WATCH: Do you have a right to water?

  • BlueMN

    “Let zem drink cake!” -King Glenn Beck XVI


      You couldn’t have said it better.
      For one, this chest-beating is just an attempt to woo back the listeners/serfs that he’s lost over his ‘nice-guy’ fiasco. But more importantly shows that his charity – if there ever was any- comes with the condition that you better do what Glenn Beck says. What a disgusting person

  • Type 53

    I actually agree that there is no “right” to water. But once again, whatever point there is to be made is lost in Glenn Beck Theater™. How anyone could work for that utterly bizarre a$$hole is beyond me.Nice *staged* discussion.

  • bananaman

    It’s apparently now illegal to collect rainwater on one’s own property in many US States. If so has Mr Beck missed this ?
    With half the population crammed into cities now not everyone would be able to do that anyway.

    If Mr Beck thinks the rain that falls from the heavens is every human’s right to collect, he needs to explain his support of
    Else he has to admit to being some kind of supremicist.

  • ashleyvmendez

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  • Fidget

    You have the right to life.
    You have the right to liberty.
    You have the right to the PURSUIT of happiness.
    You have the right to call yourself an average impoverished American who makes more than the average European NOT in poverty.
    You have the right to take taxpayer money already given to you and pay the bills it was designed to pay, or live without if you decide to use that money for cell phones, cable TV, internet, cars, alcohol/cigarettes, etc.
    You have the right to decide for you and your family if living in a dying city is viable, and to leave if you don’t think it is.
    You do NOT have the right to demand goods and services for free if those goods and services are provided and paid for with taxpayer monies.
    With liberty comes responsibility, accountability, and the risk of failure. If you cannot handle the gift of liberty and its risks, then do not complain when those who have chosen it are reluctant to hand over its gifts/rewards upon demand.

    • Anonymous

      Even if the goods and services are provided and paid for without taxpayer monies, they don’t have a right to it.
      Nice post, though.

  • Anonymous

    They have a new invention now – It’s called bottled water (available at a store near you)!

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    In Oregon collection of rain water is a criminal offense. One man was fined (9) times for the collection of rainwater on his 170 acres having (3) retention ponds on site.

    So what happens if I have a kettle or depression on my property, naturally occurring, and as it rains, it collects water…. should I get fined for the illegal collection of rainwater? OH…. I had better go out there and dig a trench to the county drainage ditch and drain it immediately. PISHAA!! Ah Bob…. I’ll take “I’ll collect rainwater for $200 please.”
    Its common sense – if you’re in a drought zone [like CA] then everyone should be authorized to have above/below ground cisterns to capture any rain that may occur.
    In a city setting, people not only pay for their water coming in but also pay for it going out by way of sewer access fees. Both charges are about the same with sewer being just a tad lower than usage. When you have a septic system you pay for your disposal, then manage it every 3-5 years. On your own property you pay for the well install & the treatment of said water thereof. Out of water – sink another well.
    If its the difference of paying your $125 cellphone bill or paying for clean drinking water/disposal of $99…. drop the tech and pay for your basic survival need to exist; water.

  • Elena

    It is interesting to note that most of the delinquents find the money to put the water back on when it gets cut off.

    Pay your bills first, then buy whatnots. It makes me crazy when folks do it the other way around, making it more expensive for those of us who get the correct order of things.

  • independent thinker

    Perhaps you do have the right to clean water. Just set up a couple of public faucets with attendants that people can come to too get drinking/cooking water.

    • BlueMN

      Just like they would in any impoverished 3rd world country, that’s what America is all about!

  • Jim

    I wonder how many of the people not paying water bills are choosing to pay the cable bill instead.

    • zemla

      Oh, you already know…..;)

      • Jim

        If I were in charge of welfare(well…there would be no Federal welfare because it’s unconstitutional) but, when you’re on the public dole(at the state level)…you don’t drink, you don’t smoke, you don’t do “recreational” drugs, you don’t have cable or satellite. If you have a cell phone, it’s the cheapest, most basic plan available. You also don’t receive a check in the mail. You go the a center where you pee in a cup and blow in a tube. If a suspected substance is found, a blood sample may be required to verify results. If prohibited substances are found, you get no check! You are banned from benefits for 1 year. Financial planning classes are mandatory from the day you apply! Resume building and job placement services are available(maybe mandatory). Home visits by welfare officials are normal!

