Obama’s 38 second-long remarks following plane crash lead to global condemnation

On Thursday, Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 crashed near the Ukrainian/Russian border killing all 295 people on board. American intelligence authorities believe the plane was shot down by a surface-to-air missile as it flew over eastern Ukraine at some 30,000 feet. According to the flight manifest, it appears as though 23 American citizens were on board.

President Obama was on a stump speech, fundraising jaunt on Thursday, and the 38-second long remarks he delivered in response to the tragedy just after 2pm ET have drawn international outrage. On radio this morning, Glenn expressed his disgust with the President’s handling of the situation.

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“Well, it’s always good last night to pick up the morning papers… from the UK and be able to see how much our President has brought the world together,” Glenn deadpanned on radio this morning. “As they mock and ridicule and ask who this guy even is and how Americans don’t see what’s happening to us.”

The Daily Mail is one such British new source condemning Obama’s reaction. On their website, one headline reads: ‘It looks like it may be a terrible tragedy': Obama makes only a 40-second mention of Malaysian plane crash feared to have killed Americans before his jokey 16-minute transport speech. The corresponding article features photos and videos of the President’s world wind day and criticizes his priorities – or lack thereof.

Below is a video of Obama’s comments courtesy of the Daily Mail:

There was a lot of speculation and misleading reports in the immediate aftermath of the crash, but, at the very least, Obama knew 295 people perished and there were more than likely several Americans on the aircraft. Forgetting about the terrorism component, forgetting about the Russian component, the President should have at least known to strike a more respectful tone.

“He knows that speculation is… that the Russians shot it down,” Glenn said. “It’s at least terror. We know that it had been shot out of the sky… [and] you don’t shoot a plane 35,000 feet out of the air with a shoulder rocket-fired missile. So it has to be state-sponsored terrorism… The news is reporting there are Americans on board – at least 20.”

“We know that there are body parts on the ground at this point. The video is out… Forget about Russia for a second. Forget about that,” he continued. “I just want you to remember how the world reacted to us when we had planes drop out of the sky [on September 11]. Do you remember how much it meant to us to have the world leaders say, ‘This is an act of terror’?”

Even worse? The President chose to say his ‘top priority’ is to find out if there are any Americans on board.

“That’s our first priority,” Glenn asked exasperatedly. “What [arrogance]. That’s what I’m thinking, if I’m listening to this. You want to talk about the height of arrogance? Well, we’re looking into it. ‘It might be a tragedy.’ ‘We’re looking to see if there’s any Americans on board.’ That’s our first priority? What? It’s unbelievable.”

Front page image courtesy of the AP

  • CeasarObama

    Obama sucks.He has always sucked and will continue to suck for his remaining 2 years.I demand an apology from those sheep who voted for him.

    • Christopher Nicholson

      Real sheep demand an apology from you for comparing them to Obama voters.

      • lalocadeyo@hotmail.com


        • Olivia Richard


          ♚♚♚ ♚�♚♚ ♚♚♚ ♚�♚♚ ♚♚♚

          • Anonymous

            Besides the fact that you are dumber than a box of rocks, why would anyone do the same business as your sister when she “has been fired for five months…”? Get a life!

          • Anonymous

            i hear you make 5 dollars an hour giving blowjobs, but thats none of my business.

      • John Cattani

        Amen to that, Chris. Great comment!

    • Ray Mercier

      Clinton said he “Sucks” very poorly and that he really misses Monica………

      • Red West

        If there’s a professional opinion to be had on “suckage”, he’s certainly the guy.

      • zemla


    • alabubba

      I voted for him the first time, And I apologize. He is a smooth talker and I fell for his feel good BS. Again, I am sorry.

      • Missy Fitch

        I wasn’t able to vote the first time for him due to illness but I would have had I been able. And for that I am ashamed now. I did NOT vote for him the second time though.

        • Red West

          The Lord works in mysterious ways. :)

          • Lucy Farrah DeMonique

            Good Lord!

          • Joseph Hamilton

            The Lord has a plan, and that plan will not fail. The devil
            must be given its due. The book of Job comes to mind.

        • Anonymous

          Why would you even admit that you “would have” voted for him if you didn’t? Wait, maybe that’s self explanatory.

        • James

          If you are that easily duped, please stop voting.

          • Anonymous

            Yeah, because we all know you are perfect…

          • Anonymous

            You don’t have to be perfect in order to know well in advance that obama was a fraud. Simple research online, LISTENING to what he said…you know, like the speech he gave in Colorado in 2007 about wanting to create a civilian army that was as well trained and well financed as our military. Or the many, many times he stated that he wanted to FUNDAMENTALLY change the US. The fundamental roots of our government is the US Constitution.

            It’s not rocket science. That is why people MUST take a civics course in high school. At the end of the course they should take a test. If they fail, no voter registration.

          • Joseph Hamilton

            Let’s not forget his ” citizens of the world” speech in

          • Anonymous

            That should apply to alabubba too. Maybe add a plea to stop reproducing too. LOL

        • UtMadman

          Thanks for the honesty Missy. Don’t worry though, I’m sure that some deceased person made that vote on your behalf the next time around.

      • Daniel Ball

        You are a good and humble person…

      • SoYank

        I recognized back in 2006 that he was an eloquent speaker that said nothing.

        • Colter Talon Chase

          I was thirteen during his first election, and boy I would talk until my face was blue about how he could speak like a German leader during ww2.

          • Anonymous

            Yup,, I remember thinking he reminds of “H”

          • Ncrdbl1

            Yea but at least the German people were never stupid enough to vote Hitler into office. US voters voted this guy into office TWICE.

          • Wendy Boone

            They weren’t voting for issues, they were voting for him because of the color of his skin. When you ask those people why they were voting for him, they didn’t know his platform. He certainly has done nothing for African American population to help them. I don’t think anyone is better off.

          • UtMadman

            That is slightly incorrect. The German people did not necessarily “vote” Hitler into office, but the result is the same. The party he belonged to received enough “votes” or “influence” based on people joining that party, that he was able to gain the power and position he needed to begin his reign. We should not forget however, just how dire the circumstances were in Germany at that time. Many people might make a similar mistake in the same circumstance – much like the US voters.

          • independent thinker

            That was my impression of him as well from the first time I heard him speak.

        • James

          What kept running through my mind was that the poor are the easiest people to control. All you have to do is say you will give them something and they will support you, and you don’t even have to give it to them.

        • Joseph Hamilton

          The Arkansas governor was charismatic, and look what
          he really stands for.

      • Justin Serioulsy Screams

        He’s a stammering boob. What about this man-child is smooth other than his face?

        • http://mrbush.net Jerome

          Well, he can sing an Al Green song. I guess that’s enough to get elected …

      • Christopher Bailey

        @alabubba:disqus I did the same damn thing Bro. Remember, “Fool me once, shame on you… Fool me twice, shame on me.” Peace.

      • Simone

        He fooled a lot a people- Decisions that were made in the past, can’t be changed but I STRONGLY believe that from here on out, if Americans aren’t properly educated in U.S. Economics and Politics, we will remain ignorant to the truth- and I believe that’s what our government is counting on. Think about it, we can’t fight for what we don’t know and a lot of Americans unfortunately, just don’t know! And the thing is, I also don’t believe that the President is a “bad person”…. just a VERY BAD leader for this country.

        • Anonymous

          And what have you all to say about his advisors. He obviously is in tune to their opinions and talking points.

        • Joseph Hamilton

          Glad you don’t support “Common Core”.

      • averagejoseph

        He got the job because he’s the First Black President, and even people who hoped and prayed that this would be a Good Thing are beginning to admit that if anyone in their own family performed like he has, their grandmother would be smackin’ him back and forth all day. This last bit of low-life behavior in the face of a horrible international tragedy for hundreds of people and their families is just one more example of a self-absorbed, lazy, pitiful, arrogant, ignorant, mean-spirited bum who only shows up to work so he can get cool stuff and take vacations and feel important. But unlike the rest of his life, it’s not just him anymore. He’s impacting millions now and in the future.

        • Atilla Thehun

          Voted for by bigots…because of his race. Fools.

          • Steve Purcell

            Now they are out to elect a woman for President just because she’s a woman. The “war on women” was started at the beginning of Oshithead to setup a prejudice years later.

          • Anonymous

            Sen Liz Warren as Pres will put the finishing touches on our destruction

          • Joseph Hamilton

            I must say that I believe a female president is just what
            our nation needs. Politically, I am a “mugwump”.

          • Joseph Hamilton

            Look who he was running against. Some choice,
            Attila the Honey!

        • Marcos Hardy

          You forgot that Obama also has dandruff, and an in-grown toe-nail. How could he be President of the ole USA with those handicaps? Just because he’s a scholar? That’s not enough. You’re right, he got to be President ’cause he’s a Negro. Nothin’ like our Caucasian team of Bush and Cheney that ignored Katarina because… because it was a place full of Negroes. Good for them, ’cause you never know who of those might become President. Carry on, Mr Joseph, the Nation needs active minds like yours and, who knows, you might become President one day… if you only can let go of the Bud and your Crystal Meth. Keep your AK-47 clean and ready. The End Times is nigh!!!

          • Anonymous

            BTW mayor Nagel (D) of New Orleans just got 20 years in jail for his theft and corruption during Katrina. I guess he will join Kwamee(D) Detroit mayor in the pen.

          • Marcos Hardy

            Riiiight! This argument goes right to the core of the problem. Which is…??? Sorry, I forgot that Tea Partiers are so well prepared to argue… What?? Ahhh! Your argument is that Black Democrats are thieves, not like the Caucasian Republicans like… Donald Trump? Scott Walker? The Koch Bros? The boys of Goldman Sachs? C’mon! That is the problem with you guys, not your bigotry but your utter lack of intelligence and information. You are part of the illustrious illiterates.

