Glenn: I give Israel my support, my praise, and my prayers

On Thursday, the Israeli military launched a ground campaign in Gaza. The campaign follows 10 days of rocket fire with Hamas. The Israeli Defense Force tweeted about the latest phase of “Operation Protective Edge,” validating reports.

Glenn took to his Facebook on Thursday to offer his thoughts and prayers:

On radio this morning, Glenn further explained his support of Israel. He praised Israel’s ability and right to defend itself, and he explained why he does not believe the U.S. should intervene militarily in the conflict.

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Below is an edited transcript of the monologue:

I so support what Israel is doing. But I will not go out and fight for Israel. I will help them in moral support every step of the way. Quite honestly, I don’t think the Israelis want or need the American troops on the ground. We’ve become mercenaries, and we come in and screw it up because we say, ‘What the hell are we even doing over here.’

The Israelis will fight because they’ll know their lives are at stake. They do know their lives are at stake. I pray for the Palestinians. I pray for the innocent Palestinians. Somebody wrote on a message on my Facebook post, ‘Glenn, there are no innocent Palestinians.’ Yes, there are. I know because I’ve met many of them. You cannot tell me that all Palestinians hate all Jews, just like I can’t tell you that all Jews are peaceful, loving, and don’t hate the Palestinians. Most people are the same. Most people just want peace. Most people just want to raise their family. Most people, if you have a western mentality. That’s why Israel is generally right.

A western mentality says, ‘We need to uphold life. We need to encourage life. We need to not take life. We need to not be at war. We need to help others.’ The Hamas point of view is, ‘Kill, kill, kill. Kill in the name of God.’ So I pray for the leadership of Hamas to either see the light or be destroyed. They will destroy themselves. Their actions will destroy themselves because they’ll become enemies of the natural order of things. They already are.

I give Israel kudos for how they fight. I give them support. I give them my praise. I give them my prayers. The minute that Israel becomes a monster, I don’t support them. And I say exactly the same thing about this country. The day we become a monster, my support is gone. And we are dangerously close to becoming a monstrous country. We do not have a right to shove our ideology down other people’s throats. We lead by example. We model how the world should look and live: Free and at peace and accepting of other people’s lifestyles and religions. As long as you are not killing others, as long as you are not setting out to destroy the lives of others, let’s get along. We have to have common principles. And I wonder if we have them anymore. And it’s because we have fallen asleep and because we have listened to the military industrial complex.

Look at what’s happening over in the Ukraine. It is ethnic strife. Look at what’s happening in Europe. It’s all starting to fall apart because the UN and the EU started to put everything together and say, ‘This is who you are.’ And what happens? When somebody wants to take over, what do they do? They divide people by their ethnicity. What is happening here in America? ‘You’re black, you’re white, you’re Hispanic. Let’s fight.’

It’s happening all over the world. And that does not come from God and that does not come from anybody who should be calling themselves as leader. That comes directly from the gates of Hell. The world is at strife because people are dividing themselves by race or creed or color, and that is un-American and anti-American. It must stop.

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  • Anonymous

    Tunnel warfare very sophisticated used to counter firepower. The tunnels are reinforced with lighting and ventilation. They interlock and are networked. Israel ran into them in the last Lebanon war. They will be systematically taken out. Ordinance storage areas will be detonated. In the 14th year 7th month of Ezekiel’s war.

    • Carl

      how is this related to the video

      • Anonymous

        Carl, if we are to support Israel we must understand the Battle and the war they are entering. This will be a long engagement it can be tracked in the Bible. God is sending iniquity to destroy Iniquity. The
        great danger is a white washed peace. Glenn has become conflicted and is becoming a fence walker. He is not looking at God’s objectives and checking if his objectives are the same?

  • Benjamin Howling

    Jacob said [to his brother Esau], “No, please, if now I have found favor in your sight, then take my present from my hand, for I see your face as one sees the face of God, and you have received me favorably.

    So, true Jacob/Israel today sees his brother Esau holding to “Torah” or the instruction of God.

    KEY PHRASE: “for I see your face as one sees the face of God”. Esau looks like God to Israel. Esau/Edom lives in the cleft of the Rock/Law. See Obadiah. God describes brother, Esau/Edom, as the smallest and most hated of the nations.