        Humiliating? Yes! Don’t like it? Stay off the public dole!

        “I am for doing good to the poor, but…I think the best way of doing good to the poor, is not making them easy in poverty, but leading or driving them out of it. I observed…that the more public provisions were made for the poor, the less they provided for themselves, and of course became poorer. And, on the contrary, the less was done for them, the more they did for themselves, and became richer.”
        Ben Franklin

        Americans don’t realize how good we really have it. We have the “richest” poor on the planet(most own at least 1 car). Most welfare recipients would be able to cope just fine if they would cut unnecessary expenses and actively seek better employment. Are their people who truly need help? Of course! Go to your local churches! They have access to food pantries. Call the city council! Maybe a farmer needs someone to help bail hay…or milk cows(I’m not a farmer). The point…only the local gov knows what the community needs. Welfare is supposed to be a safety net, not a hammock! There is no Constitutional authority to spend one dime on “welfare”. Article 1 Section 8 spells out where the Fed can spend money. The 10th Amendment gives everything else to the states.

        End of rant.

        • bananaman

          Ok covered !
          Agree with the sentiments in general. Dope testing is maybe too far, but I’d certainly make anyone receiving State benefits do a little work within their communities. The contribution would certainly have a positive effect on most.

          Not sure about the US but in the UK they still give statutory benefits to millionaires e.g. child benefit. The welfare system is under attack there and TV ‘programming’ is going all out to make welfare claimants look as bad as possible, to help get the government legislations through.
          But it’s probably unfair to blame the ‘scum’ themselves. Children learn and develope by what’s around them and there’s now several generations come from these places with parens less competent than the last. Society as a whole has ignored this for too long hence it continues. And as long as society owes the private global banking cartel $1.20* for every $1.00 put into circulation – there are guaranteed to be losers as well as winners under the extreme capitalism practiced today, if in fact it is still capitalism ?
          * made up number just to make the point.

          The reality is anything like full employment is never going to happen under current conditions. If we cut all the crap and all the ‘necessary’ jobs were shared around we could all be working two days a week, with lots of time to re-engage with the family unit, cultivate most of our own food etc..
          Obviously a little simplistic and it would require a full re-structuring of our society – so not going to happen unless in the aftermath of some ‘apocalypse’ or other.
          It’s not the plan anyway.

          And of course the ‘ministry of culture’ has much to answer for..

          • Jim

            A little work? I’d be in their homes finding out how they are wasting public funds! I would make the public dole as humiliating as possible to encourage them to get off of it and find…or create…a job as quickly as possible! Steve Jobs started Apple in his garage. How many lemonade stands will become “Aqua-Lemon”? Only one…if a cop lets a little girl sell a few cups.

            We don’t “share” necessary jobs. We put the most qualified in those positions and we pay them so the competition won’t woo them away. That’s the top of the ladder. We share the base jobs. “Bob can’t be here today to flip burgers, so Joe is filling for him.” That’s the bottom.

            In my “perfect” world, the financial planning would include assets and liabilities. That’s essentially “means testing”. If you have the assets to cover your debts and support a basic lifestyle…DENIED! Oops, you might have to sell the comic book collection…or the stamps…or the 3rd car. Life sucks(sarcasm)!

            Yes, I understand that gov regulations impose limits. You’re in the UK. “Ministry of culture”? I’m sorry, I don’t know your system. The US Declaration of Independence and Constitution are online. It’s 5000 words. Yeah, I didn’t mis-type…not pages…words!

          • bananaman

            “Ministry of culture” – ref film ‘1984’. The soviets had one named that too. Nazi’s there version..

            It’s controlled manipulation of the population via : media; tv; film; theatre (times gone by), music etc. Basically the entertainment industry.
            The Colluseum was an early example of what I’m on about.
            TV and now Internet have been the ultimate tools to enable this in the modern era.
            Maybe this should be on the Conspiracy Theory page !

            Only I fear it’s not.

          • zemla

            Yeah, I think that page is for “theories”. which is why folks like us should fearlessly engage others in the real world, I get onto some of these topics and it’s soooo obvious the other person is into it, but they shy away due to the setting/folks around. Just shutup and watch the overpaid gladiators, shut up and turn on the xbox, shut up and vote on American Idol, shut up.

            I do my best to try to talk to people and find their interest and then tie in current events/history, that’s my method, got any advice for a young guy?