          • http://www.kathleenchristinasmith.com Kat (writingkat)

            You are sadly deluded, Marcus.

          • Marcos Hardy

            It is spelled with an “o” not with a “u”and I think the word you were meaning to use was “delusional” not “deluded” because if not you should have had written “you have been sadly deluded” not “you are sadly deluded.” Two totally different meanings. I see that you have problems managing meaning in English. Maybe you can try remedial night school for adults. Have you tried getting a GED?

          • R_H

            Marcus, how old are you? You come across as a teenager. Marcus. MARCUS with an “o”

          • Anonymous

            We could also point out your blatant over capitalization of words and misusage of the hyphen or misplacing of your periods, but your lack of logic is stronger evidence of idiocy than is your bad grammar.

          • momnquilter

            This usage of “deluded” is actually correct. A look in any simple dictionary would have told you that. It can be used as either a verb or an adjective, as Kat has used it here. Do you have access to a dictionary, MarcOs??

          • http://www.kathleenchristinasmith.com Kat (writingkat)

            I said “deluded” not “diluted”. Although, in your case….

          • http://www.kathleenchristinasmith.com Kat (writingkat)

            You need the GED, MarcOs. My usage of deluded is correct, AND true. Maybe you should take up golf as well.

          • R_H

            Can you enlighten us on what makes the Koch Bros thieves. I think Harry Reid has gotten to you.

          • Theresa Hall-Klos

            A SCHOLAR? Are you serious? How’s that koolaid tastin’?

          • James

            How do we know he’s a scholar if he won’t release his college transcripts? You’re right, he’s president because he’s black and only because he’s black. The media surely wouldn’t have promoted a white guy like that with only two years of Senate experience. He appeases the brown skin population and the haters of their own race who have been brainwashed by the media for their entire lives. Stop watching television shows that tell you what to think because one day your thoughts will no longer be your own.

          • Joseph Hamilton

            It’s time I introduce the “MUGWUMP PARTY” complete w/
            its very own mascot: the “MULE DEER”. BTW, does the
            “tea party” have a mascot, anybody?

          • James

            I think a good mascot would be a Mohawk Indian for historical purposes… Feel like shaving your head into a mohawk?

          • Binny


        • Joseph Hamilton

          He’s merely doing the will of the “elite”.



        • MaryAlice Nelson

          Well said- people just don’t listen

          • Joseph Hamilton

            What did you say?

      • Frank Castle

        a REAL MAN.. is a person, who can ADMIT when he makes a mistake… YOU are a real man…. Obama has NEVER been one

      • Anonymous

        always remember: If something sounds too good to be true, it isn’t.

      • Raymond of Canada

        You are forgiven!

      • Josh

        Hey, as long as you realized your mistake and didn’t do it again, that’s what counts.

      • Anonymous

        It doesn’t matter who is voted in, we will always be sorry because they will always be shit.

      • David Epstein

        Don’t feel bad. I made the same mistake. Would McCain have been much better?

        • Lowell Kirk Scott

          Just slightly better, but I reluctantly voted for McCain.

          • Joseph Hamilton

            2 birds of the same feather.

      • Anonymous

        A lot of people voted for this guy who just sounded too good to be true. There was so much opportunity to unite the country and so forth. At least you admit that you were wrong. I wish others had the courage to admit their mistake.

      • John Cattani

        Well, at least you realized your mistake.

      • http://mrbush.net Jerome

        We all make mistakes. Just don’t get into the habit of it. Kudos for you for speaking up.

      • Anonymous

        this is another delusion of society. Doesn’t matter who votes for who, the machines are rigged.



    • Carson Steele

      relax you deluded old racist hateful christian fool, Bush was no better, you christians just hate him more because he is black you bible banging christian nut

      • Vikki Prince Rosich

        Just stop, Carson. This Pres is weak, not matter what color he is and no matter what religion I am. Open your eyes.

        • Anonymous

          If there is no teleprompter in his face, Obama shows what he really thinks in his guts.

          • jen

            If there is no teleprompter obama can’t come up with one coherent sentence.

      • Charles Cook

        Bush or anyone else in my lifetime was better than the idiot we have in there now and it has nothing to do with his race.

        • Jan_in_NH

          Are you kidding, Hitler was better, he never betrayed his own people. Obama is more like his idol Mao, who had no problem killing a million of his own.

          • Anonymous

            A ‘million’ try 30-45 million.

          • tammy

            Hitler murdered Germans too. He murdered anyone with an ounce of morals, or intellect

          • Joshua T.

            Hitler better? That shows how smart you right wing nuts really are. Well, now we know what we have been telling everybody: the right loves Nazis. Now they claim Hitler was a good boy. lol. Keep it up, right wing nuts.

        • averagejoseph

          I’ll bet every human being who says anything about this president for now until the end of time will always have to exaggerate any praise and qualify anything negative with, “And this has nothing to do with his race!” “Hey, Mr. Obama, you’re repeatedly driving your car over my dog and holding a can of gasoline in front of my burning house, and I’d be a little suspicious of you. Not that it has anything to do with your race.”

          • Joe


      • Harling

        Wow Carson, there’s an awful lot of _ad hominem_ and not much meat in that Bigot Sandwich you just served.

      • Melonie

        If you are going to cry racism, how about stopping your pathetic racist remarks about Christians. I am not one but I am offended. You are nothing but a sad soul who needs to get a life.

        • Carl

          do you have any idea what race is? “Christian” is not a race, you uneducated, middle-american

          • R_H

            But the Liberals said it is racist to oppose gay marriage. Gay is not a race either.

        • tammy

          Thank you Melonie, I got your drift and as a Christian, I thank you for your support. Now I know what the Jews feel like, when they are always blamed for everything when all they want to do is live their lives. It is beginning to feel very much like WW2 Germany for Christians

      • Anonymous

        what a racist comment,

        He is half white, you should stop projecting your racism onto other.

      • Anonymous

        How incredibly shallow you are. It is not about race it is about incompetence.

        • Anonymous

          This US pres. is speaking to the world and this is the best he comes up with.

      • Anonymous

        Carson is obviously under the delusion that his thoughts, words and opinions actually mean anything to anybody. He is nobody and should die alone, in his own ridiculousness.

      • Jen

        Wow… Are you for real? Or maybe this is gov’t operative. Get a real job!

      • Mike Knowlton

        Is that why we are trying to get Dr. Carson to run for president? Is that why I (old white guy) quote Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. more than I do Mark Twain? (my next favorite) You just want freebies from the government, and don’t see that to give free stuff to one person means taking things away from another who has worked hard to get them. (oryou just don’t care about robbing working eople as long as you don’t have towork)

        • Joseph Hamilton

          And I might add that that day is rapidly coming to
          an end.

      • Gloria Zandt-Longhurst

        II think it was all about race. People voted for him just because he was back and not for his knowledge or stand on anything. People did not look at his policies, just his color. They voted for him so that they did not look racist. He would have not been elected if he were all white.

        • Karen

          I think it was all about stupidity, not race. Everyone that voted for Obama is stupid!!!!

        • jen

          I repeat, he is not black (racially). He is bi-racial. Daddy was black, mommy was white. Don’t you wonder about all this people who are so proud of themselves for electing the first “black” president?? Have they never thought once about his racial make-up??

        • Joshua T.

          Try again, Gloria. Any Democrat would have been elected after the awful presidency of your idol, George Bush. You republicans think the country was going to give you 8 more years in the White House? You are delusional Gloria! What do you have for 2016? Cruz? Perry? lol

        • Joseph Hamilton

          I have to disagree w/ the “all white” part. McCain’s a
          “warmonger” to the max, and Obama was pushing
          withdrawal. People wanted to hear that. So did I, but
          I don’t vote for anybody who supports the abortion
          issue. Obama is “pro-abortion/late-term abortion” to
          the max. I, subsequently, voted for neither, but I did
          exercise my right to vote.

      • averagejoseph

        Yeah, the whole world is racist. You have a lazy, self-centered bum who’d be spreading world peace if it weren’t for racism. Not like the President of the United States could possibly have any effect on anything or anyone that might get them upset other than the color of his skin. Lazy, mean-spirited, evil ol’ Bush is probably still egging Putin on and wrecking the economy, the border, the military, the IRS, Benghazi, Israel, Britain, and blowing up the Levy. Good thing there are otherwise-stable and color-blind folks, fair-minded, happy folks who are a pleasure to be around like yourself to point this out, Carson.

      • Todd

        Boy oh boy are you a crazy nut. And blind dumb too.

      • Frank Castle

        Carson.. want to see RACISM?? Look at how the MSM, drove Herman Cain OUT of the Presidential race…. with FAKE accusations… I say FAKE.. because once Cain WITHDREW from running AGAINST OBAMA….the charges all went away.. Cain NEVER went to court… not one women PRESSED them to TRIAL…. because they were not real.. the OBJECT, was to REMOVE a BLACK OPPONENT so Obama would have no Problems winning… the MSM succeeded…

        Couldn’t have a REAL BLACK MAN running against a HALF BLACK man now could you??

      • Kathy Fugitt Price Skaggs

        Carson Steele do you just hate Christians or is it anyone who disagrees with you? Why open your mouth and remove all doubt, wouldn’t it be better to just remain silent.

        • Joseph Hamilton

          Maybe there’s an answer in his/her moniker?

      • Atilla Thehun

        Wow. You make the case for leftists being biased. Looks like it’s your way or the highway? Hopefully not for much longer.

      • Scott Baca

        Ummm how do i say you are an idiot and sound nice?

