There seems to be a terrible computer virus infecting the IRS

Former IRS official Lois Lerner is apparently not the only person to suffer an ill-fated hard drive crash at the tax collection agency. In fact, through new testimony we have learned just about everyone of note experienced some sort of crash that resulted in the loss of data. Furthermore, it remains to be seen if any of the data in question was actually backed up.

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“The IRS really should call Silicon Valley because they have the strangest virus going [around] on [their] hard drives,” Glenn joked on radio this morning. “This is really weird.”

According to transcribed congressional testimony from IRS Deputy Associate Chief Counsel Thomas Kane, up to 20 IRS employees were plagued by a computer crash. Coincidently, one ‘low level’ employee in Cincinnati, Ohio (i.e. the very people blamed for targeting conservative groups) was among those affected.

The Daily Caller reports:

The new round of computer crash victims includes David Fish, who routinely corresponded with Lois Lerner, as well as Lerner subordinate Andy Megosh, Lerner’s technical adviser Justin Lowe, and Cincinnati-based agent Kimberly Kitchens.

In the testimony, Kane also said there is a good chance any backup drives containing the missing data have been destroyed as well because of the IRS’ “six-month retention schedule.”

While Glenn praised Congressman Darrell Issa (R-CA) and the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee for its ongoing investigation into the IRS scandal, Glenn believes this blatant disregard of the truth has been able to persist because everyone else is sweeping these reports under the rug.

“They’re getting away with it because… it takes more than one branch of the government to do it. It takes more than a couple of guys,” Glenn concluded. “You can’t get a special investigator from the Justice Department. You have no help from the media. You have no help from your own party. It’s really a handful of guys, and they’re heroes… What they’re standing up against is remarkable. And the fact that the press just doesn’t report it is despicable.”

Front page image courtesy of the AP

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  • Connor Kenway

    The virus called ironically enough the B.S. virus.

  • capa760

    In 2011, the 2 IRS agents knocked on the door, announcing that ‘We are from the Internal Revenue Service and we are here to audit your tax records’. (approximate conversation). In twenty five years , the man had never been audited, why now?
    Wayne Allyn Root, former classmate of Soetoro/Obama, had made some statements about him, which prompted some of the ‘beginning retaliating bullying tactics by the IRS’, a pre-curser to the IRS bullying of the TEA PARTY, the GOP OPPONENTS and the ‘make them wait on all conservative none profit group permits.
    When Mr. Root asked the two agents “Who ordered my audit?” The answer was “Obama”. They can testify in court, their memory has not crashed yet, IF you hurry.
    But one perfect audit of Mr. Root was NOT enough…. ask how many he had to face after that. A person will be respected, who has integrity—- but when the integrity is lost, so will be the respect. The same goes for a US foreign student acting President.

  • Shirley Crowfoot

    My son just relayed a story about his neighbor’s visiting relatives, MA Progressives who upon having to watch Fox News at his house were absolutely astounded to find out about the IRS debacle and the phony “all of our computers crashed”, to hear about the facts on Benghazi, and several other “phony” scandals facing the Obama administration. And the treasonous MSM is to blame for being the protector of the frauds instead of the watchdog role given it by the first amendment. Sadly, these astounded people had thought they were well informed.

    • Thunderthud

      Sadly, even FOX News has to pull punches–or people like Glenn Beck.

      • Shirley Crowfoot

        And where is Beck pulling punches? On whose site are you reading about this?

        • Shane Tyler Yorks

          We’re picking up things on other sites that seem to be confirm-able. Glenn’s just not picking up alot of stories.

    • LiveinPeace


    • Jon Bar

      It must have been absolutely overwhelming to discover their hero. “god” and savior was actually capable of deceiving them! An impossibility! There must be a mistake and lie in the report. Reset!

  • Resonantg

    The horrible ”virus” is called corrupt government officials desperately trying to hide their crimes.

    • LiveinPeace

      Choom gang ever since January 2009

      • Resonantg

        Sooooo you’re inferring a drug gang has taken over the US government and therefore expidited the importation of drugs into this nation?


        Seems legit. ;c)

  • Mark Goldstein

    they had someone in IT do the damage their computers didn’t crash they were crashed by IT

  • swimjim76 .

    Has this been incorporated in one of those “Life-lock” commercials yet?

  • Debra Oneil

    the transparency tape worm?

