On Wednesday, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick (D) told a group of reporters he is eager to help the Obama Administration deal with housing the influx of unaccompanied illegal immigrant children crossing the southern border. Patrick went so far as to compare deportation to the Nazi concentration camps that took the lives of several million Jews.

“My inclination is to remember what happened when a ship full of Jewish children tried to come to the United States in 1939,” Patrick said, “and the United States turned them away, and many of them went to their deaths in Nazi concentration camps.”

On radio this morning, Glenn had an idea that would force all those on the left to put their money – or, in this case, community – where their mouth is.

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From House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to Georgia Congressman John Lewis (D), Patrick is not the first Democrat to condemn those who believe we need to secure our borders. The Obama Administration is currently shipping busloads of these children to municipalities around the United States, which will undoubtedly have significant social and economic impacts.

“You’re telling me that this is akin to the Jews in the concentration camps? That is so outrageous,” Glenn said. “If you can show me how we naturalize people. If you can show me how we don’t have criminals coming in. If you can show me how we don’t cripple our schools cripple our hospitals. If you can show me these things, okay. But [the politicians are] asking me to trust [them]. And [they’re] also not including me in any of these decisions. [They’re] just shipping these people across the United States… [The] politicians must know something that I don’t know.”

Glenn’s town has recently saw some 2,000 children brought in. As Glenn explained, he lives in a wealthy area that will be able to accommodate the children. But they didn’t ask for anyone to be sent there. Patrick, Pelosi, and others are saying they are willing to make the necessary accommodations, so why don’t we start sending busloads to San Francisco and Boston?

“They just did this in my neighborhood,” Glenn said. “I don’t know how that’s going to impact my schools. I don’t know how that’s going to impact our hospitals. I don’t know how that’s going to impact anything. I don’t know how that’s going to impact our crime… It’s not going to be a positive… I’m not asking for it… They are. Deval Patrick is. Nancy Pelosi is. The President of the United States is.”

While Glenn believes it is time for these politicians to stop the rhetoric and start taking action in line with what they claim to believe, it will obviously never happen because there is no accountability mechanism.

“I refuse to listen to people like Deval Patrick. I refuse to listen to the governor of Maryland who has come out openly and said, ‘We have to take care of these children.’ And then behind closed doors, calls the White House and says, ‘But not in Maryland.’ Really,” Glenn asked disgusted. “I would really like to see somebody take Google Maps and find the places around these politicians houses… Let’s find the places where we can shelter these people in the actual neighborhoods where these people live. They will not do it. I guarantee it.”

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