      • Linda L Quist-Marks

        Gee Carson you sure created a lot of response to your comment, surely by now you must know what a real moron you are??!! Go put your head back in the sand where you came from

        • Joseph Hamilton

          Two things: (1) “Vote down”, and, (2), “more-off” might
          be a better word.

      • Dawn A.-A.

        You’re the delusional one… got nothing to so with his blackness and whiteness.

      • Shane mccoy

        You have got to be the dumbest person on here. Nobody cares if he is black or white, he is a ducking moron, law breaking, jackass. Bush was better by far, but all politicians are are bad. And as for Christian nuts, the Christian religion is a peaceful one for now, but if muslims, atheists, and people like you continue to back them into a corner, they are going to come out swinging, with the power of God behind them.

        • Joseph Hamilton

          Zechariah 9:13!!

      • SherJan

        TROLL! I voted for JC Watts and would again if he would run for any office. I would vote for Allen West in a HEARTBEAT, I would vote for Ben Carson. My vote has never been based on race!! Its based on policies and the content of their character (to paraphrase another great man, Dr. Martin Luther King)

      • Josh

        I’m assuming this post is meant to be sarcastic.

      • tammy

        Gee, I hate Harry Reed, Nancy Pukelosy, and Boehner. I must hate whites, but wait, I’m white. How can that be??? Maybe because it is not their color but the fact they are destroying our country along with BO

        • Joshua T.

          Hating is not good for your heart. You right wing nuts are really hypocrites. Christians are not supposed to hate. You will burn in hell!

      • mlelias

        You are one very horrile person

      • Anonymous

        Bush rose to the occasion with the NYC Mayor on 9/11.
        After that terrible happening, political decisions went downhill.

      • Karen

        No it’s not about race, I don’t like his white side either….

      • jen

        He is not black. He is bi-racial. Black father/white mother. So get over it. Nobody elected a black president. You all elected a bi-racial president.

      • Joseph Hamilton

        Jeremiah 8:13 (any version)

    • maxg

      I raise sheep. Sheep are smarter than those who voted for Obama

      • tammy

        Sorry for denigrating your sheep :)

    • Michael O’Brien

      The only thing those sheep care about is the free stuff from the government and they won’t stop believing in government until it is no longer able to deliver. I wouldn’t expect an apology is forthcoming.

    • Ken

      They would never apologize because they, too, suck.

    • clueless

      I voted for the “deceiver of fools” for Illinois senator. Afterwards, I woke up.
      Derek, I am so, so, sorry! You can not imagine how sorry I am.

    • Joseph Hamilton

      Luke 23:34 may, or may not, be appropriate in this situation.

    • Anonymous

      They’re too idiotic to understand what they’ve done to this country. Other than racism they can’t understand why anyone would oppose ANYTHING 0bama would do.

  • For My Sake

    I was actually waiting for Obama to shrug his shoulders and say ‘What are ya gonna do?’

    • Ray Mercier

      Or “What difference does it make, at this point”………

  • Rondo Harding

    He’s a parasite.

  • Jeanne Miller

    No, he thanked Jeremy after he finished.

  • Mike

    Obama’s eulogy should be HALF AS LONG, Muslim scumbag.

    • Hoosier Daddy

      One of my strongest wishes is that I will outlive Obama. On the day I hear he has died, I will dance in the streets.

    • Carl

      Did you know that Obama is NOT a Muslim? And even if he were, I’m sure if you had graduated Middle School you would know about a little thing our glorious country was FOUNDED upon called freedom of religion. He was born here and raised here and has as much right to be president as any idiot who gets elected

      • Jack Riley

        bull shit!

      • jen

        Born here is still in question. Raised here is not. He spent some of his most formative years being educated in a muslim madrassa in Indonesia. Islam is not a religion. It is a political system.

        • Carl


          read up. That rumor was proven to be false seven whole years ago, after intense investigation during the first primaries. Also, no. Islam is definitely a religion. Unless you want to call Christianity and Judaism political systems?

          Jesus christ have mercy on our country. Please educate yourself before you participate in our elections

    • Joshua T.

      You give the republican party a bad name….Scumbag!!! I might not like him but, I am educated enough to know that he is an American. You are the reason we don’t win elections. People like you are why independents don’t vote for us. Go and read some books..Ignorant!

  • Anonymous

    He is an absolute embarrassment to the American people. How could our nation possibly elect this man to represent us not once but twice. Awful. I hold every American who voted for him directly responsible for the absolute degradation of our country since he took office.

    • Cheryl

      I don’t believe they actually did re – elect him, I think voter fraud gained it for him. Unfortunately, no one in Congress had the guts to do anything about it.

      • Oregonian

        No amount of voter fraud could have gotten him even close to the nearly 50% he would need to get there, which means that close to half the country DID vote for him, which is a tragedy in and of itself.

        • Anonymous

          The amount of votes don’t matter, who counts the votes does.

          • civilman43

            That would be George Sorros hmmmmm.

          • Joseph Hamilton

            If 85% of the eligible voters would exercise that
            constitutional right, we would send a message to
            the rest of the world that the spirit is still in us.
            Democracy, though not perfect, is the best we
            humans can come up with, presently. This nation
            is the most protected nation on Earth. Can we get
            off our lazy butts, and get those #’s up?

        • Charles Doyle

          The Government listens to every phone call and reads every email. How hard do you think it would be to fix an election? Why do you think Dems. fight voter ID laws and play the race card as their lame reason? Everyone who collects welfare or receives food stamps has to provide ID. The White House controls the Justice Department, The Supreme Court, and the IRS. The congress is powerless. Were all screwed.

        • Missy Fitch

          not true. The votes weren’t even counted in the US. It is scarily easy to mess with the votes. And the ones done electronically… even easier to compromise.

          And considering the number of DEAD people that voted and illegals, or the number of ppl that voted more than once… I can’t believe anyone would actually trust the outcome of the voting process

          • Bonnie Somer

            thats right and NO we are not screwed not if enough of us were to go to DC and march and VOTE we at least last i know still have that right use it

          • Oregonian

            Who’s saying I trusted it? I work in a building practically filled with people who are (or were at the time of election) thrilled with King O. I can’t believe it either, but it’s true. Here in the people’s republic of Oregon it’s not uncommon.

            My point was, yes, voter fraud may have won the day, but there are still LOTS of people who are ignorant to the truth of who this person is and what he stands for.

          • Carl

            who is this person and what does he stand for?

          • Joseph Hamilton

            Until we all get involved in the political process, from
            resolutions on the local ballots, all the way to the top
            positions on the federal level, it’ll be “same-old-same
            old”! Just, PLEASE, take the 1/2 hr. to whatever, and
            VOTE. Time’s running out, PEOPLE!

          • Joseph Hamilton

            Solution:if 100% of the LIVING eligible voters would
            vote, there would be a lot of explaining to be had by
            those who abused/deceived the process.

        • Joy TMmom

          Actually, he took the military’s right to vote via absentee ballot away. Their votes were NOT counted. I didn’t vote for him either election but last election the candidates were evil, or more evil. Neither belonged in office.

        • Atilla Thehun

          Combination of fraud and disinterest in Romney. Low information voters want sizzle. They don’t care about the steak. So until the right comes up with a fast talking liar, we’re SOL

          • tammy

            So, then we would be just like them. I have had my full of liars

          • Joseph Hamilton

            Amen to that!

          • Joseph Hamilton

            Maybe, but the power must still be w/ the people; even if,
            by a thread. To me, the “bad guys” are having difficulty
            living up to that late ’50’s speech from Mr. Khrushchev.

        • Kathy Fugitt Price Skaggs

          That’s not true they just needed to get enough votes in certain precincts in certain swing states such as OH, FL, VA, etc.

        • FunFactsAboutGovernment

          There are only 538 votes that count for president.

          • Joseph Hamilton

            Yet, we are a government of, for, and by the people.
            I hope you don’t use that comment as a reason not
            to vote. Just curious, as I know plenty who do.

        • Joseph Hamilton

          I don’t remember the % of eligible voters that
          actually exercised their right, but we have to
          get the %’s up. That starts in the community
          up all the way to the federal level.

      • Bonnie Somer

        i agree w/u

      • tammy

        I agree with you. There were an awful lot of people who voted for him, most blacks, illegals, the dead, the multiple personalities, the monster in the machine and lots of money from his backers. Holder would have to investigate and try him for anything to happen. He will never do that, they are working together. After Congress held Lois Learner in contempt, Holder is suppose to prosecute her. Not done and never will be. Obama is dictator in chief and has his minion, Holder, Harry, Pelosie, Boehner and the Dems and RINO’s watching his back

        • Joseph Hamilton

          Can you imagine the rioting all over this nation
          if BO is found guilty, should the Congress continue
          on this path? I can see why they are, supposedly,
          preparing our law enforcement for martial law.
          Is he really worth the risk?

    • Zerozee0

      It’s really not hard to imagine what type of people elcted him…. Just turn on virtually ANY of the most-watched tv shows, and you’ll see the type of “Americans” that voted for him…. They’re the kind that are more concerned abouth what Kanye and his ilk are wearing and doing than what’s truly going on in the world…. And the criminals in Washington WANT it this way. There’s no accountability required to a populace that doesn’t seem to care.

      • Joseph Hamilton

        Agree. “Survivor”, “Reality Show”, etc.,etc.,etc.! Makes me
        wonder if they are not just previews to what the “bad guys”
        have planned for our population, once the hammer finally

    • Joseph Hamilton

      He’s merely doing as he is told, in my opinion.

  • Ruppert Baird

    “world wind day?” What does that mean?

    • William Richardson


    • Kathleen Brooks

      The youth of our day hear colloquial language but have no clue what it means or how it is spelled… I believe it should have been “whirlwind day.” I could be wrong, but that’s my best guess.

