Seriously? Massachusetts governor says deporting illegals akin to sending Jews to concentration camps

On Wednesday, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick (D) told a group of reporters he is eager to help the Obama Administration deal with housing the influx of unaccompanied illegal immigrant children crossing the southern border. Patrick went so far as to compare deportation to the Nazi concentration camps that took the lives of several million Jews.

“My inclination is to remember what happened when a ship full of Jewish children tried to come to the United States in 1939,” Patrick said, “and the United States turned them away, and many of them went to their deaths in Nazi concentration camps.”

On radio this morning, Glenn had an idea that would force all those on the left to put their money – or, in this case, community – where their mouth is.

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From House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to Georgia Congressman John Lewis (D), Patrick is not the first Democrat to condemn those who believe we need to secure our borders. The Obama Administration is currently shipping busloads of these children to municipalities around the United States, which will undoubtedly have significant social and economic impacts.

“You’re telling me that this is akin to the Jews in the concentration camps? That is so outrageous,” Glenn said. “If you can show me how we naturalize people. If you can show me how we don’t have criminals coming in. If you can show me how we don’t cripple our schools cripple our hospitals. If you can show me these things, okay. But [the politicians are] asking me to trust [them]. And [they’re] also not including me in any of these decisions. [They’re] just shipping these people across the United States… [The] politicians must know something that I don’t know.”

Glenn’s town has recently saw some 2,000 children brought in. As Glenn explained, he lives in a wealthy area that will be able to accommodate the children. But they didn’t ask for anyone to be sent there. Patrick, Pelosi, and others are saying they are willing to make the necessary accommodations, so why don’t we start sending busloads to San Francisco and Boston?

“They just did this in my neighborhood,” Glenn said. “I don’t know how that’s going to impact my schools. I don’t know how that’s going to impact our hospitals. I don’t know how that’s going to impact anything. I don’t know how that’s going to impact our crime… It’s not going to be a positive… I’m not asking for it… They are. Deval Patrick is. Nancy Pelosi is. The President of the United States is.”

While Glenn believes it is time for these politicians to stop the rhetoric and start taking action in line with what they claim to believe, it will obviously never happen because there is no accountability mechanism.

“I refuse to listen to people like Deval Patrick. I refuse to listen to the governor of Maryland who has come out openly and said, ‘We have to take care of these children.’ And then behind closed doors, calls the White House and says, ‘But not in Maryland.’ Really,” Glenn asked disgusted. “I would really like to see somebody take Google Maps and find the places around these politicians houses… Let’s find the places where we can shelter these people in the actual neighborhoods where these people live. They will not do it. I guarantee it.”

Front page image courtesy of the AP

  • Bonnie Somer


    • Brenda David


      ▋▋▋ ▋�▋▋ ▋▋▋ ▋▋�▋ ▋▋▋ ▋▋▋ ▋▋▋

      • Thunderthud

        Your text looks like an old-fashioned cut and paste ransom note. Don’t worry, so much passes on this site that I’m wondering if the comments are moderated at all.

      • woman 72


        • Ken Tidball

          This comment lifts the word hyperbole to a new level. It brings it to a place of fabrication and deceit. But such is the makeup of the ruling party so that we are not surprised at attempts to bend and distort the truth for political gain. First of all, they are not Jewish. Secondly, they are not facing certain death or imprisonment if deported!

      • Tea Party Marine

        Scumbag, this is not a free advertising site. It is for constructive opinions.

    • LAPhil

      Why was my comment deleted?

      • Thunderthud

        Really? They rarely delete the spam on this site, so any deletion makes me wonder about the moderation here.

        • LAPhil

          All I did was agree with the first post and call Deval Patrick an idiot. Surely there are worse things I could have said.

          • Candy Marini Olbrych

            Yes… you could have been more openly honest. Obviously you do not live in Taxachusetts. See my comments above.

          • LAPhil

            I thought I was openly honest the first time, but as I said, my comment was deleted so I didn’t want to come on too strongly about it the last time. And why do you say I obviously don’t live in Taxachusetts?

          • Mike Knowlton

            What? They don’t think Patrick is an idiot,or they just don’t want the LIV’s to hear abut it?

          • LAPhil

            I’m still puzzled about the deletion of my original comment. I never used any obscene or inflammatory language. Same thing happened on Breitbart’s forum, only several times there.

