pictures of things that are going on. We’re not seeing any of these things on television. Nobody is getting the truth at all.”

Front page image courtesy of the AP

  • Charlie

    Wait, the government is actually banning coverage of how bad our boarder is and everything that’s taking place there?

    • lilolady

      Surprising isn’t it and a certain shock, I say SHOCK to our
      beloved Republican Senators who were refused entry into
      some of the “temporary” holding tanks, while Sheila Jackson Lee and Senator Pelosi were allowed to deliver their Poison Red Apples, (excuse me) “Lolly Pops” and actually speak to the detainees . We are so screwed ……

    • Anonymous

      Welcome to Amerika, dar comrade. Da everything is good, nyt?

  • Alexandra Stormwing

    This sounds like an effective way to reach lots of people in their home countries, in their own language, using their own cultural music style. I find it to be genius. This is attempting to affect the source of the trouble. Would I rather have that money spent on more personnel and bus tickets back across the Rio? Yeah, I would, but this isn’t entirely insane.

    • lilolady

      As Glenn said, spend $4 million on 1st class airline tickets back home. That will show we are a kind and generous country looking after the “little ones”, neglected and abused by their own country. Why is that not a hue and cry from the UN?

      • Anonymous

        No you can cram more into a c-131. If it is good enough for our troops it is darn sure good enough for them.

        • lilolady

          I know. My son has had his feet freeze to the floor in those military transports!! What ever works … before they get as far as the ever expanding and disappearing border. Once in and on a bus,train or plane all bets are off.
          I suppose a luxury airline ride home would only encourage them to try again later!

          • Anonymous


          • mspatdev

            That is very true.

      • mspatdev

        Why don’t the U.N. come and help us, since they know what is going on? The reason is, obammy has them under his thumb. They are for him and to help destroy the USA. He went to them to sign a way our guns with h. clinton and kerry. It hasn’t passed yet.

      • Anonymous

        I think they should be taken to Fema camps or remote military bases and their individual countries notified to come get them with in 30 days.
        If not picked up within that time period all funding to their countries come to an immediate halt, and will not be reinstated until they comply.

        • lilolady

          Now that is a great idea! Might instill some sense of responsible Government in all sorts of areas, both here and abroad !!!

    • Anonymous

      how many of thses “children” have access to a radio to listen to this song? and Harry reid says our borders are secure? I don’t think so

      • lilolady

        Somehow,mnphouka, word DID reach them to send their kids ‘del Norte’. In three different countries,del sur. They do have some access to radio,TV, I Tunes.
        Today, heard that pro-amnesty Senators are texting and tweeting #come on in!!!

        • mspatdev

          We need to tweet to do the same but to #don’t come, your kids will do from obammy and his demo’s and liberals.

      • Quinientos

        I spent 2 years in Guatemala in the mid ’90s. Witnessed many 1 room shacks with dirt floors housing 3 to 4 generations of family but almost all had a working television.

  • Anonymous

    The red-tape / censorship / hiding information is getting more tight as time pass;…the current administration does need, does not want the people to get informed at all.

    If information is unveiled, not only Mr Reid will be exposed – and so in danger – but all the others too…meaning, Pelosi, Kerry, Obama, Clinton, Buffett, Podesta, Soros,…everyone inside and related one way or the other with the corrupted and fraud-base current administration.

    Let’s be brief on this;…

    Because some individuals (specially liberal-democrats and sold-out republicans supporters and worshipers for / of Mr Barack Obama) because some individuals want to embellish / muffle / soften reality, they call them ‘misspoken words’ / unclear statements’ / ‘unacurracy presentations’ / unintended conceptual errors’,….but quite frankly they are just blasted bloody lies!This so called ‘president’ ,….the entire organization with andaround this man (Barack Obama ) they all are dirty dirty all the way up and beyond their eye-balls.

    Many,…. very many cover-ups ,,no need to mention every one and each of them right?…for I will be here writing a book with a lot of chapters.

    Suffice to say;… the very first lie (and cover-up) is, was and still alive is the fictional illegal, unconstitutional and fraudulent presidential platform of Mr Barack Obama….all thanks to the main media / tv tabloid (MSNBC, CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, C-SPAN,…and the rest) along with the yellow-press level periodicals , such as,…. as the New York Times, LA Times and others.

    This amalgamate of insidious and well structure of lies along with others assaults – in so many ways – against the good people of our great country is foundation enough and may generates a nation-wide / coast-to-coast call for massive impeachment where everyone associated / affiliated , one way or the other, with the corrupted current administration will go down in a very hard and fulminant way.