  • DonkeyHoatie

    Did we actually expect anything more significant or meaningful from this President? His whole career is based on trite, hollow, meaningless gestures and comments, so this is just one more in that very consistent pattern…

  • My Daily Liberty

    C’mon people – what difference does it make?

  • Anonymous

    “What difference does it make now?”
    … Modern American Liberals

  • Guest

    There was one American on board and it is probably better not to make long speculative speeches until all the information can be gathered from or satellites and such. What if he said over 20 Americans had been killed, that would have been not true.

    • Diane Graham Hancock

      Why are there only two options of what he could say? Why not show reverence for lives lost and families grieving? The man is a narcissist. He has no idea how to have empathy for others.

      • Deborah Moon

        Amen, Diane. My thoughts exactly.

  • Greg Williams

    I’m amazed that people are still amazed at what this guy says. 1) He doesn’t care. 2) I’m sure a speech wasn’t written yet to speak of the plane crash. The guy is NOT good at producing thoughts and words from his own brain. If it wasn’t on the teleprompter, forget about it. We should be impressed he came up with 40 seconds.

    • Micah Hays

      Favorite comment.

    • jen

      Oh dear! You are right! 40 seconds probably strained every brain cell he had. And here we are being mean to him.

  • Anonymous

    There was one American on board and it is probably better not to make long speculative speeches until all the information can be gathered from our satellites and such. What if he said over 20 Americans had been killed, that would have been not true.

    • Avaholic

      While it’s true that speculation when the facts aren’t all in is improper, when he gave his speech, he knew that a plane had crashed and there were 298 people on board. He, at the very least, knew that it was definitely a tragedy. Not that it “May be a tragedy.”

      • deborah van winkle

        It doesn’t matter the country they are just lost souls.

    • Harling

      I’m waiting for him to say that, while he doesn’t have most of the facts, it’s obvious that any American who got on that plane “acted stupidly.”

  • Anonymous

    Well, we can’t let a little thing like that slow down this train. Now, on with the show! :-(

  • thomas bell

    I was waiting for what difference does it make that might come later when we find out that there was someone on the flight that
    Clinton wanted dead

  • nycguy

    Glenn Beck is upset that the U.S. President wants to find out if there are Americans on board? Good Lord Glenn. Can it!

    • Jack

      You misunderstood his point.

      • nycguy

        I understood his point. Knee-jerk criticism to anything Obama does. Find out if it makes sense later.

        • Anonymous

          No- Obama says it MAY be a tragedy!!! what- an- idiot!!! The better answer is that this IS a tragedy and we’ll definitely look into how this happened and actually hold people accountable for it!

          But why deviate from his current course?

        • Anonymous

          So you believe, as Obama intimated, that if no Americans were on board, this event was not a tragedy?

    • Anonymous

      What Obama basically said is that if there were Americans on board, then it would be a tragedy, but if not then, maybe not so much. In reality he doesn’t care whether there were Americans on board or not, its just something he thought he should say so it didn’t come out right. If you nycguy, or anyone else, can still defend this poser in chief at this point then there is no hope for you.

    • Robin Sypolt

      That is not why he is upset. He and most Americans are upset that he put American life above others quite publicly. Swiss, French, Korean it doesn’t matter. They were all innocents. They all lost their lives. Mothers, fathers and children! He showed a callous disregard and total lack of humanity in his brief but pointless comment.

  • NoProblem

    A-W-O-L?? America WithOut Leadership?

  • Merrilyn Ferebee

    If you ever noticed when Obama is making any kind of speech, he has to wait for the prompter in his ear before he can go on. It is so obvious that he is waiting for someone in his ear to tell him what to say next. His eyes have that glazed look and he looks down and his speeches are always delivered in little increments, not off the cuff, and not at all sincere. That is why he cannot respond immediately when something like this occurs.

    • Mallory

      Can we say puppet?

      • Harling

        With Valerie Jarrett pulling the strings. Wouldn’t it be interesting if someone were to pick up a radio transmission feeding the President responses at a press conference…

  • jenna rogers

    WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES IT MAKE? that’s the lib mentality

  • brew2@msn.com

    Absolutely dismal response by the US president. At the same time, I see little more than a shrug from the European leaders. They have no business making such comments unless they show some strength and solidarity as well. The US is expected to take care of everyone else yet have no strength or action. You can’t have it both ways.

  • Kristen Williams

    Please compare with this speech by Reagan. Shameful.


    • Anonymous

      okay, in fairness- it took Reagan 4 days to come up with that speech. He was at the ranch in California when that crash happened and didn’t want to come back to Wa DC.

      But Obama’s remarks are shameful! At least Reagan addressed it properly, albeit late. Obama said it MAY be a tragedy… no mr idiot for a president, it IS a tragedy!!!

      • Anonymous

        How can a plane with 300 human beings blown out of the sky, “may be a tragedy” Inept doesn’t begin to cover it.

    • http://bluefishsign.com/ Sarah Austin

      umm.. How is this shameful? Seriously, you are still going to defend Mr. Obama?! (yeah I’m not calling him president anymore, he doesn’t deserve the title).

      • Carl

        first off, President is an elected title. He IS the president until the end of his term.
        Secondly, her point is that Reagan gave a very thoughtful, meaningful speech in comparison to President Obama’s short and meaningless one.

        think about things sometimes

        • http://bluefishsign.com/ Sarah Austin

          First off, you don’t have to be rude. I know he is the president and never said he was not. I said he doesn’t deserve the title.

          Secondly, she should have been more clear. I perceived it as her still defending “President” Obama. There will still be people defending him even through this terrible speech of his. I thought she was one of them.

          end of story

          • Joshua T.

            That’s because you don’t read! You are what’s wrong with the Republican party. That’s why we don’t win elections. Learn how to read and stop criticizing your own people. She wasn’t defending President Obama. And this is a nation of laws…He is still the President. People like you give the republican party a bad name.

          • Carl

            damn right! There need to be fewer thoughtless conservative followers and more considerate Republican supporters!

  • Kim Parigoris

    Does not surprise anyone, does it?

  • Robert LaRochelle

    For a moment there, I was beginning to think, “This isn’t all that Beck said it was; he sounds fairly compassionate and…” wait…that was it?

  • Heidi

    It was an irritation that he had to take time from his fundraising time. He is an abomination of leadership and we have to endure another two years of his ineptitude.

  • Anonymous

    Americans deserve what they are getting ……. 6 months into his first presidency, he had broken most of his campaign promises ………. running as a progressive ….. talking about transparency ….. he was soon cutting deals with big corporations behind closed doors that were not in the people’s interests …….. but he is a pawn and just a symptom of a totally corrupt govt ……. both parties of which are owned by the same people ……. the Founding Fathers gave us Article V (which the Congress has refused to implement numerous times despite repeated requests from all 50 states …… thereby committing treason) and the state militia (which would march to Washington and overthrow the govt) to deal with a totally corrupt and unresponsive Federal Government. Yet the people refuse to use the tools they were given. Most people have not even read the Constitution, which takes less than an hour to read. So yes, the American people are getting what they deserve.

    • Justin Thompson

      If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquillity of servitude than the animating contest of freedom—go from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains sit lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that ye were our countrymen! ~ S. Adams

    • Robin Sypolt

      If you consider America the big corporations and the electoral college than you are correct. If you consider America the average working class, than you are wrong. We supposedly have the tools. Try using any without being rich, a corporation, a politician or part of a crime syndicate! Ha ha good luck!

  • Anonymous

    “World wind”? Really?


    • Anonymous

      saw that too… bad editing, or none at all.

  • Ralph Tobias

    I am so finished with this president.

  • Liz Ehret Re

    What do you expect from a community organizer?

  • Anonymous

    “It looks like it may be a terrible tragedy…”

    LOOKS LIKE IT MAY BE?????!!!!! Regardless of how it happened, Mr “Learns everything he needs to know from the morning paper”- it IS a tragedy!!!!!!!!!!!!! Almost 300 people died from that crash- so yeah, I think it qualifies as a tragedy.

    unbelievable… and this is the leader of the free world.

  • Robert Sistrunk

    And people were called racist when they said he wasn’t qualified for the job in 2007.

  • Eric Longstreet

    I do not want an apology, I want REVENGE!

  • Ld Smith

    I do not care how many Americans were on board. There were 298 people that lost thier lives. We are all from one maker. God did not make Americans or Russians or any other nationality. Obama is terrible president and person as are most politicians in Washington. Time for this country to get back to We the People. Not We the Poiiticians.

  • Ron Howard

    It’s Bush’s fault!!!!

    • Missy Fitch

      I hope that this is a sarcastic remark.

      • Joseph Hamilton

        Me too!

  • ctmbv

    You people. You want appologies from voters? Really? Innocent people that fell for a scam and had hope for our nation? Yes, blame them, not the monster himself. Blame the sufferers of any pnzie scheme instead of the person(s) responsible while your at I let’s not blame congress or the president….let’s not hold the government accountable. Let’s blame the sheep and not the shepherd.

    • dragonflash

      Why were they so lazy they couldn’t RESEARCH on the internet, and there are public places to get the internet, you know, like a library, a coffee shop etc, to find out what kind of sleeze ball he and his “wife” really are? People seem to be able to research different types of things even when they are “poor and don’t have the internet”.

  • Anonymous

    Obama and his state dept never know how to react, because they’re amateurs. He leads from behind on everything. He’ll let other world leaders handle it. He’s too busy fundraising.

  • julia beck

    Its a Tragedy too electing this President Twice! What a shame!!!

  • Bregginkrak

    Our next President cannot be a politician. We need a person of integrity, of vision, a person who leads through service to those they lead. I’m not sure our political system will allow that type of person a chance any longer, but we truly need someone like that to help us find our America again.