    Amos 9:11-12 “In that day I will raise up the fallen booth of David,
    And wall up its breaches;
    I will also raise up its ruins
    And rebuild it as in the days of old;
    That they may possess the remnant of Edom
    And all the nations who are called by My name,”
    Declares the Lord who does this.

    Here we see that “David’s fallen booth” (the middle-eastern state) is restored for the remnant of Esau/Edom.

    2 Kings 23:27 – The Lord said, “I will remove Judah also from My sight, as I have removed Israel. And I will cast off Jerusalem, this city which I have chosen, and the temple of which I said, ‘My name shall be there.’ ”

    Judah was the southern kingdom, Israel/Ephraim the northern kingdom thus the reason you see Judah and Israel mentioned in the same statement. Old Jerusalem (middle-east) has been cast off and restored for Edom, not Israel or Judah in these last days. End-time Israel/America is just beginning to learn who she really is.

    Another explanation is in the New Testament when the Pharisees Jesus spoke to told him they were of Abraham’s seed but have never been in bondage. These men could not have been descendents of Jacob/Israel because Israel was in bondage for 400 years. Esau was not.

    Critical examination. Hard questions when we have been taught differently.

    Esau/Edom is Israel/America’s brother. Do we support a brother? Petition our Heavenly Father to spare him.

    • martha

      Gen. 16: 8 And He said, “Hagar, Sarai’s maid, where have you come from, and where are you going?”
      She said, “I am fleeing from the presence of my mistress Sarai.”
      9 The Angel of the Lord said to her, “Return to your mistress, and submit yourself under her hand.” 10 Then the Angel of the Lord said to her, “I will multiply your descendants exceedingly, so that they shall not be counted for multitude.” 11 And the Angel of the Lord said to her:

      “Behold, you are with child,
      And you shall bear a son.
      You shall call his name Ishmael,
      Because the Lord has heard your affliction.

      *****12 He shall be a wild man;
      His hand shall be against every man,
      And every man’s hand against him.*****

      And he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren.”

  • Anonymous

    I would give them AMMO

  • Connor Kenway

    I think Israel showed a lot of restraint. First rocket fired I would of been like lets get them.

    • martha

      ‘I give Israel kudos for how they fight. I give them support. I give them
      my praise. I give them my prayers. The minute that Israel becomes a
      monster, I don’t support them.’

      I don’t see that exception to supporting Israel in my Bible. Who decides when they are being a ‘monster’? Who’s perspective do we use to make such a judgement?

      • James

        I don’t see supporting Israel in my bible at all. I find it very strange how Israel was formed with a lot of misinformation tied to the birth of that nation.

        I find the people who are responsible for conquering the holy land even stranger. The more research I complete, the more I conclude that Israel and the people who run it are not who they claim to be.

        • Anonymous

          I guess you haven’t been reading any Bible at all, otherwise you would have found scores upon scores of information (or rather, the promises of the Lord our God) on support for Israel, both by other nations (most of whom have disobeyed this command) and by the Lord himself. So, here are just a few example:
          (1) Ezekiel 36:19-38 – ” I scattered them among the nations………and men said of them ‘These are the PEOPLE of the LORD, yet they had to go out of His Land’…….[but the Lord said]….”For I will take you from the nations and gather you together from all the countries and bring you into YOUR OWN LAND and you wil be cleansed….and shall dwell in the Land which I gave YOUR FATHERS and YOU shall be MY PEOPLE….on that day I will cleanse you of all your sins. I will cause the cities to be inhabited and the wasteplaces REBUILT and the Land that was DESOLATE will be tilled instead of being a desolation….and they will say: ‘This land that was desolate has become like the Garden of Eden….
          then the nations that are left around about you shall know that I, the Lord, have caused the ruined places to be rebuilt and the desolate places to be replanted. I, the Lord, have spoken and I will do it…”
          Just a 100 years ago, after 2000 years of desolation (read Mark Twain on his visit to Israel, falsely named palestine) under various conquerors (Byzantine, Persian, Arab, Crusader, Turkish, British Mandate) the ruined towns began to be rebuilt and the barren lands re-fertilized by Jewish pioneers-farmers many of them highly educated intellectuals from the Diaspora.
          Today, over 6 million Jews [and 1.5 million Arab Christian and Moslem Israelis) live in thriving towns and villages and Jerusalem, the Jewish people’s 3,000 year old capital.
          There are still agricultural ‘kibbutzim’ based on the vegetarian Essene farmers way of life in Jesus’ time (see: ‘Jewish Sources in Early Christianity’ by David Flusser).
          Israel’s agriculture is famous all over the world, with large exports of vegetables, fruit, etc. to foreign lands, even as some of them bash Israel while demanding a Boycott of its products.
          Other Biblical ‘Zionist’ quotes:
          Ezekiel 37: 15-28; Jeremiah 32:37-44; Isaiah 60:1-22;
          Isaiah 61:4-9; Amos 9:9-15; Joel 3:1-21; Zechariah 1:12-17;
          Zechariah 26-12; Zech 8:2-8; Zech 8:9-23; Zech 9:-17; Zech 12:1-14; Zech 14, & many more.
          The Koran also states that Godgave the Land of Israel to the Jews and will restore it to them before the End of Days: “Then We [Allah] said to the Israelites ‘Dwell in the Land. When the promise of the Hereafter comes to be fulfilled, We shall assemble you all together…” Koran, Sura 17 ‘Night Journey, verse 104.