  • Anonymous

    It is just criminals doing what criminals do by getting rid of any potential evidence!

    • Anonymous

      Has anyone seen the film script where the computer flash drive stick downloads the contents before the PC and hard drive contents are destroyed?

      • Shane Tyler Yorks

        A little secret, hence the “scratching.” Everyone in the IT field knows that the FBI has an amazing ability to recover files from hard drives that have been formatted multiple times. If the hard drive exists, still, it’s on there.

        EDIT: And this isn’t some random horror-story BS, either. If you know how hard drives work, you know how a microscope can solve all these problems. They have already done it before.

  • Anonymous

    I think it’s time to start throwing all of them into Federal prison for life. Including the head of I.T.

    Let’s see who starts talking after they’re in for a few months.

  • Gabriel

    Man I wanna see those emails so bad now. It’s obvious they are refusing to make them public because then they would be finished.

  • Legirons

    Indict and incarcerate Lerner. She is a flight risk, deny bond. Leave her in jail until that died mess of her hair grows back gray and she will begin singing like a bird. I don’t for the life of me understand why Issa isn’t running this like a real criminal investigation, which it is. Quit the BS grandstanding. Appoint a special prosecutor, start getting these scummy criminals in front of grand juries, lock their stories in and begin indicting these miserable SOB’s. Easy as pie. Keep locking them up until one starts singing. Bet Valerie Jarret get’s added to the indicted list.

    • Anonymous

      Yes. When a raft of employee computers holding vital investigative information crashes then this deserves a special investigator and prosecutor.

    • Denice
    • Jim Trent

      Nah if anyone even thought about ratting out then the person testifying might catch some fatal quick acting disease. It would then be blamed on the immigrant influx. They wouldn’t mind throwing the illegals under the bus to save their own skin. It would be a perfect story. People would be able to get behind tossing all the illegals out and they could get rid of witnesses :) I wouldn’t doubt they would take anyone out that might squeal.

  • Jim Warrillow

    Good thing the computers weren’t from The Dept. of Defense. We wouldn’t be able to wage war.

  • Bruno’s Beach

    Where most choices, decisions, and activities are restricted, the term “liberties” is used to describe that which may still be done freely.

  • HomeAgain

    Supenoea the hard drives and the backup drives. Turn them over to a computer forensics expert. If Issa won’t do this, he is in on it to.

  • Dwain Inman

    Just call THE CIA….THEY have them. ..

    • Ferrari fan

      them and the NSA

  • Name

    some expert hackers need to get into the IRS computer system and expose the emails. They have always said, it stores forever out there in the cyber world. Come on hackers…show us your stuff.

    • Jon Bar

      It takes physically drilling multiple holes in a hard drive to destroy data. And even then data can be retrieved from it. Liars must keep their stories strait between them, so their are many copies. The truth does not. It stays the same everywhere, without needing to remember.

  • Matt Bennett

    I wonder if any of the emails would magically reappear if everyone who “lost” their emails was threatened with losing their jobs.

  • LiveinPeace

    Obama’s administration since 2009 has many “watergate’s” The Obamazombies are so in love with him they are blinded by their love.

  • LiveinPeace

    Those hard drives crashed but they still have my information ! IRS idiots. Biggest cover up in my lifetime.

  • Jodie Cochran Treadway

    governmet servers store data FOREVER FOREVER FOREVER…. Did I say FOREVER? Yes, I did. I know this to be true.

  • Anonymous

    Obama on the 2008 campaign trail: “my administration will be the most transparent in history….” Does anyone believe this? The worst president in my lifetime; actually ever in my opinion. When is he ever going to be held accountable for his lies, deceit and crimes against our country?

  • Anonymous

    Who would have thought Glenn Beck would ever be heard spreading Hate Speech? Deprecating (defecating?) Hispanics with ‘four-letter words’ like “deSPICable”?

  • John Waldenberger

    oh.. such a shame.. I also happened to loose all my doccuments that i need for you to take my taxes… lets call it even

  • Shane Tyler Yorks

    Honestly, i’d be more bothered if they were telling the truth. The way they are with records and such, if they truly were getting viruses, there’s alot of personal and private information getting out to Russian and Indian code monkeys.

  • Anonymous

    Uh oh! The same virus just crashed my computer with my tax info…may take years to recover if at all.

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