    • Joseph Hamilton

      Also, someone w/ common sense and a genuine sense of humor.

  • Dottie Gomeringer

    It looks like it may be a tragedy. No Mr President when almost 300 people are brought down in a plane crash, no matter the nationality, it is a tragedy. But of course no one had told you what to say and you had your little prepared jokey speech to deliver. You are a disgrace!!

  • Anonymous

    No wonder the US has become an international “joke”….the president is a huge “JOKE”!!!!

  • Tom Kerr

    Did you expect anything else? His speech for the fundraising event was already written. Unless he’s speaking to a black audience, he doesn’t know how to give off the cuff remarks. He’s afraid he’ll start speaking in ebonics and start promising people neo-reparations.

  • Toni Greece

    ok I am no fan of the great OB: however, in this case, I think he handled the initial information much the same way that Bush handled the FIRST plane hitting the tower on 9/11. Without PROOF, you cannot condemn the Russians for this act. His speech this morning was much more informed, much more pointed in his remarks toward Russian culpability. There is no doubt that Russia was behind this is SOME way; they are arming the separatists who stupidly shot down a civilian plane thinking it was a military transport. Is Russia at fault; absolutely, and I think this will come out in the days to come. In every way this man makes a joke of his office; but this time I have to cut him some slack on his initial response yesterday.

    • Juli D King

      Bush was not out FUNDRAISING! As a matter of fact he insisted on returning to the White House like any decent President would!

  • Anonymous

    This is the first time in the last few years that he got news from a different source than the media…

  • Rick Duntz

    As usual I see comments of ones just looking to pounce on anything, he said nothing wrong, he was at a gathering, waiting for more to be given. Did he have anything to do with the crash? No. So many ‘irons in the fire’ to deal with it, and the President no matter who it is can’t just order anybody to do anything about it anymore than you or me. Duh, one American so far listed…It is an International event, but some Americans so full of hate for him anything that happens wow he must be at fault right? Of course he was wondering if any Americans were on it. No he did not say if any Americans were on board, he said was their first priority. Not their last or only but first. I guess he assumes Americans are smarter than they really are.

    • Juli D King

      You’re an idiot!

      • Rick Duntz

        You don’t know me. But I know trolls, all over the net. Somehow they think the WWW was made just for them to be insulting to other people because it’s so easy to be an ass behind the screen.

    • Anonymous

      Rick, this is similar to his reaction and comments after the muslim terrorist Major Hassan at Ft Hood shot and killed numerous Americans. He gave a shout out to some guy in the audience then mentioned in passing, the killings at Ft. Hood. The man has not an ounce of compassion for anyone but himself. He’s a narcissist with a strong case of self and no one else. Borderline personality disorder about sums it up.
      No one accused him of being involved, it’s his reaction. He cares for no one.

    • Missy Fitch

      Actually he assumes that ppl like you will blindly follow him no matter his actions. Personally I think his 38 second speech was pathetic, then to follow it up with jokes and fund raising is disgusting. When a plane is blown out of the sky by rocket/missile then the whole world should be afraid. Because its a foreign plane now but whats to stop them from shooting down american planes next. This is a SERIOUS problem! It certainly requires more than a 38 second half ass platitude.

      • Rick Duntz

        Not blind. But entitled to my thoughts, as well as you are, without specifically getting personal with anyone about it.

    • Silvertop

      “So many ‘irons in the fire’ to deal with, ” the urgent irons in the fire are his fundraising interests, here in this inernational headliner, and the next day in Las Vegas after our consulate was burned and 4 Americans serving the country died. Other events: BP oil spill, Syria on fire, israel-Hamas conflicts, he was found on the golf course more than in the Situation Room with his advisors. Amerians are acually smarter than what he assumes.

      • Rick Duntz

        Hmm. Easy stating things without following up with any reference of proof, isn’t it?

  • Missy Fitch

    I think Glenn Beck should be our next president! He is about the only one who seems to actually fight for America!

  • jrsp


  • Donald M

    WHat do you want us to do about it? Raise the dead? attack Russia? What do you us to do? Majority voted for obama now they regret it. WHat do you want him to do? WHAT? Its so annoying watching people blame people that have nothing to do with the situation….

    • Anonymous

      He could act like he gives a damn. How about that? His only strong suit is begging for money to further his filthy agenda.

    • Missy Fitch

      Tell me, if your relative was on that plane. would you have found his statement enough? There is not knowing what to do, then there is doing absolutely NOTHING. Obama decided to do absolutely nothing, then to make jokes and beg for money.

      Personally, I think that we as a nation should be scared. Because Obama shows he doesn’t care about American citizens. If you were on that plane or or are on one like it, you think Obama will protect you?

    • Melinda

      Donald, the fact that you are even asking these questions is proof that you don’t understand the importance of messaging. Even today, the President and his Ambassador to the U.N. aren’t on the same page. There is a time to be slow and measured in tone and there is a time to show and express outrage and anger for wrongdoings. If Obama really knew next to nothing about the downed airplane at the time he spoke at this fundraising event, he would have been better off not saying anything about it at that time. He then could have held a press conference when he had more information. The reason he gets so much criticism is because his tone and delivery is always the same. He’s calm about everything, even when his words say otherwise. He also is not getting good counsel from his advisers when these tragedies happen. He should not be at fund raisers after these things happen but should be at the White House, getting updates and showing Americans that he is engaged and that he is in charge.

  • Jehr

    People are tired of his total lack of leadership, and his callous disregard for issues we find important. Just last week he refused to visit the border while visiting Texas, despite every leader in Texas clamoring for him to see what was really going on. He is again displaying that he doesn’t take any of our problems seriously.

    • Anonymous


    • Joseph Hamilton

      It goes contrary to his agenda to take things seriously;

  • Guest

    He didn’t have enough time to put it on his teleprompter.

  • Anonymous

    He didn’t have enough time to have his speech writers put it on his teleprompter.

  • lori58

    Honestly…….what did you expect from this man……….He was abused by his family and he now has no feelings for other people.

    • jen

      He was abused by his family?? Where did you get that information and please share your source.

  • AsSeenOnTv

    Obama is the skid mark on Americas underwear.

  • naedrdmk

    Obama doesn’t have to get re-elected, so what does he really care about anything but sitting out the rest of his term and blame the GOP for stuff.

  • Mindi Beers Boodry

    He can’t even address this tragedy without a tell a prompter. How can the President not reach inside his dark soul for 2 sec and speak from the heart over something that is clearly an act of terror. He is an arrogant jerk.

    • Juli D King

      He has no heart.

  • Charlie

    You can blame AIPAC, for choosing this “thing”, to be our “leader”…strong political leaders, who are intelligent, patriotic, decisive, compassionate, etc, are no longer sought out by the “bankers”, because they pose a threat to their global system of chaos…and politician who is currently patriotic, is now viewed as being “racist”, “anti semitic”, “sexist”, “hater of the 47%”, etc…trust me…

  • Charlie

    AIPAC are the only ones who are defending Obama now, for he is their dupe…even Blacks are starting to realize, and are feeling “buyer’s remorse”…just watch the politicos on television, you’ll see the only ones who are slavishly defending this “thing”…

  • Stacy Methvin

    He talks like an ignorant child. He is so naive and his lack of empathy is appalling. He is the definition of a Messianic Narcissist. There is no help for him at this point. He and Bill Ayers, the Clintons, Harry Reid, Pelosi and their buds….it’s too late for them. They are the ones in the bible who have the veil over their eyes. Unless it is lifted, they will not see the glory of God’s truth andwill for this country. They honestly believe what they are doing it good and right. Just like the Catholics believe they are saved by infant baptism.

  • knowforsure

    Obama appeared as if he couldn’t be bothered and couldn’t wait to get through the mention of the tragedy. I’ve seen grade school children give better speeches. He’s inept and pathetic. An embarrassment to our country. Shameful.

  • Marshall Jones

    “Whirlwind” not “world win”. I should get a job as a proofreader/editor somewhere…

  • kcpalmberg

    Turns out that only one passenger was American, an American with dual citizenship. Does that make it any less of a tragedy than if there had been 20 Americans or 100 Americans? A civilian life is a life.

  • http://thelongversion.com/ TheLongVersion

    There is precedent here. Hey Mr. President watch and learn how a leader acts after an act of aggression like this. http://youtu.be/9VA4W1wDMAk



    • Guest


  • Lon Pirkl

    The democrat icon fits Obama perfectly. An ASS

    • Joseph Hamilton

      Dumb-ass would be more to the point.

  • Publius Rationalis

    Agree, that was poorly handled.

  • Kat

    I actually research the record of a person before I vote because, to me, the ability to lead our country is more important than what a person looks like. I didn’t vote for Obama because I didn’t feel his record as a community organizer was enough experience to run our country! This has been born out by the shape our country is in after you years of ‘hope and change’. To this day, I keep hoping things will change, but sadly, Obama doesn’t have the ability to work with Congress, he doesn’t have the wisdom to know right from wrong, he doesn’t have the intelligence to to understand the Constitution, and he certainly doesn’t have the maturity to admit when he is wrong. He’s not only a poor excuse for a President, he’s a poor excuse for a human being.

    • Todd

      It didn’t take long for me to know Obama was a fake. Same with Bill Clinton, it didn’t take long. I did not vote for either ant any time. Bob Dole and John McCain were the other side of the ticket, but still I voted for them to prevent Clinton and Barry Obama from winning.

  • MaRiNuS ScHuNcK

    give Jeremy a big round of applause ,now give me a big O fat Campaign contribution,!

  • Anonymous

    One article criticizing him in an online tabloid equals “Global Comdemnation”?
    A wee bit hyperbolic.