          • James

            If you read your bible you will notice that Jews don’t appear in the bible until 2 Kings 16:6 and they were the ones who were fighting against Israel, not the people who already had their own land.

            Gods chosen people that is referenced so many times in the bible is not the Jews, but the 12 tribes of Israel which does include the tribe of Judah, however Judah can also be contrived to be a place, not a people, so not all reference to Judah found within the bible speaks of the Jewish people, as is very commonly misunderstood.

            Anyway, the passage you provided does not lay claim to the tribe of Judah in any way and only states that God’s people (the 12 tribes of Israel, not just Judah’s tribe) will be gathered to restore His land.

            Please note that Ashkenazic Jews are not the Jews from the Tribe of Judah, but were later converted to Judaism. There are sources which suggest otherwise and claim the Khazar’s never converted, however more in depth research is currently being completed which will lay rest to this debate and the origin of the Ashkenazi. Later, a very prominent family, who has been known to have dominated the world in wealth decided they needed Israel, so one of its members (no names) made the purchase of the land of Israel around the time of World War I. It did however take the events of World War II in order for the world to accept the mass occupation.

            Please use this research while you read the bible, as what is listed below will help you in your studies and may change the way you think of modern day Israel. Below is the appearance of Jews in the bible and what this particular use of the word Jew is supposed to mean according to the two references listed below, as translated from Greek:

            2448 – Judah, a part of or a place in Judah.
            2449 – Judeah, the Judean land.
            2450 – Judaize, live as the Jews (to become a Judean)
            2451 – Judaic, resembling a Judean
            2452 – Judaically, in a manner resembling a Judean, as do the Jews.
            2453 – Jehudah – belonging to, as a country
            2454 – Judaism – The Jews religion.
            2455 – belonging to, as a country.

            Please stop confusing the Jews as being Gods only chosen people. They are only 1 tribe of 12 of Gods chosen people. Chances are if you’re reading this you belong to a tribe as well and have just as much claim to the land of Israel as they do.


            “The New Strongs Exhaustive Concordance of The Bible” by James Strong, LL.D., S.T.D.

            “The Interlinear Bible, Greek Addition Volume IV”
            by Jay P. Green Sr.

  • MOM

    Know all the facts before you make such judgment’s .

    • James

      It’s kind of hard to know all the facts on Israel. Conclusions are drawn by the sources we read or shows we watch. The U.S. grew up with Israel as a great friend and substantial ally. It’s basically illegal to deny the existence of Israel throughout Europe and Israel. It would be nearly impossible to wake up the Western World on what Israel really is, how they were really formed, and rinse off the brainwashing of multiple generations.

  • Anonymous

    From one who is there right now – with the air raid sirens howling:
    We do not need anyone’s help in fighting our wars. What we do need is everyone to get out from underfoot and let us do the job properly.
    hamas has been firing rockets and sending suicide bombers and generally giving Israel
    grief for the last 14 years.
    Hamas has also illegally occupied the Gaza Strip since 2007 and has kept the Arab population there under the jackboot ever since.
    The liberation of the population of Gaza from hamas is a noble aim – but that is not why we are in Gaza and fighting the Protective Edge campaign.
    We need to rid ourselves and the world of this vicious and bloodthirsty terrorist organization, thus laying the cornerstone for the demise of every other fanatical islamic and jihadi terrorist organization anywhere in the world – if we can do it – other countries can do it.
    We have a God to protect us – you please pray for obama and his minions and other European meddlers and do gooders as well to keep out of our way and let us finish the job – once and for all.

