Governor Rick Perry joined The Glenn Beck Program on Thursday, and he didn’t mince words when it came to the way the Obama Administration has handled the border crisis.

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“It’s not an inability, it’s a desire not to secure that border,” Gov. Perry told Glenn.

Gov. Perry said he was weighing several options to secure the border without the help of the federal government, including using the National Guard. Texas is currently spending $1.3 million surging Department of Public Safety and Ranger Recon teams on border security.

“We’re going to have to do more,” he said. “Now we’re beginning to see the criminal activities.”

Perry said that people are focusing on the “tragedy” of the immigrant children, but that only accounts for 20% of the people crossing into the country illegally.

“This issue is not about those young children,” he said. Rather, the real issue involves the illegal immigrants who are coming into Texas and committing crimes including rape and homicide.

Perry said that since 2005, Texas has spent close to half a billion dollars on border security, which is a federal responsibility.

“I think there is a point in time where you have to say this 1,200 mile border has to be secure. And if there is a people and if there is a place where it can happen, it is Texas,” he added.