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I want to start with the latest round of violence in Gaza. For two weeks, the fighting has raged. There is no clear end in sight. Over 500 now are dead, and the media is trying to make this so complex, but it’s really, really easy. Here it is: For Israel, they have a right to defend themselves from extremists who want to kill the Jews and wipe them off the face of the map.

That’s it, it’s that simple, but people get confused and led astray by the rhetoric and everything else. For example, according to Hamas supporters, this Palestinian-American that I’m going to show you here was at a protest in San Francisco, and listen to what he said.


It is about humanity, if anything, to save the people of Palestine. We’re all humans. We’re all children of God.

We are, and I believe that 100%. So let’s test the theory versus the facts on the ground. Are we looking at people who, Hamas, I’m not talking about the Palestinians. Hamas, are they humans? Do they all believe we are humans?

Over the weekend, the military wing of Hamas announced that they had taken an Israeli soldier prisoner. Here is how these children of God reacted.


Really? The only thing worth celebrating in war is when it ends. Now that’s how humans and children of God view war. Sometimes it’s necessary. It is always tragic on both sides. But Hamas does not hold the same view. They do not value all life.

In 2012, Hamas executed six Israelis they deemed as spies, and they celebrated as they dragged the dead bodies through the streets. May I ask you, is this human? Is this human? Is this how children of – are these children of God? Answer yes, are they behaving like children of God? Can you imagine living in a country that was doing this?

The worst enemy of our nation in my lifetime was Osama bin Laden. He was shown, I believe, undeserved respect in death, but we did it because we’re human. I’d say this reaction is animalistic, but even animals don’t do this to other animals.

Hamas is in a league entirely of their own, and yet somehow they have gained favor in the media. Sympathetic reporters refer to Israelis as scum. Protesters are lauded as pro-Palestinian when in reality it’s not pro-Palestinian, it is anti-Israel. They will not stop until Israel is wiped off the map. That’s in their charter.

Reuters benignly said these protesters rallied across France this weekend. Reuters, don’t even start with the number of corrections you have to make through this weekend. This is not a rally. This was a riot. They left a trail of violence including torching of cars, clashing with the police. They were looting Jewish stores. It’s like calling Kristallnacht a rally. No.

They continue to highlight the plight of the Palestinian. Meanwhile, Hamas digs smuggling tunnels directly underneath its civilian population. Even the president has said Israel has a right to go in and get these tunnels, but they’re underneath the civilians. Israel cannot stop the flow of terrorists and rockets with airstrikes alone. Actually, let me correct that. Actually they could, but they would have to wipe out everybody in Gaza, reduce it to rubble.

Not only do they not want to do that because of public reaction, they don’t want to do that because they value life. They could, but they do not.

Instead, they have to launch a risky ground invasion. Instead of doing it from the sky, they go in on the ground, and as a result 13 Israeli soldiers were killed in an operation Sunday. Among those 13 Israelis who died yesterday were two Americans, the first Americans to die in this conflict, 24 and 21 years old. They grew up in America, went to Israel, and joined the IDF. They’re dead.

Now, this is truly amazing, these two that were dead, this is truly amazing, I believe, because this has happened before, where Americans say you know what, I’ve got to stop, I’ve got to stop this. This is a Spitfire made out of, I can’t remember the name of the kind of plastic, but this plastic is what actually was in the cockpit, the window that the Spitfire was made. And it was a new kind of plastic.

This Spitfire was the Spitfire what was used in the Battle of Britain in 1940. Before America joined the war, Great Britain was. Well, this particular Spitfire was given as a gift to the guy who flew this Spitfire. He was an American. He was actually the first American that died in World War II that was Jewish. He was in early because he saw the injustice and he saw what was happening in Germany, the first American, Jewish-American, that died in World War II.

This weekend, the same thing happen again, and it all started when Hamas abducted and brutally executed three Israeli teenagers near the Green Line borders. How do you abduct, and they do this all the time, abduct and kill innocents? Is that human? Is that children of God?

Now, the media ignores all the evils of Hamas, including their own written charter and their own words.