On Thursday, the Israeli military launched a ground campaign in Gaza. The campaign follows 10 days of rocket fire with Hamas. The Israeli Defense Force tweeted about the latest phase of “Operation Protective Edge,” validating reports.

Glenn took to his Facebook on Thursday to offer his thoughts and prayers:

On radio this morning, Glenn further explained his support of Israel. He praised Israel’s ability and right to defend itself, and he explained why he does not believe the U.S. should intervene militarily in the conflict.

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Below is an edited transcript of the monologue:

I so support what Israel is doing. But I will not go out and fight for Israel. I will help them in moral support every step of the way. Quite honestly, I don’t think the Israelis want or need the American troops on the ground. We’ve become mercenaries, and we come in and screw it up because we say, ‘What the hell are we even doing over here.’

The Israelis will fight because they’ll know their lives are at stake. They do know their lives are at stake. I pray for the Palestinians. I pray for the innocent Palestinians. Somebody wrote on a message on my Facebook post, ‘Glenn, there are no innocent Palestinians.’ Yes, there are. I know because I’ve met many of them. You cannot tell me that all Palestinians hate all Jews, just like I can’t tell you that all Jews are peaceful, loving, and don’t hate the Palestinians. Most people are the same. Most people just want peace. Most people just want to raise their family. Most people, if you have a western mentality. That’s why Israel is generally right.

A western mentality says, ‘We need to uphold life. We need to encourage life. We need to not take life. We need to not be at war. We need to help others.’ The Hamas point of view is, ‘Kill, kill, kill. Kill in the name of God.’ So I pray for the leadership of Hamas to either see the light or be destroyed. They will destroy themselves. Their actions will destroy themselves because they’ll become enemies of the natural order of things. They already are.

I give Israel kudos for how they fight. I give them support. I give them my praise. I give them my prayers. The minute that Israel becomes a monster, I don’t support them. And I say exactly the same thing about this country. The day we become a monster, my support is gone. And we are dangerously close to becoming a monstrous country. We do not have a right to shove our ideology down other people’s throats. We lead by example. We model how the world should look and live: Free and at peace and accepting of other people’s lifestyles and religions. As long as you are not killing others, as long as you are not setting out to destroy the lives of others, let’s get along. We have to have common principles. And I wonder if we have them anymore. And it’s because we have fallen asleep and because we have listened to the military industrial complex.

Look at what’s happening over in the Ukraine. It is ethnic strife. Look at what’s happening in Europe. It’s all starting to fall apart because the UN and the EU started to put everything together and say, ‘This is who you are.’ And what happens? When somebody wants to take over, what do they do? They divide people by their ethnicity. What is happening here in America? ‘You’re black, you’re white, you’re Hispanic. Let’s fight.’

It’s happening all over the world. And that does not come from God and that does not come from anybody who should be calling themselves as leader. That comes directly from the gates of Hell. The world is at strife because people are dividing themselves by race or creed or color, and that is un-American and anti-American. It must stop.

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