  • Jay Philbin

    It’s “whirl wind tour”…

  • Mr.Realist

    Obama has got to be the most classless president EVER!

  • sflcat

    Compare Obama’s ‘response’ (if you can call it that) to Reagan’s response after the Soviets shot down the Korean airliner in 1983.

  • Mark Muylaert

    I would expect nothing less from the failed community oranizer-N-chief

  • Edward Jones

    He is a constant embarrassment to this country and her people

  • http://truthofg.blogspot.com/ Connor Kenway

    I am trying to figure out if he cares or he is just trying to get it out of the way so he can start fundraising.

  • Anonymous

    Obama is a MORON, impeach this embarrassing idiot!!!!!!!

  • harrison j. bounel

    obama is awol since the election…..the one in 08. we had an election. the people have spoken. now we must be punished. (and we are)

  • Mike Knowlton

    He just doesn’t get it because he never hasto be a realperson. Thnk Bush, carefully closing out his time with the kids so they didn’t get scared on 9/11. Obama only thinks of his own poltical needs.

    • Lisa Nelson

      “He just doesn’t get it because he never has to be a real person.”
      This is probably the best statement I’ve heard explaining why Obama (and politicians in general) do what they do.

  • David Slaughter

    I was in England two weeks ago and am embarrassed to admit that I wondered what it would be like to live in a country where there is still a modicum of style. But I repented. Our “good” President again has me wondering.
    God Bless America! – and save it from a lack of leadership and spine (and style.)

  • Becky Taylor

    Obama is actually the reason I started paying attention to politics and the happenings of our country. All that “hope and change” and “yes we can” creeped me out because he really didn’t specify what he intended to change. It just really unnerved me because everybody liked what he said and none of it really made sense.

    • Alexander

      Please give the name of a single politician in office that gives specifics on what they intend to change. Specifics. Not generalities, specifics.

      • Joseph Hamilton

        Though not in office anymore, Rep. Ron Paul did.

  • http://www.theretiredbabyboomer.net/ Dave

    Will this nightmare ever end? I’m not all that optimistic it will end in January 2017 as it is supposed to end.

  • Carolyn Massa Wilson
  • Anonymous

    This whole thing is so sad. His enthusiasm and charisma was temporarily muted by what “may” be a tragedy. But thankfully, it was only temporary.

  • Patti Parrish

    Might be a tragedy??? His first priority is to find out if American Citizens are onboard? REALLY! It is a tragedy and his first priority should be to see how we can help! Doesn’t matter if they are American or not! When will this loser go away??!!

  • Lynette Potter

    The most insincere president EVER!!! He is definitely no asset for our country. He is trying to destroy the USA.

  • K.S. Thomas

    It’s like a continuous loop of the amateur hour, and the results from doing and saying nothing will be nothing short of hellish.

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps his teleprompter didn’t include any info about the tragedy, and he had to articulate himself without help. The real O just shines in these moments, doesn’t he?

    • Frank Castle

      Without the words someone else PREPARES FOR HIM, placed on that SCREEN TO READ.. Obama is a Blubbering fool.

  • VL123

    It’s not body parts Glen…it’s full bodies lump together dead. But I agree Obama is f’king pathetic moron. And leftists are still clueless.

  • Joe H

    I’m afraid this man is about to create some major civil unrest causing riots and leading to some form of martial law. IIRC there are no elections during this time, and he will remain in power forever.

  • Bob Woodruff

    While Russia supplies the rebels with SAM’s the US supplies the Ukrainian forces with MRI’s. Perhaps the rational in our State Dept. is that if a food fight ever breaks out in the Crimean peninsula, the Ukrainian forces will have superior weaponry.

  • Edward Shinnebarger

    Obama is a sick useless waste of human skin!!!!!!!!

  • http://jkfletcher.blogspot.com John Fletcher

    “world wind,” lol

  • Jeff Arata

    The shame of it all is the compliant media always masking his incompetance. Without them wiping his ass every day, our nation would have rejected him after his first term.

  • Wilecoyote

    I demand a refund of my taxes from the 2 terms of Obama’s presidency because I shouldnt be paying for his massive failure…..

  • john


  • Elaine

    What is “the President’s world wind day”? ??

  • Anonymous

    Nothing to be surprised about. Had he been president during the tragedy of 9/11 he would be saying the same thing.

  • grandpaez

    He is just happy that Putin might not poll as high as him now.

  • landofaahs

    But now it’s important to him since he found out some HIV researchers were on board. Now it’s a major incident to him. The bi boy president. Sick.

    • Dolly

      What is SICK is that YOU think you know what happens in Obama’s bedroom wthout any evidence to support your CT. THAT is sick.

      • landofaahs

        That never stopped you liberals. Besides, you don’t have any idea what proof I have don’t have. For all you know I may have access to records backing up what I say. But frankly I don’t care what a dumbass liberal says or thinks. GPS

  • Anonymous

    I’m surprised he allowed that much time from his actual job – fund raising. The man is a joke. Not a funny one. More on the cruel side. But then again, the world already looks upon him as a joke, so whatever he says has very little meaning to anyone .Pathetic creature that he is.

  • Watch it

    Obama has a total lack of self awareness and has shown this on many occasions when he has spoken in public.

  • Josh

    Mr. Beck, that is our first priority– to protect our citizens. That’s not arrogance; that’s Obama doing his job for once.

    • tammy

      So the rest of the people don’t matter? This is horrible even if no Americans were on board, but has there ever been a public plane without any American on it? I doubt it. Then to go on to joke and laugh, made me sick

  • Cathe Tenorio

    Just like the Fort Hood shooting he gave it 2 min before he said I want to give a shout out to blah blah blah. Sons daughters mothers fathers killed by terrorism he called it work place violence such a disgusting person.

  • Robert L. Rice

    obozo is a FU—-G IDIOT ,this muslim,dumb A$$ potus wannabe couldn’t carry water for my dog,HEY,all you folks that voted for this C–K $uc–r,hows that hope and change,working out for you ,now that we have the most transparent president,yep,I can look right thru this idiot,and all I see is a 7% black,43% arab,and 50 % white dumb a$$ racist!!!,black my A$$,my dog is 100% black,and has a birth certificate( AKC papers) to prove he is legal,hey obozo,show us all the papers you have spent over 1 million dollars to hide from us,impeach my A$$,a short rope hanging from a tall tree would put a stop to his BULL $HIT !!!!!!

  • Lucy Farrah DeMonique

    Like, it may be a terrible tragedy. How & when will we know for sure? Cheers!

  • Frank

    People get off the race thing, back on the subject, NATO needs to be called in and stand up to Russia!!!

  • mlelias

    Obama Is a very radical man who is constanty just flat out making one huge blunder after another weather it a scandal, IRS, Bengazhi ,Fast and furious .ETC ETC . It just continues to go on and on . Then when he fails he blames it on race !!! The fact is this he is a horrible inexperienced president. And Guess wt New Oreans and Katrina was not caused by bush being anything it happened and the true balme is with the Mayor who was just handed a jail sentence for fraud and ripping off his own people. Stop blaming GW Bush for all this mess. The mayor was also black . So is Jessie Jacksons son who was handed a jail sentece for fraud . They did it they own it no matter what color they are. There is a bigger problem than just Obama if that isnt bad enough but its absolute Crazies like Harry Reid and Nancy Palosie who give this president help. They are as nuts as it gets . They are both out of touch and flat out crminal. Its not the Christians did it , Bush did it ,GOP did it, Tea Party did it . Its this mess of a white house and all his croanies. Our Gov. is broken and he is at the head desk !!!!!The BUCK STOPS THERE . Anyone who believes his excuses aymore for his lack of knowledeg on who done it is blind. WAKE UP PEOPLE >>

  • mlelias

    One other thing I left out is the heorrible mess on our boarders . Does this president actually think he did not know how they got here? Seriously ??? He opened the doors. !!! All for his politics . Get it ,its to further his cause. and Its disgusting as it gets. its in humane and he talks about Race ? Really ? Whats this ???

  • Drew Darrough

    What is the proper amount of seconds to spend on the topic according to Glenn? Let’s face it, the Right would criticize Obama no matter what he does, no matter how much time he spends on the subject. Because that is all they know. They do not know how to actually govern and do their jobs in congress. Vote them out in Nov. !!!!

    • Anonymous

      No amount of time would have been “proper” (in your words). A “real” President wouldn’t be off campaigning and fundraising (or golfing) with the plethora of scandals/crises, etc. going on in OUR country. A “real” President would put the interests of this country and its people FIRST!!!

      • Jolat

        And not only that, right now as we speak, he is relaxing at camp David, probably golfing in the morning.

      • Dolly

        Yeah, ‘cuz when we elected him, just like when we elected all the previous presidents, we told them that when the country was having tough times, ALL he could do is his elected job – that he can’t expect to be his party’s leader and fundraise, etc……. oops, that’s right, we did NOT tell them that.
        So you should NOT be insisting that the president, ANY president, can’t fundraise and campaign AND lead our nation.
        Geesh – if ONLY you foolish rightwingers would think your arguments through before you made ’em, you’d know how stupid they truly were BEFORE you embarassed yourself in public!
        REAL presidents get to relax and have fun, even when our nation is having troubles.
        ONLY for things that require direct, concentrated, iimediate attention must the president stop everything else he’s doing to pay attention to any particular crisis. There was NOTHING that the president needed to immediately take care of here. The plane had already been shot down. He had been TALKING with Putin when he found out about it, and he’s spent signiicant time talking to everyone he should have been talking to!