    • Anonymous

      I am Jewish too.. and I would not be alive if my grand parents were not allowed into this country in the 1940’s…..This is what our country was founded on….

      • Bonnie Somer

        You know it this is why we must fight for America

      • Anonymous

        Built by controlled immigration, not uncontrolled invasion. There is a huge difference.

      • MG

        Thats not the issue, the issue is that these people are entering this country ILLEGALLY! I came to this country in 1972 legally with my parents and became US citizens in 1984. Read the story and then make an educated response.

      • thomas bell

        your parents did it legally did they not

  • Thunderthud

    The governor of Massachusetts says WELCOME. The state deserves to get more than its share of the invaders.

    • Crassus

      Send them to the Kennedy compound at Hyannisport, John Kerry’s vacation home on Martha’s Vineyard, and Elizabeth Warren’s mansion in Cambridge. Let these egg suckers put their money where their mouth is when it comes to compassion.

      • Kim T

        they can’t be sent to the vineyard, it would mess up the prez’s vacation with all those illegals on the island.

        • Mike Knowlton

          2 funny!

  • william russell

    Hey governor that is great of you to feel the way you are and i hope that obama will send all 60,000 kids to you, and than the next 100,000 also and our problem is solved and your taxpayers can pay for them. Everyone reading this email blast your representative with the fact that governor is willing to take all kids.

    • BevM

      But they have to send a few thousand to Pelousy’s mansion. Remember, she said “I wish I could bring all of the children home with me.” Send some to her and send some to Barry and Mooch. They’re their guests. I’m sure MANY will fit in the White House. It’ll need fumigated after the Husseins leave anyways. Might as well let them put their money where their mouths are and let them have their guests stay with them. At over $6K a head, TAX FREE, there’s money to be made. But they should put OUR money where their mouths are and take on all of the responsibility for “these kids” upon themselves out of their own bank accounts – HEAVILY funded by their form of Insider Trading.

  • Anonymous

    Well Ma. seems like a great place to send these illegal immigrants.Gov Patrick could teach them of the American Revolution.And just think how good all the Ma. libs will feel,maybe even a tingle up the leg.

    • Candy Marini Olbrych

      Yes – and in the meantime the people who actually pay taxes in MA will suffer even more with even higher taxes. Let him take it out of the $9 million budget for remodeling and redecorating his office.

  • Anonymous

    Only liberals should be sent to camp, they are danger to us and themselves!

  • CharlyO

    One more liberal attempt to destroy this country. Why not pick a state, such as Patrick’s, and send all illegals there … for deportation. In the meantime they could pay the bill!

    • Candy Marini Olbrych

      Please!!! Massachusetts already has almost as many welfare recipients as they do working people – actually I believe that it is about 50/50… We DON’T need them. Let the idiot governor – who I did not vote for – pay for it out of his pocket. He spent over $9 million redecorating his office recently. He spent over 35K just for drapes when he was elected the first time. The reason he is called Coupe DeVal is that he traded in the prior Governor’s SUV for a 46K Cadillac. He put that one into mothballs during his last election campaign so he could be ferried around by State Police troopers driving a $52,000 Chevy Tahoe. That moron can find more ways to spend my tax dollars than you can imagine. Don’t give him any more ideas about spending it on MORE welfare recipients to overload the already overloaded school system in this state!

      • Boomhauser

        You elected the moron, now live with it. send all welfare and ILLEGALs to MASS!!!!!

        • Candy Marini Olbrych

          I did not elect him. I voted against the ass both times he ran. I am a Libertarian who cannot afford to sell my house and move to a decent state because the housing market sucks. I repeat – I DID NOT volunteer for this ass any more than I voted for the ass sitting in the white house.

        • Anonymous

          Boomhauser, Massachusetts is a good state with good people who already carry the burden of the least regulated welfare system in the country. Illegals ALREADY move here because they know they will not be turned down for ANYTHING. It’s absolutely disgusting. And like Candy said, we can’t all afford to pack up and sell the house and move out. Besides, I love this place. I’d rather keep fighting to change it than give up, tuck tail and run.

          • Bert Croft

            I’m sure you love your state, as I love mine also. But we can’t afford to send these people to conservative states. If they’re not going to send them back to mexico, then they need to send them to Liberal states like Massachusetts or California. If they keep sending them to conservavtive states, eventually the vast majority of our states will be liberal. If this happens, we are ruined for sure. This isn’t a fight for just one state. This is a fight for our country.