    • Olivia Richard


      ♚♚♚ ♚�♚♚ ♚♚♚ ♚�♚♚ ♚♚♚

    • Anonymous

      I stand with Israel because I stand with Jehovah’s people.

      • James

        You need to do a little more research. Those who claim are not always who they say they are.

        • Anonymous

          Oh, dear, another denier of God’s word. Perhaps YOU and your ilk should do a little more HONEST research rather than try and claim that today’s direct descendants of the [Royal] Tribe of Judah, one of Jacob’s 12 sons, are not who God says they are.
          Of all the 12 tribes (10 of whom got ‘lost’ but whose identities will be revealed again at the End of Times) it was Judah to whom God gave the monarchy, resulting in King David, his son King Solomon, etc. even up to Jesus, a Jew born in Bethlehem of JUDAEA. The Bible also points out that a descendant of the Tribe of Judah will still be sitting on a throne (i.e. will be of a famous Royal family) when the Messianic age begins in earnest.
          As for dear Glenn Beck, lots of Israelis support and admire him, hoping that one day he will visit Israel again to meet with his many supporters….who far outnumber the 20
          pathetic leftist morons who demonstrated against him during his former visit.

          • Anonymous

            Did the Jews write the bible?


      You jews/communists drew first blood when you had he jew-created UN give you Palestine after WW2. By poisoning he Palestinian water wells. Will we ever see a Frontline special on it?

      In related news …


      Who are easily led. Because they’re too lazy to read their Bibles everyday, they believe anything that sounds good. Like the restoration of israel in 1948. All the jew-owned media and the jew-owned “christian” ministries continually beat us over the head with this fallacy. In the Bible, the LORD’s not referring to a physical restoration of Israel, but a spiritual restoration. We Christians are the embodiment of that restoration.

      “One of the clearest and most monumental Old Testament prophecies regarding the restoration of the tabernacle may be found in Amos 9:11-12; and in Acts 15:14-17 James clearly teaches that THIS PASSAGE IS BEING FULFILLED IN THE SPREADING OF THE GOSPEL TO THE GENTILES so in sum yes, the bible prophesies of a restored Jewish nation and temple, but then goes on to teach that THIS PROPHECY WAS FULFILLED BY JESUS’ BECOMING THE TRUE AND FINAL TEMPLE OF GOD, and subsequently in his making his people a holy temple in the Lord, where God’s presence might dwell among them, even today.”


      Netanyahu’s Opinion of Christian Zionists : “My opinion of Christian Zionists? They’re scum. But don’t tell them that. We need all the useful idiots we can get right now.” – Israeli Binyamin “Bibi” Netanyahu When you get tired of kicking at the goads.

  • Johnathan Read

    While I cannot tell you that all Palestinians hate all Jews, I can tell and show you this..

    60% of Palestinian Arabs Say Five-Year National Goal is to Destroy Israel (VIDEO)

    The Washington Institute for Near East Policy recently commissioned a survey of Arabs in the West Bank and Gaza. The results prove yet again that Palestinian Arab attitudes towards Israel are anything but peaceful.

    The clear majority of Palestinians polled – 60 percent, including 55 percent in the West Bank – say that their five year national goal should be “to work toward reclaiming all of historic Palestine from the river to the sea.”

    Yes, despite the insistence of biased “experts” who claim that Palestinian Arabs support a two-state solution and only want peace with Israel, the fact is that a convincing majority explicitly say that the real goal is to eliminate Israel altogether.

    • James

      I’d be pretty pissed too if after World War 3 China occupied California and used jets and tanks to obliterate Arizona until the rest of the U.S. stopped saying we want California back.