    The current administration is so aware of the possibility of such fulminant impeachment episode, that is doing everything they can think of to block information sources;…for example;


    ” Reports came out yesterday in the UK covering Google’s newest release of their “Transparency Report.” Turkey has been known for it’s total lack of press freedom, and now reports show the U.S. is approaching the same leagues as Turkey.

    The report was presented on the blog of Susan Infantino, the Legal Director of Google. She and her legal team launched the annual Transparency Report three years ago, in hopes it would “shine light on the scale and scope of government requests for censorship and data around the globe.” From January to June 2013, the search giant received 3,846 government requests to remove content from its search services, which represents a 68% increase over the second half of 2012.”

    Does anyone out there remember when I pointed out that if by any chance information about the Barack Obama illegitimacy to be at the presidential platform was seek , the come-out in many cases was going to be things like;….’page not found’,….’404 error’,…..the site you requested has been removed’;…..does anyone remember?

    Well, here we go,…to find information about the corruption and frauds, illegal practices, and so on,… about the unconstitutional , corrupted, Chicago mafia-style political machinery now in Washington with Mr Barack Obama occupying his ill-acquired presidential platform is very difficult at the regular USA Yahoo/Google NET grid;….we have to go outside it….to other sources not possible (with all their technology) to be block by the current censorship forced all over – in many areas – by the current government in Washington.

    Now,….let’s apply this to the case of Mr Snowden, shall we?

    Mr Snowden exposed this corrupted un-American, insidious current administration,….and now they want him here,…to….do what? Now,..really how much Mr Snowden knows….about who?

    Mr Snowden perhaps does not have anything that represent real threat for our national security…perhaps he discovered certain contundent and irrevocable information that incriminates directly the illegality and fraud behind the so called presidency of Barack Obama ,…and so he needs to be ….silenced / eliminated / made ‘unavailable’ / ….simply ….’erased’….. That is why the government wants him back here;…think of it.

    Ron Paul think that the government may try to kill Mr Snowden.

    Need I say more?…..Yes?….or….No?

    Opinions welcome.

    • Britteny William


      ♚♚♚ ♚�♚♚ ♚♚♚ ♚�♚♚ ♚♚♚

      • Glennfriend67

        Spew your spam elsewhere.

    • Anonymous

      Lies, scandals and corruption. This is the sad news about our nation at the present time. And most of the voters are still not aware how bad the situation in this country really is. GOD help us all, with two more years of the present president and a press corps who should be the watch dog of freedom, instead is playing the game of three blind mice or the monkey game “see no evil, hear no evil and report about no evil”.

    • Watch it

      You should have caught the Nancy Pelosi – Stenny Hoyer Windbag Circus on the front steps of the Capitol today to publicize their ‘Middle Class Jumpstart’ Economic Agenda during which they presented a litany of attacks and lies about Republicans while claiming that they actually have ‘plans’ but failed to present them. It was all done to persuade the low info easily fooled segment of the population.

      • Anonymous

        Sadly that is the majority

  • landofaahs

    From the Daily Beast? How coincidental. It’s a good song. By the way, tell them that the Streets of America are not paved with gold or EBT cards or welfare checks. Tell them they will be slaves if they come to evil America. Technically that would be the truth since they would be government welfare slaves.

    • lilolady

      Just saw on another site where EBT Cards were handed out to the illegals as their bus pulled into Walmart. Search will find the site.

      • Susan Warwick

        lilolady, that site was debunked! Just to let you know.

        • lilolady

          Thank you Susan! I did go back to Conservative Byte, and the update verified that ‘migrant’ workers were using the Government issued Credit Cards. We need to be very careful … things are NOT always what they seem. Some nut might have taken a ‘notion’ to fix things!

      • landofaahs

        I heard that too. Just think of all the big tales they will have to tell as they tell all their friends how rich they are now.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn,. this is an all out assault on the USA. differnt forces are tied together to bring the government down.

  • Renetoo

    Hard to believe that we now live in a country where the people are starting again to fight the President and administrators over the fact that the will of the people does not matter! I do so wish we could somehow stop paying them or fire them for deliberately trying to turn the country into a second Honduras!

  • capa760

    We are placing “The Blame entirely on the Democratic National Committee for endorsing a Marxist, Communist, Muslim foreign student, community organizer as a Democratic candidate for a Senator and a President. The Democrat voters did NOT do any research on the missing accomplishments, the long list of missing credentials of any value necessary for office, the associates who were not of the patriotic US Citizens Society. But Bill and Hillary Clinton’s background allegiance to the United Nations AGENDA ONE, should NOT have passed the tests as candidates for their nomination or US elections, either. The Mc Carthy hearings did not dig out ALL of the
    SLEEPER CELLS permanently. Now it is our time to TAKE BACK AMERICA.