          • David Benson

            I left Sodom & Gamorrah 7 years ago for South Carolina and its Republican controlled state legislatue and governor.

        • Janean Guy

          Candy stated that she did NOT vote for him, just as a large number in this country did not vote for Obama. But we still have to live with the fact that many uninformed people did.

      • Buren

        Maybe We the people will wake up as we are being deported across the border….We are already giving them our jobs, our social security , shelter, free food, free medical services, pretty soom they will All be over here, and do you think they would be as generous as Our Wonderful Leaders ? I am not just talking about Mexicans only.

  • Anonymous

    Then why don’t those who don’t want to deport, get together and figure out how they can pool their own money and take care of the illegals themselves. Liberals love getting what they want for free, this dawn on me today, so many business’s require their workers to volunteer for things. Liberals love getting something for free.

    Volunteering is a necessity for things like Human Society, Meals on Wheels, etc, it’s a choice, but businesses have turned volunteering into a have to, it’s no longer a choice.

  • Candy Marini Olbrych

    I can only say one thing – from a MA resident who pays very high property and income taxes in a state that is not-so-lovingly referred to as “Taxachusetts” and whose rsidents are referred to as “Massholes” – NIMBY – not in my back yard. We already have a HUGE burden with welfare recipients living in motels and using their EBT cards in all areas of the country!

    • Mike Knowlton

      Well, dear, you need to elect a guy who isn’t afraid of the welfare mafia. Our guy up in Maine at least has tried to crack down on using welfare EBTs in the MA strip clubs.

      • Janean Guy

        Mike, that’s easier said than done. When you have so many living on welfare and handouts but are totally uninformed, and these same people vote, well……………

  • Dave Posh

    Electing Deval Patrick as Governor is akin to electing Adolph Hitler as Chancellor.

    • Mike Knowlton

      No, Dave, it’s more akin to electing ine of the three stooges president. (Oh, wait. The Low Information Voters already did that too, didn’t they?) Hitler was a emented megalomaniac. Patrick is just an idiot with a following of other idiots who vote.

  • Billy Phipps

    This guy is an idiot

  • gator37

    Another worthless Liberal IDIOT

  • Anonymous

    Hanging offense.

  • Anonymous

    The revolution has already begun. Will you fight or hide behind your perceived entitlements?

  • dennis reilly

    pelosi said she would love to adopt all of them and failed to adopt one with all of her riches

  • Andy

    Give them a plane ride back to their country. They will be no worse off then before coming here. I feel sorry when I see children hurting but we can not save the world. Sounds cold but is a fact, if we keep doing as we are. We will become a third word country.

  • Guest

    God Bless America.

  • melissa kessler

    Absolutely ridiculous.

  • Sheeple

    This is nothing but federal government sanctioned human trafficking! Trafficking of illegals.

    • queenslaby

      yeah, it “used to be against the law” to be a coyote…. now the Govt does the same thing. Only difference is not only are the coyotes getting rich, but they are robbing us taxpayers to house/feed them. I don’t see ANY $ coming from all the loud mouths in WA personal pocket. Most of them dodge even paying taxes, therefore have no investment at all!

  • ReasonForAll

    I am fully for the immigration of illegals into this country, provided that:

    1) The politicians who support the legislation or movements toward immigration put up the illegals in their houses themselves

    2) Politicians personally employ said housed illegals at no less than minimum wage

    3) Any and all documentation, including but not limited to taxes, bank statements, personal documents, licenses, report cards from their children, and magnets on the refrigerator be made duplicate and translated into Spanish.

    4) Politician posts sign (in accordance with stipulation #3 above) on their front lawn/gate/armed guard cupula stating “THIS IS A FREE FOR ALL ZONE. COME ON IN.”

    It shouldn’t be a problem for these political types, as socialism is what they are aiming for.

    Oh wait… subject to their own policies? That’s a big no-no. We can’t have any socialists who believe in socialism when it applies to them.

    • queenslaby

      they are such hypocrites, not only do they not practice what they preach, they allow these illegals on planes without a photo ID…. you try that and see how far you get!

  • Mark Goldstein

    hey governor let them live in your executve mansion and load it up with lice and scabies then you will sing a different tune you are a fool to make that kind of comparison there is no way this is the same thing and if you love King barrack so much then you want your state to be the start of a 3rd world state

  • Johnathan Read

    It’s obvious that Deval Patrick knows NOTHING about The Holocaust.

