Rick Perry: Government has ‘been a failure’ on border security

Governor Rick Perry joined The Glenn Beck Program on Thursday, and he didn’t mince words when it came to the way the Obama Administration has handled the border crisis.

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“It’s not an inability, it’s a desire not to secure that border,” Gov. Perry told Glenn.

Gov. Perry said he was weighing several options to secure the border without the help of the federal government, including using the National Guard. Texas is currently spending $1.3 million surging Department of Public Safety and Ranger Recon teams on border security.

“We’re going to have to do more,” he said. “Now we’re beginning to see the criminal activities.”

Perry said that people are focusing on the “tragedy” of the immigrant children, but that only accounts for 20% of the people crossing into the country illegally.

“This issue is not about those young children,” he said. Rather, the real issue involves the illegal immigrants who are coming into Texas and committing crimes including rape and homicide.

Perry said that since 2005, Texas has spent close to half a billion dollars on border security, which is a federal responsibility.

“I think there is a point in time where you have to say this 1,200 mile border has to be secure. And if there is a people and if there is a place where it can happen, it is Texas,” he added.

  • Charles Hurst

    I heard one Progressive’s answer on the radio last night. “Everyone should be given a chance. We have a responsibility.”

    Once again the attitude of entitlement. And if you dare say, yes, enforce the law well then the knee jerk answer is you’re a racist. Because the Progressive does not operate in the realm of reason. Or law. Or common sense. A=B to the Progressive if skin color or perceived cause is the origin of motivation for protest. You wonder why we wingnuts believe you to have a mental disorder Mr. Progressive? Check your talking points. You support those who advocate the breaking of the law.

    The bottom line is it doesn’t matter what the circumstances. The illegal should be
    deported. If the illegal has been here ten years he should be deported. If he
    has gotten married he should be deported. The children can go with him or stay
    here. It really isn’t our problem—the illegal broke the law.

    Stating that we should cater due to “you’re separating families” is utter nonsense. We didn’t cause the separation of families—the lawbreaker did. Just like if a bank robber was caught—he goes to prison and his family suffers. The burden is on the lawbreaker, not the law abiding. Regardless of whatever emotional nonsense the Progressive states to advocate the illegal behavior—it really doesn’t matter.

    We will lose our nation as my fiction and history predicts. Common sense—you
    cannot allow a foreign invader to continue to rampage in your country, have no
    border control and expect to survive. Go ahead and check the history books and
    see if I’m correct here Mr. Progressive. History is a professor who repeats his
    lecture often.

    Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon. And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE

    • Bonnie Somer

      Now it is up to us to do anything we must to preserve this nation. WE RUN THE GOVT NOT THE PEOPLE THERE THEY ARE OUR REPRESENTATIVES AND IF THEY DON’T DO WHAT WE WANT OUT THEY GO

      • Olivia Richard

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        • Bonnie Somer

          i am speaking abt saving the nation what r u talking abt?

    • http://www.realultimatepower.com/ Chucky Arla

      Nothing in the constitution delegates immigration to the feds. It mentions naturalization, which is not the same thing. If you want a free market, granting the state the right to tell you whom you may hire is exactly the opposite direction. If you like a command economy, then full speed ahead with giving politicians the power to tell you what to do.

  • IT 2 IT 123

    TAVISTOCK mind control FAKE media bringing us
    —————————-’90;s show’ —-‘calm–place —-n’ —see’

    MEANWHILE- – – –

    RED CHINA handover MASSIVELY consolidates
    ————–and OPEN globalist MAFIA USURPATION and OVERTURN

  • Anonymous

    Both RickPerry and JanBrewer have been derelict in their duty to protect their borders and citizenry. Crying and pissing for years instead of just DOING IT. Head-fakes all around.

    • Guest

      For the sake of cheap labor R’s),and the votes (D’s).

    • djvexd

      If you are referring to the deployment of those state’s National Guard assets, you are misinformed. The NG is chained to the DOD and thus while the governor of each state can call them up the executive branch can and probably would quash that order.

      • Anonymous

        Misinformed my a$$. They need TO STAND UP and do it. Don’t cry state “sovereignty” and do nothing! Can’t have it both ways! Too hell with the FEDS! LEAD!!!

    • Anonymous

      you may be right

  • Temple Cash

    do you want to see what socialism will do to a country??? do you really understand?? i just returned from a socialist nation in Africa where the wealthy rule and the rest be damned. everyone but the elite are equal. everyone i was in contact with was dirt poor. they were given castoff clothing from other countries, they begged in the streets, etc.. one man was wearing a t-shirt from the Des Moines Iowa newspaper. the streets were compacted soil full of potholes, dust roiled up from all of the foot traffic, and garbage was burned in the streets. it was nearly impossible to breathe. i came home sick literally from it all.