  • Mike Knowlton

    As soon as they hear they will be immediately shipped back where they came from, the tide will begin to turn. They only come because they expect to be allowed to stay, and Obama is encouraging them.

    • mspatdev

      WE THE PEOPLE LIVE THRU OUT THE U.S.A. AND WE DON’T WANT THEM. Look what happened in Marietta, Calif. All of the people blocked the busses from coming into their town. We all can do the same thing.

      • lilolady

        Today, word came that the police and sheriffs have sworn that Murietta,CA will not be a repository for illegals.

  • Jon

    How many illegals would that millon have deported? It apparently doesnt cost alot considering they are bussing them all over the U.S.

    • Anonymous

      but I saw an ad that I could be paid over $6,000 a month for housing one of those kids. sign me up!

      • lilolady

        I saw that ad ,too! It was from Department of Homeland Security! Dated January 2014. This has been quietly happening since October 2013. GOVERNMENT SANCTIONED !!!

        • Anonymous

          how do I apply?

          • lilolady

            DHS – Employment Opportunities, I no longer have the link to it. If you saw that ad, and it interested you, Should have saved it …. !

          • Anonymous

            darn it. I will find it. I could be a great mom to these kids. I feel bad for them…

          • Anonymous

            Really? If that is true why was the firs thing out of your mouth “I saw an ad that I could be paid over $6,000 a month for housing one of those kids. sign me up!” This is another way for our communist government to bring down America and her people with it; and you want to help them for the money?

          • Anonymous

            i heard it on the radio

  • Anonymous

    If The Big-Gov. is flying, bussing, & shipping Invaders all over the country, why can’t they just point them back across the border?

    • Anonymous

      Good question, because they do not want to, I believe. The motto is to overwhelm the system and they have two more years to get that accomplished. This nation is in real trouble, but most people do not care or are too simpleminded to realize it.

      • Anonymous

        You are right on most people do not care pfiffi43. Those are the ones that voted for him. For instance my neighbors refuse to listen to what is happening and prefer to leave it to their children and grandchildren to deal with. I live in an over 55 community.

  • Anonymous

    The songs are not a bad idea. But commercials, billboards with pictures, newspapers, magazines, the internet are also viable ways to communicate a message. We do need to go to the root of the problem, which is where these people are coming from. Also, the International Community (UN) needs to get off their butts and put pressure on those Govt.’s to offer programs that will help these people raise themselves out of poverty. Education, skills training, social programs that help those at the bottom help make ends meet, and opportunity to raise themselves up. Where is the UN helping these countries to fight against the gangs and drug cartels anyway? We need permanent solutions, not temporary Band-Aids to these endemic problems. Encouraging these people to come here solves nothing, but endangers these people by putting them in danger and places a huge burden on a single country that is struggling under huge debt.

    • Anonymous

      you think the UN cares? Most useless organization ever

      • Anonymous

        I understand that but, we pa the lions share of their expenses. If we actually had a good leader, he would know what to do to rally them to do what they need and should to do.

  • Anonymous

    seriously? this is so scary and upsetting. OMG this country has gone to hell.

  • DMen

    No mas cruces means “just cross”.

    • lilolady

      Los Cruces is the term for ‘the crosses’.

  • Anonymous

    Contact your congress people about this as they are up for reelection this year and need a job. Tell them to order the National Guard to the border and close it. Immediately. No more games by Obama.

  • WOrkingTaxpayer

    Gutless Gov of Texas talks talks talks.
    PERRY has the authority to STOP it and has done nothing
    He also has a pen…and can state so sue me!
    Because the States can do so: why is the gov full of b.s.?

  • insimpleterms .

    Here’s full the song with English Translation lyrics

  • Jake at Trudyurself

    I visited Central America in the last year (Belize) There are posters as big as the sides of building with Obama’s picture on it. They are distributing t-shirts for free to all the people. And, the people who get them wear them… They have Obama’s picture on them and they say “the Savior of America”… Anyone care to tell us who is doing this and why??? Glen…. have you heard of this or investigated why ???
    And, now they are bringing in these people from Central and South America who have been indoctrinated into thinking that Obama is a God. Now lets give these people welfare, phones, jobs, citizenship and driver licences… and lets bring their children here first so the parents will have to join them to take care of them…. And guess who will be voting for a third term President; the God Mr. Obama!!!
    This sounds like a grand plot and it is happening and we will be over run and have no choices unless we make them now!!! Send back the illegals they are breaking laws… the children are being sent here with the cooperation of our President and our government. Why don’t the Republicans stand up against this… why don’t the Republicans stand up for anything anymore??? For less than this President has done… the Democrats impeached Nixon! Do you know that we the people can impeach Obama through the House… Unless of course the House is taken over by the Democrats.. … I’m done talking but not done fighting!
    Clean up our government or we the people will cease to exist! Jake

