Georgia congressional candidate: Russia/Ukraine conflict could become an ‘international catastrophe’

On Tuesday, Georgia Republicans in the state’s 11th Congressional District will head to the polls to vote in the runoff election between conservative former state senator Barry Loudermilk and incumbent Congressman Bob Barr (R-GA). Loudermilk enjoys the support of David Barton and General Jerry Boykin among others, and he spoke to Glenn on radio this morning about the current conflict in Ukraine and the upcoming election.

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Loudermilk spent time in Ukraine in 2003, teaching American history via a program with the Ukrainian Orthodox Church. The hope was to prepare the next generation of Ukrainian children to be dedicated to the path of liberty and freedom by familiarizing them with the United States’ independence.

“It was incredible. But the most incredible thing that happened to me – after I was teaching on Thanksgiving Day in 2003 about American history, the founding of America, I was having dinner with some government officials,” Loudermilk said. “One of them kept asking me more and more questions about the founding of America. And I finally asked him, ‘Why are you so interested in American history?’ And, Glenn, what he said changed my life because he said, ‘We want to become what you were.’ What you were.”

The verb tense of the statement the Ukrainian official uttered is what struck Loudermilk most. Given the Obama Administration’s lackadaisical response to the current Russia/Ukraine conflict, Glenn asked Loudermilk what we should be most aware of and concerned about.

“This has the potential to be an international catastrophe,” Loudermilk said, “especially with our ally Ukraine already fighting Russian forces that are insurgents operating within the border of Ukraine.”

In the aftermath of the crash of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 on Thursday, Loudermilk spoke to a friend of his who is very involved in the nationalist fight in Ukraine. While the conditions on the ground are difficult, the Ukrainian people have not lost hope.

“I contacted, via Skype, a friend of mine who is in Kiev, and he’s one of the nationalists there,” he explained. “He told me yesterday, ‘Barry, the people are… taking their vacation time to go volunteer with the national defense battalions to defend their homeland.’ They’re taking their vacation time, Glenn, to go defend their nation! [The U.S.] can’t even get people to… take an hour off of lunch to go to the polls. We can learn from Ukraine going forward.”

You can learn more about Loudermilk’s campaign HERE.

  • Herbert
  • Anne Droid

    It’s important that each of us reject the tyrant’s designs for absolute despotism:

    • Olivia Richard


      ♚♚♚ ♚�♚♚ ♚♚♚ ♚�♚♚ ♚♚♚

  • Anonymous

    Bob Barr isn’t the incumbent in this race. While he is Loudermilk’s opponent in the primary, he hasn’t held a a seat in Congress since 2003

  • bananaman

    Eastern Ukraine, like Gaza, is a civilian population currently under bombardment. Like Gaza there’s mounting casualties and a growing refugee crisis, crisis of basic living provisions and medecine’s, and more kids being traumatised for life by big tough guys in tanks and planes.

    So Republicans are allied with Nazi’s now, who’d have thunk it !

    The only thing the Ukrainian people in general have to fear is debt and poverty, but that’ll be apparent soon enough.

    If that plane wasn’t brought down by the Billionaire terrorist army from Syria practicing with their new-found knowledge and weaponry, then it was probably done by drunk and bungling Ukrainian forces who by accounts aren’t all exactly what you’d call highly trained and disciplined.

    • Kandiboyyy

      This is one of the most ignorant posts I’ve ever seen… Ukraine has 3 major differences from Gaza:
      1: Their governments charter doesn’t call for the destruction of the country seiging them.
      2: They never launched missiles into civilian populations in Russia with the intent of killing civilians.
      3: They are actually willing to be reasonable when it comes to peace treaties.

      Ukraine is nothing like Gaza

      • bananaman

        1: Talk is cheap and it’s worse from the other side, as well as the ‘talk’ being mercilessly enacted by them. Mummy not tell you about ‘sticks and stones’ ?
        2: Ukraine has in fact shelled villages in Russian territory but that kind of news doesn’t travel far. Shelling civilians is just that, doesn’t matter where.
        3: No they’re not. Russia, as so many times recently has done little but call for an end to violence and to sit down and talk. Poroshenko on the other hand promises ceasefire every other day but it never happens.

        Putin deserves a medal for restraint so far. Lavrov deserves a hundred Nobel Prizes before Obama, but they’re a joke now since that and giving themselves one. And if you’re going to tell me Russia’s invaded anywhere, or shot down planes, or heavily armed anyone I’ll need proof.. which you’ll do well to produce since I haven’t seen any elsewhere.

        Ukraine has a long way to go before it resembles the living hell that Gaza’s been for so long. But most of Eastern Ukraine IS suffering the exact nightmares I paralleled.

        • rreactor

          Putin better hope he doesn’t get what he “deserves”.

          • bananaman

            What and Why ?

  • landofaahs

    Fear not. That’s what Jesus said. Meanwhile life is good and enjoy the good days while they are here.

    • bananaman

      I’ll agree.
      But let’s not be idle as darkness threatens to descend.

  • Domine Beck virgam Amator

    You know what else is really internationally embarrassing? A bunch of hubris-filled,self-righteous, dim-wits hell bent on fighting and talking shit because they don’t get their way. Thanks dudes.

  • Tom Rath

    David Barton? Lying huckster.

    • rreactor

      Tom Rath? Character assassin.

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