  • Linda Sandberg Brock

    He is such a fucking moron!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    When KAL 007 was shot down in 1983 during the second full year of Reagan’s presidency, We knew an aircraft had gone down initially but not a lot of details had come out about it. Reagan and his administration took four days to gather data and evidence and when he went on the air on September 5th he had information from everyone and put the blame of the shoot down squarely on the Russians where it belonged. Reagan called them for what they were and gathered international support behind him.. He promised every means that America had at its disposal would be bought to bear on the Russians. That was what a conservative President and a world leader would do.
    Now, 31 years later, Obama whines about not wanting to hurt the Russians and hemmed and hawed about not having some of the details. That is what you get with a socialist who believes that Putin is merely another socialist brother.

    When Airlines get permission and flight cooridors to use when flying over various countries, they do it with the assurance of the host country that they will not be impeded (or shot down) during the overflight. The airlines pay money for the privilege of flying over the country. Now the Russians have pretty well dominated Ukrainian and Crimean airspace so it stands to reason that Russia is also responsible for what happens in that airspace.

    The SA11 systems are not shoulder fired anti-aircraft missiles, they are complete Surface to Air mobile missile launchers and they are crew served. Crew served meaning that it takes skilled personnel and technicians to run and operate this thing. This is not something that was parked by the side of the road in Russia and some one chopped the hitch lock off of it, hooked it up to their SUV and towed it into the Ukraine while swigging Vodka!
    There was no Vodka drinking party going on when they looked up and saw a contrail and concluded. “Oh that plane is full of spies, lets shoot it down!”. Then it wasn’t some drunk, former intelligence dude for the Russians who just now happens to be running the pro-Russian insurgency, makes a phone call back to Russia thirty minutes after the shoot down and reports “Boris, we shot down another plane. We were drinking and it didn’t look like one of ours. It go down and make big boom!” and of course the reply would be “Igor! You were drinking and I wasn’t invited! I have to call Valdemar and let him know he wasn’t invited to the party either.”

    My sincere apologies to all those who lost love ones in this matter and it is not funny. I am merely illustrating of both the lame claims by Russia about their involvement and that Obama will not go after Putin over this. I have long believed that based on Obama’s actions that he does not care and hopes that Russia will take over the entire area. This shoot down he treats more as a distraction since it gets in the way of his fundraising efforts! Also he once more demonstrated in public yesterday that he can not think on his feet or adapt to changing situations. He sticks by the script or teleprompter for without that he is lost.

    The sad thing about this tragedy is that the President of the United States has failed to stand up the tyrants all over the world, has let down our allies to the point they don’t know if they can depend on us, and now it is like the end of the Jimmy Carter regime all over again where all of the bad guys are doing what ever they want to!
    Leading from behind is the same thing as being led with a nose ring and a rope and it doesn’t smell very good either!

  • Joe Flanagan

    It is not that we don’t see what’s happening . We are waiting on the spineless congress and senate to do their job and quit selling us out . Just saying

  • Anonymous

    The US can cringe for the families of those lost victims after hearing the president’s condolence words on the world’s stage.

  • Anonymous

    Empty Chair.

  • Bill Redmon

    Don’t forget that he spent the evening in Las Vegas at a DNC fund raiser, during Bengazhi. He just plain doesn’t give a shit about America.

  • BlessRheart

    Mr. Obama is Evil Incarnate sent from the bowels of Hell

  • James

    We continue to hear the “racist diatribe” over and over again.
    Obama is totally incompetent.
    he has no grasp of the workings of our country nor world affairs.
    And once again he has proven it.
    if there is no change, including the leadership in both parties, this country will be a sad note in history.

  • Michelle H

    People vote for Obama because they want change. I don’t see anybody else coming up with better ideas regarding healthcare and things of that nature. He might not be the best president but he’s not afraid to test his ideas. These things need to be done for a country to succeed. To compare him to Hitler is outrageous.

  • Anonymous

    Being President truly gets in the way of barry social life…toss the douchebag to the curb….along with moooochelle, who is now asking for a salary for all her hard work helping barry destroy our nation…..yep..the Obama voters owe the world an apology

  • Jolat

    And our mainstream media just blew right past it.

  • Mickie Adams

    well, in all fairness, if Air Force one were to crash with him and his family on it…38 secs would be about all the “care” we would give about it…and I think that would be total, cumulative, of all the coverage…somehow I think “Ding, Dong the Witch is Dead” would be playing in the background but that’s just me…

  • rodrigo medina

    hey Vinyard… remember what happens to you in prison…. you get raped buddy… you don’t know how “this” works…. USA decays… it must happen now!

  • http://mrbush.net Jerome

    Remember how the whole world thought he was the second coming? All of Europe were crazy about him. Now …

  • Stokanator

    Obama’s first term, ok………mistakes happen plus McCain sucked as a candidate so it wasn’t all that surprising Obama won. Him winning a second term is a whole other story! Going into the 2012 election the writing was all over the wall, there were plenty of evidence showing this man had absolutely no business running this country yet the dummies came in droves to the polls voting for a guy when they didn’t even care to find out what he stood for.

    • Joseph Hamilton

      Actually, I think the biggest dummies were the ones who
      didn’t vote at all.

  • Amy P.

    Obama looks like he just smoked some ( R A ( K !

  • http://suzeraining.wordpress.com/ suz

    this comment is true: bho couldn’t care less about this plane.

  • Jeff E Duggins

    This world is already too far gone. Obama has ruined this country and it’s getting worse and worse every day. Trust me, it is too late for America. God will have his wrath on America very soon. The left wants to be supported by the government, everybody wants something for nothing, and it’s sickening to me, because I have worked every day of my life since I was 15, and have been fortunate enough, to have never needed one. Now I get there are people that need it, and God bless those people. Everything I have ever owned in this lifetime I have worked my ass off for, and that mentality and that morality has gone by the wayside, and will never return. But when the country takes advantage of the situation, like they do every day then it’s time to make a change, but it’s too late, I’m telling you right now, God will have his wrath on America very very soon, and you better get prepared folks. It won’t be pretty. Believe it or not. It is coming.

    • Joseph Hamilton

      Things are going to get worse, for sure. I see sanctions coming
      upon us. Maybe some infectious diseases, and, possibly, an even
      deeper currency crisis. As for God’s wrath, maybe that too. But it’s
      never too late, Jeff. The Bible tells us to place our treasures in
      Heaven, not here on Earth. You are fortunate to be blessed w/ that
      “can do” spirit that was instrumental in acquiring whatever it is you
      possess. I sense anger, fear, disappointment and confusion in
      your words. I’m no psychiatrist, but I have been on the same road
      you appear to be on. I had to learn to be grateful for what I have,
      thanking God for providing the means. Then I had to learn that
      the problems of this world are actually problems that God already
      has a plan in the works. All I had to do, after that, was ask what
      my part, in His plan, was. I am still awaiting an answer.
      Gone is the fear, anger and disappointment. Confusion is still
      there, but if I’m honest about myself, God usually arranges an
      intervention to set me back on track. Have more faith, Bro.

  • Anonymous

    Perhaps the President has little to say because everything is going according to plan. Division, chaos, murder, war, starvation, perversion, lies, more lies. Everyone is so wound up that the anger is self-sustaining and Obama has little to do. “Hope and Change” — that’s what America thought it wanted and that’s what America thought it voted for. But really, certain Americans deep down wanted something else slipped under the banner of “Hope and Change” — these Americans voted for “Permission” and let the permissions rain on down.

    Good day to play a round of golf. In Hawaii. Courtesy of the American taxpayer. He has permission.

  • Jamie Huff

    Oh I can see very clearly what is happening to us. We have elected a narcissistic power-mad jackass to the office of President of the United States so that we could prove to ourselves and the world that race doesn’t matter anymore. Oddly enough race that is ALL that has mattered since he took his oath of office.

    It doesn’t matter that he was raised and educated by people who loathe America. It doesn’t matter that the USA started circling the drain after his first term. But don’t you dare criticize this magnificent Nobel Peace Prize winner if you don’t want the subject of race to come up.

    This world renowned community organizer has enthralled the nation and the world with his deft destruction of America’s economy and America’s healthcare system and his dizzying razzamatazz of a foreign policy has world leaders scratching their heads and laughing at what an idiot we have at the helm.

    But, uh, you, you, you Americans in all 57 states, you didn’t build that!

    As the entertainment industry dazzles us all with new advances in animation we have elected the finest real-life representative of a braying Democratic donkey to lead us into the future. I wonder what the next 2 and 1/2 years hold….

    • Joseph Hamilton

      Enthralled the world, yes! I imagine their eyes are just so
      teared up over our woes. Unfortunately, those tears are not
      of sympathy, but of laughter.

  • Anonymous

    What a wonderful introduction that must have been by Jeromy.
    You SICk POS.

  • Tim

    But when you look at the facts. The plane would never have even fallen if it wasn’t for Bush and the republican congress. Besides, he had just read about it in the paper and is going to have Holder do an investigation. he will get back to you.

    ps. never mind, its a phony scandal.

  • momnquilter

    Who is writing this article?!?! The typos are embarrassing! “…World wind day…”?! Glen – fire him/her!!

  • jingone1 .

    I’m not perfect, but i didn’t vote for Obama either time. Europe.. you wanted this guy. don’t think they libturds in the US are the only ones to blame. McCain’s “team” deserves a bit of that too. sabotaging their own campaign.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn rails against the “military-industrial complex” á la Eisenhower, without conceding that that very complex was what lent credibility to Reagan’s tough talk, sent salutary frissons through Soviet hearts, and proves a nostalgic, contrasting backdrop for Obama’s impotence vis á vis Putin today. Without that complex–and thus without the SDI, and thus without Iron Dome–how many more dead Israelis would we be mourning this morning?

