From Area 51 to JFK, which conspiracy theories do you believe?

The results of a new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey were released on Monday, and it shows just how conspiratorial the American people have become. From September 11th to JFK, Area 51 to the moon landing, the findings of the survey are eye opening to say the least. On radio this morning, Glenn, Pat, and Stu ran through some of the more surprising results.

According to the survey, 32% of Americans believe more than one shooter were involved in the shooting of President John F. Kennedy. 45% of adults, meanwhile, reject that theory.

When it comes to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, 24% believe the U.S. government knew of the attacks ahead of time. 57% do not believe that conspiracy theory.

The birther movement is apparently still alive and well. 23% of people believe President Obama is not a U.S. citizen, while 60% of Americans reject the theory.

Do you believe Neil Armstrong touched down on the moon? According to Rasmussen, at the time of Armstrong’s death – just two years ago – a mere 5% of people believed the moon landing was staged. Today, that number has more than doubled to 14%.

After running through many of these numbers this morning, the poll results that garnered the most interest among Glenn, Pat, and Stu were those related to Area 51 and the existence of extraterrestrial life.

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The Rasmussen survey found 20% of Americans believe a UFO crashed near Roswell, New Mexico in 1947. Meanwhile, 33% are undecided and just 47% outright reject the theory. Rasmussen points out past surveys have shown a majority of Americans believe intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe.

So which theories – if any – are you on board with?

See the complete results of the Rasmussen survey HERE.

  • BlueMN

    What does the survey say about FEMA camps? Obamacare death panels? The Progressive/Islamic Brotherhood alliance to establish an atheistic Islamofascist superstate right here in Amurica? #Benghazi #OAS #tcot

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    • Jonathan LaFontaine

      Well said. Glenn is the biggest conspiracy theorist on the planet.

      • zemla

        No, I’m pretty sure David ickes lizard people stuff beats beckster

    • Connor Kenway

      When did he ever say their was FEMA camps?

  • Anonymous

    Maybe this can be a new conspiracy create by obama using secret back door methods to pressure Israel only into peace or cease fire agreement not in Israel best interest ,but more in favorable to the terrorists !!! Our President obama is doing this by leading the foreign nations for once but on the wrong side against a trusted ally Israel and for more in favor of our enemies of the terrorists fractions !! Our President is doing this by having FAA to cancel and ban flights to Israel and encourage other nations to do the same , to cut Israel tourists trade to cause economic hardship on Israel to do as I say or else blackmail threat from obama first step and nothing against the Palestine people to come to the table !! All this just being overly safe ruse on purpose or really concern about safety ???????????????????????????????????? What will obama next underhanded steps to pressure for Israel to agree to a cease fire or peace agreement they do not agree with ,But the terrorists will agree to because they gain what they cannot of gain with rockets attacks and terrorists strikes Thanks to obama !!!! Our President obama says he won’t back terrorists ,but his actions ,non action speaks louder than his double talk !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Should this decision be up to the airlines first on foreign operations ???????????? or obama leading the way in pulling a fast one on Israel exaggerating any excuse for a ruse to pressure Israel ??????????

    • Anonymous

      I don”t trust obama and his administration on any reason for their actions or non actions why or they state their intentions because??, To me he more devious and full of more deceptions and lies than JR of the TV series Dallas !!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Val S

        Obama is a Muslim. Why do you think he has so many members of the Brotherhood in high-ranking positions in the WH? Guess who runs Homeland security now? A member of the Brotherhood! This is why Obama wants to destroy religious freedom, and why he hates Israel, and why he hates Christians so much, especially the Catholics, who are so strongly allied with their Jewish brothers and sisters. He wants Shari’ia in the US! He wants America to be Muslim so they can truly have a global Islamic caliphate! He is truly a servant of Satan!

  • Brent E Nielsen

    JFK – Watch the video on Netflix: JFK: The Smoking Gun.

  • Anonymous

    It may seem to be an incredibly waste of space to you and many others, but I differ to God’s judgment on how to use the space He created.

  • Connor Kenway

    People will believe anything.

  • Anonymous

    If the universe is all the same age throughout, then all life should be at about the same level of advancement. Therefore, no aliens from outer space.

    • JEssary

      Current measurements yield an age of about 4.6 billion years for the Earth and about 14 billion years for the Universe.-

  • TRUE111

    The birth certificate currently displayed on the WH website is a proven forgery… and THAT is a FACT. Not because I say so, not because a sitting Sheriff says so, not even because a team of detectives say so, but rather because it’s been studied by forensic experts. If you don’t know that, you are uninformed and ignorant of the facts. No conspiracy theory here… just a proven fact. And soon enough there will be indictments and prosecution. And quite frankly, it couldn’t come soon enough. I’m not racist nor am I an Obama hater. I do hate criminals though, and Obama and his cronies are criminals. If it were you or me trying to pass a forged birth certificate we would go to prison.