  • Ethan Horvitz

    Glenn, I agree with you in principle. Israel does not need our help fighting these pesky Islamist groups like Hamas and Hezbollah. That said, I don’t think taking a completely isolationist, hands off approach is wise. I think if you have a situation like you had in the Yom Kippour war where the Arabs invade Israel with the intent of driving the Jews into the sea and it it looks like Israel might lose, I think you have to intervene, militarily if necessary. I think you draw the line when you’re talking about a Western Country/Close Ally. I’m talking about places like Europe, Canada, Israel, Australlia, Japan, South Korea, etc… I know the country is war weary because of Iraq and Afghanistan, but I don’t think that our arbitrary mood that changes every 10 years ago should mean that we have an ever shifting foreign policy, we need to be consistent. Iraq & Afghanistan didn’t deserve our support because they didn’t want it and they don’t share our values. Western countries do and therefore are worth protecting if necessary. Additionally I think the Monroe doctrine is a good one.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn is saying the US is becoming a monstrous empire??!! Sounds like Obama. Israel doesn’t need our boots, but we should have military equipment at their disposal and stop giving hamas our borrowed money!

    • James

      I can’t think of a single thing Israel has done for the U.S. except own our banks and control our media.

  • empty pockets

    It’s especially frightening at this time in the world that we have no leader, no President. We have a Resident. He makes pronouncements and …his “work” is done. I have been saying since he became a candidate that he’s only ever been a community organizer, an agitator (Alinsky’s term for it). Though he’s absolutely a globalist, he’s also a small time community organizer, only interested in the “fundamental transformation of America”. Unfortunately, that will not stop him and his minions from meddling in world affairs just enough to muck it up more.

    I have too often in my life seen the results of “doing something…even if it’s wrong”. Usually, it IS wrong and makes the situation they’re supposed to “fix” (often of their own making) worse.

    We are at a point when human knowledge is doubling every five years and history is repeating at a much faster pace. Unfortunately, wisdom doesn’t seem to be on the rise at all, anywhere. Knowledge without wisdom (which includes compassion) is a very dangerous thing just as any journey into the future without a moral compass is doomed to have us wandering, again, in the wilderness.

  • Anonymous

    Israel is a Terrorist state and should be treated as such

    • שחר רחמני

      You are a Terrorist and should be treated as such. i also know how just say things…

    • Paper Boy

      This is the sort of comment generated by progressive socialist recalcitrant liberals. But I could be wrong, tell me if so.

      • Anonymous

        Progressive Liberal Socialist is the correct term Israel need to agree to a 2 state solution and now not after the kill half the people on the West Bank

    • James

      I am a conservative and I agree with you about Israel, but probably don’t agree with you about much else.

  • thedogwalker

    When I visited Israel a few years ago, I couldn’t help but notice how badly they treated the Palestinians. It reminded me of how we used to treat Blacks before the Civil Rights Act.

    • שחר רחמני

      Lie!! because of lies like that one it’s very popular to be against israel..

      • bananaman

        What planet are you from ?

        • שחר רחמני

          i live in israel you idiot so i know what i’m talking about.. not like you typing BS from the other side of earth.

  • Karl E Hubrath

    People, I would like to suggest a simple solution to the problem between Israel and the Palestine. There was a part in the bible that I liked; it was about a God called BAALS, and a prophet who had all of the sides call to their God and put that God to the test. In the case of the bible the God of Abraham won. I say let us put this to the test again and put in a no answer clause, that both sides can accept, see? I would bet anything there would be no answer, just saying, God bless.

  • landofaahs

    Glenn, why would you have someone take your picture at the prayer wall? Pious Posing? Is nothing sacred enough that you would not use it as a prop?

  • Something Is Wrong

    Don’t like the Military Industrial Complex? Like I’ve said innumerable times, REPEAL THE NATIONAL GUARD ACT OF 1903!!! Not only would it put an abrupt end to the Military Industrial Complex but it would also restore state rights and totally restore the Second Amendment among a whole bunch of other positive side effects. If you repealed the National Guard Act of 1903, we would never be involved in another war at the whim of a President or at the collusion of an out-of-touch Congress. The whole anti-war movement would disappear simply because it would be impossible for the US to go to really go to war unless the people were really behind it and supporting it. It would be really great if somebody else would catch on to this.

  • Marisa Ann Hutcherson

    Amen Beck! <3

  • Charles Hurst

    See, Israel understands.That the Muslim is an animal and should be treated as such. And before you start telling me how Christians burned people at the stake–yeah we did–and haven’t for hundreds of years. The Muslim remains to engage in barbaric behavior and oppression. They want the Jew driven to the sea.