    His comments are an insult to Jews and non-Jews alike.

    • Cy Nin

      As Rabbi Stephen Wise noted – “Some call it Marxism, but I call it Judaism.”

      • Johnathan Read

        And YOU are what decent people call a vile anti-Semite.

  • Don Sigman

    What did you expect from the person of an oppressed minority who cant get a better job than be the govenor?

  • Steven

    Glenn I thought of this the other day lets use the 2 mil to buy the house next door to Patrick and load it up….I believe he still lives in a nice ritzy community called Milton MA ..

  • queenslaby

    it is not only scary but insulting to the CITIZENS of this Country to have politicians who draw a six figure salary, that do NOT know the LAWS or Constitution of the USA. Put some of the unemployed with more knowledge in their position, and put these idiots in the unemployment line. I hope anyone that votes is paying attention to the brainless politicians who “supposedly” represent their local, State & Fed level…. and vote them out!

  • Carl S. Johnson

    Gotta give him props for acknowledging the holocaust happened.

    • Cy Nin

      Jews are not Israelites
      Jews are not Semites
      Jews are not God’s Chosen People
      Jews are not blessed

      Jews killed Jesus Christ
      Jews have committed Deicide
      Jews blaspheme the BVM
      Jews blaspheme Christ
      Jews hate WHites
      Jews hate Christendom
      Jews hate Blonds

      Jews hate… period.

      And, you know what?

      “God hates the Jews.” – St. John Chrysostom

      “Ye (Jews) are of your father, the Devil.” – Jesus ha Moshiach (the Messiah)

      • TL

        take your anti-semitism out of this discussion

  • Anonymous

    Every time one of these a..holes opens their mouths to spout this nonsense ,ask them how many illegals they are taking into their personal households. Crickets.

  • Anonymous

    Eff his guy, ship’em all to The Inner Harbor and let them illegals hang around the docks & shopping areas downtown!

  • Cy Nin

    A few simple truths …

    – Saul Alinsky, Obama’s primary ideological influence, was a Russian Jew.
    – David Axelrod, the media mind behind Obama, is a Russian Jew
    – Jews like Maurice Samuel openly admit their hatred for Christian civilization
    – As Derzhavin noted, the Jews are nothing but a band of clever robbers.
    – Lev Bronstein and the Bolsheviks committed the greatest holocaust of all time
    – San Juan La Laguna, a town in Guatemala, is asking all Jews to leave
    – “The Merchant of Venice” offers insight into the hatred that Jews have for Christians
    – Lois Lerner, Gyorgy Schwartz, Cass Sunstein, Ezekiel Emanuel – all Jews.
    – There are too many Jews on the Supreme Court

  • Anonymous

    There is a difference between Christian Charity and being mistaken
    for a fool. Obama punishment for the Hobby-Lobby decision is this mass
    immigration chaos. Everytime he loses a fight we lose a right.

  • Anonymous

    ask Mr Glen where would he be if thy had these rules when his ansestors came to america?? and dont give me the crap its a different time….we are the land anyone can come to an prosper.. you always have yhe good and the bad but you cant say that out of 1000 there are more then 10 bad…just like kids born in America

    • Anonymous

      “Come to prosper” doesn’t mean shipping your children off to hopefully survive long enough for someone else to raise them.

  • Anonymous

    Are you Tired of our government creating crisis to enslave us and our children?

  • jen

    Two words…… complete idiot!

  • Christopher McQuade

    Maybe we should have Washington send all 60,000 illegal immigrants to Massachusetts, since they have all this free cash in their treasury. New England hospitality to the test.

  • IT 2 IT 123

    “MY land is where MY people are BURIED.”

    “The SLAVE has NO settled place.”

    “——And check out Mexico’s ‘ruling elite’!
    ——————————————–they AIN’T even MEXICAN!”
    Informed Radio

    IT IS



    ‘GLOW BULL’ —mafia —–RED CHINA handover TREASON was PULLED OFF!

    NO ONE has ANSWERED for this.

    The PERPS and OPERATIVES remain at large —-and IN CHARGE.

    The controlled demolition of VOIDED North America?
    ————————————————is now FULLY UNDERWAY!

    KEEP PLAYING with YOUR BALLS! —in this, the 11th HOUR!

