The Daily Briefing: This is how we should deal with evil

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During Thursday’s Daily Briefing, Glenn referred to a pamphlet printed by the National Park Service in 1950 that discussed the Lincoln-Douglas debates. Abraham Lincoln was running as the Republican candidate for Senate in Illinois, and he explained the slavery debate in very simple yet powerful terms.

Lincoln believed the slavery debate had nothing to do with the people of the north and south. Had slavery been commonplace in the north instead of the south, the north would have been pro-slavery and the south abolitionists. Instead of looking to blame a group of people for what was going on, Lincoln sought to find a principle that could unite: It was the institution of slavery, not the people, that was evil.

Glenn believes that sentiment is what is missing from the immigration debate today. There are no politicians willing to break away from the blame game and start focusing on solutions.

“I don’t see any politicians dealing that way,” Glen said. “And that is how we have to be.”

Author and entrepreneur James Althucher and his wife, Claudia, were also in Thursday’s briefing, and they touched on the psychological component of the Lincoln tactic.

Blame, as James explains, requires one to live in the past, while working towards solutions is a present and future action. Washington D.C. is currently deadlocked as they try to pin this problem on one another. That has prevented more rational minds from prevailing and getting behind things like what Glenn and Mercury One are doing in providing humanitarian relief to those who are currently in the U.S. awaiting legal proceedings.

“People can’t seem to just focus on what is right,” James said before Claudia added: “It is difficult to get out of our heads and into our hearts.”

  • Debra Oneil

    Glenn believes that sentiment is what is missing from the immigration debate today. There are no politicians willing to break away from the blame game and start focusing on solutions.

    the solution is simple…honesty is required. but no one will do that. thats just “inconvenient”… so things will continue, just as they are. did you see this was predicted in a 1987 HBO film?

    • landofaahs

      Take heart and fear not. Jesus is with us unto the end of the age. Ephesians chapter 6 tells us how to defeat evil.

      • Jeff Lambeau

        Please, looking at the rulebook to defeat evil is lame. It’s like using cheat codes. The fun way is to find out for yourself.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, Lincoln dealt with people that believed in the truth and had convictions and believed in God. They could be swayed by logical as well as emotional arguments. But we are dealing with people who think only in emotional argumentation of I win you loose and have forgotten GOD! Any common ground found is lost as soon as the reality of truth becomes an obstacle. Logical arguments become tabled as we must agree to disagree avoiding the truth.

    The common ground that must be proven is demonstrating the existence of God by simple observation without religious byes.

  • doug

    The Corwin amendment support. The North did in fact have slavery check the records. His case in returning an escaped slave to the slave owner. He fought over tariffs (75% from Southern ports) oops,he fought over union. (When in the course of human events also Article VII of Constitution plays into it ) oops my bad again he fought over slavery yeah that’s the ticket,. The Emancipation Proclamation (executive order for you Obama fans) that only freed slaves in non occupied Southern territories. Hey all you North Koreans you are free (works just as good). 600,000 dead and a Hamiltonian monarchy declared, no thanks Glenn how ’bout seeing the similarities with Wilson. The nationalists won and Hamilton, Clay,Lincoln rule.

  • Anonymous

    When what is wrong is turned upside down or becomes relative it is no small wonder that what is right is imperceptible. Various people and organizations have been very busy during the last few decades of attempting to erode the foundation of Truth all while calling it “freedom”. It’s not about their giving us “freedom” it’s about them getting our permission. It’s about them getting us to say “It’s OK”, “It’s legal”, “It’s Constitutional”, “It’s a fundamental human right”. It’s all a smokescreen. When humanity comes crashing down (and it will), the confused and deceived will point to those who know better and say: “They said it was OK”. And they would be correct. Humanity has had Free Will Choice from the beginning — to do whatever one desires. But that’s not enough. They want something from you, they can’t force it, they can’t steal, slash or burn it from you, but they think you can give it to them. They crave permission. You can’t give it to them.

    “Come on and join us in the cesspool — it doesn’t really stink!”

    • landofaahs

      People who are heading straight to hell always want company. God has given America over to a reprobate mind. We no longer can distinguish between lust and love. Our passions have become riderless horses racing towards judgment. We no longer stand upon reason’s base, but instead debase our reason to fit our degenerate lifestyles while pestilence stalks the land. Babylon the great is falling. God help us.

      • Bonnie Somer

        When i read all of your comments it is obvious all of us understand what must be done now it is time to do it

        • landofaahs

          Let God handle it.

          • Anonymous

            WE are God’s arms and minds on earth. Sure, He could do it for us, He can, but WE are the ones who have stewardship over this earth HE made for us. We can do anything and everything – for with God, all things are possible.

            Did God build the ark for Noah? Did God himself lead the Israelites from Egypt? Did God win WWII? No, he calls men to be His team, prophets and leaders. We are the ones to do it.

  • landofaahs

    Ephesians chapter 6, put on the armor of God. That is how you “defeat” not deal with evil.

  • Connor Kenway

    How the white House fights evil today. Blame it on Bush and play some golf.

  • llellc

    With mid-terms around the corner the politicians are so self-serving right now that they can’t see beyond their own needs. That is so childish and ineffective. I can’t wait to vote out some of these crummy people. I wish we could delete all of them, but I am not that optimistic at this point.

  • Anonymous

    Lincoln also wanted to re-settle all the freed slaves to Brazil, so I guess he wasn’t that great a guy after all.

  • Anonymous

    ENOUGH WITH THIS EMO BS DUDE! the politicians don’t want to find real solutions, dude, that’s the problem…they want to perpetuate our problems so they can constantly offer us “solutions” and maintain and expand their power. the principle is simple: if you got no borders, you got no nation. right now, we’ve got no southern border AND no rule of law, end of story. politicians and gubment flunkies either do their job, or they don’t….if they’re not enforcing immigration law and treating illegal immigration as a crime, they’re not doing their job. if they’re not securing our borders, they’re not doing their job. if they’re not doing their job, they should be fired, charged with treason and/or sedition, executed, or some combination thereof, end of story. this is simple man!. breaking the law is breaking the law, and that applies to illegals, politicians, and gubment flunkies all! if those entrusted with enforcing the law won’t do it, then we need to throw their a**es in jail, throw their heads through a noose, or whatever it takes to RESTORE THE FRIKKIN’ LAW! the longer you wait to remove the tumor, is all the more cutting and bleeding you’re gonna have to do when you do finally get around to it. you’ve got a tumor, are you gonna risk cutting it out and possibly dying under the knife, or are you going to ignore it and let it kill you slowly but certainly. there you go, is that simple enough for you cry babies??

  • Justin

    I just spent the week helping out disabled kids at a summer camp. It was honestly the best week of my life, and I finally realized what is needed to fight every problem that comes our way. Helping those kids for a week told me that LOVE is the answer. God loves us completely, and having that love is the best defense against any kind of attack or problem. TRUST is so important. If you are a servant of God and you trust him to take care of you. You will have the force of the maker of the universe at your back. Honestly, I’d rather have God, than any kind of missile or tank. We can talk politics and problems with our earthly government. But that’s just it, it’s earthly, it’s pretty much doomed to fail without God. Really Glenn, the only thing that matters is trusting in God’s Love. “landofaahs
    Ephesians chapter 6, put on the armor of God. That is how you “defeat” not deal with evil.”
    That is key Glenn, God’s Love is our armor. We just have to wear it.

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