    Oh by the way these would be your every day Muslims. Not radical Muslims, not extremist Muslims, just the run of the mill average Muslim who does whatever his cleric tells him to do. How do I know this? I’ll tell you the same thing I said on a radio interview last week. Because I’ve been in their filthy land. And the Arab Muslim is a vile entity.

    Islam is an oppressive religion. That’s why they shouldn’t even be allowed in the U.S. They aren’t interested in freedom of religion. They wish Sharia Law to rule the world. Don’t believe me? They are pushing for it in England right now.

    The day will come where the only answer to Islam in this country is brutal violence. Because the Muslim is one of two things—one of the “radicals.” Or following the radicals. Usually they will keep it toned down when not in their land—but as you can see in Europe and now here the Progressive is giving them free reign more and more and the real nature of Islam comes out. And it is a vile religion. Yes yes Mr Progressive, Christians burned people at the stake once as well—and we haven’t done that for hundreds of years. That would be the difference between us and Islam, who needs to be regarded as an enemy to this nation and if continues to attempt to force its beliefs on us should be met with violence in defense of this nation.

    Charles Hurst. Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of Armageddon. And creator of THE RUNNINGWOLF EZINE

    • bananaman

      “if continues to attempt to force its beliefs on us should be met with violence in defense of this nation” ……
      Now tell me why wouldn’t and shouldn’t a Palestinian feel exactly the same ?

      “the Muslim is an animal and should be treated as such” – this statement denounces any claim you think you have to Christianity. I’m not sure what perverse cult you belong to ?

  • Jarno Stevensen

    Jesus teaches me love and mankind not the killing of children while they play soccer in the beach. sorry Glenn but this time my prayer will go the oppressed people (palestinian children) not the Israeli oppressors.

    • bananaman

      Beautifully said.
      I’m glad someone here remembers what the point of following Jesus is supposed to be about.
      For those who ‘speak’ to him.. next time ask his opinion on the Israeli use of White Phosphorus please, I’d love to know ?

      • Anonymous

        Neither of you seem to understand Jesus. Did this unfortunate child have an opportunity to know Jesus? Or did his mother and father instructed him through their religion to hate Christians and Jew’s? Do
        not let your emotions overwhelm your logic. Palestinians victimize themselves in the 7th month 14th year of Ezekiel’s war.

        • bananaman

          I don’t actively follow the dude, but I know that ‘in context’ he would detest all modern weapons, and abhore the users of them, especially against the innocent and vulnerable.

          And fyi – the forces behind this hate all the religions.
          The coming Global World won’t have one.

          • Anonymous

            It is obvious you are not a follower. Unless you become more observant it will be like the times of Noah for you. As to the weapons war is counted as iniquity but modern weapons are
            not any more detestable than a rock. They are tools that are placed in the hands of men. It is what is in their hearts that determines abhorrence.