    • Anonymous

      Question: When you use all your aluminum foil for hats, what do you wrap your leftovers in?

  • IT 2 IT 123

    “Better realize folks, ALLL the ‘free trade’ agreements’
    which were signed in secret —and which, even now,
    are secret —–publicly INCLUDE the FREE MOVEMENT
    of LABOR —ACROSS—- borders
    ———————-at third world wage scales
    ——————————and even under third world conditions and practice.
    ———————————————I HOPE YO UNDERSTAND THAT. . .
    —————————I REALLY DO. . . .”
    Informed Radio


    MAURICE STRONG continues to HIDE in RED CHINA.

    ‘GLOW BULL” mafia continues to STIR the ‘CULL—-drone’.

    MAO continues to BEAM across TIENNAMEN –and the WORLD.


    TAKEDOWN right on track!

    HOLLOWIING COSTS ——–unto——– further HOLOCAUSTS
    —————————————————————-in this, the 11th HOUR.

    • Candy Marini Olbrych

      I have been in the medical transcription industry for over 45 years. I loved my job. Then several years ago US based companies, in order to make more money, sent transcription work to India, and now it is also going to the Philippines and a few other countries. The result? Medical transcriptionists in the US are being paid 0.5 to 0.6 cents per line – the same rate I was being paid over 35 years ago. That means that a transcriptionist has to type 131.82 lines of 65 characters (without spaces) in order to earn a federal minimum wage of $7.25 at 5.5 cpl. The minimum wage in 1980 was $3.10. Please bear in mind that MTs are responsible for interpreting and typing dictation by mush-mouthed physicians for whom English is a second language, and must meet an accuracy rating of 99%. They are responsible for making sure that your medical records are accurate so a medication error in transcription could result in death (Google the Juno wrongful death case: Anger over medical transcription errors yields $140M verdict … )

      Do we really need more illegal aliens taking jobs from hard working American women who for decades have been supporting their families by ruining their hands? Most transcriptionists are independent contractors (ICs) which means they are responsible to put aside their own taxes and take care of their own health insurance needs.

      Not everyone can do the job, but those of us who do the work are dedicated to turning out as perfect a document as possible because we realize that we are guardians of your health information.

  • Anthony Wingers

    The other blacks will not thank this guy for increased unemployment and diluted services that their own kids need.

  • Sierra-Alpha-Zulu-Echo

    It’s a damn shame it’s too soon to start marching on these people.

  • Shuaster

    No, Lets not send them back to their home country and invest in conversations with the government and Charities there to help them fix their problems. It is more humane to spend 3.8 billion dollars on converting schools, jails and military bases to store them. >>SARCASM ALERT<<

    • Mike Knowlton

      Didn’t need the alert. That had to be sarcasm. You are too literate to have been an idiot.

  • Tea Party Marine

    Send them all to Massachusetts! Obviously the general public will stand by their governor because they did vote for the moron. Your compassion for these illegal immigrants (future democrat voters) is truly heartfelt. Oh by the way Mr Moron, South America produces about 40 million babies each year so plan on a massive low income housing strategy. I’m sure the low information voters of your socialist state will welcome these dependent liabilities with open arms. Oh by the way Mr Jackass, America accepted hundreds of thousands of Jews the year when that ship was turned away. Where was the rest of the world? Why did they refuse to accept them?

    • Anonymous

      He was elected 48% to 42%. There’s a pretty good percentage of us who
      aren’t morons. We already have the worst regulated welfare system in the country. It’s disgraceful.

    • Candy Marini Olbrych

      I voted AGAINST him twice. Right now, they are actually considering (according to the press conference I saw earlier today) sending a minimum of 1,000 illegals aged from 3 to 17 years to an active military installation – Westover Air Base – in Western MA. The mayor if the city of Chicopee is not crazy about it. Putting them on an active air base is crazy. Obama told Gov. Patrick that the feds will pay the entire bill.

      As a Western MA resident I vote that the beautiful people take them at the military base in the Cape Cod area (Camp Edwards)… Oh, but wait, that is too close to Martha’s Vineyard and the “Kennedy Compound” at Hyannis.