    • Anonymous

      I agree about that birth certificate. I think the case has been built quite effectively that Obama was not and is not eligible to be president. His actual time in office has proven he is also not qualified.

      Anyone who has done even the tiniest amount of research into JFK’s assassination cannot possibly buy the ridiculous explanation of a lone gunman. Why are so many people not willing to listen to forensic evidence and eye-witness accounts, but they will listen to the glossed over, trumped up government explanation?!

      As for intelligent life in other parts of the universe, well, the Bible tells me that isn’t so.

      The 9-11 attacks? Hmmm…I hate to believe our country harbors such evil, but there is definitely a preponderance of evidence to cause thinking people to at least question the “official” story…let’s not forget the track record of official stories: Benghazi, IRS, NSA, etc.

      Why does my refusal to drink the government’s brand of Kool Aid make me a conspiracy theory nutcase? I’d rather do my own thinking and research. Let’s not forget that government will always, always spin to their advantage. They proven that if you say something often enough the masses will accept it: “the Jew is inferior”, “the blacks are inferior”, “no, really, we’ll hold your social security deposits and give them back someday”, “we will never take more than 3% of a family’s income for taxes…if we did, the American people would riot in the streets!”, “I will fundamentally transform America”…oh wait! That one has happened, but I wouldn’t brag about it!

      • Val S

        Not only is OBummer’s birth certificate a forgery, he also has a CT Social Security# that he took off a dead man. He WAS NOT BORN IN CT AND NEVER LIVED THERE! You are absolutely correct. It is not a conspiracy theory; there is hard evidence that he is a liar and a fraud. Afaic, the last real president we had was GW Bush, #43. And they have proven over and over that Oswald was a crappy shot, and could not have made the fatal shot that killed Kennedy. You would have had to have been a professionally trained sniper to make that shot. One mistake and you miss. As for 9/11? That was completely, 100% Clinton’s fault, because he passed a stupid law that dried up all our overseas sources, just because some of them had a criminal past. Ever hear the old saying, It takes a thief to catch a thief?” I agree with you; just because I won’t accept everything my government tells me as gospel, doesn’t mean I’m a conspiracy theorist. It’s actually my JOB to distrust the government! Oh, and yes man did walk on the moon. Even the Mythbusters proved that one.

        • Alex Clawson

          You know SSNs are recycled right? When you die, plus some additional time passing, your SSN will be assigned to someone new. Also, how did someone get the president’s SSN?

          • Val S

            Doesn’t matter, dude. According to OBummer the Liar-Man he was allegedly “born” in Hawaii. Therefore, his SS# would have had to have been issued in HI,NOT CT! And SS# don’t need to be recycled. With ten digits, there’s an infinite number of combinations. Sheesh! That’s basic algebra.

          • Alex Clawson

            If you think the most secure man in the world’s social security number is easy to get, or to get and it not be changed multiple times to possibly a CT one, you are very naive…..and an infinite number of combinations?! It’s 9 digits not 10, and that means only 999,999,999, or a billion minus 1 (if your reading it out).

          • Alex Clawson

            I think i see the sarcasm now.

          • Val S

            I will never believe a word that comes out of his mouth…ever. He’s even been caught on tape admitting he’s originally from Kenya on numerous occasions, and that’s one of his older lies. That man wouldn’t know the truth if it came up and hit him over the head with a 2×4. Oh…and more proof- when he went to college, he stated his citizenship was Indonesian so he could get grant money, thus, a free ride through school. And never bothered to change his citizenship!

    • Alex Clawson

      Who cares, his mother was born in Kansas, which makes him American even if he was born in Patagonia.

  • landofaahs

    I only believe the one’s I approve of. LOL It’s not conspiracy when the bastards tell you they are going to screw you over and they have done so in spades. Look at the bail-ins being implemented all of the world. The Central Banks and evil corrupt politicians are at the heart of it all.

  • zemla

    I don’t get the area 51 reference, that base is admitted and somewhat declassified. Apparently the poll was on roswell? Which would be a slightly different topic…

    • bananaman

      Try getting within 20km for a look then !
      Don’t buy the Alien line until I see one, but I suspect many a UFO has eminated from there..

      • zemla

        Proximity warnings don’t make something secret or classified. Try boating or flying a lil Cessna near a nuke pwr plant, you’ll be “kindly” asked to get the flip away. Good use of UFO though, to many people associate that with aliens, in the case of “area 51″ it always seemed that DARPA research would be more likely than strangers from planet X

  • bananaman

    Anyone who believes a jumbo jet flew into the Pentagon, a few meters parallel to the ground, needs to check themselves and the known laws of aerodynamics and physics.