    • Carl

      Do you know what socialism is? It has nothing to do with the wealth gap in one African country. Socialism is “an economic system in which certain amenities are owned collectively by the people in that system”.
      Which country was it? Was it Tanzania? One of the most corrupt governments that side of the world?

      What you call socialism is actually corruption. Let’s take a look at a real socialist state: Germany, the richest country in Europe, with poverty levels less than half of those in the United States.

      read a book sometime

      • Temple Cash

        yes, i understand the differences. corruption and socialism is the same when the poor suffer……i am not the unintelligent person you make me out to be.

  • Anonymous

    They want open borders, it’s all a part of the Globalist NWO plan!

  • Anonymous

    RICK PERRY, the governor of texas, should proceed and pur up a fence to protect the people of texas. everyone would love him for taking the initiative. it’s about time someone bucked Obama. this is a very serious happening. these people (mostly children) will bring nothing but grief to our country. people in this country would help him raise the money

  • Watch it

    Obama doesn’t care about the crimes the illegals are perpetrating against Americans. His priority is all about politics and power – future of Socialism in the US. If these illegals were known to vote Republican, you can be sure he would have those borders sown up tight!

  • Mary J Randall

    This crisis has been going on for over 40 years. Mexican women would cross the border and have their children in our US hospitals and then apply for welfare, aid to dependent children, food stamps and leave and go back into Mexico and their child was granted US citizenship even though neither parent was a US citizen. Our hospitals on the southern borders almost went bankrupt and had to apply to the city, state and federal government for help. some hospitals did close. Now we have the pile of manure on the border. Send them all back home. Secure the border. Build the fence and release our Marine in prison and change the law so that if an illegal alien is in our country and their wife or girlfriend has a child, if the mother is not a US citizen, then no US citizenship is not given to the child. No aid either. They pay for the care or the government of the country where they are from. The countries where the people are from pay for the care and expenses of their people. All the money. Not US taxpayers. The children coming across our borders should be cleaned up and fed and have medical care and then sent home and the countries where they are from and the money that we are giving to these governments in Latin American and South America and Mexico would be subtracted to help pay for the care before flying home. We should also do what Mexico has been doing for several years on the their southern border. They catch illegal aliens, they are put into prison for 2 years. Maybe we should do that and the money we give to these countries should be used to take care of the inmates and the money the illegals should home to the various countries would be used to take care of them in prison. Stop crossing our borders illegally.

  • Mark Goldstein

    Thanks for people like Gov Perry ready to do what is right to secure the boarder we need more men like him and especially in the white house where the current resident doesn’t give one iota of how WE the PEOPLE feel time to kick his ass out of the Black House and back to his hovel in Kenya or better yet to Gaza where he can be a human shield for Hamas

  • Kendra Gray

    We had 3 Ukrainian men caught about 3 weeks ago that were supposed to have met up with someone to take them to Seattle. A rancher caught them prowling around and they asked for a phone. Brewster Co. Sheriff’s Dept had to hunt them down with their heli and such. There is a large variety of people coming of and slipping into our comminities. The oilfield boom just makes it easier for them to hide without being detained. There’s a lot of drugs, lots of violence/death and criminal activity, and a lot of distrust/wariness of people. It’s a common belief that the oilfield brought this to our communities- but there is probably more trouble coming from the border issue than we are aware of…

  • IT 2IT

    “This is NOT our government!
    ————-These are NOT our representatives!
    ———————This is a GLOBAL corporate banking [ ie USURY ]
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    WE have been officially declared the
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    ‘Silent Weapons’ doc whistleblower
    California activist
    Informed Radio

    Further- – –

    “This ENTIRE global mafia banking system
    is kept –completely– under control and in line
    through a combination of SEX —DOPE —PORN —TERROR
    ——————————BLACKMAIL and inflicted SHAME!
    —The DEEPER the SHAME,
    ——————-the farther you go in this system!

    —————NEW ZEALAND is now 100% globalist MAFIA RUN!”
    Informed Radio

    PUT AWAY the FAKE media necromancers.

    STEP AWAY from the TAVISTOCK mind control franchise slum.

    Put DOWN those GMO lattes and STEP OUT
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  • Nds Nds

    To me the real mark to hit is what is happening inside many of these “detention centers”. And now my government is training clerics in two weeks flat? I just can’t help but feel that the “domestic security force” is being trained right under our noses. Think 3.8 billion dollars……..

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