  • Randy Osgood

    This guy’s an idiot. Mass voters are morons

    • Dorothy Pohl-Scot

      I know most Mass voters are morons. It is difficult living in this state!!! Rumor has it they are going to camp Edwards on Cape Cod. We shall see how all of the Cape residents feel about that!! I am sure a lot of them are NIMBY’s

  • Jill A. Gorze

    First off, the ship that was turned away in 1939 was the MS St. Louis and it was NOT loaded with children. It was mostly adults. Second, FDR turned the ship away because he did have several anti-Semitic members in his cabinet as he was and the reason he gave was he said the American people didn’t want them (with no facts to back that up) and he didn’t want to get America involved in European affairs. Which, of course, is not true. FDR was chomping at the bit to get us involved. FDR sent that ship back to Europe where most of the passengers did die in the camps! Dumbass needs to learn history before opening his mouth!

  • Mike Knowlton

    DeValPatrick is a kownidiot anyway, ut I’ll bet if they took a poll in Mass right nowhe’d learn not all of his eople are leftylunatics willing to take on MORE troublesome illegals. Just listen to Howie Carr if you want to know how the Bay State is doing with illegals right now.

  • Anonymous

    Americans, other than a Politian, can multi-task much more than one dimension of a catastrophe at a time. Most Americans can immediately care for victims of a car crash while also dispatching qualified workers to resolve the origins and causes of such crashes at the same time.

    Unfortunately Americans have a human weak spot and elect Politicians based on appearance and promises, not past performance.

  • Anonymous

    How some of these politicians end up being in office is an endless mystery? Likely people like him were elected by the low information, dumbed down voters.

  • Waleah Nixon

    I feel our kindness was part of the agenda. They counted our kind and compassion to make their plan work.

  • Connor Kenway

    What about the Concentration camps your government is putting them in and have you read a history book?

  • bucketnutz

    Another ignorant comparison by an ignorant Progressive stooge.

  • Dulcie A. Covington

    So, this governor says we should take them in? Okay, send all these illegal immigrants to him, and Pelosi, and Reid, you could also put a few in the White House. Aren’t the Obama’s going on vacation? Well, if they feel so strongly about letting them in, they could take some with the.

  • Andrea Soucy

    Deval Patrick has a huge estate in western Massachusetts. I am sure he could foster many of the OTM”childre” there.

  • thomas bell

    Thomas R Belford I don’t remember it being said that Jewish people were illegally running into Germany so they could be exterminated. and some in Germany were trying to openly deport them.

  • thomas bell

    Thomas R Belford For this man to say this he never believed there was a Holocaust of the Jewish people. what a idiot oh well he is just another lost soul that will burn in hell.

  • Anonymous

    Is he saying these children will be murdered for returning to Central America? Or that conditions for the general populace in Central America are like a concentration camp?

  • Bill Morin

    when you bust your back trying tocome to the United States Legally then i have no problems welcoming you here, but when you do it illegally then i have a problem with it. There are checks and balances with paperwork, Health issues making sure of innoculations and such, when you slide over ur border illegally you are spitting in the faces of every single immigrant who went thru hard tmes to get here and start new life in the greatest Country there is.

  • IT 2IT

    Mexico’s been globalist MAFIA plundered and imploded.

    POST America is the VOIDED shell of some 4 decades
    of CFR globalist MAFIA —RED CHINA set up and handover.

    MAO is BEAMING like never before over TIENNAMEN.

    MAO is David Rockefeller’s 20th century ‘progress’ SUPER STAR.

    America’s clearly undergoing controlled demolition
    and police state roll out.

    The Americas are being overturned unto franchise slum
    amalgamation —genocidal land clearance and FINAL EUGENICS.

    COUNT the latest deployment of CCTVs and weaponized
    CELL and GWIN towers and smart meters.

    COUNT the CHEM-trails overhead.

    It’s UNDENIABLE. It’s in their documents [ see DEBORAH TAVAREZ].

    HOLLOWING COSTS unto further, neater, more far reaching,
    ‘FEW CHORE’ earth – – —HOLOCAUSTS.

    There’s NO DENYING IT.

    WHY is GLENN continuing to BALK the unfold?

  • Equis

    This guy is a babbling fool and has no idea what he is taking about. Apparently he would like these people to flood his state and take care of them so we should send them there then as quickly as possible.

  • Anonymous

    This guy is definitely talking right out of his “RECTUM”.

  • Anonymous

    odd isnt it how the same party that in General denies the Holocaust now uses it for their own purposes?, now it becomes a handy tool to demonize all who stand in their way.

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