          • bananaman

            Hi Zelma, such things are hard topics of conversation that most do shy away from, so I wouldn’t expend too much energy trying to ‘convert’ anyone. A little at a time, and you trying to be relevant to the individual sounds like a good plan to me.
            For more detail I’d recommend listening to some of ‘Alan Watt’ – you’ll find him easily on youtube. It’s really the history western education doesn’t give you, why things are, where they’re likely going and whodunnit. All based on research and writings by the people involed. And no talk of reptilians !
            Once you’ve ‘tuned in’ to the basics, you can see the evidence for things all around, every day.
            The outlook may be bleak as any resistance is isolated wasting time typing on internet forums ! But it’s better than nothing.
            Have a good day dude.

          • zemla

            Thanks for the tip on Alan watt! I’m always looking for new avenues of information and viewpoints. As far as not expending to much energy, whew, that is the problem of youth, lots of energy but not yet the wisdom to know how to use it. I just hope I figure that out before my hair turns grey and I don’t have the energy anymore!

          • bananaman

            I think you’ll be fine :-)

        • BlueMN

          “…you don’t drink, you don’t smoke, you don’t do “recreational” drugs, you don’t have cable or satellite. If you have a cell phone, it’s the cheapest, most basic plan available. You also don’t receive a check in the mail. You go the a center where you pee in a cup and blow in a tube.”

          You see, it’s all about “control” with Teabaggers.

          • Jim

            Wow! You got “control” by reading that? I guess reading comprehension isn’t your strong suit. “Control” is what the libs use…Obamacare…EPA…common core…political correctness…shutting down conservative speech whenever possible…gun control…etc.

            I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt that maybe you didn’t read the whole thing. Let me explain it for you. I’ll use small words so you’ll understand.

            If you can afford the extras of tobacco and alcohol, why do you need me to buy your food and pay your rent? I want welfare to be reserved only for those who truly need it and I want them off the system as quickly as possible.

            Pay your own way and I’ll have nothing to say about your lifestyle. If I’m paying, I get to set the rules! It’s tough love, but my goal is to take someone who is having a bad time and teach them to be self sufficient.

    • bananaman

      In the UK people get evicted from their homes for bill non-payment, whilst still in possesion of their 60″ tv’s, cell phones, games consoles……
      Society has been tricked into coveting such toys to the extent that the average punter now sees them as the bare necessities, even human rights if you will !

      • Jim

        Read my reply to zemla. I think I covered it.

        • zemla

          That was a great reply at that. I’ve always felt drug testing was NOT “to far”, as I’ve been tested for most of my jobs, some even hair follicle! Also, it is correct (imo) that direct deposit to a card totally eradicates the shame of the welfare line, but then again, we aren’t supposed to hurt anyone’s feelings…..good grief.

  • Anonymous

    Are you Tired of our government creating crisis to enslave us and our children?

  • IT 2 IT 1234

    “IF we HAD a representative government
    ———–WE WOULDN’T be having this discussion!
    ——————WE aer UNDER WARFARE! – – -RIGHT NOW!”
    California activist
    Informed Radio

    Break out of the op ed franchise slum pony rides!

    DEBORAH TAVAREZ —–REAL media ‘Woman of the Decade’.

    BE A MAN!


  • Nic Gibson

    the point he’s making is not that everybody needs a rain barrel to catch water from the skies. The point he made – albeit not that articulately – is that it is our responsibility to make our own arrangements for our needs. We need shelter, but it is not the responsibility of others to provide us with shelter. We need work or income, but it is not the responsibility of another to provide us with income. We need medical care, but it is not the responsibility of another to provide us with medical care. We must succeed in making these arrangements for ourselves. This is what responsibility means, what freedom requires, and what it means to be a self and individual. To reject nature’s requirement upon us to provide for ourselves is to reject nature itself – and with it reality. This is why law prevents others from keeping us from accomplishing these (tyranny), but they should not require others to provide these for us (freedom).
    this is beside the point that stu made that the government had already made financial provision for water, and the acute moral hazard and character destruction produced by multiplying supposed rights.

  • Haley Schmitterbach

    While the actions available to states using democratic processes are restricted compared to those subjected to totalitarian regimes, the benefits of democratic methods are revealed over the long term.

  • Anonymous

    You have a right to water, water falling from the sky, or flowing down a river. You don’t have a right to free delivery of that water via pipes and pumps that bring it to your sink.

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