  • Dusty Bottoms

    If it weren’t for Building 7 doing a flat, pancake fall when it wasn’t hit by falling debris I would have taken the government’s story hook, line and sinker. The towers could not have, in any conceivable scenario, done a “banana peel” descent all the way to the ground without some kind of assistance – and that assistance is called thermite for both buildings. The impact and burning from the aircraft should have left two smoldering stubs standing. Also, I would give ANYTHING to see one danged photo of the Pentagon after impact that had ANY piece of a plane in the wreckage in it. The tail section of a jetliner being the most sturdy part of the craft should have survived in some part.
    The whole thing stinks to high heaven of assistance on the level that Al Queada did not have the capability of outside of hijacking the aircraft. It all sits squarely in the lap of our very own “Departments of Dirty Tricks”.

    And, yes, Kennedy, both he and his brother, were killed by U.S. government operatives leaving the thug I’m ashamed to call a Texan in charge.

    • bananaman

      Towers more likely underground small nuclear devices. Thermite possibly to pre-weaken ?
      Pentagon – from the moment one enters a supermarket car park and throughout the shop one is being tracked. So why one of the most secure installations we have hasn’t produced a photo of a plane ? There were one or two small bits of wreckage appeared but the plane effectively appeared to have vapourised. MH17 is a good reminder of what a plane crash normally looks like. (ref Shanks. also).
      In reality there will be very few who know it all, and maybe some of it hasn’t even been dreamed up on youtube yet.
      For the G.W. lovers, if there was any internal fore-knowledge, my suspicion is Mr Bush probably didn’t know.

      But most telling for me is what’s been done in it’s name since, and the utter chaos it’s unleashed in so many places. Having learned more of what I now consider the ‘real’ history of the last hundred or so years, and why global events actually came to pass – 9/11 smells of something.

      Are more people starting to question this nowadays ? The old ‘trurher’ damnation. One couldn’t discuss it not long ago, though maybe some verbal bullets on the way..

      Excellent name Dusty – hope it’s real !

      • Dusty Bottoms

        The thing that makes me wonder is how long did it take to “wire” this whole World Trade complex for demolition? I, personally, believe the officer on YouTube that says the Pentagon hit was from a missile but, again, it takes a whole team of people to get a missile to its target. There must be a small army of people out there that don’t give a damn about their fellow countrymen or they all wound up in shallow graves somewhere.

        I honestly don’t think G.W. would have known or gone along with it but it’s a slam dunk that Cheney was the brains in that administration and totally capable of giving the go-ahead on it. G.W., no doubt, knows now and how he sleeps at night I’ll never know. But, yes, 9/11 was pretty much the last nail in the coffin for our beloved Constitution. This is what happens when we send complete dumb-sh**s to Washington. And I’m a total conservative former Republican!

        The name’s more the a condition of a rancher rather than what I call myself – like I hope yours isn’t! After listening to my grand kid play “The Three Amigos” for the jillionth time I thought, “Yeah, it fits”.

        • bananaman

          There was a lot of work done in the elevator systems immediately prior to 9/11 by a company called ‘ACE’ who having got one of the biggest jobs of it’s kind then mysteriously dissappeared..
          I agree about Cheney, similar situation to Reagan/Bush as to who had the trousers on !
          It is hard to believe that a certain number of people were complicit in it all, but we live in a World now run by unelected institutions where the individual blindly follows orders, often not knowing the real motivation behind their actions.
          So I’d say it could have been done, a setup / enhancement at least. It’s not as if US secret services haven’t a history of promoting terror attacks.

          I’d never have speculated any of this on 09/12, but events since tell me ‘Terrorism’ has been manufactured to be the new boogeyman.

          It’s all about resources and the International Banking System, and killing as many people ass possible.

  • Anonymous

    I guess I’m a CT, when I tell people the gov. gave kids radioactive milk, infected black folks with VD, The Army National Guard helped to slaughter American men, women, & children, etc. they look at me like I’m crazy insane!

    • bananaman

      Female hormones and Bisphenol ‘A’ have been unleashed on the public via food and containers since a long time ago, including infant products.
      If you’re wondering why there’s so many ‘soft lads’ going about these days, with IQ’s plummeting ! And that’s just one part of the assault.

  • IT 2 IT 1234

    TAVISTOCK mind control FAKE media
    deploying ‘sillification’ in the face of the
    uncloaking and now UNDENIABLE
    globalist —RED CHINA handover TREASON OP
    ——-and the NOW OPEN globalist MAFIA USURPATION
    ————————-of Post America – – -and the WORLD!

    Has BECK been blackmailed? —compromised?
    ———————like the rest of the 2014 establishment,
    ————or should we take his self-sensitive, self basting
    ——————-franchise slum necromancies at face value?

  • Jed Eckert

    Even though liberty unleashes prosperity, it is relentlessly attacked by those attempting to redefine it from “the absence of coercion” to “the power to coerce”.

  • Jon Bar

    I believe demons are expert deceivers. They can take any form. Satan can turn himself into an angel of light. According to the bible. I’m sure I’m insane! also. So thank you all who agree for the compliment.

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