    Nobody loves a Prussian militarist. But the idea that we can cut the padlocks off a mothballed defense industry, pull the weeds from the cracked tarmac, and hope we can beat those ploughshares back into swords in six months’ time just won’t do in this hair-trigger world. A big fat “NO SALE” herewith awarded to Glenn’s uncharacteristic incoherence.

  • Justin

    LOL. “International Outrage”. Hysterical that we think the world still revolves around US. In London right now…not a peep about this speech outside a few internet posts. Focus is on the event, the tragedy, and what it means for the world next–not the agenda of a few ‘Mericuhan whackjobs to try and turn every fart of the president into an unspeakable act of ignorance to reinforce a fabricated persona of disconnection. Sorry all, your agenda is yours alone. The rest of the world is focused on action and peace, not your isolated and divisive domestic “politicks”. But nice try, and best of luck with that “outrage”.

    • JTapia

      Well Mr, ‘Mericuhan whackjob regardless whether or not the Europeans are worried about what our President is saying or doing is inconsequential when it comes to what Americans are worried about when it comes to our Presidents action/inaction on Foreign Policy issues and world events and tragedies.

      His lack of leadership will garner no support from the rest of the world if he projects a weak resolve and appears not concerned about the well being and safety of our Allies.

      I know that in your feeble, pathetic mind everything said negative about “your” man is seen as a “politikal” attack and could not possibly be directed at His Policies and the lack of affirmative production from his Administration, especially his State Department.

      We, the US citizens, to are focused on action and peace but it is our President and his State Department who are more concerned about the mid term elections, partisan “politiks”, fund raising, vacations, and golf.
      If you can not see what this Presidents inaction and projected weakness has done to the peace and stability of the world then you are looking thru your Rose colored Obamabot glasses, Costas at that.
      The American people are Outraged even if the rest of the world is not and THAT is what’s important.

      Nice try by you and good luck in the midterms and 2016.

      • Justin

        I’m so sorry, life must be really difficult to navigate with an IQ of your level. To be clear, no one is my man, but rest assured any of yours have very little hope to take power unless there is some serious overhaul. Yet I digress. I know reading more than one sentence at a time is difficult for you, but had you actually read the article, it was directly focused on how “outraged” the international community was on your president’s weekly update. This is directly what I was commenting on, not what Americans think (hint: no one cares), and you so brilliantly made my point that you Yankees think you are the center of the universe. Go ahead and keep whining about golf trips, while the rest of the world focuses on things that matter. Good luck to you, just in general. I sincerely hope the community you live will remain charitable and continue to provide you will minimum wage work. (But wait, doesn’t your group oppose an increase in minimum wage. Oh the irony!)

        • JTapia

          Reading more than one sentence at a time may have caused your confusion as to what I was commenting on.
          I read the article but I was commenting on your adolescent comments you dolt. Try reading one word at a time there young man, remember, baby steps.

          I wondered as I read your tirade, if you had even read the article. The article I read was nothing about what Europeans thought about us. Only a small segment offered that the international community was outraged at President Obamas seemingly indifference to the tragedy, that view is well documented. The rest of the article was a scathing dissection of a disassociated President and his failures in the foreign affairs department. We Americans do care about our fellow world citizens and we expected our President to project that sentiment to the world by offering some semblance of a caring attitude towards those that are hurting emotionally over this act of state terrorism.
          But you can’t see that thru the cloud of Politikal intolerance that surrounds you and spews from your mouth like the green slime from Linda Blairs character in the movie “The Exorcist”
          Oh yes, to be even clearer, he is “your” man as it is simpletons such as yourself who believe his tired Socialist views(see comments about minimum wage) what an ass. LOL

          Rest assured there Mr. Simpleton, I am far removed from the minimum wage you worship. I make my own way because I understand basic economics, something you seem to be lacking judging from your comments.

          You are correct in one aspect of your dithering monologue, Us in the US do know that we are at the center of the Universe. You also know this, and care deeply, it is why you commented against us so vehemently.

          One of the privileges of being an American is that we can speak what is on our minds about our fearless leaders so if I decide that it is Golf outings that my President is taking instead of dealing with the wealth of issues facing this greatest nation on the Planet, then that is what I’ll do.
          If I decide to post those thoughts in reply to your asinine statements, then buck up boy because I’ll do just that!!
          If you don’t like it, too bad.

          With that said I shall take my leave of you as I am sure you have some chanting or protests to do. Mabe even occupy someplace. Whatever you do, please stop it with the self loathing, you are worthy of life in my shadow.

  • Joseph Hamilton

    Zech.11:15-16 and Zech. 12:13 and Hosea11:12 (NKJV) come to mind.

  • Daryl Dunsmore Sr.

    This is why w do not need electoral college any more, This person is from outer space, or some where like it. I didn`t vote ether time. He is a traitor, should be hanged for his performance.

    • Joseph Hamilton

      But you did vote, or not? I hope the former, because it’s the %’s of
      non-voters that the bad guys are looking at to take away our
      constitutional rights. Since they don’t have “NOTA” on the
      ballot sheet, just write in someone.

  • http://modmyi.com/forums/iphone-4-new-skins-themes-launches/740147-neurotech-hd.html#post5637502 Jay

    “The whole world is watching,” Obama says. Obama thinks he’s in the audience watching, too. He’s not. The world is watching Obama watch the world. I can’t tell if this is some brilliant, super-villain maneuvering he’s doing, or if he’s seriously out of his mind and doesn’t have a clue. It took me .0001 seconds to believe the latter, but you can never be too sure with Obama and his evil army of fools. Always watch the other hand!

    • Joseph Hamilton

      Good one! I like the “.0001 seconds” part. If you can better that
      to nano-seconds you’d probably be the world’s fastest computer.
      Some forget the power of the HUMAN mind. Thanks for the

  • Bryan Lucas

    It only took Obama, three years to turn us into the next socialist country and our economy into that of a third-world dictatorship.

  • Bryan Lucas

    Blitler…Black Hitler is what this tool is. Selfishness got him voted in and selfish want and need is what keeps his black ass in there. Holder and the rest of the socialist punks that are in there need to be put on trial for treason and hanged. Never vote for someone that says everything you WANT to hear.
    This idiot wasn’t even a good car salesman.

  • Dolly

    He was saying that it MIGHT be a tragedy or it MIGHT HAVE BEEN a purposeful act. That’s the only reason he threw in the “might” there.
    Geesh, get a clue, folks!

    • Ted H.

      Shorter Dolly:
      “C’mon you rubes, it coulda been an intentional act, and therefore NOT a tragedy. Get yo shit together.”
      9-11 was intentional too, therefore by your clear intellectual superiority, it was NOT tragic.

    • JTapia

      295 innocent people are dead , blown out of the sky and you don’t think that is a Tragedy?

      You are as bad as he is. Doesn’t matter if it was a “purposeful act” or Pilot error, it is a tragedy. The fact that he does not know this is bothersome.

  • Ncrdbl1

    The entire world knows he is a weak office hoilder. Will not call him a leader. The world is laughing at him.

  • resident



  • vandycj

    I am sure he would have said more, had he not just found out about it in the media!

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    I kind of feel like no matter what Obama said or how he said it, even if it was the stuff Beck himself said should have been said, Beck would have found a way to pick it apart and slant it to somehow be disrespectful or ignorant on Obama’s part. ‘Tis the world of politics, folks.

  • JTapia

    A note to those who are here thru Disqus. They have apparently seen fit to block this page. I can not get to here thru my Disqus notifications. It says the page does not exist.
    Humm must be Obama Supporters.

  • Phuq Obama

    Why does anyone expect anything more from this fool? He is a complete failure as a leader and a complete and utter moron. Even Clinton was better than this. Obama is a completely arrogant fool only concerned about himself. He’s upset that this event might take time away from his golf game.

  • NoChip4Me

    Close to 300 people are dead. I saw pictures of these people who had a gruesome end. Obama is clueless – completely clueless and indeed a arrogant SOB. I agree with Glen Beck. Barack lacks empathy. He IS ARROGANT. May these poor souls rest in peace. Obama is a jerk, just watch how heartless he really is unless something is “in it” for him personally. There was nothing in this sad situation for gain for Obama he flippantly doesn’t care.

  • Stuck_in_Ca

    Tone deaf.

  • bbph

    Instead of buying the msm bullshit an propaganda on both sides, have a read and try to think about all the questions raised there for a second: http://ronpaulinstitute.org/archives/featured-articles/2014/july/20/what-the-media-won%E2%80%99t-report-about-malaysian-airlines-flight-mh17.aspx

  • IT 2 IT 123

    ‘Former’ KISSINGER aide —–‘BAR–Rockefeller’ OBAMA
    doing his CFR front ‘Cosby Show’ best
    to ‘ease us into the next phase of
    worldwide globalist MAFIA USURPATION.

    remains the very source of DEVIANT economy and culture

    Franchise slum ‘EYE CON—jobs’ will NOT SAVE ANYONE!

    ‘M’-PATHY ops and enmeshment will ONLY CON you ALONG!

    What Mexico and America and the WORLD are dealing with is
    ————————OPEN globalist MAFIA USURPATION and SHUT DOWN!

    LOSE your love affair with EYE CONS and FEAR!

    And remember, the REAL fun begins
    ————————– —-AFTER—- you die because
    ————————————————————YOU KNEW
    ———————————————— – – – -and YOU COMPLIED.

  • Anonymous

    With advanced apologies to any and all real sheep that might read my comment, now even the Democrat sheeple should know what Obama was talking about when he told that Russian official back before the election to tell Vladimir that he could be much more flexible once he had gotten re-elected. It looks like he made an agreement with Putin to collaborate on the Russian takeover of their neighbors. Anyone who thinks that America, under Obama, will defend their freedom against the Russian bear had better think again. And that includes the citizens of the United States.

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