    • mspatdev

      obammy has the American Tax Payers paying for every single thing that he does. I am tired of it all. HE IS NOT A GOD OR A SAINT. He has said many times that he is running for prez. in 2016 and 2020, because he will be the King. He isn’t going to be the King of the USA. This is God’s country and we are here to take care of it. We are not to destroy it and there is not going to be a King in the USA. He has gone in and changed all of our laws and our government. He can do as he pleases and he is not going to work with Congress on anything. He has told the world about that and especially in Oct. 2013. He is mentally sick.

    • bananaman

      They clearly haven’t sussed that Oboma is a False Messiah. It took my good self a mere half hour of his inauguration speech to figure that out.
      But their flags and posters are hardly any of your business.
      You likely haven’t sussed that he’s continuing the Agenda of his predecessor and a few before. And at pace.
      Both Reds and Blues are ultimately fronts, how can anyone still not see this in 2014 ?

      Immigration is part of a plot started long ago involving the East India Co. of Britain. The goal is for half of the World to be one big Borderless Free Trade Zone. Global Citizens, Global Language, No Religion, Owning no Property, and paying Carbon Taxes every time we pump.
      It’s all written in History for those who care to look.

    • Anonymous

      The sorry story of the times we live in. When will they ever learn?!!!

  • Anonymous

    I consider the above Glenn, Stu and Pat video commentary to be disturbingly inappropriate mockery from the supposedly “compassionate” core staff concerning this very serious humanitarian crisis. Not everything should be the brunt of political jokes and criticism. I, personally, am very glad that the neighboring people south of our border are getting an important message through a medium that is apparently at least initially reaching them – a message about the potential “death train” going north. If a song symbolically referring to “the devil” – i.e., malevolent, dark, destructive and downright evil forces – is “backward and/or inapplicable” to the current crisis, then please more consistently refrain from further utilizing such concepts yourselves in your future current events coverage – Harvester

  • Anonymous

    I consider the above Glenn, Stu and Pat video commentary to be disturbingly inappropriate mockery from the supposedly “compassionate” core staff concerning this very serious humanitarian crisis. Not everything should be the brunt of political jokes and criticism. I, personally, am very glad that the neighboring people south of our border are getting an important message through a medium that is apparently at least initially reaching them – a message about the potential “death train” going north. If a song symbolically referring to “the devil” – i.e., malevolent, dark, destructive and downright evil forces – is “backward and/or inapplicable” to the current crisis, then please more consistently refrain from further utilizing such concepts yourselves in your future current events coverage – Harvester

  • vener8r

    Yes, this is bad and it is sad, as are all of the scandalous headlines festooning the Non-MSM. But right now, I would like to bring out something that is scarier to me than all of them combined. Perhaps you feel much the same. It is the fact that I am no longer surprised in the least. Think about that for a moment. While I am a relative newcomer, having been thrust into awareness of the affairs of America by my first glimpse and earful of the man who wants to “remake America”, Barrack Obama, I do recall a time when I was surprised. Sadly, I can read a story of further institutionalized insanity (aka socialism or whatever leftist moniker you would like to put here) and it no longer brings about even the minutest twinge of “What?” In only 4 or 5 short years, they have reduced the shock value to nil! Anger? Yes. Frustration? Oh yeah! Renewed patriotism? Thank you! Disbelief…surprise? Nope. Par for the course…at the golf club where the absentee and indifferent president spends an inordinate amount of time despite the burning…..not unlike Nero with his fiddle.

  • Phyllis Fisher

    What would be the problem with using troop transport planes to fly these children back to the nations they come from?

  • Ronda Astardly

    Ultimately, preserving liberty is up to each of us:

  • IT 2IT

    OBSERVE how BECK –continually– directs your attention
    BACK into the furnace of TAVISTOCK franchise slum mind control
    FAKE media and set ups.


    Media necromancy and enmeshment ops —WILL NOT WASH!


    TOTALITARIAN TECHNOTRONIC takeover –IS— unfolding.

    The America’s are under —planned—- IMPLOSION.

    The ‘GLOW BULL’ mafia has, astoundingly, PULLED OFF
    —————————RED CHINA set up and handover ——TREASON.

    NO ONE has answered for IT!


    The PERPS are not only STILL at large!
    —————————————they’re STILL IN CHARGE!

    CHECK OUT the highly informed, UNCENSORED,
    UNCOMPROMISED informed radio talks with DEBORAH TAVAREZ.

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