The Mercury One Children and Family Border Relief Fund has raised over $2 million over the last several weeks, and Glenn is going to the border town of McAllen, Texas on Saturday to begin distributing aid to local churches and charities. On radio this morning, Glenn announced Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) will be joining him and several other politicians and faith leaders in McAllen. Glenn also expressed his frustration with the media coverage of the immigration crisis.

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“Why is nobody covering this,” Glenn asked. “This came out yesterday. This is a big deal. Why is no one coming that Ted Cruz is going down to the border for a relief program?”

As Stu pointed out, there is a subset of conservatives that do not agree with the position Glenn has taken on the border because they see it as ‘soft.’ With conservative stalwarts like Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX), Senator Mike Lee (R-UT), and Cruz lending their support to the Mercury One relief effort, however, the criticism becomes more difficult to justify.

“From the conservative side of things, it’s really hard to call you the ‘traitor to the conservative cause’ on the border when you’re being joined by Ted Cruz and Louie Gohmert,” Stu said. “There’s been very small subset of conservatives that have come out to try to attack you and say how weak you are on the border… The bottom line is: It’s total BS. And it makes it so much more laughable when people like freaking Ted Cruz are coming down to join us.”

Glenn admitted he had not thought of the conservative angle. Instead, he believes networks like CNN don’t want the narrative to be anything other than ‘Republicans are evil people who are fighting with one another.’ Covering the Mercury One relief efforts and the $2 million Glenn’s audience has raised does not fit the narrative.

“The number $2 million was released and… nobody has reported that. They reported that I was first going down because… there was a ‘conflict.’ ‘Look, conservatives are fighting,’” Glenn explained. “But as soon as that number became overwhelming, all of the coverage stopped. Have you noticed that? Then Ted Cruz is going down to provide relief? No coverage. That’s not news.”

Ultimately, the only way the immigration crisis in general will receive adequate coverage is if readers from TheBlaze and other conservative news outlets start sharing these reports with their friends and family.

“When I said to you when I was at Fox, ‘it’s important that you let people know that we surround them,’ that ‘you’re not alone,’ ‘you’re doing that.’ Even if you just sent a check in for $5, I want you to know you’re doing that,” Glenn concluded. “This is about mercy, not just for the people coming across the border. This is about mercy to our own Americans – the farmers, the ranchers, the sheriffs’ department that don’t sleep anymore, the border patrol… I want you to know, you are changing hearts. The world may never see or make little note of what we do. But in the place that records our true citizenship, it is remembered and noted.”