  • Jarno Stevensen
  • Anonymous

    On Israel and Iran confrontation on possible nukes in Iran ??? Are John kerry and obama slinging the BS to U.S citizens and the world again that they slow down Iran enrichment of uranium and give IRAN four more months in time to get their nuclear bomb and their missile delivery system ready for use !! Question I didn’t hear from kerry anything on ground vertification of these facts . To me this just is obama & kerry deceptions again making like they are doing something against Iran nuclear bomb and delivery system development ,when they’re really doing the opposition helping in giving Iran more time to get the bomb and lifting sanctions at the same time for more money to spur on development of the bomb !! To me obama,kerry are not on the side of U.S citizens,Israel,the free western world ,but on the side of radical Muslims who wants to destroy the U.S,Israel, the western free world and want to kill all infidel’s Catholics ,Jews,Protestants, and anyone who don’t practice Shari Law !!! Vote all these traitors to our country out of office that all Democrats local,state,federal offices cut these progressive leaders of obama & kerry of their power base who want to turn our country to a nanny police state under
    Shari Law and who are siding with our enemies
    of radicals Musllims !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      I’m praying for Israel too and that U.S support Israel too, But with obama the backstabber of Israel I think not !!! I haven’t forgotten that obama administration leak Israel plans in defending itself from Iran nuclear threat !! When obama said to the world and Israel that he would not interfere with Israel defending itself and got Israel back !! Israel gave U.S heads up on their plans then obama administration leak that Israel have plans of using a neighboring country air bases to do a pre-emptive strike against Iran nuclear threat !! Ya obama will not interfere and you got Israel back to stab them in the back !! I say leaking key military information is definitely interfering !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    With a open mike john kerry of him mocking Israel in saying that some pinpoint operations in Israel self defense !!!!! This shows where obama and kerry really stands in hating Israel !!!! You notice he does not knock Hamas on their pinpoint operations where 80% of Israel land area and population under the threats are in bomb shelters from Hamas rockets attacks that can strike anywhere without precision strikes on purpose !!!!!!!! Plus I don’t fall for obama ruse cover that we help Israel win a battle with the Iron Dome missile defense it only win a battle !!!Only for the short term of a battle’ not in the long term of the war for Israel ,western free world or U.S to keep their freedom!!! If obama was serious in winning the war he would open up U.S energy coal,natural gas,oil !!! But obama giving our enemies this winning hand in the long term to win the war against freedom !! Our President is making sure that our enemies have continuous large amount of funds for radicals Muslims to wage war with funds from IRAN & SAUDI ARABIA plus for Russia,China,Iran can build up their war machine and hold Europe as hostage !!! Ya for deception obama help Israel win a battle with the Iron Dome ,but in the long term obama is helping our enemies to conduct continuous attacks to weaken the free world,Israel ,U.S ,Western Europe so in the long term the results will be that free people around the world will lose the war to radicals Muslims back by Iran and Saudi Arabia ,and to the Communist of Russia and China !!

  • WASP

    How nice, the wanna be jew blechhh at the edomite “wailing wall”, unbelievable


    Wow, Beck’s sucking ass on his jewish employers. Truly unexpected. In related news …SHALLOW, LITERAL-MINDED PEOPLE MAKE SHALLOW, LITERAL-MINDED CHRISTIANS, I.E. CHRISTIAN ZIONISTS.

    Who are easily led. Because they’re too lazy to read their Bibles everyday, they believe anything that sounds good. Like the restoration of israel in 1948. All the jew-owned media and the jew-owned “christian” ministries continually beat us over the head with this fallacy. In the Bible, the LORD’s not referring to a physical restoration of Israel, but a spiritual restoration. We Christians are the embodiment of that restoration.

    “One of the clearest and most monumental Old Testament prophecies regarding the restoration of the tabernacle may be found in Amos 9:11-12; and in Acts 15:14-17 James clearly teaches that THIS PASSAGE IS BEING FULFILLED IN THE SPREADING OF THE GOSPEL TO THE GENTILES so in sum yes, the bible prophesies of a restored Jewish nation and temple, but then goes on to teach that THIS PROPHECY WAS FULFILLED BY JESUS’ BECOMING THE TRUE AND FINAL TEMPLE OF GOD, and subsequently in his making his people a holy temple in the Lord, where God’s presence might dwell among them, even today.”


    Netanyahu’s Opinion of Christian Zionists : “My opinion of Christian Zionists? They’re scum. But don’t tell them that. We need all the useful idiots we can get right now.” – Israeli Binyamin “Bibi” Netanyahu When you get tired of kicking at the goads.

  • Anonymous

    There are no ‘Khazar’ Jews, there are just Jews who, after being defeated by the Romans (who crucified the most famous Jew in the world, Jesus – or Yeshua, his Hebrew name) were either massacred, or taken to Rome to become either slaves or gladiators. After some time, the Judaeans spread throughout Europe even up to Spain and Britain in the West and Russia in the East.
    Other Judeans fled the Romans to Ishmaelite (Arab) countries like Yemen and Iraq and even further east to China, India and some say, even Japan.
    Others had sailed further west to what today is America. As there were many merchants, doctors, intellectuals, etc. amongst the Jews they were often welcomed into all sorts of nations, some which, like the Khazars, no longer exist.
    In the Khazar instance, the Royal Family and some of the aristocratic class, were so impressed by the Jews in their midst they converted of their own accord (not via missioniarism!) to Judaism. Perhaps there were marriages between Jews and converts, but not enough to change the basic Judaean DNA/genes. Meanwhile the ordinary Khazar people remained heathens until sometime after Islam started to spread out from the Middle East into Europe, Africa, Asia, the Khazars converted to Islam en masse, probably with sharp swords at their throats and their great empire came to an end.

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